Yankees beat themselves with errors, drop nightcap to Red Sox


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It really doesn’t matter how good your offense and pitching staff is when you commit five four (!) errors like the Yankees did Saturday night. Three of them directly led to runs for the Red Sox, allowing them to both come back from a three-run deficit and blow things open late. Such is life. Maybe this loss would sting more if not for the standings. Let’s recap…

  • Early Lead: The Yankees have been scoring a ton of first inning runs this past week and they did it again in this one, all courtesy of a three-run homer by Mark Teixeira. It’s just too bad they did next to nothing after that. Felix Doubront settled down nicely and allowed just one more run the rest of the way.
  • Philbert: Phil Hughes did not have his best stuff but he did a pretty good job gutting it out I thought. A few years (weeks?) ago this would have snowballed into something really ugly, not that five runs (three earned) in 5.1 innings is anything special. Obviously his defense didn’t help him any. Phil now gets a nice 7-10 day rest with the All-Star break after a first half that was solid overall.
  • Broken: Both Cory Wade and (especially) Boone Logan are running on fumes after such a heavy workload while David Robertson was on the shelf in May. Wade’s been brutal for six weeks now and Logan’s effectiveness has slipped as well. He needs the All-Star break in the worst way. Wade got knocked around big time in the seventh (three runs, two outs) and Boston blew the game open. He’ll be back in Triple-A tomorrow.
  • Leftovers: Have yourself a day Andruw Jones. He hit a solo homer — his third of the day — and made a great diving catch in the second … I fail to see the logic behind pinch-hitting Raul Ibanez ahead of Alex Rodriguez in the eighth, you gotta go with your best hitter in that spot regardless of the platoon matchup … Russell Martin ended his 0-for-30 skid with a page out of the Chris Stewart playbook, he hit it off the infielder’s glove … a day after scoring ten runs with zero homers, the Yankees scored all 11 runs on Saturday via the long ball.

MLB.com has the box score and video highlights, FanGraphs the nerd score, and ESPN the updated standings. The Yankees are still nine games up on the Sox in the loss column and have a chance to get it back to double-digits in the series finale on Sunday. Ivan Nova gets the ball against Jon Lester in ESPN night game, which also happens to be the final game before the All-Star break.

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  1. stuart a says:

    WHy pinch hit arod? you expect him to drive in the runs? what would lead you to believe that is a possibility? Arod has 36 RI’s after 84 games or so…

    Arod stinks plain and simple. Look at the #’s. slugging wise he is a joke. I wonder what his line drive rate is? The guy does not get the ball out of the infield 1/2 the time.

    the defense killed them today. Wade is horrible and the Logan overuse excuse is nonsense. He is who he has always been, avg.

    • Mike Axisa says:

      Missed you during the first two games of the series. xoxo

    • Need Pitching (and maybe hitting too) says:


    • Pat D says:

      Since you asked so nicely, and are apparently ignorant of/unwilling to look at Fangraphs, ARod’s LD% is 21.7%, the highest it’s even been since he’s been with the Yankees.

      The problem is actually that his FB% is lower, and his GB% and IFB% are higher, than when he was an elite hitter.

      • forensic says:

        What Stuart hears:

        blah blah blah 37 RBI’s blah blah blah

      • stuart a says:

        thanks for the stats. so bottom line he is not getting the ball in the air enough… he has a lower slugging % then a 40 year old Raul Ibanez…

        We have real issues here, but the yanks and there lackeys do not want to discuss this reality.

        move him down in the order, if he picks it up then move him up in the order. On pace for less then 80 runs driven in is a problem. SLugging % and rbi’s matter. Or hit arod 2nd if his new focus is going to be OBP and not driving the ball.

  2. forensic says:

    A ‘typical’ 9-5 loss would’ve been so much easier to deal with instead of this monstrosity. Terrible managerial decisions, terrible defense, invisible offense for the most part, terrible pitching.

    They sure made this a team loss.

  3. stuart a says:

    Mike again answer the questions why pinch hit Aout? The guy comes thru almost never.

    they are hitting a guy 3rd or 4th with 36 or so rbi’s.

    Arod has been horrible and his fandom needs to come to grips with it and move him down in the order until he gets it together or permanently regardless of his friggin feelings or insane paycheck.

  4. stuart a says:

    arods stats hitting 7th or 8th are acceptable but hitting in the middle of the order the guy is killing this team…

    • Knoxvillain says:

      They’re in first place and they are the best team in baseball right now. He’s not killing the team. You’re killing the team more than he is.

      • OMG! Bagels! says:

        Stuart subscribes to the Ronald Reagan theory of facts: Facts are stupid things.

      • rogue says:

        Doesn’t mean he’s good for the team either. The words, “in spite of” come to mind.

        By your logic, Cory Wade isn’t killing the team either. Same can be said of the injuries to Mo, Pineda, Gardner, Andy, etc.

        As long as the team is in 1st and has the best record in baseball, these are all insignificant injuries based on your post.

    • forensic says:

      A-Rod factored into 4 of the 318 pitches in this game, while batting 8th no less, and yet that’s still your focus?

      Somebody needs to spike your Capri-Sun or something…

      • Pat D says:

        Do they still sell Capri-Sun in those impossible to open packages that you have to stab with the straw?

        • forensic says:

          I appears so according to their website.

          • forensic says:

            ‘It’ appears so. My 7 month old isn’t quite there so I can’t speak first-hand about it.

          • Pat D says:

            I shall have to confirm this next time I’m at the grocery store.

            Capri-Sun reminds me of grade school so much.

            Time to go bash myself in the head with a blunt instrument to get rid of those memories.

    • Need Pitching (and maybe hitting too) says:


  5. stuart a says:

    classic comment. they are in first so Arod sucking is irrelevant. they are in first so Wade sucking is a non issue also. and russell martin being a joke.. smart…

    sharp, thougthful…. classic stupid rationale.

    arod has sucked all year. last year he had the excuse that he was hurt.

    move the piece of crap down in the order……

    • Need Pitching (and maybe hitting too) says:


    • Pat D says:

      Ooh, can’t wait for Need Pitching’s next comment.

    • forensic says:

      Martin sucks. Wade sucks.

      But stop trying to change the subject. Tell us what you really think of A-Rod.

    • Bunt Gardner says:

      All you do is troll this site spouting off 37 rbis, 37 rbis, 37 rbis….Arod sucks….Arod sucks…so who the hell are you to criticize anyone else’s rationale or comments?

      • stuart a says:

        ajax has more rbis for the season then Arod.

        My point is all the arod flunkies here do not admit the obvious , he sucks and is hurting the team badly. again aclown should make a public statement I am not doing my job and if binder boy needs to move me down in the order he has my blessing.

        i have no complaints about guys doing there job such as; soriano, grandy(strikes out a ton) but gets on base and hits homers, Jeter hitting over 300 even though he is 38 and obvious losing his abilities, etc.

    • eephus_pitch says:

      You never answered my question.
      When A-Rod is at the plate, do you root for him to succeed or do you root for him to fail?
      What’s more important to you: talking shit about A-Rod, or the Yankees winning?

    • DT says:

      Arod actually has been one of the better players on this team you fucking dumbshit. He’s second in WAR to this team behind Cano.

  6. Dino Velvet says:

    Gawd, I hate the idiots in Boston.

    They win one fluke, error filled game, after going 3-7 and struggling to stay out of the cellar and they act as if they won the World Series.

  7. stuart a says:

    i root for arod too succeed. I am a die hard Yankee fan. I think Arod is not a bad guy and has had a great career but he is playing horrible and if he was the team guy I hope he is then he would be up to doing anything to help the team.

    I wish arod would be a 280, 35, 100 + rbis. , 350 + OBP, a mid 800 + OPS etc…

    I want him to succeed but my eye and the #’s do not lie… Ike Davis hitting 205 has more rbi’s then arod….

    • Need Pitching (and maybe hitting too) says:


    • eephus_pitch says:

      Thanks for your candor.
      Though it certainly doesn’t sound like you root for him. Not even a little bit. Like, ever. It sounds like you have a personal grudge against the guy.

      • forensic says:

        If you lost Cameron Diaz for the simple reason that your last name started with A instead of your first name, you’d hold a grudge against the guy who took her too…

      • Adam Parker says:

        ARod shtupped his mom. That is where the hate comes from.

  8. Get Phelps Up says:

    Isn’t it amazing how a player who had one at bat in this game after it was already well decided becomes the whole focus of this thread?

    • forensic says:

      It’s amazing, but I gotta say it’s helped me get my mind off how terribly they played tonight and has basically gotten me past it. Gotta thank Stuart for that.

    • stuart a says:

      it is 250 + AB’s not 1. I did not even see arods 9th inning 4 pitch K….

      how clueless are you?

      your 4th hitter is on pace for less then 80 rbi’s, they are not the Mariners or Padres…….

      If Arod was a FA at the end of the year no 1 would sign him for more then 1 year at over $8 mill.

  9. stuart a. says:

    You’re are stupid.

  10. stuart a says:

    37 rbi nuff said…if he had 50 i wouldnt complain but he sucks and his lips are all purple and weird. bat him eighth and get him a new color lipstick…

  11. dalelama says:

    Nothing like having a punch and judy $26M/year Purple Lips version of Matty Alou as your clean-up hitter.

  12. Bavarian Yankee says:

    allowing 9 runs against one of the worst Sawx lineups I’ve seen for quite a while? YIKES. The pitching was bad, defense even worse.

  13. Gregt says:

    Its been three days since any mention of Brett Gardner. Any updates? I think he was supposed to start tee work?

  14. Steve S. says:

    I really didn’t think Boone Logan pitched badly last night, just cautious. He seemed to be navigating his way around the more dangerous part (Papi) of the Sox lineup until he found his nice, soft landing spot in Salty. He was also given a leadoff righty to face, which was a bit odd. Though with what Wade was doing, anything was an upgrade.

  15. viridiana says:

    Was at Fenway for the first game and have to at least mention the extraordinary performance of Jayson Nix, who managed to show truly gross incompetence at two different positions.

    In the first game, he nearly muffed two plays that were less than routine. Looked horribly inadequate at short. In the second game, he bested (worsted?) that performance, with an incredible show of incompetence on what three or four different plays in the same inning. The man has no range, drops the ball when he hits the ground, moves poorly and throws erratically. And yet, becuase he managed to hit one out of Fenway he will stay on this team. Much worse than Nunez, in my opinion. And despite his ovccasional power, a worse offensive player too. Chavez is a great bench player but it would be really nice if they could find somebody to replace Nix.

  16. Robinson Tilapia says:

    You make five errors, you’re digging a deep hole for your pitchers to climb out of. I was in a suit all day at an outdoor wedding all day right in between NYC and Boston. I feel their pain.

    Darnell McDonald is a spy.

    I’m fine with a split. Play better baseball tonight and take three.

    • Paul VuvuZuvella says:

      Oh my. In a suit, outdoors, yesterday? Brutal.

    • Jose M. Vazquez.. says:

      Agree that McDonald is a mole. I thought about it after that play in right center where he caused the dropping of the ball and then made no contact in his at bats.

    • JohnnyC says:

      The Darnell McDonald and Cory Wade moves paid off well, don’t you think?

    • OMG! Bagels! says:

      Perhaps he did not like having to cut off his dreads or that’s where his talent was.

      Boston fans hated to lose him because he was a “nice guy” and a “clubhouse guy.” I’d prefer it if he were an “on the field” guy.

  17. jjyank says:

    Could’t watch the game because I’m too cheap to pay for cable for now, so I won’t comment on that.

    What I will say, is welcome back stuart! The insanely repetitive rantings used to annoy me, but reading through this thread was very entertaining. The “You’re are stupid” comment was so great that I’m convinced that he’s either trying to be funny on purpose, or he’s a Red Sox fan. And bravo to Need Pitching for the names. That was great.

    Back to baseball…should be a good game tonight. Sucks to see those “E’s” on the box score, hard to win like that. Get it done tonight boys, 3 outta 4 would be awesome.

  18. Betty Lizard says:

    Can anyone fill me in on Russell Martin’s upset at being pinch hit for?

  19. rogue says:

    ” I fail to see the logic behind pinch-hitting Raul Ibanez ahead of Alex Rodriguez in the eighth, you gotta go with your best hitter in that spot regardless of the platoon matchup …”

    Not trying to be a wise ass but, really Mike?

    The numbers favor Raul. Alex has been dreadful vs righties.

    Against righties:

    .261/.338/.386 * these numbers scream “singles hitter”
    OPS .724
    ISO .126
    wRC 27.4

    OPS .796
    ISO .234
    wRC 27.5

    What’s worse? Alex’s BABIP vs righties of .320 (.323 vs lefties) means he’s likely going to get worse.

  20. Jose M. Vazquez.. says:

    Of course, I was just kidding about McDonald being a mole. However, he has already had a positive effect on the Yankees as Andruw Jones fearing the loss of his job from another right hand.ed hitting outfielder has started to hit.

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