Update: Curtis Granderson day-to-day with “mild tendinitis” in hamstring


4:22pm: Granderson has been “mild diagnosis” with tendinitis and there is no further damage. No strain, no tear, nothing like that. Joe Girardi said Granderson could play as soon as tomorrow, but I’m guessing he’ll get a day or two off. Especially with three games on the turf coming up, he might just DH instead. Glad it’s nothing more serious.

2:23pm: The Yankees announced that Granderson left the game with a tight right hamstring. He’ll head for an MRI later today. Either way, they can’t afford to lose another bat to injury.

1:50pm: Curtis Granderson left this afternoon’s game for an unknown reason after two innings. Replays showed him grimacing just a bit during his at-bat before talking with Joe Girardi and trainer Steve Donohue between innings. No idea what’s up, so stay tuned.

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  1. Kempire Strikes Back says:

    Fuck me sideways.

  2. Bunt Gardner says:

    Did it appear to be arm, leg, or something else?

  3. Cano fan #1 says:

    OH GOD

  4. paul a says:

    Great, this is all we need.This team is getting really hard to watch. They seem so lackadsical, like they’re waiting for something to happen instead of making something happen. Maybe Joe G should stop yelling at hecklers and start yelling at some of his players. This team needs a serious wake up call NOW!

  5. Widget says:

    Not like they can’t replace his 0-4 with 3 strikeouts performances.

  6. Frank says:

    I bet it’s an oblique which translates to the DL

  7. Steve says:

    Tight right hamstring!

  8. Nice Scheister says:

    F*ck me in the goat ass.

  9. Edmond says:

    Call this a crazy idea, but I finally figured out why the team is losing! They are all rebelling against management! It all started with the Suzuki deal, but it seems that there is some internal fighting going on we aren’t privy to! Could this injuries be part of that scheme? I haven’t heard of so many players having hamstring injuries and going in a slump at the same time!

  10. Jimmy McNulty says:

    Fuck me with a stick. Team’s fucking boned.

  11. Dan Gold says:

    Cut out the gay references

  12. BigBlueAL says:

    Tendinitis in a hamstring??

  13. Mike E says:

    Girardi said that a timetable depends on how Granderson feels. He said it’s possible he plays tomorrow.

  14. River Ave Bipolar Disorder says:

    This is like a game thread, only shorter.

  15. So our line up during possibly the biggest stretch of the season is going to be:
    Jeter SS
    Swisher RF
    Cano 2nd
    Jones DH
    Chavez 3B
    Pearce 1B
    Ibanez LF
    Martin C
    Suzuki CF

    • Get Phelps Up says:

      Ibanez DH and Dickerson LF. That’s probably only for tomorrow though. hopefully Grandy can at least DH against the Rays.

  16. Marcy says:

    I never heard of hamstring tendonitis but @
    they say it’s more like “over-use” of the hamstring which I guess makes sense since he almost never has a day off.

  17. Marcy says:

    On a separate note – does anyone else feel like we’re being force-fed Nunez? I hope this is a “show-me” thing and they trade him for a good shortstop but it doesn’t look that way.
    Soon we’ll be playing how many errors can a SS have in a game now that the pies are gone and the untuck (pls G-d) will be gone-

    Sorry, sorry – I’m just going to be happy and root for the U.

    • River Ave Bipolar Disorder says:

      I don’t. He’s a September call-up playing his 21st game in the bigs–how is that “being force-fed?”

      By the way, after those 21 games he’s 4th on the team in SBs. If Andruw Jones doesn’t pow-wow soon with his moms or granny or whatever hitting coach he uses, I’d rather see Nunez DH against lefties.

    • FIPster Doofus says:

      I was actually happy to see Nunez back today. He’s a decent hitter relative to a lot of schlubs currently in the lineup.

  18. sevrox says:

    Dickerson becomes an important part. Rather see him out there than Jones at this point.

    • Rich in NJ says:

      Or even Nunez over Jones. The kid can hit LH pitching.

    • Ted Nelson says:

      I would bet on Jones turning it around at some point. If not this season, next. You’re still dealing with like two months worth of PAs for his season to date.

      • Kosmo says:

        right Ted ! like who gives a shit about next season. 4 weeks left in this season and he still can´t hit LHP, which is why NY resigned him. He should have been dfa´d weeks ago.

      • FIPster Doofus says:

        Jones won’t even be on the Yankees next season, so it won’t do them any good if he turns it around then.

  19. Bubba says:

    I love Nunez, no one diss him! He is what the yanks need. Put him in RF

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