CC brilliant as Martin walks off with win over A’s

Game 150: Payback
Girardi on Gardner coming off DL: “It’s going to happen"

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Friday night’s game started out really well, then it really sucked, then it was really awesome again. That’s the anatomy of a walk-off win against a fellow contender, the Yankees’ sixth consecutive win and 11th in their last 15 games. The six wins is their second longest winning streak of the season behind the ten-gamer back in June. Let’s recap…

  • Don’t Call It A Comeback: All eyes were on CC Sabathia on Friday, as the Yankees needed their ace to start pitching like, well, an ace. He shook off his recent stretch of poor starts and delivered that much-needed ace-like performance, striking out 11 in eight shutout innings. Sabathia took a no-hitter into the sixth, allowed just three singles, and didn’t put a runner in scoring position until there were two outs in the eighth. His fastball averaged 92.8 mph according to PitchFX, and hitters swung and missed seven times times at his 33 sliders (15 whiffs overall). He looked like the CC of old, which is exactly what the Yankees needed. Just a marvelous performance.
  • One Run: Jarrod Parker nearly matched Sabathia zero for zero, but the Yankees were able to manufacture a run in the fourth. Nick Swisher singled to open the frame and then moved to third with one out on Alex Rodriguez‘s single, eventually coming in to score on Curtis Granderson‘s sacrifice fly. It was a really great at-bat by Granderson, who saw eight pitches before lofting a two-strike changeup to left. That was the only run the Bombers scored in regulation, and it looked like it would hold up until…
  • Blown Save: I can’t really get on Rafael Soriano for blowing a one-run lead, as much as it sucked. He’s been fantastic since taking over for the injured Mariano Rivera, but he hung a slider — actually several, but he got away the others — to pinch-hitter Brandon Moss who clobbered it to right for a no-doubt solo homer to knot things up at one. It was only his fourth blown save overall and first since allowing the three-run dinger to Colby Rasmus a few weeks ago. Just shake it off, they’ll need him again soon enough.
  • Walk-Off: The Yankees have three walk-off wins this season, one on a passed ball and two on Russell Martin leadoff homers. The first came against the Mets during interleague play, the second against the Athletics on Friday. There really wasn’t anything noteworthy about this blast other than the timing — it was a generic 92 mph fastball that caught too much of the plate in an 0-1 count. It wasn’t a Yankee Stadium cheapie either, it landed several rows back in left. Gone as soon as it left the bat, just the way I like it.
  • Leftovers: Evidently the plan against Parker was to jump on his fastball early to avoid his out-pitch changeup as four of the first six and five of the first eight batters he faced swung at the first pitch … Ichiro (2-for-3 with a steal) is so hot these days that he singled directly into Parker’s jersey. Here’s a gif if you haven’t seen it … A-Rod (two singles) was the only other Yankee with multiple hits, though Derek Jeter did extend hit hitting streak to 15 games … for the second time in four games, the Yankees didn’t draw a single walk. In both of the other two games, they drew eight walks … David Robertson vultured the win with a perfect tenth inning. has the box score and video highlights, ESPN the updated standings. The Orioles beat the lowly Red Sox and the Rays pounded the Blue Jays, so they remain one and seven games back in the division race, respectively. The magic number to clinch the division is 12 while the magic number to clinch a playoff berth is just seven. Ivan Nova will make his second start back from the DL on Saturday afternoon against the left-hander Travis Blackley. Check out RAB Tickets for some last-minute tickets to the matinee.

Game 150: Payback
Girardi on Gardner coming off DL: “It’s going to happen"
  • Robinson Tilapia

    Missed the walk-off during an ice cream run. Wade’s looking good on the magic number pic, I must say.

    • Wil Nieves Number 1 Fan

      Didn’t know Cory Wade rode a horse around the old stadium???

  • Laz

    Too bad the Sox didn’t win. That would have made a better day.

    • vicki

      but then there wouldve been no boggs picture.

  • Rocky Road Redemption

    I like this new “doesn’t suck” version of the Yankees. I think we should keep using them.

  • forensic

    That’s not vulturing the win for Robertson. Soriano getting the win after a walk-off in 9 is vulturing the win. Robertson didn’t blow the lead in order to get it.

    I was absolutely shocked that Granderson was even able to make contact against Parker for that sac fly. Very welcome occurrence though.

    I can’t put too much blame on Soriano, though he did throw hanging slider after hanging slider in that inning. But, Martin can’t call for that pitch there. It’s a PHer looking to do one thing, who’s been hot power-wise lately, and instead of staying away with hard stuff you try to sneak that by him. Don’t agree with the pitch calling.

    And I said it in the game thread and I’ll say it again. Thank you Bob Melvin for stupidly leaving in a lefty to face Martin. It’s not like he has a nearly .300 point platoon difference or anything!

    • Deep Thoughts

      You think Martin was calling for hanging sliders over the plate?

      • forensic

        Where did I say the hanging part was on Martin? I said Soriano was doing that part. But, if you’re Martin, you’ve already seen that happen a few times and in that situation against that batter you can’t call for a slower pitch which you almost have to go over the plate or toward the inner part of the plate, which is trouble against that batter.

        • Deep Thoughts

          Not an issue if Soriano does his job and plants the pitch in the dirt. The pitcher missed his spot–don’t overthink this.

          • forensic

            Actually, if you have it on tape, the pitch ended up right where Martin had his glove. There was basically no movement to catch it. If he wanted it in the dirt, he would’ve had his glove down further.

  • TJ

    Ichiro’s single thru the jersey was funny as hell.

  • Evan

    The biggest thing that I took away from this game is that Soriano really needs a day or two off. We’ve been riding him pretty hard over the last few weeks, and he is clearly a bit tired (understandably so). Here’s to hoping tomorrow is a blowout, and the man can rest a bit.

    • matt

      I couldn’t agree more that it’d be huge to get some more rest for the high leverage guys (Sori, Robertson, Boone in particular) – but not sure I agree that his being gassed was his undoing tonight. He’s been more susceptible to the long ball in the second half – I believe 3 of his 4 blown saves were the results of home runs. And frankly, he just made a god awful pitch – whether it was the selection, or a poorly picked location or he just hung it – but as Singleton noted on the broadcast, he was lucky to get back the slide piece he threw on the pitch prior to the bomb – and then he want right back to it and hung the shit out of it. Just a mistake that didn’t get missed.

      • forensic

        I agree. He was off for 2 days, then pitched 2.1 innings (which is a big workload), but then was off yesterday. So, I think tonight was just one of those nights he didn’t have his great stuff combined with questionable pitch calling.

        And either way, it almost seems like it would take a miracle at this point for the offense, starter, and generic middle relievers to combine on a winning blowout. It seems like the only game-long blowouts from now on would be a night the offense does their struggling thing and the starter just doesn’t have it.

  • CP

    I believe the term is Clipp’d the win, not vultured.

    • forensic

      I think vultured is the long-time term for it.

      I believe clipp’d came around here in 2010 when people watched Tyler Clippard in Washington blow 4 saves in the first month or so of the season only to pick up a win right afterwards.

      • vicki

        i call that the eric gagne.

        • Mikhel

          I call that “The Dave Righetti”.

      • Kosmo

        I think the term “vulture“ got started with Phil Regan a reliever who was nicknamed “the Vulture“.

    • CUYanks

      Tyler’s been Clipp’ing some losses this week.

  • Zack

    Great..NOW the Mariners are hitting with RISP.

  • mark

    How about that strike zone all night? I know it was the same for both sides….but it was insane.

  • Bartolo’s Colon

    wow, that was fun. that was the first game i went to in a while and it was awesome. everything, the game, the weather, perfect. i also brought my dad for his first baseball game, so it was a good one to see, he can careless about sports however. although the yanks have been playing well lately, i was quite pessimistic, jarrod parker just seems like a bad matchup for us. when soriano gave up the homer, I had little faith, glad to see russ proved me wrong

  • Anthony

    Great, great effort by CC. On an extra days rest, I’m surprised that Joe didn’t leave him in for the complete game. The game may have ended differently, but a win is a win.

    On a slightly unrelated note: If the Mariners win tonight against the Rangers I just might lose it.

    • forensic

      Eh, he was already at 113 pitches and had loaded the bases the inning before, including several hard-hit balls and starting to lose control. Not to mention, prior to tonight, he’s had a penchant for blowing leads lately. I have no problem going to Soriano there.

      • Anthony

        Naw, the hardest hit ball was a little bloop single to right. Cowgill reached on an infield single. The only blemish really was the HBP on Gomes. And CC got out of it all. Add in the fact that Sori has had so little rest and you can make a compelling arugment for keeping CC in.

        The point is moot, though. Yanks win!

        • forensic

          To each their own, but I disagree.

          In the 7th, he went 3-0 on the first batter before coming back to K him. Also went 3 balls on each of the next two batters, including walking one. Then got out of the inning on a ripped liner grabbed by a diving Nunez.

          In the 8th, he went 2-0 before getting a hard grounder toward the middle where Cano was shifted. Then, a hard low-liner was a single to right, another liner was grabbed by Granderson. Then the infield single and the HBP. The final out was a flyball (maybe fliner) to left.

      • Laz

        ye, 113 pitches is pushing it to get him go another inning.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        Agreed. He more than did his job there.

  • Kramerica Industries

    Can never go wrong with Boggs on the horse.

    But let’s knock that down a couple pegs tomorrow, please.

  • DERP

    Which Sox player gets hit tomorrow as payback for Andino getting hit in the head? It would be funny if the first pitch Dylan Bundy throws as a major leaguer is a retaliation pitch.

    • forensic

      If that is his first pitch, he’ll probably then have a few days to savor it before his second pitch.

      Wasn’t paying attention to that game. Was it a fastball with possible intent, or just a random thing?

  • matt

    Beyond the fact that every game’s huge right now, CC is story lines 1,2,3,4,5. We’ll see whether it carries it over, but just the thought of having that kind of CC moving forward makes me an awfully happy man.

    Def does give a tiny bit of credence to his possibly not being 100% physically – usually dude hates an extra day, and tough to know if it’s the extra day that made the difference. But really a nice jump in fastball velocity. 92.8 for the game, which doesn’t seem so hugely different from his 92.4 average on the season, but after the first inning, it jumped to 93.25, and I’ve haven’t seen so many 95s from CC, and even a 96 in quite a while.

    Really eager to see if Nova can translate his success last time out tomorrow. You ask me, Phil Hughes has been better than Nova all year and he’s earned the right to be the fourth starter in the PS (not assuming anything). But I do wonder if Ivan, who has three starts, looks totally lock down down the stretch, if you don’t at least have to stop and think about Hughes having such a good history of pen work. That pen is gassed. Phelps will help, but Hughes could be transformative out there. That said, if Hughes is clearly the better starter when the time comes, he needs to start, and as the #4, ought to be available some in relief anyway. Just can’t see trusting Nova to transition out to the pen, at least not in high leverage one inning spots.

    Finally, while the season line still isn’t pretty, and it’s easy to say tonight – and I’m not calling him a stud – but one could do a lot worse than Russell Martin. The ability to take the ball out of the park is a pretty nice thing to have in a catcher.

    Terrific win, god, the Orioles have to lose eventually, no?

    • forensic

      If Nova continues what he started last time (and there was some serious evidence to changes in his delivery that could mean it’s real) and/or is similar to last year, I absolutely have to start him in the postseason over Hughes. It’s not necessarily right, but I just can’t trust Hughes and his potential longball implosions in the postseason if there are signs of Nova righting the ship.

      • Laz

        Yea, It’s not who deserves it so much as who is hot. Hughes has done enough to earn a spot in the rotation next year, but if he has another few bad outtings before the end of the season it will be tough justifying him starting. The only guy I wouldn’t follow this with is Pettitte. He has proven time and time again he is rock solid in the postseason.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        Whoever winds up getting that slot is your #4 starter in the playoffs. I think its a legit question to ask whether that guy, or the guy acting as your Mendoza-type out of the pen, is actually most valuable in a series like that.

  • Deep Thoughts

    No untuck tonight, but for Robertson and Martin…Unfuck.

    • Big Members Only (formerly RI$P FTW)

      Edgy stuff. Jon Stewart fan?

  • CUYanks

    A win for the Yankees against the A’s. A win for the Orioles against the Red Sox. I see this as a net win for the Yankees.

  • stuart a

    113 pitches was plenty for CC.

    soriano loves his slider…

    interesting that cano nevers gets the big hit. muscle martin with 2 of the 3 walkoffs, the high priced talent in the middle of the order zippo this year……….

    • Need Pitching & Hitting

      ike davis needs a parade………

      • Get Phelps Up

        he had 2 rbis today…….as many as all the overpaid chokers combined……..


        • jesse

          he might be able to teach cano something…………

          overrated bum……… needs more rbi…………

  • Kramerica Industries

    Sorry if it sounds like I’ve complained too much about my fantasy situation tonight. I’ll try and make this the last post, because this is the last night where my annoyance is pertinent to the matchup.

    My opponent has started the following pitchers this week: Travis Wood, Chris Tillman, Madison Bumgarner, Yovani Gallardo, Ian Kennedy, Matt Cain, Johnny Cueto, Jaime Garcia, Jeremy Guthrie, Jarrod Parker, Wade Miley, Ervin Santana, and (if it counts) Ryan Vogelsong. He has one closer, Joel Hanrahan.

    12 start limit, not sure if it goes into effect if exceeded on a given night. Vogelsong is #13.

    His overall line this week, without Vogelsong:

    80.1 IP, 61 H, 18 ER, 25 BB, 73 K, 2.02 ERA, 1.07 WHIP, 9-1, 1 SV – 237 points overall

    With Vogelsong:

    86.1 IP, 66 H, 19 ER, 26 BB, 77 K, 1.98 ERA, 1.07 WHIP, 10-1, 1 SV – 256 points

    Excuse the all caps, but umm…

    HOW THE FUCK DO I BEAT THAT? I swear, if I beat this bastard despite that ungodly luck of his (Wood, Tillman, Guthrie, Parker, Miley, and Santana were all waiver wire pickups), that would be a much more impressive feat than my league championship. This would be overcoming someone who made a deal with the frigging devil.

    I’m sorry, but any of you would be pissed off if your opponent were doing this, at this point of the season. Like Joe Maddon, I’m convinced he could turn my feces into gourmet steaks, with this kind of luck.

    • Kramerica Industries

      Miley wasn’t a waiver wire guy, that’s my mistake.

      I’ve started the following guys this week: Max Scherzer, AJ Griffin, AJ Burnett, Paul Maholm, Homer Bailey, Brett Anderson, Chris Archer, Cole Hamels, and Felix Hernandez.

      I haven’t kept a line, but both Scherzer and Anderson left their starts early due to injury, Griffin got drilled, and Burnett provided menial value. Only Bailey and Archer have a W’s out of that group.

  • Matt DiBari

    I never liked the term “vulture” for someone who pitches effectively before his team scores.

    I’d consider Soriano “vulturing” a win if the Yankees walked off in the ninth more that Robertson pitching a clean inning and the Yankees winning.

  • Betty Lizard

    Russell Martin. Walkoff HR. Interview. Dimples. Swoon.
    Threw his helmet “to see if Al would go after it”; he did.

    And the shirt-single by Ichiro was hilarious.

    • RetroRob

      I was wondering why he threw his helmet like that.

      Is there something behind Alex always wanted to get the batting helmet after its tossed. Is it a supersticion? Is it like the unmarried girls trying to catch the bouquet at a wedding, hoping he’ll be next in like to hit a walk off?

      • forensic

        Yup, that’s exactly the reason. That’s why he and Melky used to fight over them.

  • Get Phelps Up

    The last time I saw a Yankee walkoff homer live was the one by Tex in Game 2 of the 2009 ALDS. All the ones since then I’ve missed :(

    • forensic

      I’ve never been to a playoff game.

      I’ve never been to a Yankees walk-off win.

      You’re up 2 on me. :-(

      • RetroRob

        Your west coast, right? No way for a Yankee walk off unless you come back east!

        • forensic

          I am now, and have been for 8 years. But I was back east all before that and went to plenty of games with no walk-offs. Many great games, but just not any walk-offs. Though we’ve failed for a few years (were still able to go in the old stadium, but haven’t been to the new one yet), we still would like to come back for a game or two each year. Instead we end up going to games out here, unfortunately with many of them losses (mostly in Anaheim).

          • forensic

            And as for playoffs, in 2010 we splurged for World Series tickets and were all set to go. Unfortunately, we all know what happened in the ALCS.

            • RetroRob

              What’s the crowd like an Anaheim? There always seems to be a lot of Yankee fans in the crowd, which must annoy the locals. Angel fans annoy me more than any other team just based on their online behavior and blogs.

              • forensic

                Eh, nothing too noteworthy. They’ll pick out some random dumbass current joke/story and beat that horse to a pulp. But, if they’re losing, it’s complete silence until the fake rally symbols which fade away if nothing happens. The stadium isn’t so bad though. We would go there for a weekend series every year, but haven’t been since 2010.

                Last year we went to Seattle. They liked ripping on my A-Rod jersey, while still giving me props for having the guts to wear it, for two games. Very nice ballpark but a little tough to get to and away from because of so many people and so few cabs just roaming random areas of the streets.

                No games this year, though I guess the baby is worth it. ;-)

                Next year we’re early planning on taking the trip to Petco and/or maybe Chavez Ravine (even LA/SD are long trips, so who knows), so if anyone has any suggestions on that it’d be much appreciated.

                • Get Phelps Up

                  I’m not sure where on the West coast you live, but I personally really like both Petco Park and Dodger stadium and I’m pretty sure I’ll be going to all 5 of the games there next year. There’s also the series in Colorado in mid-May.

                  And just for clarifications sake, I wasn’t at Game 2 in 2009. I meant that I haven’t watched a walkoff HR happen since then period.

                  • forensic

                    I’m in Vegas, so it’s out west in terms of time, but not necessarily easily on the coast. Even the LA/SD trips are 4+ hours each way.

                • Juan

                  Petco Park for sure. It’s right near the gaslamp quarter with several hotels w/in walking distance of the park. I saw the WBC in 2009 and enjoyed the neighborhood. I’ve never been to Chavez Ravine, but I decided against a road game out there because it seems to be in the middle of “nowhere”.

    • VT Yankee Fan

      I’ve been to only 5 games at the stadium and 2 of them were walk offs. 1 from Bernie and one from Arod.

  • Jose M. Vazquez

    Playoff athmosphere is in the air. CC looked like he should. He left no doubt that he is well. Martin has finally showed up after being absent for the past one and three quarter seasons. The team played good defense what more could you ask for? I still have some questions though. For example, is the pitching we are seeing that good or have our hiters gone into hibernation. I mean, Cano is looking lost out there. The rest of the cast, save Ichiro has also become invisible.

  • Robert

    Yanks pretty much secured a playoff spots,but this lineup will be one and done in the playoffs.
    Yanks still have no rookie at bats this year,Joe not gonna play Melky Mesa till the last game of year,by then after sitting a month Girardi has guarenteed the kid will go 0-3 with 2 strike outs.
    Wake up Yankees you are trying two fight off the Birds and the A’s who are considerably younger than us.
    I cant believe Kids I saw in Trenton playing for the Oriole AA team this year are now in the bigs contributing while our farm system is been put to sleep till spring…..

    • Pat D

      What does this have to do with anything?

      • Robinson Tilapia

        Rookies win ballgames. Ask the Houston Astros.

  • Pat D

    Now that’s what I call………a comeback.

    And if for some reason anyone doesn’t know where the term “vultured the win” came from:

  • Big Members Only (formerly RI$P FTW)

    Amazing job by CC. Wow. I hope he’s back for good.

  • this space for rent

    Great game. Two starting pitchers absolutely dealing.

    With that young pitching, the A’s should be set for years to come.

    • Mike HC

      I think you mean, “With that young pitching, the A’s should be set to trade them for even younger pitching in the near future.”

  • Joe

    I love low scoring games like this.

  • Mike HC

    Definitely one of my favorite games to watch of the year. Maybe number one so far.

  • Rev Max

    Not a peep from Joel Sherman at the Post today. Guess CCs not hurt. Yeah baby