Fan Confidence Poll: September 10th, 2012

Yankees rout Orioles in big series finale win
Good signs abound in blowout win over Orioles

Record Last Week: 3-4 (42 RS, 36 RA)
Season Record: 79-61 (679 RS, 586 RA, 80-60 pythag. record), 1.0 game up in AL East
Opponents This Week: Mon. OFF, @ Red Sox (three games, Tues. to Thurs.), vs. Rays (three games, Fri. to Sun.)

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Please take a second to answer the poll below and give us an idea of how confident you are in the team. You can view the interactive Fan Confidence Graph anytime via the nav bar above, or by clicking here. Thanks in advance for voting.

Given the team's current roster construction, farm system, management, etc., how confident are you in the Yankees' overall future?
Yankees rout Orioles in big series finale win
Good signs abound in blowout win over Orioles
  • blake

    If Alex is going to hit then that makes me a lot more comfortable with the offense…..that homer off Strope was a classic Arod backspin special that just carried and carried and I have a hard time seeing him being abke to spin the ball like that if the wrist was still an issue… thats good. Hopefully Tex gets good news today.

    And if Joba and Wade are somewhat back then that helps a lot as well…..the biggest concerns for me now is really Sabathia and Pettite. If CC cant find him form then its gonna make it tough…..hopefully he does.

  • hiro

    The yankees are only one game up the AL East..

  • Alkaline

    I have a feeling the Yanks are going to have a good week. I think they’re getting their swag back, as the kids say these days.

  • Better off Eddard

    We’re at an 8 pending Texiera’s MRI. If Teixera is done for the year we ain’t going to the WS. The division should be more clear after this week. We get the dead fish Sox and the Os/Rays play each other.

    Reasons for optimism-

    Joba’s back
    The offense is back
    A-Rod and Jeter are playing like it’s 1999
    Andy’s road to recovery is going smoothly

    Reasons for pessimism-

    David Robertson not using his curveball
    Andruw Jones
    Joe Girardi

    • CS Yankee

      8 as well, seem that most are going down to a 7 in the poll though.

      Agree with what you said, less maybe on Girardi. He uses a combo of saber & guts, which I like. I just wish he would have a better gut feel.

      Jeet & Arod look good, feel Swish will rebound, and they really need a healthy Teix. I feel CC will get it dialed in but they also really need a healthy Pettitte back as well.

  • steve s

    I saw a lot of good in the Yanks performance in Balt this weekend (especially Joba’s performance yesterday when the game was still not put away). Accordingly I am ready to move off my pessimism of the last few weeks and go with a 7 and I look forward to being at least 3 games ahead in the division by the end of the Tampa series this week in order to remain on the optimistic train.

  • TomH

    I’m sitting still at 4. The absence of Teixeira, the question mark attaching to Pettitte, the evaporation of Andruw, bullpen issues, Garcia-Nova issues, etc., all lead me to be pessimistic about how the season will conclude. If the poll were a season-only poll, I guess I would be at about 5, but the long-term issues are more unsettling: age, Seligism’s leveling tendencies, alleged austerities, etc. bring me to 4.

  • Betty Lizard

    At a 7 again. Not a bad number, but not my usual optimism regarding the current construction of the team. Too many questions about Teixeira, Robertson. Pettite’s return and the effectiveness of Sabathia, and too little cushion in the division race.

  • Pat D

    Went up to 6. Can’t quite give a 7 due to concerns about Teix, CC, Nova/Garcia, Phelps.


    My confidence isn’t super high because of pitching… CC hasen’t been stellar this yr, and Hughes and Kuroda are a combined 27-22, and there pretty much are horses outside of a down yr CC, and Andy is gonna be coming back as a unknown, all though i expect he’ll at least pitch solidly.. I would never trust guys like Epply, Logan, Rapada, Phelps, Garcia, Joba(yesterday wasen’t enough for me yet) to pitch against really good hitters in the postseason..

    Sure those bullpen guys can pitch good but none of em are dominant or give me reason to believe there gonna certainly get the job done…

    So another words, i don’t trust the pitching staff at all..

    • Kosmo

      I would agree on the pitching although Wade looked great yesterday as did Joba. Outside of Kuroda I´m a little concerned. I think NYs offense will carry the team into the playoffs.

  • Kosmo

    I´m confident NY goes something like 14-8 the rest of the way and wins the division by 2 games. The postseason as everyone seems to suggest is a crapshoot.

    I was on board to resign Swisher but now i don´t see the point. NY should pursue Pagan and Melky to short term contracts. Pagan a 3 year 25 million deal and Melky a 1 yr. Move Granderson to LF with Pagan in CF and Melky in RF. Use Gardner as a 4th OF.

    I hope Adams has a successful AFL and NY considers moving Arod to DH fulltime next season and giving the 3b job to Adams.

    Yanks have a very solid FS and IMO their top 20 prospects rival the the top 20 other farm systems have to offer.

    Trying to take into account everything I still remain at a 7.

    • CountryClub

      I’m not sure 93 will be enough to win the diviison…let alone by 2 games. But I hope you’re right. I think they’re going to need to go 16-6.

      • Kosmo

        I hope I did the math right. If NY goes 14-8 Baltimore would have to go 16-6 to win the division and Tampa 17-5, I just don´t see either team playing at that level. Baltimore lost Markakis for the year.

        • CountryClub

          tie breakers are hazy because of the new WC format. But as of right now, I believe if Balt finishes tied with NY, they win the division. They split the season series, but O’s have a better record (by 3 games in loss) vs the AL East and apparently that’s the next tie breaker. That could change over the next 22 games, but Yanks will really need to take care of business vs Tor and Bos.

          BTW, Rays have a better record vs East by 4 in the loss.

          • CountryClub

            Previously, if 2 teams tied for the division lead (and also had good enough records to be the WC) they would use tie breakers to determine the div winner. But that wasnt a big deal because there was no real negative to being the WC.

            Now that the WC has to play in the play in game, are they still going to use tie breakers to determine the div winner? Or would they make those 2 teams play a game to determine who wins the division and who is the WC?

            I dont expect anyone to actually know the answer, but it’s a legit question.

            • Hardy

              If two teams are tied atop a division, there will be a single game play off between the teams. The head-to-head tiebreaker has been totally eliminated.

  • Deep Thoughts

    So interesting. This poll reveals so much more about the fans than the team.

    • Kosmo

      a very deep revealing thought !

    • DC

      Which is what you would expect from a “fan confidence” poll.

  • Andy Pettitte’s Fibula (formerly Manny’s BanWagon)


    I hate to be a pessimistic but I see this as an aging team whose highest paid players are still owed huge money on long term deals and are slipping significantly (Arod, CC, Teix) and whose younger players are likely not going to be worth the cost of retaining them in the next year or so (Swisher and Granderson) now with payroll limitations and a farm system not ready to stock the the major league roster. I can easily see this team being a fringe playoff contender for the next 2-3 years.

    • Austin Aunelowitzky (formerly Paul VuvuZuvella)

      all of this

  • Matt :: Sec110

    7 – CC’s terribleness and Tex’s injury lower the bar a bit.

    I’m not sure what kind of team they are without those 2 guys being at their best.

  • Austin Aunelowitzky (formerly Paul VuvuZuvella)

    6…and it pained me doing it.

  • BK2ATL

    Sticking with an 8.

    Stayed off the blog while the team was slumping since I knew what was the come. Glad to see them turning it around. I’m pretty hopeful that it can be sustained.

    Man, this injury bug this year won’t let up.

    Either way, I’m calling it again. World Series championship #28 this season.

    • CS Yankee

      Lord gives us Pettitte, Teix, Mo (while were asking)and healthy RISP numbers and they are a lock for #28.

      As it stands now…outside chance at #28.

      • BK2ATL

        We’ve got the WS horses. Just a matter of whether they return to health and effectiveness.

        Mariano is not coming back this year. We can only hope that CC rights the ship, A-Rod turns it on, Pettitte comes back to form like he was before he got hurt, Joba rights ths ship, Aardsma or Feliciano can give us something, Tex takes a couple of weeks off and comes back reasonably healthy, and Grandy turns it back on.

        Kinda happy to see Girardi finally busting blood vessels. THIS is what Posada used to bring to the club, some fire. We need more of that. Time for coasting is over.

        I still think that we will be the favorites to win it all, once 162 is over.

  • TLVP

    We are still in first, people are on their way back. We still have more revenues than any other team in baseball and 2014 is only one year.

    Is this a “Murderer’s row + Cano” lineup. No. Is it a 1998 type rotation? No. Are they as well placed as anyone in baseball – probably.

    If the Yankees are a 7, were would you rank every other team in baseball? What would a 10 look like? Yankees 1998?

    • CS Yankee

      A 10 would look like the ’98 Yankees with the 2008 Rays farm, along with canning John & Susyn for Vin and Anderson.

  • vin

    Still an 8. The playoffs are such a crapshoot, that even without their ‘A’ roster, they have as good a chance as anyone else. How do I know? Because there have been enough times I’ve seen them go into the playoffs as a can’t-miss, only to get knocked out before the WS.

    That’s my logic, and I’m sticking to it.

  • MannyGeee

    maybe its rose colored glasses, but I go not take a TON of stock in the recent sluggish play much like I didnt put the champagne on ice when this team was sodomizing the NL East and KC/LAA/BOS back in June…

    that said, yesterday’s win proved what we already know… this team feasts on pitchers who are on the rope. fantastic for the next 3 series, a little worrysome going into October.

    Verdict: Still an 8. This too shall pass and this team will be there in October… Where “there” is, I dont think we know yet. But they have meaningful games left, so its hard not to be (even slightly) optimistic

  • Nice Scheister

    At one point this team looked like they were going to eclipse the 100 win mark and do it with all parts contributing then the all-star break. Now CC, Swish, Grandy, Nova, Robertson and Teix all leave me scratching my head, wondering what level of contribution they’ll deliver, if any. I’m at a 7, which is prob higher than I should be but since I’m doing my best PMA impression, a seven I shall stay.

  • LarryM., Fl.

    I’m at 8 from 7. Its not about the win yesterday as much as the team has adapted to the injuries past and present. The hitting of Martin lately, Granderson’s wake-up yesterday, Jeter continues to start scoring innings with every imaginable way to get on base. We may have seen the last of Freddie. Nova is healthy and hopefully worked on location. Girardi has shown moves in the last few games that show urgency in locking down wins while this team is struggling. Such as Ibanez PHing for Jones and likewise. Even with Jones’ poor hittting of late sooner or later he’ll start running into them. Maybe the green monster will bring some life to his bat.

    Joba has pitched better of late. Logan doing his job for the most part. Robertson and Soriano are consistent. The starting rotation is the teaser if they have shown any ability I say it was the ability to give the offense a shot. No one is lock down good but they all seem to have the ability to keep us breathing for the later innings.

    Girardi has blown up twice with the media showing some signs of the pressure but he’ll be OK. The players have been taking the losing streak in stride and playing one game at a time.

    The FO has seen during the crunch time from Cano, Swisher and Graderson level of play to make informed decisions on future.

    Arod is showing life. Swisher has been making better contact if not getting any hits. Ichiro has hit much better. If there are 2 guys who I believe that should be used a bit more. Its Nunez and Dickerson. I rather have Dickerson starting in place of Ibanez because of his D. I’m sure Dickerson can hit .250. Ibanez for late inning PH. Nunez to give Jeter a break at SS in 13-3 games and when situations apply.