Pettitte throws off mound for first time since fracturing leg

Aldrich named 29th best prospect in Cape Cod League
Yankees juggle upcoming rotation

Via Meredith Marakovits and Marc Carig, left-hander Andy Pettitte threw 20 pitches off a mound today for the first time since having his left (push-off) leg fractured by a Casey Kotchman comebacker in late-June. He did not push-off at full strength, but he called it a “huge” step and felt fine afterwards. They’ll check back in with the doctor tomorrow and determine the next step.

Recent check-ups on Pettitte’s leg have been positive, and he’s been throwing off flat ground for a few weeks now. He’ll soon have to begin an “accelerated” program in order to rejoin the team in advance of a potential playoff series. The good news is that his arm is fine, but getting the legs back in shape will be a chore. Looking at the schedule, it appears that the absolute latest he could return to the team and still be able to make two regular season tune-up starts is September 27th.

Aldrich named 29th best prospect in Cape Cod League
Yankees juggle upcoming rotation
  • Better off Eddard

    If we do not have a healthy Andy we do not win the WS. The rotation of CC-Kuroda-Andy-Hughes-CC-Kuroda-Andy will be better than most in the postseason. I think Kuroda deserves #1 but if we have HFA in the AL I would want Hiroki making both of his starts at home where no one can beat him.

    • Rich in NJ

      They could if people step up (which happens), but obviously, Pettitte returning to form would be huge.

  • John

    why couldn’t AP make 2 minor league rehab starts on 9/10 + 9/15 followed by 3 starts with the big league club starting Sep 22? do we really think he’s not going to be ready to throw 3 or 4 innings in the minors 11 days from now?

    • RetroRob

      That’s a good question, and I’m not sure anyone knows the answer.

      I’d by pretty surprised if the first time we see him take the mound is 9/27, although all that means is he could still get in two starts before the end of the season.

      Real question is when do all the Yankee minor league teams shut down, since that will impact his ability to be in a game. Plus, will the Yankees make their minor league affiliate start Pettitte in an play-off game? It’s one thing to have a rehab start if a pitcher has been out a few weeks. It’s another when he’s basically in near Spring Training form. I would.