Yankees won’t watch Roger Clemens’ independent league outing

Report: Indians will listen to offers for Shin-Soo Choo
Aardsma throws 35 pitches in live batting practice session

Worried (or dreaming?) about the potential return of Roger Clemens to New York? Well don’t. Jim Baumbach spoke to a team official who confirmed that the Yankees won’t even bother to scout the 50-year-old right-hander’s independent league start tonight. “That would be crazy,” said the official. Indeed, it would be crazy.

Clemens signed with the Sugar Land Skeeters near his home in Texas earlier this week in what I assume is an effort to delay his Hall of Fame candidacy. The Astros are open to signing the seven-time Cy Young Award winner, and appearing in a big league game would delay his HoF eligibility by five years. That would distance him from the PED controversy a bit, theoretically improving his chances for enshrinement. Either way, the Yankees will thankfully have no part in it.

Report: Indians will listen to offers for Shin-Soo Choo
Aardsma throws 35 pitches in live batting practice session
  • KeithK

    The Astros should sign Clemens. They’d almost be fools not to. After all, is there any other reason to watch the hapless Express… I mean Astros these days? The Clemens spectacle would sell tickets.

  • forensic

    Suzyn Waldman will be so disappointed.

  • Knoxvillain

    Say whatever you want about Clemens, but good for him. If the Astros sign him (which they should), good for him. He’s getting paid money to play a game and you can only play baseball for so long. I hope he comes back to the MLB, but I really wanted his last game to be played with the Yankees.

    • Laz

      He spent 4.5 relatively undominant years with the yankees. Yes he won 2 rings here, and went 20/3 in ’01; but I assume that he goes in as a rs. That is where he spent 13/24 seasons, and was most dominant.

  • The DonSlaught

    Thank God. I seriously would instantly become a BoSox fan if that happened.

    • jjyank

      Wow, really?

    • Rod

      You must already be one then.

    • Robinson Tilapia aka Melky’s Webmaster

      Go ahead and just become one now.

      • Captain Crunch Sabthia

        Well if he becomes one, then there’s a good chance that he gets traded to the Dodgers.

  • Pat D

    His HOF clock would ONLY reset if he appeared in a major league game, just to remind everyone.

    I don’t know if that would necessarily help his his case either. Jim Caple has been pointing out for at least a year now that the ballot is going to get logjammed, not just because of those who won’t vote for suspected PED users, but also because of the 10 vote limit, which might prevent writers from voting for everyone they’d like to vote for.

    Just look at the names still there and forthcoming:
    Jack Morris, Jeff Bagwell, Lee Smith, Tim Raines, Alan Trammell, Edgar Martinez, Fred McGriff, Larry Walker, Mark McGwire, Rafael Palmeiro, Bernie Williams

    Barry Bonds, Clemens, Mike Piazza, Sammy Sosa, Curt Schilling, Craig Biggio, Kenny Lofton, David Wells, Steve Finley

    Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine, Frank Thomas, Jeff Kent, Mike Mussina, Luis Gonzalez, Moises Alou

    Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez, John Smoltz, Gary Sheffield, Nomar Garicaparra, Carlos Delgado

    Ken Griffey Jr., Trevor Hoffman, Billy Wagner, Jim Edmonds

    Anyone who last played last year, which includes at least Manny Ramirez, Vladimir Guerrero, Ivan Rodriguez and Magglio Ordonez

    I mean, that’s just too many names who deserve to be considered on some level. And if all the suspected PED users are still hanging around the ballot come 2018 or 2019, Clemens won’t have done anything to help himself avoid the association.

    • jjyank

      Good points. The only thing that I think would help, is just distance in time. What I mean is, while he may not be helping who he is associated with, his rationale could be that given another five years, PEDs may not be as demonized as they are today. Maybe voting power changes hands a couple times to voters who are less stringent on that too, I dunno.

      Not saying he should or shouldn’t get in, but I think he’s just trying to do whatever he can to make his chances better.

      Anyways, there will be some interest ballots in the coming years, based on your list.

      • Pat D

        Yea, I’m really looking forward to this coming year’s ballot. For about 3 years I’ve referred to it as “The Armageddon Ballot.” I honestly can’t wait to see the results.

    • Laz

      IMO they could easily cut Morris, Schilling,

      Smith isn’t quite there for me: era over 3.00 for a reliever….
      Raines also, aside from stealing bases he didn’t do much of anything else.
      Walker was a product of pre-humidifier coors field. Was a 20-25 hr hitter before trade and only got 383 hr total.
      Bernie falls short imo. He was a very good player for us, but he wasn’t quite a hofer.
      Finley falls way short, he was good but its not close.
      Wells falls short too: 239 wins and 4.13 era is too short

      IMO Bonds, Clemens, Sosa, Palmeiro, Piazza were all too good to be left out. Sure some were juicing, but they were elite players.

      • ArchStanton

        I don’t want to sound condescending but you need to do some homework on Tim Raines. Very likely the second greatest leadoff hitter of all time behind Rickey Henderson (and no shame in that). Seriously, he was excellent.

      • Pat D

        I wasn’t saying all of those guys will or should be elected. I was giving an idea of crowded the ballot will be. There were plenty of guys I didn’t bother to mention.

        Morris might get in this year, though I think it would be a mistake. The postseason success all but guarantees Schilling gets in. They’d better force him to wear a Phillies hat.

        I wouldn’t vote for Smith, Walker, Bernie, Finley or Wells, but they have received a lot of votes or will at least get more than a second glance.

        Your thoughts on Raines, as ArchStanton pointed out, are way off.

        For the last five you mentioned, I would vote for Bonds, Clemens and Piazza. I’m still not sure that Sosa and Palmeiro would have ever done anything without steroids, so I might skip them.

  • Bill

    We’re you expecting them to? Lol

    • Rick

      No, but “we are” you?

  • https://twitter.com/Mattpat11 Matt DiBari

    We should just be thankful it wasn’t Sidney Ponson or Javy Vazquez. The temptation may have been too much.

    • John

      Or sergio mitre

  • Wayne

    If this guy ends up on the Yankees I’m changing teams. Just kidding! Seriously though I don’ want him around our young pitchers in the minor leagues. Young players have enough temptation as it is to do drugs especially for our young minor league pitchers in this case!