Yanks back Garcia with homers in win over Halos


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Two games and two wins in the second half so far. Both have been come from behind wins too, raising the the Yankees’ league-leading total to 29. Let’s recap Saturday afternoon’s game…

  • Oppo: When you’re hot, you’re hot, and Robinson Cano is hot right now. He extended his hitting streak to 17 games with an opposite field two-run homer in the very first inning, a ball that literally bounced off the top of the wall in front of the visitor’s bullpen. I’m kinda surprised Mike Trout didn’t put on his Superman cape and bring that one back, it was definitely playable had he gotten there in time.
  • Sweaty: It was an ugly outing for Freddy Garcia, but not as far as the results go. Three runs in five innings hardly qualifies as a disaster. It was ugly in the sense that the Angels had runners on-base all afternoon long and he was constantly pitching through danger. Garcia walked five and only struck out four while giving up five hits (one double and four singles) and three steals (two to Trout). I’ve stopped caring about Freddy’s process a long time ago, this was a veteran guy grinding away against a good hitting team. I’ll take that from my fifth starter any day of the week.
  • Grandyman: You gotta love the timing. The YES booth was ragging on Curtis Granderson‘s swing for being too loopy in the third, saying he was missing hittable pitches and striking out too much. Grandy responded by shutting them up with a two-run homer into the second deck in right, a blast that turned a 2-2 game into a 4-2 game. Believe it or not, that was Grandy’s first homer in July and just his third in the last 22 games. Get hot, Curtis.
  • Bullpen: Big ups to the relief corps. The trio of Cody Eppley, David Robertson, and Rafael Soriano took care of business after Freddy left the game. Eppley fired two key scoreless innings before Robertson and Rafi did their thing in the eighth and ninth. All told, they threw four scoreless frames with two baserunners — two singles — and four strikeouts. The bullpen wasn’t the story of the game, but it was an unsung hero.
  • Leftovers: The top four hitters in the lineup combined to go 6-for-16 (.375) with two homers and a double while the bottom five hitters went 2-for-14 (.143) … Alex Rodriguez had that double and came around to score a big insurance run in the sixth, plus he stole his team-leading tenth base (in eleven attempts) … the offense collectively went 3-for-5 with runners in scoring position less than 24 hours after putting on a RISPFAIL clinic.

MLB.com has the box score and video highlights, FanGraphs the advanced stats, and ESPN the updated standings. The Orioles walked off against the Tigers, so New York’s lead in the division still sits at eight games. The Yankees will look to finish off the sweep against Jered Weaver on Sunday afternoon, sending Ivan Nova to the mound. Check out RAB Tickets if you want to catch that one.

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  • Tom Zig

    The Yankees are in scoring position at home plate.

    • Adam Parker

      That is exactly what I told my dad when he called me worried about the RISPFAIL from yesterday.

    • OMG! Bagels!

      I said that a few game threads ago. They’re not runners in scoring position but standers in scoring position. Which is harder than runners in scoring position.

  • The Scheister of Doom

    Stuart (Gertrude?), what are your feelings on A-Rods day?

    • DT

      0 RBIs …still sucks

  • BK2ATL

    A-Rod’s hip must be 100% now as he’s been hitting the basepath with a fury lately.

    Now we just need him to get it together at the plate. The power is inconsistent.

    • Rich in NJ

      Running straight ahead is different than generating power via hip rotation.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    Thanks, Axisa.

    Just win, baby. That’s all I ask for. Leave the style points to the figure skaters.

    Weaver goes down tomorrow. SWEEP.

  • Al Davis

    Just Win Baby Win

  • captain kiwi

    nice win today! i haven’t the slightest idea why i keep missing all these damn day games. nice start to the second half, and now for the sweep!

  • FIn

    Hey Mike…It would be very cool if you did a Freddy to Phelps comparison. By that I mean, whos the better pitcher right now, whos most likely the better pitcher going forward and what it would cost the Yankees to just start Phelps. I mean, as far as I can tell, Freddy hadnt pitched much at all for 2 months and seems he can pitch the exact same amount of innings he always could..5 or 6.

    What do the Yankees loose by starting Phelps over Garcia? They have a ~9 game lead in the division. Garcia can clearly fill in for a starter at any point. I know there is alot more going on behind the scenes..such as Freddy is a proven vet, who signed with the Yankees with a virtual gauranteed starting spot. Being a team of thier word, carries weight and I think it helps them get guys like jones, and get chavez up to do his routine.

    When does a pitcher, on a hot streak like Phelps overide all that? I mean as an outsider, it seems clear to me that Phelps should be in Major league baseball starting for the NY. Right now hes a better pitcher than Garcia. Putting him in AAA is waiting for him not to be, so it can be said I told you so.

    • FIn

      That last sentence was hard to comprehend. What I was going for is…Phelps is 26, and has excelled at every level, including major league baseball. To put him down in AAA again is waiting for him to fail.

      What does David Phelps have to do, above and beyond what hes done, for the Yankees to give him a chance?

    • Ted Nelson

      Don’t know if this posted or not, but I’ve refreshed several times and don’t see it so I’ll try again:

      It’s pretty hard to compare AA and AAA results to MLB. Ramon Ortiz has also looked good in AAA this season, but may or may not in MLB (maybe Warren is a better example, though he hasn’t been great in AAA). I’m not saying Phelps can’t stay hot in MLB or that he shouldn’t at least get the chance. Just that people are overlooking that he had exactly one “hot” MLB start. Then the next start was a AA tune up. Then AAA. You rarely see Pujols, Trumbo, Trout, etc. in AAA. It’s not a given that he’d stay hot against those guys. Part of me definitely says to give him a shot against those guys, but part of me says to have a little patience. If he keeps doing this in AAA for another start and maybe another… Bring him up. Especially if Freddy isn’t totally on top of his game his next start. I could go either way, but I feel like people are creating a bit of a strawman by comparing MiLB starts to MLB starts.

      • FIn

        Ted, I feel you’re wrong. Phelps has had good to great numbers every where he has played. Never a shit season and now hes throwing harder than ever. What he has accomplished in the minors and now the majors, I think its fair for him to get the nod over Freddy. If for nothing else, than he is at least worth looking at for that yankees.

        • Ted Nelson

          You can look at him in AAA, see if he keeps it up. He’s not in a dungeon. His stats have always been good, but never suggested that he was a clear upgrade over a solid back-end guy like Freddy.

          I said that I’m fine with starting him–in case you missed that, and to be homest I probably prefer it–but I’m just not going to pretend that AA competition can be compared to MLB with much certainty or that Garcia isn’t a solid SP. Look at what Betances has managed to do just dropping from AAA to AA: he went from ridiculously bad to some fairly dominant starts. Garcia has an ERA just over 3 in three starts against Boston, LAA, and Tampa. And while that’s a small sample, he’s got the past 2.25 seasons to point to just like Phelps has his MiLB career of mostly being a bit old for his level.

          So I disagree with people acting like it’s so easy to be a good MLB SP or that Garcia isn’t a pretty decent one. And I especially don’t get the impatience, which you rip Jose for below.

  • Jose M. Vazquez

    Did you say 29 come from behind wins? In the first few weeks of the season they hardly ever returned from a deficit. Now they are looking more like a champpionship team since 2009. If Arod and Teix can just hit as they have in the past there is no stopping us. I was one of the biggest critics in the first month and even called them inept which I now regret.

  • Jose M. Vazquez

    My comment was apparently lost in the matrix but I shall try to reconstruct it. I said that I was surprised that we have 29 come from behind wins. This is a team that I said was inept in the first month of the season and that was one of the reasons. I dare say that I am now sorry I said that for this team looks championship caliber. And if Arod can provide a little more help there is no limit to what this team can accomplish.

    • Jose M. Vazquez

      Apparently not lost, just delayed. Sorry for the repetition.

    • FIn

      Jose..are you a young dude? I only ask because the baseball season is 6 months long of playing almost every day. Its not football or even basketball, its everyday. They dont get 3 days rest or play every other day for a week. They play almost everyday for 6 months. The Yankees have been a top 3 baseball team for almost 23yrs straight, what in the first weeks of the seaon made you think this would be different? The Yankees stink almost every year out of the gate.

      • Ted Nelson

        He was hardly alone. Most fans were calling for people heads, whining that somehow in its first year the new CBA had ruined the Yanks dynasty, and often being fuelled by Mike in their impatience. Doesn’t make it right, but Jose was probably part of the majority.

        • Chad Gaudin the Friendly Ghost

          It never ceases to surprise me when fans, Yankees fans in particular, expect their baseball team to go 162-0. In the course of a season there are going to be extended series of frustrating play, or stretches where other teams are just flat out better. Sometimes, however, Yankee fans see three losses in a row as some imperative to just blow out the whole organization, fire the GM, fire the manager, trade A-Rod and his contract (which obviously will never happen), trade for Hamels/Kershaw/Verlander/Hernandez all in the same season. Us Yankee fans need some valium sometimes.

        • FIn

          The only time I got worried was when Robertson went down. Loosing MO, and Robertson in such a short amount of time was to every team in baseball a death blow.

          The Yankees spent 14m for a backup and god damn if it didnt pay off. Everyone yells all day long about the Yankees not using thier financial might in every situation…from darvish to Cespedes. They spent 14m on sori and it may be the best 14m they ever spent.

        • Ted Nelson

          And people whining that a decent back-end prospect with three hot starts against three levels of comp isn’t in MLB probably shouldn’t throw stones about impatience… I mean that’s pretty ironic.

          • FIn

            Ted, I think you are completely wrong about Phelps. I dont understand the advantage of starting Garcia. Phelps, right now, in this moment is a beter pitcher than Garcia. There is no question about that. Even in the majors games, Phelps is punching out 9 per 9. Hes fuckin hot.

            • Ted Nelson

              I have no problem lobbying for Phelps to start. I actually agree. I have a problem taking a mid-4s FIP guy this season and acting like 1 MLB start and 2 MiLB starts (one against bloody AA) makes him Roger Clemens. Acting like there is only one possible outcome.

              The argument for Garcia is that he’s a solid MLB starter. ERA just over 3 since joining the rotation and taking on Boston, Tampa, and the Angels. (It’s a tiny sample, but what are the chances Phelps does that?) Good track record. He helps the Yankees win games. Having two guys stretched out is also an advantage. At some point Freddy’s shoulder might not take a sudden increase in workload. Phelps is not in a dungeon if he’s in AAA. He can keep developing confidence as more than a back-end guy and keep making his case to the brass. His chance is likely to come. (Funny how everytime they have 6+ starters people act like guys will necer ever get a chance, then when some injuries and ineffectiveness crop up people act like they were saying all along P depth disappears in an instance… Again I can’t see how you rip Jose for impatience…)

              • FIn

                Essh, so now thats what you are a FIP guy? Stop arguing with people and say what you would like to see for the Yankees. Do you want to see Garcia or Phelps start with all the implications that go with it.

                • Ted Nelson

                  What I want is for people to stop making stupid comments about how MiLB starts prove that there is no doubt Phelps is better than Garcia.

            • Ted Nelson

              So, yes there is a question of who is better. Put Freddy in AA and how do you think he’d do? Guy has an ERA of 3 against MLB lineups his last three starts… How would the last two have looked if he joined Shaeffer Hall in AA and Ramon Ortiz in AAA? Probably an awful lot like Phelps’. Maybe not the Ks, but there is more than one way to skin a cat.

              • FIn

                Ok, this why people hate you. This an absurd argument. Of course a 36yr junk baller, who happens to be one of the best 200 pitchers to ever throw a ball, would baffle AA hitters. Cone could come back right now and get $20m a year if he had to get AA hitters out, and that would win you a world series. Unfortunately, we are talking about getting MLB hitters out, in todays game.

                I know Phelps is a better pitcher, right now in this moment then Garcia. I know phelps is 10yrs younger than Garcia. I know Phelps throws harder than garcia. I know Phelps has more upside. I know Phelps keeps getting better against MLB hitters. I do not know who can dominate AA hitters better. I put my money on Phelps, since he has already dominated them.

                • I am not the droids you’re looking for…

                  The crux of the problem with your POV is the first sentence of your second paragraph. It is simply not a fact, no matter how many times you say it, therefore you cannot ‘know’ it. You can certainly believe it if you choose. However, if you continue to cite it as fact well then I just don’t know what to tell you. (And I believe Phelps should get a shot the next time through the rotation).

                • OMG! Bagels!

                  People hate him for more than just that, but yeah, that’s a start in why.

        • FIn

          LoL, Ted stop. You’re only talking about Martin and he sucks. Your placing your bet on his second half resurgance, which is a fair bet. He cant be worse, so defend him till hes better. Other than that what is your gripe with Mike?

          • Ted Nelson

            What the hell are you talking about?

            • FIn

              Bah, there was some debate up there wher u werent happy Mike. Other than that, I have no clue?

              • Ted Nelson

                I wasn’t unhappy with Mike. I just said that he was doing some flame fanning when a lot of commenters were sure the sky was falling and the Yankees were doomed. I feel like his opinions sway a lot of people on here, so at times I feel like he has the power to influence the RAB masses one way or another and didn’t necessarily go totally towards patience/ long season when they struggled. (I would consider the Qualls acquisition the ultimate example of Mike’s influence. He questioned it, so everyone acted like it was crazy. If he points out that it’s a totally normal depth move for a guy who outside of a couple outings was having a fine season at a time when Wade was blowing up… I think the reception to Qualls would be totally different.)

                • FIn

                  I agree with what you said here. Mike gets nuts sometimes, but its usually when its slow, and its about bullshit moves, that have no bearing on the Yankees success what so ever. He keeps people talking…even if its kontros, or what ever the fuck that reliever, whos pitching well now, names is.

                  You have to remember Mike has to keep people coming to his site, and a Kontros or what ever that reliever whos doing well now, that we traded for stewie is a big deal. IT gets us talking about other shit. There are at least 10 sites we know of that dont talk about shit, except how good the yankees are on any given day, or what Mike brings up, and they frame it in a different way.

      • Jose M. Vazquez

        Fin: I have been a Yankee fan for 65 years. I have seen Joe D play as well as seen Mantle as an 18 year old. I saw Berra, Ford, Skowron and Howard in their prime. This team at the beginning of the season was very frustrating and appeared to head nowhere. That is just the way they looked. In all of my Yankee years I have not seen a more frustrating team except for the lean years of which I expected nothing.

        • I am not the droids you’re looking for…

          JMV that’s a surprising stance – without going nuts looking it up, I can remember several recent teams, successful enough to win 90-100 games by the end of the season, starting off quite slowly and with play marked by lethargy and mediocrity, including sometimes 30-40 games into a given season.

          Said another way…in the last 15 years or so there is *plenty* of precedence for what we are experiencing this season. This is not all that unusual.

          • Jose M. Vazquez

            I guess I most have erased those seasons from my memory. Thanks for your kind comments.

      • John S.

        23 years straight? More like 18 – 19 years. However your point still stands.

      • BrooklynRats

        23 years? We had loosing records pre-93.

  • OMG! Bagels!

    They need to stop booing Arod at the Stadium. STFU.

    • FIn

      A-rod is second best player I have ever seen play for the Yankees. How people boo him is beyond me. Jeter is easily the third best Ive seen.

      • TCMiller30

        Who’s number one?

        • FIn

          Don Mattingly!

  • Paul VuvuZuvella

    I’m spending a lot of time this morning just looking at the standings. Just admiring them.

  • JimAbbottFan

    Was lucky to head over to the game yesterday after battling a nagging summer flu all week.

    The guy sitting behind me was very passionate about the game and every hit/walk Garcia gave up, he was practically throwing his arms up in anger. After that first inning, you’d think the Yankees just lost every World Series ever at once.

    Even when A-rod was getting hits he was saying ‘A-rod isn’t getting paid to hit singles’, which I don’t entirely disagree with, but hey getting on base is better than nothing. There’s just no pleasing some people unless it’s homeruns for Yankees and strikeouts for the other team. And even then, there would be complaints.

    With the current team, we’d all love if every player was playing to their full potential all the time. Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened, which is scary considering how they’re still dominating teams with winning records.

    • FIn

      Your an idiot. Its hard to even talk to someone like you. Even the shitiest, lazziest, suckbag, who has ever lived in mlb, works harder than you. Everyone of these mother fuckers wants to, at the very least make alot of money…if not be great. YOu my friend are a tard.

      • JimAbbottFan

        I don’t think you read my comment fully.

        • dkidd

          i laughed

          • I am not the droids you’re looking for…


        • Bunt Gardner

          Was Fin the guy behind you?

      • Steve


        • Steve

          Obviously that wasn’t at Jim Abbot but the asshole above him unless I missed some kind of sarcasm or meme that brought that rant on

      • Bunt Gardner

        I think the pharmacy has a new prescription for you.

  • Jose M. Vazquez

    I wish Yankee fans would stop insulting and belittling each other on this blog. There is no need for insults. We all want our Yankees to win. Sometimes I think twice about commenting for fear of being berated.

    • Pat D

      Hey, calm down, man! You’re clearly getting a little agitated. It must be the heat.


      In all seriousness, I agree with you. Though your comment did remind me of a pretty funny inside joke from my last job.