Update: Teixeira headed for MRI, likely out for Red Sox series


Sunday: Via Bryan Hoch, Teixeira will go for an MRI on the calf and is unlikely to be available during the upcoming series against the Red Sox. Fantastic.

Saturday: Following tonight’s game, Mark Teixeira told reporters that he felt something in his left calf running out the final play of the game, and that’s why he slid into first. A Grade I strain in the same calf kept him on the shelf for the previous ten games. Teixeira will not play on Sunday and the Yankees are off on Monday, so he’ll get at least two days off to hopefully straighten this out. Le sigh.

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  • Mike Stanley

    Everything is stupid.

    • Sean

      Is there no accountability for umpires? I feel like the Yankees should sue Jerry Meals

  • Jeff Karstens, Male Model

    I hope Jerry Meals dies horribly.

    • RE Junior

      whoa chill.losing his job would be enough

      • Sean

        How will he lose his job if there’s zero accountability? Its beyond comprehension.

  • Cuso

    It’s getting ugly.

  • Kramerica Industries

    The giant salt shaker in the sky keeps pouring right into the wound of the Yankees.

  • Rich in NJ

    On a positive note, A-Rod looks pretty good.

    • DT

      He’s been everything we could have hoped for and more from a guy coming off a month on the DL.

  • DT

    How has Jerry Meals not been fired or punished by the mlb yet?

    • Sweet Dick Willie

      I take it you’re not familiar with the concept of unions.

      • Pasqua

        Jesus Christ, it’s not because of a union that Jerry Meals keeps his job. It’s A play. Singular. Just because it was a shit call to end a game that went against the team we root for does not make it any more egregious than another shit call. If everyone got fired because of one mistake, no one would have a job. It’s not like he admitted to tanking calls, or admitted some deep-seeded bias against a player or team (or race, religion, etc.) — things that would ruin his integrity. He made a mistake (a very, very frustrating mistake).

        Now, if you’d like to build a case against Meals that shows a long line of egregious errors, you’d have more of a point; however, the thing is, it happens with all umps. It’s not a “union” thing, it’s a “reality of the job” thing.

        • Gavin Skeen

          He made an even worse call last year – Pitt vs Atlanta, he called the game-winning run safe at home when he was out by about 8 feet…in the bottom of the 19th inning tied 3-3. Yes, 19th, maybe he just wanted to go home. Worst call I have ever seen, the runner couldn’t even belive it. Two disastrously bad calls to decide games in 2 years is enough to be removed from your position.

      • Marcy

        But Balkin’ Bob did get suspended for a few days earlier this season.

  • Nedro


  • Zack

    The blown call sucks..but so was being 1-9 with RISP tonight. And bases loaded,no outs..and we couldn’t get the ball out of the infield.

  • Karl Krawfid

    Well O’s just lost Markakis.

    Rays should be happy.

  • Chilango

    Zack is right. Bases loaded, no outs and they don’t push two runs across. Lame.

    • DERP

      They couldn’t push two runs across because of the bad call.

    • John

      Well they did push 2 runs across. They got robbed with a chance to take lead with go ahead run on 3rd with arod coming up. Potentially could of been a 2 game swing. Tex did his job. Got run home and was clearly safe.

      • Chilango

        OK. Let’s put it another way, Bases loaded one out. Two balls hit on the ground. Lame. 1/9 WRISP. Lame. Saunders outpitches CC. Lame. Girardi PHs Granderson. Lame. Last six weeks. Lame. etc. Still a lot of baseball left though. That’s the good ..and perhaps bad of it.

        • DERP

          No one denied that we played poorly. You brought up that we couldn’t score two runs. We said we would have if the ump didn’t blow a call. That is all.

  • Karl Krawfid

    Oops forgot Price is hurt

  • John

    They just showed a highlight of last year pirates/braves with him behind plate. Called a guy safe when he was out by 50 feet. Even worse call. Guy even had to go back to touch plate. He should not be aloud to ump important games. Let him go ump Astros games.

  • dc1874

    …should be interesting game tomorrow with him behind home plate..what yank gets in his face first??

    • JohnnyC

      Seriously they ought to rethink that. Perfect time for Meals to take a vacay day.

    • Marcy

      I hadn’t thought about that yet; yes that is an interesting situation though he’ll be VERY careful not to appear partial.

      Maybe Joe Torre will show up to see Jetes.

      Upton’s up for all you Upton lovers — oops, grounded out.

    • Pasqua

      One thing’s for sure: Anything close at the plate should probably go the Yankees way. (A la McClellan in the ’09 series against the Angels. Remember when he called Swisher out for leaving 3B early on a tag-up after the Yanks got a gift call, even though he wasn’t even looking at Swisher when he tagged?)

      • Pat D

        Those calls had zero impact on the final outcome of the game. The Yankees had a big lead at the time which they did not lose.

  • DERP

    AndrewMarchand Postgame Chaos: Girardi got into it with Joel Sherman of the Post, too. They were separated at one point.

    OMG yes

    • Zack

      Good..I’m tired of hacks like him.

    • Cy Pettitte

      seems like a good time to clean house. get rid of Joe.

    • Deep Thoughts

      Sherman was the third reporter to ask Girardi if CC was hurt or if his elbow was the problem. Joe gave him a snippy “no.” Sherman then implied he had to keep asking to get to the truth because Joe lies about injuries. That’s what I expect they yelled about.

      I remember during Joe’s first season as manager he was often evasive and smirky but I thought that meme had been put to bed.

    • bobtaco

      Would you want to get in a physical altercation with an already pissed off Girardi?

  • John R.

    Hope we don’t miss the playoffs by one game because of an awful call like that.

  • Mrpappageorgio

    Thanks for coming out of the dugout Girardi’s, and supporting your player and coach…oh wait.

    He sat in the dugout shaking his head, then turned and walked into the clubhouse… What a loser

    • Chilango

      I expected Joe to be in Meals’ face. He gets ejected for arguing balls and strikes but does nothing in an obvious blown call.

      • Deep Thoughts

        Now you’re just throwing rocks. It’s a judgment call. It can’t be reversed. He’s already been disciplined, fined, and warned about harsher treatment after his previous ejections. There would be no point when the O’s and the umps are already on their way to dinner.

      • WhittakerWalt

        There’s nothing you can do about it once the game’s over. A manager has zero recourse. Umps never overturn the last play of a game, no matter how stupid they look afterwards.

  • Marcy

    Oh, now Magrane says the Yanks always gets the calls so it’s okay that even though this was a bad call that cost a game — too bad. Can’t wait to hear/read Joel Sherman’s column.

  • dc1874
    • Long TIme Yank

      Asshat – how can you blame Girardi? Ump blew it and there is no recouse except expanded use of replay – or better yet – Robot Umps!

  • Marcy

    Check out Sherman’s tweets – check out Joe Sheehan. I’d say this is trending but it still won’t do any good.

  • John R.

    and it looks like karma is getting us back for Wise’s “catch” against the Indians

  • Marcy

    Read the NY Times story


    And we didn’t even win that game last night all because of Jerry Meals. Boston is fielding an AAA lineup and their lame duck manager checked out weeks ago but it still would be nice to have Teix. Hopefully he can be ready for the Tampa series because we’ll need him.

  • Matt :: Sec110

    If Tex is out for the rest of the year, it will be the first time not making the playoffs will cross my mind.

  • Defensive Indifference

    Via various Twitter accounts, apparently umpiring crew declines media request to answer questions before the game. Sherman should ask again just to be sure the answer is really “no.”

  • Anybody but Baltimore

    What’s worst, this shithead ump blew a big call in a Pirates/Braves game. He really shouldn’t be umpiring anymore. Agreed, accountability is needed, plus challenges from coaches…..

  • Pat D

    And ESPN NY is reporting he could be done for the season.

  • Rich in NJ

    I would have understood playing on a completely dry field.