Yankees release Jack Cust, Colin Curtis, and Ray Kruml

Kevin Goldstein's Top 50 Midseason Prospects
Heathcott homers in Tampa win

Via Donnie Collins, the Yankees have released DH Jack Cust, OF Colin Curtis, and OF Ray Kruml. Curtis has 64 plate appearances with the big league team in 2010 (42 wRC+), but missed all of last season with a shoulder injury. He’ll be best remembered for his mid-at-bat pinch-hit homer for Brett Gardner. Cust was Triple-A Empire State’s most dangerous hitter this year, posting a 145 wRC+ with an absurd 19.1% walk rate. Kruml was just a spare outfielder for the club.

None of the three were going to see time for the big league team this year, but the Cust and Curtis moves are huge blows to Empire State’s push for a playoff berth. I’m guessing we’re going to see a promotion or two in the coming weeks.

Kevin Goldstein's Top 50 Midseason Prospects
Heathcott homers in Tampa win
  • RetroRob

    Need to make room for the kids below.

  • http://yankeesblogtbnl.blogspot.com/ CMITCH

    Cust had no place with the big league club this year. Maybe he’ll catch on somewhere else and see some pa’s in September. I think this is mostly a good will move by the Yanks to give Cust a better opportunity. It could possibly encourage future veterans to sign minor league deals.

  • Mike Myers

    Whos getting promoted? Guesses?

  • Kevin

    Shame about Colin Curtis. Always liked him as a person but as a player,he wasn’t going to cut it,especially after his shoulder injury.

    • http://fendersonandhampton.com Cuso

      Liked him as a person, huh?

      • MannyGeee

        they dated for a while..

  • Stan

    Melky Mesa?

    • http://fendersonandhampton.com Cuso

      As in promoted or next to be released? Hopefully you meant the latter.

  • BK2ATL

    Purely guesses on my part, but maybe Marshall, Adams and Mesa get promoted???

    Marshall more than held his own vs. Gerrit Cole this week. I’m assuming with the release of Curtis and Wise, another OF needed, hence Mesa. Adams was due to be moved up after his progress this season, plus the 3B thing.

  • Bo Knows

    I think Mesa and/or Almonte get promoted to AAA, Flores is definitely moved to Trenton, with a lesser chance of Slade going too (which also helps clear out the log jam that is the Tampa OF once Mason comes back)

  • Joe

    No one is getting promoted IMO. Curtis and Kruml were on DL and they have 5 OF plus Russo so lot of spots and needed room.

    • crawdaddie

      Norris tweeted that Mesa is getting promoted to SWB.

  • Ralph

    I can see why Cust can be a blow to Empire State’s playoff hopes but Curtis is hitting .220 for them.

  • crawdaddie

    Cust might have asked for his release and the Yankees complied.

  • Timothy

    Im just curious, can someone explain why you cut the AAA squad’s best hitter? I know promotions and all that but, can’t that wait till next year? Does minor league playoffs/championships really mean that little to management? I’m not being an ass, I’m seriously just wondering if anyone knows exactly why moves like this are made with no regards to SWB playoff chances.

    • the Other Steve S.

      You’re not being an ass at all. I know the minors just exist to serve the big club, but damn. If we don’t even get a tiny bit of support at crunch time, maybe we shouldn’t have to pay for the beer. I don’t think getting rid of Cust is going to put the Yanks over the top this year.

    • Joe


      Personally I could care less about minor league championships. I care about winning World Series and cutting these guys could help the Yankees in two ways. Either

      A) It allows the Yankees to promote players, give them their AAA experience which allows them to get called up the the majors quicker. It could mean someone getting a mid-season call up next year vs. 2014.

      B) It allows the Yankees to promote players to prove they can play at AAA making the more valuable in trades. Teams seemed to want major league or close to major league talent so if the Yankees decide to make an off-season push for someone, like Justin Upton, giving those players a few months of AAA may make them more valuable, esp if they play well.

      • Timothy

        That does make sense and I could care less about minor league championships as well. I just figured management would care a little more, but what do I know lol? Who knows maybe the guy they call up will be a August trade chip for someone we need :p

  • Timothy

    I’ll remember Curtis for his walk-off home run in the first spring training game after the most recent world series win…It was especially awesome since it followed up “the year of the walk off” :)

  • Grover

    I’ll remember Jack Cust as an Oriole when he tripped rounding third, tried to crawl home and was tagged for the final out by Posada a couple feet short of the plate. He had just been called up and I received a call that he was playing, as we played ball together many years ago. It’s a credit to Jack for sticking it out as long as he did before making it to the show. His family owns a sports complex in Flemington, New Jersey and it’s awesome. My kids get a chance to play under the lights every year and their eyes light up. I hope he signs with the Mets or Phillies and I wish him all the best.