Aardsma allows a run in latest minor league rehab outing


In his latest minor league rehab outing, David Aardsma allowed a run on three hits and a walk for Double-A Trenton. He did not strike anyone out and recorded two outs on ground balls. Sixteen of his 28 pitches were strikes (57%), and Mike Ashmore says he topped out at 90 with the fastball. Here’s video.

Aardsma, 30, hasn’t pitched well at all in his three rehab appearances following his late-June setback, so any chance of him joining the bullpen later this month has dwindled to essentially nothing. That’s not a surprise though, the Yankees have maintained that they didn’t expect him back this season at all. Aardsma was considered more of a 2013 piece from the start.

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  • 42isNotMortal

    Well, 2013 contributions it is. More importantly, any of you RAB Yankees junkies think D Rob throws a curveball for a strike and remotely approaches his 11′ K/9 ROS?

  • johnnymac

    I managed to miss D Robertson’s 8th inning show. Maybe he can throw to R Cano in next years home run derby. I’m sure Rob’s Pop will understand. Was he wearing long pants tonight? Seems like a long time ago that the Yanks beat TX 2 out of 3.

    • Cuso

      3 out of 4