Fan Confidence Poll: September 24th, 2012


Record Last Week: 5-1 (32 RS, 25 RA)
Season Record: 88-64 (736 RS, 632 RA, 87-65 pythag. record), 1.0 game up in AL East
Opponents This Week: @ Twins (three games, Mon. to Weds.), @ Blue Jays (four games, Thurs. to Sun.)

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Please take a second to answer the poll below and give us an idea of how confident you are in the team. You can view the interactive Fan Confidence Graph anytime via the nav bar above, or by clicking here. Thanks in advance for voting.

Given the team's current roster construction, farm system, management, etc., how confident are you in the Yankees' overall future?
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  • Better off Eddard

    We’re at a 10 and I just don’t know how you can be any lower than that after the week that this team has had. Ichiro has proven that he is still a top of the lineup producer. CC is back. His velocity is back. Andy is back. Teixera will be back this week. The schedule can’t get any easier the rest of the way. This team will win the division and still has a shot at best record.

    • Jim Is Bored

      Instead of seeing a graph of the collective confidence, I would love to see a graph of Eddard’s confidence.

      • jjyank

        Yeah, I like rollercoasters too!

  • Drew

    If Mark “I’m 85% but can’t play even though Jeter has been playing on one leg for 2 months now” Teixieira can ever get on the field I might move up from a 6 to a 7.

    • gc

      And what did Derek Jeter do last year when he had a calf injury? Here’s a hint: he didn’t play through it.

      • Drew

        I wasn’t comparing Tex’s calf injury to Jeter’s.. Do you know the severity between the two because I sure don’t. I am not a doctor, I just play one on TV. I am just saying that in such a tight pennant race a player should be leaving it all out on the field not waiting till he is completely 100%, the Yankees cannot afford to keep playing Raul and Andruw all the time. Teix at 85-90% is better than Jones and Ibanez at 120%.

        • Jim Is Bored

          “I am not a doctor”
          –no one doubts this

          “Teix at 85-90% is better than Jones and Ibanez at 120%.”
          –no one doubts this, either.

          So…how are you making the leap of logic that Tex is actually at 85-90% of playing condition?

          • King of Fruitless Hypotheticals

            Aren’t the Yankees like 14 for their last 16? Didn’t Tex play in the first loss? So…with Tex out there ruining himself for the playoffs, we could be…one game in almost three weeks better?

            go google ‘marginal utility’

            • Jim Is Bored

              Did you mean to reply to me?

              I agree with you.

        • gc

          Ever had a serious calf injury before? Everything you do, from base running, accelerating from a run to a sprint, to using your legs to generate power on a swing, to making quick bursts on your feet when playing defense, takes a toll. He already came back too soon one time and made things worse. Some injuries require more time. Calf injuries can be like that. What bothers me is the implication you seem to be making that he doesn’t care, or that he’s a wimp or something. That’s totally unfair for any fan to do that.

    • Better off Eddard

      How do you know the severity of the two injuries? If Teixera comes back and reinjures again, that’s it he’s out for the year. I’d rather him wait another 7-10 days to attempt if he can be with us through the postseason. We can make the playoffs without Teixera but we can’t win the WS without Teixera.

      • Drew

        In such a tight pennant race, where winning the division really matters it just irks me that one player is clearly playing through an injury and limping around the field while another player is only at 85% and says he can’t go. The two injuries are completely different, I understand but saying that he can’t go bc he’s not 100% is just weak to me.

        • jjyank

          This is terrible logic. So you understand that the injuries are different? Do you really? Because if you did, I would imagine that you would also understand that one injury may be more prone to re-aggravating it than the other. And if said injury is re-aggravated, then the player may be done for the rest of the season, including the playoffs.

          But you don’t seem to be grasping that.

          • Kosmo

            Logic ? “I don´t want any of your stinking logic“ if i may paraphrase for a moment ?

        • Alibaba

          He already tried coming back early. We all saw how that played out.

        • Robinson Tilapia

          By that logic, why isn’t Mickey Mantle in the starting lineup?

    • jjyank

      It’s funny that you compare him to Jeter. Becuase the last time Jeter had this injury, he went on the DL. Try using facts next time.

      • Jim Is Bored

        It’s the internet. We don’t believe in facts.

        • Drew

          This is the internet, where everyone is a douche because they express opinions different than yours.

          • Jim Is Bored

            Yeah, go ahead and insult Tex’s physical makeup, and try not to get called out for it.

            On a Yankee fan website.

          • Robinson Tilapia

            This is the internet, where you can look up a picture of someone’s leg and notice that the ankle and calf are two different places, jackass.

      • Drew

        I am in no way trying to make any sort of medical claims or facts, I am purely venting my frustrations that Teixeira isn’t on the field. That’s what this website is for correct? To express opinions and frustrations.

        Try not being such a douche next time.

        • jjyank

          You can be frustrated that he got injured. But calling him out for not playing through it is stupid.

        • Jim Is Bored

          You just tried to make a medical claim.

          You said he’s at 85%. 85% of what? Playing condition? Normal physical health? Where did 85% come from? And you directly compared him to Jeter, despite not making any medical claims or facts.

          If you had said “It’s freaking annoying not having Tex in the lineup”, you know what responses you would have gotten? “Yes, it is!” “I know!” “He needs to get back!”

      • handtius

        facts are like assholes, everybody’s got one…wait that’s opinions. facts are for pussies.

        • JMK

          Preach it, brother! Facts are for pussies. Shout it!

  • steve s

    Great week but Yanks are hardly out of the woods yet. Schedule advantage is really to Balt this week being home while Yanks play on the road (Twins, as Tigers experienced twice yesterday, are hardly a pushover and Blue Jays, with Escobar this time, will not roll-over so easily). I am out of nails to bite after the A’s games but by this time next week hopefully Yanks are still up by at least 1 game in the loss column and hopefully the Rays will still have something to play for going into the last 3 with Balt.

    • Jim Is Bored

      Why will the Blue Jays not roll over so easily? Magic? Also, guess who plays them right now? Oh, that’s right, the Orioles…

      • steve s

        No magic involved. The Yanks lost 2 of 3 at home against Tor in late Aug (with Escobar destroying Yank pitching in the last game) and then, and (I guess you missed this part) without Escobar, swept the Blue Jays at home but it wasn’t easy or pretty. On the other hand Jays are 0 and 5 this year at Camden.

        • Jim Is Bored

          That’s…6 games. 5 in Baltimore’s case.

          At different times of the year. With different rosters. You’re drawing conclusions from that data?

          • steve s

            I think it’s a safe conclusion to say Tor has played the Yanks tough in the last month and hasn’t been able to beat Balt in Camden this year. Vegas would love to take your bets that the Yanks will fare equal or better in their 4 games with Tor this week than Balt will. Saying the schedule edge is to Balt this week is not a real stretch.

            • Jim Is Bored

              Yes, yes it is.

              There, I used just as much data as you did.

  • Jose M. Vazquez

    I expect to win the Division. I don’t like the idea of the best record though. We would have to go to Oakland or Baltimore for the first two games and that is not good. We will win the Division because the schedule is in our favor but we should not take anything for granted. I am still a 7 because our hitters can’t hit in the clutch, and Kuroda has not looked like a #2 lately. We still have CC, Pettitte and Hughes and that should be enough to take us the rest of te way.If Cano and Arod can hit better and Teix can come back I’d scale up to an 8 or a 9. We still have not come back after trailing from the eighth inning on. Only two walk offs the whole year.

    • gc

      Win games. If they can do that and it means they wind up with the best record in the league, so be it.

  • Christopher

    That one solo no confidence vote? Who is that guy and why does he seek out this site to cast that single woeful ballot? He needs a hug.

  • Dave B

    I’ve been at 8 since spring training and don’t see a reason to move up or down. It all comes down to pitching and whether the pen can continue running on fumes. I’m nervous every time Girardi comes out of the dugout.

  • Kosmo

    if NY goes 7-3 in the final 10 they will win the division. Baltimore would have to go 8-2 to tie or 9-1 to win the division. Of course I´ve been wrong many times before in this most unpredictable of seasons.

  • gc

    Maybe I’m alone on this, but I actually ENJOY this pennant race. I mean, I won’t lie, I loved having the ten game lead, and I certainly wouldn’t have complained if they built on that and won the division going away, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the tense nature of these games. People keep harping on all their failures, and I get that, but they seem to overlook how freaking amazing it has been to see them continue to fight and hold off a team breathing down their necks. I have no idea what will happen these last ten days. Hopefully, they’ll keep winning games and make it easier on themselves. Then again, nobody ever promised it was supposed to be easy.

    • Kosmo

      I agree this is fun. A cakewalk is a different kind of fun.

    • handtius

      I’m enjoying it. It’s more fun when there’s risk involved. 10 game leads have no risk. this is how the rest of baseball usually feels and i’m completely fine with that. I’m the rare yankee fan that is ok with missing the post season as well. We’ve been lucky to have the team we root for have winning seasons year in, year out since 95, but this is not how the other half live.

      • gc

        Agreed. I love listening to my friends talk about that one year their favorite team got to the playoffs and almost made the World Series. Or when they go on and on about those three division titles their team won. In my lifetime, I’ve been so lucky to watch the Yankees play in 204 playoff games, win 121 of them, along with 17 division titles, 11 American League pennants, and 7 World Championships. If they never win another title for as long as I live, that’s way more baseball enjoyment than any one person deserves, and I never lose sight of that.

        That being said, THEY BETTER WIN THIS YEAR! :)

  • LarryM., Fl.

    I’m still at 7. The team is slowly moving in the right direction. We should have won Sunday’s game but Mr. Nunez reverted back to his old ways. I don’t see him as an everyday shortstop. Those of you who want argue that the sample of his play is small. I can accept this point of few. Where I base my opinion is the recent play over the weekend. He takes too long to transfer the ball and his release is so long. He almost appears to be winding up from the shortstop position. He’s our go to go at shortstop for Jeter. If Jeter goes down Girardi has to counter with Nunez. First he can be an offensive threat. Its a given but defensively a super liability on any play which is not routine.

    As far as the team if Teix. makes it back. He will bring another power bat which makes pitchers work harder. He deepens the lineup, one less easy out. Our defense improves to all star caliber at first base. I don’t believe for one moment that he’s taken too long to heal. He came back way too soon for a calf injury. Should have stayed out until the last week and come back nearly full strength. Teix. has so much enthusiasm when he plays to be a slacker.

    Pitching has been OK. Andy P is the important guy after CC. I believe that CC is hurting with some sort of groin/upper leg area injury. He’s no sprinter off the mound but he is really laboring when he has to move to cover first or field a bunt.

    This team when healthy is good enough to win it all but there are a few issues which are not quite right. Robby Cano starts hitting as Robbie Cano can and the team chances improve greatly. Ichiro is smelling playoffs and possible WS run an is responding. Just a few things to straighten out and it could be a good fall.

    • Kosmo

      IMO Nunez as a defensive SS is at a low A-ball level maybe one step better. I doubt he´ll ever make a dramatic improvement at SS if he does it´s not going to happen overnight.

  • Jimmy McNulty

    It’s hard to be that confident about this team given the line up, only a one game lead in the division, the injuries, and the awful stretch that they were in a couple weeks ago. That being said they’re making it easier to be a Yankee fan these days, and I hope this trend continues.

    • Jim Is Bored

      And Pettitte’s back!

  • Robinson Tilapia

    Back up to a 9 after several weeks of flirting in the 7 range. Why? This team practically controls its own destiny the rest of the way with the level of competition they’re facing.

    Just win, and often.

  • YanksFan

    I’m at my usual 9. Even when they were losing it was more frustrating than anything else sinec they were in every game. I hit or pitch in numerous games changes a teams perspective.

    That being said, they are one game over .500 for how bad they were playing. They did not blow the lead as much as Baltimore as earned it. 40-21 for a 106-win pace is incredible ball.

    Also, how awesome would it be in Detroit, Boston, Philadelphia and both LA teams do not make the playoffs. All this talk about the NYY buying their championships and those 5 teams can’t even get into the playoffs. Where are all the ESPN articles about how those teams spending habits are bad for baseball?

  • CS Yankee

    Seems like more 7′s than I recall from last week…i’m still a very strong 8 ready to go 9 with Grit, Teix and Mo (one can dream right) joining in the play real soon.

    Texas last 10 games are 7 vs. A’s and 3 versus the Angels…best record is possible…lets rip off like nine staight W’s and let Andruw coach the last game as it’ll be his last.