On Ichiro and the media

Freddy leads Yanks to blowout win over Jays
Game 113: Beat the Jays

You can make a pretty strong case that Ichiro Suzuki is the most popular baseball player in the history of Japan, and with that comes lots of media attention. A swarm of Japanese media has followed his every move since coming over to MLB more than a decade ago, including several reporters assigned to follow on a day-to-day basis, home or away. Dan Barbarisi wrote about that media swarm the Yankees inherited by acquiring the outfielder last month, including those who had to uproot and move across the country with him. It’s the rare article on the media that isn’t self-serving and is well worth the read. Check it out.

Freddy leads Yanks to blowout win over Jays
Game 113: Beat the Jays
  • DM

    I wouldn’t say they did the trade b/c of it, but I think inheriting the swarm is great for the continued marketing of the Yankee brand here and abroad. And I’m sure there’s a little extra walk-up for their games too.

    • Rich in NJ

      Not as good as winning with young players that fans can follow for years, but absent that, the marketing aspect works well for both the Yankees and Ichiro, which is probably one of the reasons why he wanted to come here.

  • Kosmo

    I believe Saduhara Oh would give Ichiro a run for his money as being the most popular Japanese baseball player of all-time in Japan. In today´s feeding frenzy media world Ichiro gets alot more international attention than Oh ever did.

    • RetroRob

      In Japan, it’s possible that Mastui is as big or bigger than Ichiro.

      I wonder what both Matsui and Ichiro will do once their playing careers are over in MLB. That end looks like it might have arrived for Matsui. Do they return “home,” or is this their new home?

  • Slu

    Meh. To me, it is not worth the read. I don’t care one iota about the media that is following Ichiro nor do I care if they have to move across the country. Lots of people move for their jobs. Big Deal. I am not trying to troll here, but my initial thought is that Mike cares about this because he is in the media, so to speak.

    Maybe I am wrong and in the minority, but I care about the team and not really about the people covering the team. I am aware that I wouldn’t have the information I have today without these people, but I also enjoyed baseball and the Yankees long before it was possible to get daily updates on everything.

    Obviously this is not a big deal at all and it would be very easy to just ignore this post, but I have nothing to do while my daughter naps!

    • vinny-b

      Betsy, is that you?


  • Nathan

    I wonder who has/had the bigger Japanese entourage: Matsui or Ichiro.