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Ty Hensley made his second professional appearance this afternoon, striking out five in two innings for the Rookie Level GCL Yankees. Here’s the box score if you want to check out the full details. The high school right-hander from Oklahoma signed for below-slot because of “abnormalities” in his shoulder, but apparently they aren’t anything serious enough to keep him off the mound. Check out the Yankees on Demand feature above (here’s the link if the embed doesn’t work for whatever reason) as well as this interview with Hensley over at Yankees Fans Unite. He spoke about those “abnormalities” with some detail.

Once you’ve done that, use this as your open thread for the evening. MLB Network is airing a game tonight, though the teams you see depend on where you live. The Mets are playing the Padres a little later on as well (Hefner vs. Volquez). Talk about those games or anything else here. Go nuts.

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  1. Will The Thrill says:

    I always wonder why Cashman didn’t use his trademark patience when it came to trading Jesus Montero. He should’ve waited out Jack Z until he was willing to finally trade Felix Hernandez. Montero surely would’ve been putting up better numbers by now and Jack Z desperate for some offense would have to trade him to the Yankees for a package headlined by Montero. Just a thought. I just thought the Yankees came off as desperate when it came to trying to trade Montero for a pitcher. A little more haggling on Cashman’s part would’ve been nice. Even before the injury I wasn’t a big fan of Pineda. His flyball rate and the fact that he’s a two pitch pitcher makes him a harder throwing version of Hughes.

    • MartinRanger says:

      Well, first of all, King Felix’s GB % is actually lower now than it was when he reached the majors in 2005. Secondly, except for pitchers with natural sinkers or guys who have made it this far *by* getting groundballs, very few power pitchers arrive in the majors as ground ball guys. Look at Stephen Strasburg, who has the best stuff in baseball, and still gives up hits and home runs and fly balls despite it because he’s still relying on raw stuff.

      There is no reason that Pineda might not have eventually become a less fly-ball prone pitcher (and he really was never that bad to begin with – Hughes is…weird). Look at Carsten Charles Sabathia, whose GB % has increased slightly as he’s thrown more two-seamers than four-seamers up in the zone. He’s done just fine.

      Pineda was a great get, and the injuries are just something that happens. And it’s hardly a sure thing that he won’t eventually contribute a great deal, as balky as shoulders are.

      Also, Pineda is younger and vastly more cost-controlled. And that’s important. Felix was never an option.

    • Rey22 says:

      The thought that Jack Z would “have to trade Felix to the Yankees” is ridiculous. He doesn’t “have” to do anything, regardless of how bad his offense is.

      He probably would have traded Pineda to some other team in the offseason if the Yankees wouldn’t have sent Montero.

    • MartinRanger says:

      Oh, one more thing? Hughes isn’t a two-pitch pitcher anymore. His changeup lags a bit behind his other offerings, but Hughes has actually struggled with righthanders this year. He’s handled lefties just fine.

      It’s mostly about locating his fastball. When misses, it tends to be middle in. And that means home runs.

    • Hall and Nokes says:

      Wouldnt we still be waiting?

    • DERP says:

      I’m not sure that Jack Z. is allowed to trade Felix.

      • MartinRanger says:

        Sterling was saying today that Felix actually rather likes Seattle, and doesn’t want to leave. That’s why he signed the extension.

        • Knoxvillain says:

          I’m sure his mind would change if he was a FA instead of signing that extension. That 7/160 the Yankees would offer him would probably be enough to make him not love Seattle that much anymore.

          • Bo Knows says:

            It probably wouldn’t he really does love Seattle, when Felix was just a 16 yr old IFA, he allegedly turned down higher offers to sign with them. The only way I see him leaving Seattle is if the front office sends him packing.

    • Tremont says:

      I also don’t know what makes you assume that Montero would have elevated his stock this year. He has been a pretty big disappointment in Seattle. Sure he would probably have better numbers in Yankee Stadium than in Safeco, but THAT much better that his already impressive stock would have gone up. If anything, I would guess his stock would have taken a hit

    • Jamey says:

      I don’t know that Cashman had “Your best player” leverage using Montero at the time of the trade. It had been apparent that they weren’t as high on him as the fans were & were willing to deal him for a potential rental in Cliff Lee, so I think Pineda was more of a realistic return. Also if the injury had never occurred, it was a great deal. Young, hard throwing pitcher who made the All-Star team. If you could turn a prospect you clearly weren’t that high on into a pitcher like that, you make that deal.

    • DT says:

      Montero’s value was at it’s highest at the time. He came of a ridiculous small sample size performance where he looked like a stud, despite some red flags on his performance. He actually called Jack Z about pitchers to find out that Felix is not available and probably won’t be for a very long time, while Pineda was. He got Pineda and a another good arm for Montero and a 5th/6th starter. It’s no desperation but rather viewing Pineda’s future value was equal to or better than what Montero can give at DH or Catcher.

      Also Pineda’s being a 2 pitch pitcher is overstated. He has a decent change up actually, if you look at his pitch value. The problem is getting him to throw it more and with more consistency, which he was doing in Spring Training before going down.

    • Deep Thoughts says:

      You want to trade your best prospect with like 50 PAs in the majors for the face of their franchise, their Derek Jeter? Ichiro’s demise has been the elephant in the room for a year now. Felix is just about the only reason anyone attends Ms games anymore.

  2. JohnnyC says:

    King Felix is really a different pitcher now as opposed to his early years. Just as effective but different. He sits 91-93, touching 94, but essentially pitches off his off-speed stuff, which he has great command of. He’s Halladay with a better changeup (which acts like a splitter). He’s not just a thrower and is showing remarkable aptitude for attacking hitters and setting them up, in individual at bats and for the duration of a game. Bravo. That said, I wonder what prompted him to change his pitching style. That would be probative to whether he’s going to sustain his dominance as he approaches and passes 30.

  3. Tom Morea says:

    Considering the fastest runners on the Yankee team are Ichiro and Granderson, and considering the Yankees facing Hernandez today, don’t you think Girardi should have had Ichiro and then Granderson running when they were on first base, or at least a hit and run, instead of playing station to station against Hernandez?

    • The Real Greg says:

      Well for one, neither really got a chance. Ichiro got 3 pitches and Grandy got 2.

      Second, I doubt that Girardi sends the runners. The runners go on their own.

      • Heisenberg's Hat says:

        Ichiro, in particular, should have made an attempt. He led off the inning with a basehit. We need that kind of production from him. Hit, steal, move up on out, score on out. It’s what we would have wanted from Gardner.
        That was essentially the only shot they had to tie the game, and the DP made short work of that.

  4. Kramerica Industries says:

    You know what would be nice the next time a Yankees game ends in a one run decision?

    A Yankee victory.

  5. DERP says:

    At least Baltimore is doing their job.

  6. tyrone sharpton says:

    Josh Hamilton…has issues kicking chewing tobacco? how many problems does this guy have?

    and btw, what do you guys think about signing BJ Upton for centerfield, moving Granderson to left, and trading the farm + Gardner for Justin Upton? And if the Upton trade didn’t work, putting BJ in right? BJ won’t be that expensive, will he?

    • JonS says:

      That would be interesting.

    • Kramerica Industries says:

      Since 2008, B.J. Upton highest OPS in a single season is .784 (2008), his stolen base rates are gradually declining, strikeouts more than anyone on this team not named Kurtis, and is going to still get a pretty penny in free agency.

      I mean, he’s going to be 28 in a few weeks and been in the league since 2006. At what point is he just, well, not all that strong at the plate? Maybe I’m missing something here, because IMO, he’s the most overrated person on this website.

      Justin Upton I can get behind. B.J. doesn’t make any sense to me. And even if one magically expects him to flourish as a hitter, remember he’s a righty in Yankee Stadium. Not exactly a match made in heaven.

      • Heisenberg's Hat says:

        Yeah. I don’t think BJ is every going to realize his potential. Unless he learns to start seriously taking the ball the other way, he’d be a disaster at YS3.

    • DT says:

      Nooo. BJ upton is completely overrated and not really much of a hitter. we’d get more value if we just switched Grandy and Gardner.

  7. Heisenberg's Hat says:

    I just learned that Frank Thomas only made 5 all-star teams. That was pretty surprising, and further devalues all-star appearances in my book.

    • JohnnyC says:

      It was the age of steroids and 1B is the position most populated by sluggers. Thomas didn’t make those ASGs because of Palmeiro, Thome, Vaughn, Martinez, Giambi, Delgado, etc., etc.

      • Heisenberg's Hat says:

        And yet none of those guys (except Thome, probably) is going to the Hall of Fame.

        • JohnnyC says:

          What does that have to do with selection to an All-Star game? It’s a popularity contest.

          • Heisenberg's Hat says:

            I just think it’s dumb that some people place so much weight on all-star selections when it comes time for the Hall of Fame, when it’s clear that a lot of those selections don’t make much sense. People argue against Posada for the Hall, and whether or not he belongs it should have little to do with how many all-star games he made.

            • JohnnyC says:

              It’s also dumb to put so much weight on getting voted into the Hall of Fame when rubes who work in markets like Minneapolis and Milwaukee have a ballot and readily admit they rarely watch games outside of their work assignments. And committees of ex-players and officials are just as bad since they have even more personal axes to grind.

        • Laz says:

          Palmeiro hit 550 Hr. I think that selig needs to make a decision on these guys. There is too much speculation about who or who did not use steroids. Make a decision, and honestly I don’t think that they can really punish people before they started testing.

          • JohnnyC says:

            They’re not banned from consideration (like Rose). If public sentiment changes at some point, they’ll be voted in. Who knows, maybe Bonds, Clemens, et al. will get in when they’re like 80 years old.

          • Heisenberg's Hat says:

            In Palmeiro’s case it’s not speculation. He failed a test for steroids.

  8. DERP says:

    Pedro Ciriaco is such a bitch.

  9. Need Pitching & Hitting says:

    Well played Mauer.

  10. DERP says:

    Joe Mauer is a GOD

    • Heisenberg's Hat says:

      Funny, I thought the Red Sox turned their season around against the Yankees?

      • Dino Velvet says:

        red sox can not fail, they can only be failed

      • forensic says:

        Funny, people keep making this dumb-ass comment while ignoring the fact that the worse the Red Sox play and look against these other teams only makes losing a series to them look even worse for the Yankees.

        • Get Phelps Up says:

          What’s so dumb about it? All it is is mocking the people who were saying that.

          • forensic says:

            It’s dumb that they’re happy that the Yankees series loss is looking worse and worse.

            And I just don’t understand why people feel the need to constantly harp on things that people say. It’s not smart saying things like that, but so what. Let people be a fan their own way. If they want to constantly be miserable and seemingly care more about what the Red Sox are doing than the Yankees, then so be it. They’ll just never enjoy the highs as much as they could.

            Why do so many people on here insist on posting stuff like this reeking of the holier than thou crap acting like there’s only one way to be a fan, and you better be that way or don’t bother posting on fan blogs?

            • Get Phelps Up says:

              I agree with some of this, but it’s not making fun of anyone here or any Yankee fans. As Rocky Road Redemption down there said, it’s making fun of Fox and ESPN for trumpeting that the Sox turned their season around by barley managing to win 2 games from the Yankees.

        • Rocky Road Redemption says:

          You’re missing the point. Fox basically went ballistic when the Red Sox won the series and were convinced it would “turn their season around”. We’re making fun of them, because that comment was ridiculous, and now it’s just proven itself to be true; it IS ridiculous.

          Losing to the Red Sox sucked, but it didn’t “turn their season around”.

          • forensic says:

            Actually, that’s not about the FOX broadcasters, it’s about posters here.

            And even if it was about FOX, what do you expect them to say? “Hi, welcome to Saturday baseball. One of these teams is already eliminated, so you might as well change the channel and don’t bother tuning in the next bunch of weekends that we have them scheduled.”?

            Why do people get so up in arms about what the media talking heads say? They’re there to drive ratings and hits. Very few of them are there for their intellect and analysis ability anyway. It has zero impact on who makes the playoffs or wins a championship.

    • DT says:

      I wonder if the Twins would ever consider trading Mauer this off season to rebuild.

    • FIPster Doofus says:

      I’m glad last year was just a fluke and he’s back to being a beast.

  11. Dino Velvet says:


    Bawston gave up a 3 run bomb on a 2 out/3-2 pitch!


  12. Jerry Remy says:

    I’m tellin’ ya, Aceves is a Yankees plawt…

  13. The Real Greg says:

    Well at the end of the night, we’ve maintained a 7 game lead (in the loss column) and the Red Sox are fading into the sunset.

  14. Danny says:

    No DoTF tonite ?

  15. JonS says:

    Am I the only one happy Aceves is struggling?

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