Chavez unavailable due to sore back this weekend


Following this afternoon’s game, Joe Girardi said that Eric Chavez was unavailable all weekend due to a sore back. He is expected to return to the lineup tomorrow, however. Chavez played four straight games earlier this week and that’s probably as far as the Yankees can push him these days. As long as he’s good to go tomorrow, no big deal.

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  • Raul Ibanez AKA Tom Marvolo Riddle

    Sounds kind of convenient…

  • sangreal

    Neat, I was right in the gamethread. This explains why Ichiro was called on instead.

    Chavez mentioned before the series that he needs the rest

    • sangreal
    • Raul Ibanez AKA Tom Marvolo Riddle

      Could’ve gone to Raul too. Ichiro was probably the worst choice.

      • Karl Krawfid

        Could have just kept Nix in.

      • Evitable

        But the Yankees signed Ichiro so they could have “varied offensive weapons”…”make something happen”…”create runs”…you know, play baseball the right way, with slap singles, bunts, and stolen bases. As Paul O’Neill says — they’re not paying him to put the ball in the air and pull home runs! If they can’t use him in a situation where they need to “get something going”, “put some runners on the bases”, when can they use him?!

        At least Girardi didn’t pinch hit Ichiro with a runner on first…then he could have caused two outs instead of just one.

        • hogsmog

          As the guy with the lowest OBP on the current team besides Chris Stewart, Ichiro is the last guy I want to see try to “get something going”.

  • mt

    At least Rangers straters will go righty, lefty, righty, lefty so hopefully he can play a game and then rest. 7 straight righties from Seattle and Detroit contributed.

    Joe will just have to play McGeehee and Nix against certain righties to avoid overplaying Chavez.