Yankees acquire Casey McGehee


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The Yankees needed to add some infield depth following Alex Rodriguez‘s hand injury, and they did so by acquiring Casey McGehee from the Pirates in exchange for Chad Qualls before Tuesday’s trade deadline. Joel Sherman broke the news and reports that New York will receive $250k in the deal as well. McGehee will almost certainly take Ramiro Pena‘s roster spot.

A 29-year-old right-handed hitter, McGehee owns a career 100 wRC+ against left-handers (95 vs. RHP). The split is much more pronounced this year (119 vs. 67 wRC+), however. He has some power (career .159 ISO) and is basically league average in the strikeout (17.2%) and walk (7.7%) departments. The various defensive metrics says he’s about average at the hot corner and you can forget about speed on the bases. Not happening.

McGehee’s an upgrade over Pena and he gives the Yankees another right-handed bat. They could use him at third, Jayson Nix in left field, and Andruw Jones at DH against southpaws with Ichiro Suzuki glued to the bench. He’ll also provide some depth in the short-term as Mark Teixeira deals with his wrist issue. McGehee started to get exposed when the Brewers and Pirates tried playing him everyday, but he’s a useful role player and won’t see that much playing time with the Yankees. As an added bonus, he’s under team control as an arbitration-eligible player through 2014.

Qualls, 33, pitched to a 6.14 ERA (3.76 FIP) during his brief time in pinstripes. The Yankees acquired him from the Phillies earlier this month, but he was clearly going to be the odd man out once Joba Chamberlain was ready to come off the DL. The fact that Brian Cashman was able to turn him into a useful piece is a minor miracle, frankly. McGehee is not expected to join the team in time for tonight’s game.

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  1. Cy Pettitte says:

    lol at the Pirates giving up anything for Chad Qualls. Great job Cashman, I’ll even volunteer to drive Qualls to the airport.

  2. Cuso says:

    Done deal according to Rosenthal. And brilliant move getting ANYTHING for Qualls.

  3. sangreal says:

    Called it!

    Well, not the Qualls part…

  4. Jimmy McNulty says:


  5. DERP says:


  6. Rich in NJ says:

    At least they didn’t trade for a pitcher.

  7. Hall and Nokes says:

    Subject to the physical confirming that McGehee is alive, sounds like a great deal.

  8. Thunder Road Runner says:

    Chad, we hardly knew ye.

  9. Guess that changes the Joba situation. Eppley optioning?

  10. DM says:

    Good move

  11. Brian Cashman says:

    This was our best case scenario for this trade deadline. Didn’t give up any of our prospects and didn’t alter the vibe of the team. McGehee is a serviceable spare part and watching Qualls get out of that 8th inning last night with two on and one out we realized we reached max value with him.

  12. MartinRanger says:

    Why on earth does Huntington want Qualls?

    Good move though. He was headed for DFA land with Joba returning and a McGehee/Chavez platoon sounds a lot better than a Chavez/Nix platoon. He’s still got some pop in his bat.

    • DM says:

      Cashman and Huntington have a good relationship.

    • Chip Off The Ol'Knoblauch says:

      Well McGehee was pretty much expendable with the Gaby Sanchez trade and they traded Brad Lincoln, so my guess would be instead of having McGehee sit on the bench they tried to see if they could catch lightning in a bottle with Qualls to fill the spot in their bullpen.

  13. Bavarian Yankee says:

    great deal, Qualls was useless anyway and now we have some more depth at 3rd. Well done, Cash. If you trust UZR and that stuff (I don’t to some degree tbh) then he is slightly above average defender at 3rd.

  14. The Real Greg says:

    Good move.

    I just hope Dempster doesn’t do what Cliff Lee did for them.

    • Brian Cashman says:

      He won’t.

      We spotted flaws in his delivery.

      - B. Cashman

      • JobaWockeeZ says:

        What did you see in Pineda?

        • josh0909 says:

          The same thing everyone else saw. Low walk rate, high strike out rate at 22 years old. Pitchers get hurt, you make the gamble and sometimes you lose. Best case Pineda is a CY Young contender, worst case he gets hurt. Right now is the worst case, doesn’t mean he cant still become a valuable commodity, he’s only 23………………

          • BronxBombers98 says:

            Dammit josh0909…. Rational thinking is not allowed when discussing the Pineda trade! All anybody is allowed to think is that Cashman wasted Montero because he should have been able to foresee this injury that randomly happened. Are you new here or something?

  15. Elan says:

    After losing out on Dempster, this trade sucks, to be honest. Could be the least-riveting trade deadline deal the Yankees have ever done.

    • ProjectNeo says:

      We traded something we didn’t need for something we did, that’s a great trade in my book. Just because it’s not a big name player doesn’t mean it’s a bad deal. I for one am glad we didn’t give up a top prospect for a 4 or 5 starter.

    • Adam says:

      Three cheers as always for Cash…thank goodness you are our GM.

  16. RetroRob says:

    Solid depth move with A-Rod out. .250/.344/.463/.807 against lefty pitchers this year, and all for Chad Qualls, who was about to be DFA’d.

    • jjyank says:

      Agreed. In a week or so, when Joba comes back, they would have gotten nothing. Now they have a useful bench player.

  17. Klemy says:

    Glad Qualls is gone form the pen. His suck was rubbing off on everyone.

  18. Ben says:

    amazing they got anything for Chad – assuming Pena goes down and Eppley goes down once Joba is brought back up after today.

  19. jsbrendog says:

    i fucking love brian cashman. dude got qualls for a rubber band and then turned him into mcgahee (this is not saying he is good, it is saying he fills a neeed qualls didnt and cashman is the man)

    he is like the guy on craigslist who traded up from a paperclip to an old porsche

    • Brian Cashman says:

      Thank you. This was a little good faith on Neil’s part as well. He felt he owed us a little since AJ has exceeded expectations and we’re paying for that production this year.

    • Betty Lizard says:

      And trading up that paperclip—er, Qualls—is more than I dared hope for. Hooray!

      Actually the guy with the red paperclip wound up with a house, if memory serves (and it probably doesn’t). Does this mean we’ll eventually get a Headley or Upton or some such for Qualls, LOL?

  20. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Girardi sheds a tear by this trade.

  21. sangreal says:

    Glad Qualls is gone but everyone making fun of the pirates for trading for him should remember that Cashman made the same mistake. The Yankees still owe a PTBNL or cash to the Phillies

  22. Klemy says:

    Glad Qualls is gone from the pen. His suck was rubbing off on everyone. Hopefully we got McGehee of 2010 the rest of the way.

  23. Eddard says:

    This is Cashman’s big splash? He got beaten to the punch again by Nolan Ryan. Hopefully it’s not 2010 all over again.

  24. Robinson Tilapia says:

    You actually CAN get something for nothing in this world.

  25. Leg-End says:

    We turned an imminent DFA into a 3B/1B hole plug, hope he kicks on a bit in a change of scenery and a bit of Kevin Long work and there is nothing not to like.

  26. Brian S. says:

    Why did he start sucking after 2010?

  27. Get Phelps Up says:

    How can you not like turning Chad Qualls who was on the verge of getting DFA’d into a useful piece. Pretty awesome, Cash.

  28. The Real Greg says:

    And apparently the Pirates are also giving us cash. Unbelievable.

  29. CUYanks says:

    Qualls is on the 25 man. Does that mean McGehee will take his place today or will they call someone up? If not, how soon can McGehee get to New York?

    • If you say so.. says:

      Joba will be activated so I imagine that’s a wash. I expect Rapada (who I think can only be DA) or Epply to be sent down, which is the more likely result to open a spot on the 25 man roster. I don’t see Nix being sent down just yet, but that’s a possibility as well.

    • Yank The Frank says:

      Pirates are in Chicago. He should be here for tomorrow’s game.

  30. Matty Ice says:

    Nice platoon bat. His OBP and power numbers get a solid little boost against LHP, unlike against righties (.616 OPS vs. RHP, .807 OPS vs. LHP)

  31. The Real Greg says:

    Also it looks like Joba is being activated today to replace Qualls. The waiting is apparently over.

  32. Robinson Tilapia says:

    Hopefully we’re not sent an aging Willis McGahee by mistake.

  33. Brian S. says:

    119 wRC+ against lefties. Also was not hitting well at PNC park for whatever reason. Solid defense.

  34. Nick says:

    nice pickup

  35. BK2ATL says:

    Cashman should get GM of the year now. First, dumping AJ. Then, using those savings for 3 serviceable vets. Then Ichiro. Now dumping Qualls for a serviceable corner IF???? And still flush with his top prospects.

    Not sure how anyone can’t like what he’s doing.

    • gc says:

      But but but……where’s the big splash??

      (so many comments one could make after that set-up…enjoy!)

      • BK2ATL says:

        Just splashed an ice cube in my soda….


        I couldn’t believe the Dempster rumors that had legs on this board and people were actually looking up his stats and stuff. As if….

        It was interesting to see Ninja inquiring about Brendan Ryan. Would’ve made Nunez expendable for….

  36. crusadecat says:

    Cashman does it again! well done

  37. The Real Greg says:

    So actually we might pick up Joba and McGehee on the same day.

    • If you say so.. says:

      Yes, but I don’t expect Joba to pitch tonight for any reason. Maybe we’ll see him in action tomorrow. He just pitched on back to back days.

      • M1kew says:

        Joba was supposed to pitch in Trenton tonight therefore if needed there is no reason to avoid using him in NYC tonight.

  38. Boomers Boy says:

    Joba gets activated today…

  39. SamVa says:

    Is anyone else shaking their head right now in disbelief?

    I’m a big McGehee fan. I read we traded for him and got rid of Qualls.. I laughed. I read that they are giving us 250K in addition… And people say that Cashman isn’t good.. He just traded someone who was useless to us for someone who COULD not only be a filler, but could blossom into an asset… /Cashninja’d love.it.

    • DM says:

      I would shake my head in disbelief if it had been a trading partner other than Huntington and the Pirates.

    • If you say so.. says:

      Just to put that in perspective. The Red Sox traded Lar’s Anderson, a player for years Red Sox fans wanted to package for Felix and they just landed a 28 year old AA pitcher for. If we ever have to question our GM again, please also revert to the insanity of how the Red Sox conduct business.

  40. So…Cashman turned Chad Qualls into a Right Handed 3B w/ some pop vs LHP…how does he keep doing things like this? Also, how does anybody take Chad Qualls and not just say “we expect you to pay his salary, but you don’t have him anymore. You’re welcome?”

  41. DT says:

    Hell of a pick up for Qualls. Another right handed Bat off th bench is useful. Oh yea McGehee can play decent defense too

  42. Brian S. says:


  43. Yankeefan says:

    Joba > Qualls

    McGehee > Pena

  44. Brian S. says:

    Half our roster is platoon players.

  45. Another deadline, another year of the baseball equivelent of blue balls. Excellent move by Cashman, especially if it means what Mike said (McGehee at 3B, Nix in LF, Jones at DH) agaisnt RHP once Tex is healthy. But…le sigh…no Justin Upton, no Chase Headley…I understand I sound spoiled but I really wish one of them was in pinstripes right now.

    • If you say so.. says:

      I’ve been betting big on Justin Upton to the Yanks in the offseason. It makes sense in so many ways. The Yanks have the players to land him also. Romine/Nunez/Campos get’s it done. His AAV over the next 3 years will be about $9.5mm which leaves them plenty of meat on the bone to resign Cano to his inevitable 6 for $120mm-$130mm contract. Granderson may be the unlucky one in this, just like Swisher, but Williams can take CF in 2014. He should be more than ready at that point.

      • Kosmo says:

        Upton might be a great pickup but not for the players you mentioned. I think it would be prudent on the part of NY to hang onto Romine. Nunez stock at this point is low and Campos has an ailing wing.

      • AP says:

        I don’t think that package is nearly enough to land Upton. Arizona is going to require at least one of Williams/Sanchez/Banuelos, if not two, just to kick the conversation off.

        • If you say so.. says:

          I still think a lot of us are massively over valuing Upton. Don’t get me wrong, he’ll require a great return, but Nunez was favored by many teams before the season and not much has really changed with his potential. While you’re right it may require one of the prospects you mention, I think there is definitely some middle ground without the Yanks giving up two of the three.

  46. Carl LaFong says:

    I hope they’re not rushing Joba, & while I’m fine w/picking up Casey McGehee while dumping Chad Qualls, I would have loved to have seen Laird or Mustelier (not that he’s off the d/l) given a shot here.

    Also, I really think they could just leave Ichiro in right field & play Swisher at 1b until Tex gets back, & I have no problem w/Ichiro playing against lefties while Tex is out. It wouldn’t surprise me if Ichiro’s #’s against lefties improve noticeably.

  47. Wow says:

    Yuck at this lineup. Can’t really expect any production from the 5-9 hitters on most nights.

    • I don’t get even with Tex out, they refuse to move Grandy from the two hole. He’s a god damned home run hitter, hit him where every home run hitter hits, 4th.

      • Kosmo says:

        granderson hits his occasional HR usually with the bases empty (19 solos)and strikes out a ton ( on pace to break his yankee record of 169) and usually disappears after the 3rd inning (.290ish hitter innings 1-3 and much less in innings 4-9)or so but why not bat him 4th ? Oh and he´s now hitting a robust .229 vs. LHP.

        • If you say so.. says:

          Granderson hasn’t looked that great recently and I agree his homer production isn’t timely, mainly a byproduct of batting 2nd and not usually having runners on base. I think now is a good time to move him down to the 5th or 6th spot. It might be worth having Ichiro move to leadoff, Jeter #2, Cano #3, Tex #4 (when he returns in a few days) followed by Granderson and so on…

  48. AP says:

    Brackman DFA’d by Reds… sad story keeps getting sadder.

  49. Betty Lizard says:

    In honor of Qualls’ departure: players currently named Chad (2010 version):


    I feel ashamed–just a little bit–that I actually forgot about Chad Gaudin.

  50. Rocky Road Redemption says:

    Good pickup, but was this the most underwhelming trade deadline ever or what?

    • Robinson Tilapia says:

      Lots can happen during the waiver period, still.

      I *think* they addressed the Chavez caddy issue, while pulling the ridiculous act of utilizing a guy they picked up off the side of the road a couple of weeks ago as trade chip (and, actually, we forget they just did this with Danny Farqurar as well.)

      A better BUC would have been nice. They’re going to hope Joba and Phelps take the strain off some of the overused bullpen pieces.

      Other than this, don’t know what else to ask for. I wouldn’t have bitched if Dempster landed on their laps, but they didn’t need him. Freddy’s done fine as fill-in.

  51. tyrone sharpton says:

    title should read “Yankees call up McGehee from AAA Pittsburgh.” Boy do these teams love trading with each other

  52. NYCSPORTZFAN says:

    THis is a great uder the radar trade.. Seriously, we needed RH pop, and thats exactly what Mcghee offers.. Hes not so far off from a monster yr as a brewer.. Plus, we got rid of qualls.. I’ve been saying RH pop is what this team needs amongst a couple other parts, and McGhee is a solid additon, and even better, when u consider what we gave up to get him..

  53. jjyank says:

    This is why I like Cashman. He has no problem making an under the radar trade or two to improve on the margins and doesn’t feel the need to spend big in prospects for a Dempster or someone else like him. He essentially turned nothing (sicne Qualls would have been DFA’d soon anyway) into a usefull piece to help fill the A-Rod void.

  54. Don’t get me wrong, Qualls was terrible, and used in way to many high pressure situations in his short time here…but I kind of feel bad for the dude. He was probably a day away from being DFA’d twice in the same year and was traded twice within a month. That’s gotta be rough on anybody’s psyche.

    • Alkaline says:

      Yeah. I would prefer to be traded than DFA at least. He had to know on a team like the Yanks it was only a matter of time. I would like to see him go to Pitt for the year and stay a MLB pitcher.

      I think it’s awesome Ra’s did this.

  55. JonS says:

    Can we call him Assy McGee?

  56. Andy Pettitte's Fibula (formerly Manny's BanWagon) says:

    I can’t believe this thread signing the praises of Cashman.

    McGehee was about to be DFA’d after the Pirates traded for Gaby Sanchez just like the Yankees were about to DFA Qualls with Joba coming back.

    All Cashman did was trade one piece of crap for another, granted the piece of crap he got back may prove to be slightly more useful than the one he was about to release.

    Reading these comments, you’d think that he just traded for Elvis Andrus.

  57. paul a says:

    We needed to get Dempster because Freddie Garcia scares the living hell out of me everytime he takes the mound. PLEASE………..Andy Petite heal quick !

  58. DR says:

    Via MLBTR:

    “Two teams told ESPN.com’s Jayson Stark that the Marlins thought they had traded Lee to the Yankees today (Twitter link). However, Lee wouldn’t waive his no-trade clause.”

    God I’m glad that didn’t happen.

    • MartinRanger says:

      Where would you play him? Sure as hell not in the outfield. And I’ll chance Jones running into a hotstreak over that mess.

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