Cashman: Pettitte’s setback cost him 7-10 days

Feliciano strikes out the side in first minor league rehab game
Girardi will not be suspended for Thursday's tirade

Via George King, left-hander Andy Pettitte‘s recent setback has pushed his schedule back by 7-10 days. This is the original setback he suffered in Oakland, not a new one. “We have to let the healing process take its course,’’ said Brian Cashman. “He had that setback which cost him a week to ten days, but he is in the middle of the healing process.”

A recent check-up exam showed that Pettitte’s fractured left leg/ankle is healing properly, though he did push himself a little too much prior to the setback. He is not eligible to come off the 60-day DL until August 27th, but an early-to-mid September return seems more likely now. It’s tough to count on a 40-year-old healing quickly, but the important thing is that Andy gets at least two and hopefully three tune-up type starts at the end of the regular season before a potential postseason start.

Feliciano strikes out the side in first minor league rehab game
Girardi will not be suspended for Thursday's tirade
  • Eddard

    We need him for October. We can get by with Phil as #4 but Phil as #3 and Nova pitching a playoff game will lead to a quick exit. Andy needs to be there for games 3 and 7 so the doctors that misdiagnosed Gardner need to let Andy take it easy.

    • The DonSlaught

      This is unfortunately true – we are super, super reliant on a 40-year healing properly.

      This is why I keep saying that the odds of our making a deep run are incredibly sketchy.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        Every potential playoff team has an issue for which that can be true. You’re just pointing out what it potentially could be for the Yanks.

        • jjyank

          Did anyone think the 2011 Cardinals had a championship caliber pitching staff?

          • Robinson Tilapia

            …but we’re TEH YANKEES, or some bullshit like that…

          • Kevin

            No..because they didn’t. They simply had the luxury of going against Philly in the LDS which allows a weaker team to advance far more easily. The World Series..the great pitching staff of Nolan Ryan was anything but.

            • Get Phelps Up

              They simply had the luxury of going against Philly in the LDS which allows a weaker team to advance far more easily.


        • The DonSlaught

          Uh, not many potential playoff teams are :

          A) Hoping a 40-year old comes back from injury


          B) Hoping Said 40-year old comes back and pitches above water like he was before he got injured.

          If Andy was even 6 years younger, I’d have more hope – not so much right now.

          And let’s not forget the 37-year MOTO bat we desperately need to come back from injury and into form as well.

      • RetroRob

        True, yet no more sketchy than the other teams that make the postseason. Every one has some weakness. There is no super team out there, but what will happen is the team that wins it all will be declared by the media as destined to win (for some reason that can’t be indentified now, but will be after it’s all tied up neatly in a bow) and the teams that lose will have some weakness that prevented them from advancing past whatever round.

        It’s all nonsense.

  • Rich in NJ

    Obviously, you’d like to have a healthy Pettitte, but Hughes and Nova could be pitching very well then. I thought Phelps had a chance to contribute in the rotation as well, but…

  • DM

    “It’s tough to count on a 40-year-old healing quickly, ”

    Something to think about going forward as well. I think many are penciling in Pettitte (and even Kuroda) as coming back next year and just rolling along. Pettitte’s injury might’ve be a freak thing, but recovering more slowly at his age isn’t.

    • RetroRob

      I’m skeptical that Pettitte’s healing from a broken bone will go any more slowly because he’s 40 as opposed to 32. I do think his nature of pushing hard unfortunately did seem to delay his recovery.

      The biggest concern will be getting some minor league starts in before starting a few more on the MLB level. I don’t know what Cashman means by delayed 7-10 days. Does that mean 7-10 days past 8/27 before he can pitch in a rehab game? Or does he mean 7-10 days before he returns to the Yankees after he’s started a couple minor league rehab games? Big difference considering the impending sunset on the minor league season. Hopefully a couple of the teams make it into the postseason.

      • DM

        I don’t know. I think everything works better — physically — at 32 than 40. He might feel he can push like a younger guy, but the older body doesn’t respond the same way. And I think bone mass starts going in your mid-30s, so he might be less rubbery than a younger guy too. Maybe that shot would’ve caused a bruise in a younger guy rather than a break.

        But I could see them building him up at the big league level with Freddy being his long man. He’s been throwing so I’m more worried about command than arm strength.

      • The DonSlaught

        That’s sort of the same thing, though. If he was 32 and pushed it too hard, he probably wouldn’t be having a setback.

        Thinking that there is no difference between recovery between a 32 year old and a 40 year old is kind of putting your head in the sand. If a 40 year old recovered as easily and quickly as a 32 year old, we should question why that is – and let’s just say it would have something to do with what got Andy in some hot water not too long ago.