Yankees outright Ryota Igarashi to Triple-A


The Yankees have outrighted right-hander Ryota Igarashi down to Triple-A. The move removes him off the 40-man roster, and by my unofficial count they now have one spot open. Igarashi, 33, appeared in two games with the Yankees and allowed four runs in three innings. At the end of the day, all this move means is that he will not rejoin the team as a September call-up.

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  • Hoss

    Space to add Chris Dickerson

    • Hmelawyer

      Probably should try to do that (get Dickerson on 40 man) before September. However, I think (emphasize think) this move was necessitated due to Austin Romine’s soon to be required activation off of the 60-day DL.
      I have searched high and low for the exact rules on this when a team has no desire to add the player to the major league roster, and cannot find it. However, it does seem that we are gaming the 40-man roster thing a bit with this situation. To wit:

      Romine was considered a major league player at the time he was placed on the DL or he would not have been eligible for the 60-day DL. Major league position players (which one would assume Romine has to be considered due to status on 60-man DL, until activated and optioned) are only allowed to be sent on rehab assignments for 20 days before being activated. Romine started his rehab assignment on July 13, so is already well over the 20 days. Seems like we have to activate him. Anybody who can clarify further would be much appreciated.

      • ikl

        Yup. Yankees will need the spot for Romine. Romine was sick with the flu in late July, so I am guessing that this reset his rehab clock. I imagine they will have to option him shortly, but my impression is that they won’t burn an option year if he doesn’t stay in the minors for more than 30 days. So if they recall Romine by mid-September, they might save an option!

    • Robinson Tilapia

      So you can take him back off him again? Highly unlikely. I agree with the Romine assessment.

    • FreeAgentSignee

      I hope so!

  • Big Member

    I think we may able to package him to Seatle for a prospect

  • Joe

    What are they going to do with September call ups? If they only call up Romine, DFA Cervelli to add someone else? I feel Dickerson will be added to the 40 man, and 1 of Mustelier,Russo,or maybe Fukudome (hope not though!) and they could always release or DFA one of them in offseason to add the guys to protect from rule 5 draft. What dooes everyone think? Could we get a september call up thread with possible players pros cons etc.

    • Need Pitching & Hitting

      They’ll keep Cervelli, I’d imagine they won’t want to lose the C depth.

      • Roadgeek Adam

        Which if everything goes as is, we’ll have 4 catchers in September, should be very interesting.

        • Need Pitching & Hitting

          They did last Sept. too as well, I believe. Martin, Cervelli, Romine, and Montero, though they used Montero mostly as DH. I would guess Cervelli would get called up Sept. 1, and Romine would play out the AAA season before getting called up (or possibly not get called up at all) so he gets regular AB’s.

          • Roadgeek Adam

            What did they do last year in terms of rotation. I’m thinking you could do a 4 man catching rotation, but that would drive the starters nuts I’d have to think. Martin one day, Stewart the next, Cervelli, Romine then Martin again. Maybe during that time you can DH one of the others like today.

          • Joe

            It took 2 injuries (martin and Cervi) before Romine was brought up

            • Need Pitching & Hitting

              Yeah, forgot about that, though that may have been because he wasn’t on the 40-man roster yet and they didn’t want to make the roster move. I don’t remember the exact circumstances.

              Anyways, I would assume Cervelli will definitely be called up, with Romine possibly added after the AAA season is complete.

              • Joe

                No it was mid Sept if I recall and it was necesity either way would be nice to have 4 C in Sept as long as its not preventing someone who could help a little more than a 4th string catcher

  • Joe

    Hes still listed on 40 man online roster. This is the same move as Pena he is still on but was passed through waivers first.

  • Joe

    Off topic but best thread for it now: Ronnier Mustlier was scratched from SWB lineup no reason. ???

  • Trent

    Why don’t they outright Joba instead?