Update: Cano in today’s lineup, x-rays on hand apparently fine

Yankees rout Blue Jays to maintain AL East lead
Game 158: Two to clinch

Saturday: Meredith Marakovits hears that the x-rays came back negative, but the team has not made any kind of official announcement yet. Cano is in today’s lineup, batting cleanup and playing second base, and you won’t find much better confirmation that everything is okay than that.

Friday: Robinson Cano is heading for an x-ray on his left hand after getting hit by a pitch in the sixth inning of tonight’s win. Results will be available tomorrow. Cano did remain in the game after the trainer checked him out, but it’s not a surprise that he’s headed for tests. Gotta make sure everything is okay. Losing Robbie would be the most devastating injury the Yankees could suffer at this point of the season, so let’s hope for the best.

Yankees rout Blue Jays to maintain AL East lead
Game 158: Two to clinch
  • Winter


  • Tabbert

    Dear Baseball Gods,

    You have fucked us over enough with major injuries. Please be nothing.

  • Tabbert

    What kind of xray machines do the blue jays have? No results until tomorrow? um…. Xrays are instant. But OKAY. Hope i don’t wake up to news that cano has a broken hand.

  • Zack

    If he had a broken hand,we would have known right away. No way on earth could you still hold a bat or ball with that much pain.

  • The Troll Monger

    The RISP average would go up…

  • Anthony


  • Tabbert

    He most likely does not have a broken hand… but that doesn’t mean he is out of the woods. There could be multiple things that could have happened. I just don’t understand why these results wont be known until tomorrow. Xrays are instant… you can pretty much rule out or figure out just about anything you need to know within five minutes of getting the xrays back.

    • TomH

      The Jays may not have their own x-ray machine. And if they don’t, and they took Cano to, say, Toronto General, not far from the Rogers Centre, hell, he’s probably in the emergency waiting room, waiting his turn. Around 2:30 a.m., I would guess.

  • Mike

    I think he’ll be fine considering he played the entire game. X-Rays will come back negative and at most he’ll miss a couple of games. Should be back for the Boston series.

  • Tabbert

    So… apparently the blue jays don’t have a xray machine. How can a pro team not have such technology? College teams have Xray and MRI machines at their stadiums. What a joke. Blue Jays should be mandated to update their medical.

    • dc1874

      thats the Canadian health system for ya…hell have to wait 3 months for an appointment!!!

  • Oddball

    Did anyone hear what Suzyn Waldman said about Robinson Cano during last night’s pre-game show? While doing an interview with Kevin Long, she claimed that Cano “has really had a down year.” What the heck is she talking about? Cano’s WAR is currently the 2nd highest of his career. Sheesh.

    • TomH

      She’s right. You’re wrong. Who cares about his “WAR”? Care more about his inability to hit lefties this year and his ridiculous RISPfails. Suzyn is much more knowledgeable about baseball than you seem to be. She watches more games. You spend too much time with poorly-understood statistics.

      Suzyn 1 – Odball 0.
      Hooray for Suzyn.

      • Buhner’s barber

        And why does the Internet troll get to be the scorekeeper?

    • steve

      War is a useless stat that compares a great 2b like Cano to kelly johnson, and etc. a team like the Yankees would never have a player of that caliber on their team. It should be top 10 at position max. Then you would get a better view of who is trully great.

  • dc1874

    …reason number 294,565 to get rid of Waldman!!!!

  • Marcy

    How, WHY is Nunez @ shortstop behind Andy of the escape via the double-play? I know Jeter can’t and shouldn’t play on that turf every game but where’s Nix? I rather not have the bat if it means not having the mistake.
    I really hope Nunez proves me wrong…please.

    • Mike

      You probably posted this before the update of Nix getting an MRI