X-ray shows A-Rod’s hand healing properly


Via Dan Martin and Larry Brooks, x-rays taken late last week on Alex Rodriguez‘s fractured left hand showed that everything is healing properly. Yesterday we heard that Andy Pettitte‘s ankle is doing well, but this is the first update on A-Rod. I do worry about the lingering effects though, hand and wrist injuries tend to nag for a while even after the break heals. If he doesn’t have enough strength in his hand he won’t be able to swing the bat effectively, it’s pretty simple.

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  • Nice Scheister

    Great, this will give my man Stu another bullet point to add to the A-Rod hate column. Now it’ll be RBIs, comps to Ike Davis, and the hand injury break on a change-up. “if ike davis’ bones got hit by an off-speed pitch he shakes it off and keeps playing. im sure ike will have more rbis than arod in the next 30 games”

    • jjyank

      You forgot his trade marked double-spacing between lines and the “punch and judy” insult.

  • Karl Krawfid

    Luckily it was his left hand. The guide hand.

  • The DonSlaught

    This is all fine and dandy, but how is Pineda recovering from losing his shoulder?