Game 135: Just Win, Please


No headaches, Freddy. (Christopher Pasatieri/Getty)

The Yankees are reeling and another loss tonight could mean the days of owning first place outright are over. That would require an Orioles win as well, but it’s possible. It would also bring the Rays to within two games in the loss column, and right now they’re on the outside of the playoff race looking in. There is no big safety net right, falling out of first place could mean falling out of the two Wild Card spots as well. Here’s the lineup…

SS Derek Jeter
CF Curtis Granderson
1B Nick Swisher
DH Robinson Cano
3B Alex Rodriguez
LF Raul Ibanez
2B Jayson Nix
RF Chris Dickerson
Chris Stewart

RHP Freddy Garcia

Tonight’s game starts a little after 7pm ET and can be seen on YES locally and ESPN nationally. Try to enjoy.

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  1. EDDARD says:

    If you can’t beat Alex Cobb in a must win divisional game in September than you don’t deserve to make the playoffs. I hope we see a sense of urgency out there today. MUST WIN

    • jjyank says:

      You mean the Alex Cobb with a 3.61 FIP and a 3.63 xFIP? 57% GB rate? Mediocre strikeout rate, but also a good walk rate? That guy?

      I haven’t followed him personally, but his numbers don’t look that bad, and certainly don’t scream “MUST WIN AGAINST THIS TERRIBLE SCRUB” either.

      I hope we kill him, of course.

  2. dkidd says:

    all it takes is one game to start turning things around

  3. jjyank says:

    Anyone ever get amazing new that they can’t actually tell anyone about? Fuck it. I hope the Yankees win, but nothing can bring me down right now. The Yankees win the World Series in 5. That is how far my outlook on life goes right now.

  4. Robinson Tilapia says:

    I’m actually not bullish on the team right now. I doubt the health of the players coming back and the talent of the ones here. I am saying this openly because I want you (yes, YOU) to talk me off the ledge. Go!

  5. VT Yankee Fan says:

    Let’s do this shit.

  6. Stratman9652 says:

    The only thing worse than watching the Yankees play like shit is having Lou Pinella in the booth at the same time.

  7. mt says:

    I am looking for:

    NOT being no-hit for first three or four innings like we have been doing lately – having a baserunner on with a walk is a small step.

  8. Hummingbird S. says:

    Robbie!!! walk all you want now!!

  9. Cy Pettitte says:

    nice start. Cano atones for his sins.

  10. The Guns of Navarone says:

    Now it’s acceptable to jog to first.

  11. EDDARD says:

    Robbie is trying to make up for being lazy yesterday.

  12. Mike says:


    Glad he played tonight that’s for sure.

  13. Robinson Tilapia says:

    Holy in play run(s) lag!

  14. Tom says:

    (Didn’t have to run that one out)

  15. CP says:

    Lazy fuck. He didn’t even want to run.

  16. jjyank says:

    Yes Robbie! Make my day MOAR GOOD!

  17. Leg-End says:

    Got all of that one.

  18. Robinson Tilapia says:

    Finally got to hear the actual call on that HR.

  19. forensic says:

    Once again, cano didn’t run hard around the bases there.

  20. Chilango says:

    Go Robbie…all is forgiven.

  21. TomH says:

    I guess he showed us–me for sure.

  22. RetroRob says:

    Does Kay even remotely believe the stuff he spews?

  23. The Guns of Navarone says:

    I would think his hip is feeling good if he can put a charge into a ball like that.

  24. The Troll says:

    So . . . I feel as though this needs to be said . . . Don’t the Yankees shit the bed after scoring 2 in the first?

  25. Need Pitching & Hitting says:

    Freddy. Please be good.

  26. Hummingbird S. says:

    I have zero confidence in Freddy. I’d have the BP up right now.. he sucks.

  27. Karl Krawfid says:

    Great start Freddy.

  28. Cy Pettitte says:

    Freddy better not shit the bed now. Walking the first batter you face after your team gives you a 2 run lead is lame.

  29. Chilango says:

    Sliders with no bite ohhh noooo

  30. First inning runs? I’ll just walk the speedy lead off guy.

  31. xnyles says:

    Where was that Ump?

  32. Robinson Tilapia says:

    I will put razor blades in your fucking arepas, Freddy. You hear me?

  33. Hummingbird S. says:

    fuck Freddy, doesnt hold runners, doesnt throw strikes..

  34. Need Pitching & Hitting says:

    Fuck you Freddy.

  35. Karl Krawfid says:

    Tied for first today.

  36. Cy Pettitte says:

    wow, he’s not even gonna record an out before he gives up the lead. fucking ridiculous. great job Freddy.

  37. Ron says:

    Enough take him out he has nothing.

  38. Robinson Tilapia says:

    Of for fuck’s sake. In play run(s).

  39. Stratman9652 says:

    Yankee fans everywhere let out a collective groan.

  40. Hummingbird S. says:

    nice reaction by A-Rod… he was probably asleep there. Only explanation.

  41. Chilango says:

    Hope Joe is taking notes.

  42. I know I complain about them far too much, and you guys are going to yell at me: John and Suzyn are such apologists for players they like. It’s fucking ridiculous. They bash the shit out of Hughes for example, no matter how hes actually doing. But when Freddy, who was abysmal early in the season, good for a short stretch, and decent since, are saying after a lead off walk “Oh well, he’s been great since being reinserted into the rotation, and it always takes him an inning to settle in” then on the stolen base “Wow, he (Stewart) gets the ball faster than anybody I’ve ever seen, even though he was safe.” Having to know that he’s been at best mediocre at throwing runners out this season.

  43. Hummingbird S. says:

    what I don’t get is when he had Jennings 0-2 he didn’t throw a single splitter.. why not throw your BEST PITCH to get a guy out?

  44. Robinson Tilapia says:

    I may call things that are illegal in most countries to happen to Freddy before the night is true and/or I start watching the DNC.

  45. The Troll says:

    So stealing bases leads to runs . . . That’s absurd.

  46. Electric nunez says:

    Freddie has a huge fork in his back get warren up.

  47. Kevin G. says:

    Hipster Joe Maddon is SO EDGY AND UNPPREDICTABLE

  48. Hummingbird S. says:

    teasing us, here comes the 2-out run..

  49. Paul VuvuZuvella says:

    It’s a good thing I’m a politics junky because there have been plenty of distractions from Yankeesphere last week and this one. Guess I’ll have to start watching the games again this weekend…

  50. Need Pitching & Hitting says:

    I’ll take that, all things considered.

  51. The Guns of Navarone says:

    Nasty splitters. He may have some life in this game if he can keep them swinging at that stuff.

  52. Robinson Tilapia says:

    *removes razor blade from arepa….for now*

  53. Cy Pettitte says:

    I was totally expecting a 2 out, 2-strike dribbler base hit there. maybe things really are starting to turn around.

  54. Thanks for that Freddy. Now settle the FUCK down and figure out how you’re going to get us through 5, possibly 6, or (in a dream) 7 with a god damned lead.

  55. Tom says:

    Nice (relative) job by Freddy there… that inning could have spiraled out of control rather quickly.

  56. Chilango says:

    Nice recovery. Could have been a lot worse.

  57. Robinson Tilapia says:

    Please note the updated post from Axisa.

    I’m convinced Pedro Feliciano actually died in 2010 and never really pitched these innings people are claiming.

  58. Stratman9652 says:

    Am I the only one shocked that Stewart is starting over Cervelli? I kinda figured he would step back into his backup role purely out of seniority.

  59. The Guns of Navarone says:

    Did someone bring Lou’s interpreter to the Trop?

  60. The Troll says:

    A lot of Rays cock-swallowing on this ESPN broadcast. It’s getting me all hot and bothered and NOT in a good way.

    • Cuso says:

      If that wasn’t good enough, they’re sneaking in some Oriole cox too.

    • The Guns of Navarone says:

      They’re BEGGING for a Yankees loss. It would be (is) a huge narrative to talk about for September if the Yankees “collapse” and lose the division. They’ve already started calling it that. Even though there is absolutely no parallel between what happened last September. It won’t stop them though.

  61. Hummingbird S. says:

    spring training Ibanez should not be receiving ABs.

  62. The Troll says:

    Still starting Ibanez . . . I don’t get it. To quote one of my favorite movies, “[Is Girardi] stupid or something?”

  63. Tom says:

    Ibanez is starting to look a lot like he did in spring training. May run into one occasionally, but he’s having a lot of really poor AB’s

  64. The Troll says:

    2 Out, 0-2 Single. I like!

  65. Robinson Tilapia says:

    Chris Dickerson: Greatest Player Ever.

  66. EDDARD says:

    Dickerson once again proves to be more valuable than Ichiro. And why isn’t Nunez playing instead of Nix? At least Nunez hits the ball hard and is fast.

  67. Cuso says:

    Chris Stewart and his .610 OPS

  68. Hummingbird S. says:

    nothing but first pitch FBs inside.. let’s hope they can adjust

  69. Cy Pettitte says:

    Dickerson >>>> Ichiro. He just did exactly what Ichiro was brought in to do.

  70. Chilango says:

    Joe was taking notes. Good deal.

  71. Dickerson with a stat-padding steal. Does anybody really expect Stewart to come through here?

  72. Tom says:

    We need Balkin Bob to kick in here.

  73. Cuso says:

    Sutcliffe is so much a Yankee-hater that he’s actually trying to find fault in Dickerson stealing with the #9 hitter up

  74. Robinson Tilapia says:

    What WILL Chris Dickerson’s plaque in Monument Park say?

    • The Guns of Navarone says:

      They’re gonna take The Boss’ down to make room for his.

      • TomH says:

        I liked George, but the posthumous cult of personality is a bit over the top. I’m surprised they didn’t do a Lenin and put his corpse on display.

        • RetroRob says:

          The myth of George will end up being much greater than George. I lived through most of his tenure as owner, and he absolutely was great for the organization in whole, but I do not miss at all his insanity, at its peak in the 1980s.

          The family owns the Yankees and he’s their Dad. I’ll live with the plaque in Monument Park understanding it was a family thing.

    • forensic says:

      “Should’ve been up sooner, but still managed to carry the walking wounded 2012 Yankees to the World Series Championship”

  75. RetroRob says:

    So can the ball boy yell to Molina letting him know where the ball is, or is that some violation?

    Just a thought as I await for the Yankees not converting the run at third.

  76. Robinson Tilapia says:

    Closing up office. Fuck you, Chris Stewart.

  77. The Troll says:

    Let’s be honest Yankee fans . . . We all KNOW that Cervelli would’ve driven that run in. I have NO doubt about it.

  78. Between the Stewart and Suzuki trades and with the terrible luck of Pineda getting hurt (not that he could have foreseen it) This hasn’t exactly been a banner year for Cash-ninja.

  79. Need Pitching & Hitting says:

    Well at least they cleared the pitcher’s spot in the lineup.

  80. Cy Pettitte says:

    wow Arod and Swish do a good Chavez and Teix impression

  81. Hummingbird S. says:

    that’s better Alex.

  82. Nice Scheister says:

    I’d prefer Ichrio to Ibanez, right now. I love me some Ichrio. This may be common knowledge but back in the day they would sell sushi rolls called “Ichi-Rolls” at SafeCo.

  83. Cuso says:

    “shows of the arm”


  84. RetroRob says:

    Nice. I thought the second bounce would kill it, but the turf helps if used correctly.

  85. Hummingbird S. says:

    1-2-3 innings are not allowed… please get Molina.

  86. Cuso says:

    A better caption for the above picture would have been:

    “I can’t hear youuuu, LALLALALLALALALALA!!!!”

  87. The Troll says:

    Molina bomb anyone?

  88. Seriously though. If somebody told me opening day, September 4th Freddy Garcia will be on the mound in Tampa with first place on the line and Jason Nix in the line up against a RHP and Ibanez would be in the field, I would cry.

  89. Cy Pettitte says:

    Freddy may have more whiffs in the first two than CC had all day yesterday.

  90. Electric nunez says:

    Cervelli must have taken a dump on giratdi’s binder.

  91. Cuso says:

    Martin: “Splitta be splittin’, son”

    Garcia: “I don sweat indoors, Chachi”

  92. TomH says:

    Anyone know whether Cashman has met the press down there? Or is he lying low?

  93. The Troll says:

    Can Hal go out and buy the Rays’ organizational pitching coaches?

  94. mt says:

    This may sound crazy but I wonder if Pettite comes back and we make playoffs (funny to wonder about this now) that Garcia would be a nice weapon out of bullpen – he has really increased his strikeout percentage. As a starter, I just worry about getiing through five or six or five innings.

  95. The Guns of Navarone says:


  96. Kramerica Industries says:

    Well, I rushed home and only missed five outs in the 2nd inning. I’m proud of myself.

    There is no way I can be rational watching these games right now, however, so if I seem to fly off the wall, I apologize in advance.

  97. Getting a live look in w/ the Tampa broadcast. I cannot believe Fox Sports still doesn’t have a pitch count on their score board.

  98. RetroRob says:

    A-Rod returning is good. Tex returning will be good. Andy returning will be good.

    Is Nova returning good?

  99. Wil Nieves Number 1 Fan says:

    Grandy’s OBP is lower than his average. What a wisenheimer.

  100. Chilango says:

    Leadoff runner. Plate him for fuck’s sake.

  101. The Troll says:

    Does Granderson EVER hit to the opposite field? F*ck he sucks.

  102. Tom says:

    Wow, Randazzo has a strike zone the size of a shoe box.

  103. Kramerica Industries says:

    Two on, no out.

    Runs, please.

  104. The Troll says:

    Here comes the DOUBLE PLAY!

  105. Cuso says:


    I don’t care if it’s 3 consecutive strike outs.


  106. Hummingbird S. says:

    Swisher can’t miss that pitch, that’s middle of the plate

  107. Kramerica Industries says:

    That was a brutal AB.

  108. Hummingbird S. says:

    just put a little pressure and Swisher fails.. choker. Awful AB, as usual

    • The Troll says:

      It’s the hero complex, which crushes him. He’s a great guy who wants to win, but the pressure that he mounts upon himself is his worst enemy. If he can learn to play stress-free, zen baseball he’d be great.

  109. Chilango says:

    Swish K’s again. At least no DP

  110. The Guns of Navarone says:

    Changeup. The bane of the Yankees’ existence.

  111. Electric nunez says:

    Swisher can go get paid by another team next year

  112. Hummingbird S. says:

    goddamnit, somebody take a swing at that first pitch FB inside..

  113. Nice Scheister says:

    Dickerson > Swisher in 2013, factoring in contracts and all next year.

  114. Karl Krawfid says:

    Fuck this team man.

  115. Hummingbird S. says:

    pathetic… another pitch down the middle, another out

  116. Need Pitching & Hitting says:

    That inning seemed all too familiar.

  117. Kramerica Industries says:

    And the requisite, rally-killing double play.

    There haven’t been enough of those lately.

  118. The Real Widget says:

    wow real shock this inning.

  119. Electric nunez says:

    If swisher bunted its a run there

  120. The Guns of Navarone says:

    I’m not sure why anyone is even surprised at this point.

  121. forensic says:

    I blame Jeter for stupidly getting into scoring position…

  122. Nice Scheister says:

    Trade Cano, Granderson, Nunez, Phelps and Nova for Trout in the offseason.

  123. mt says:

    Yanks freeze up once a runner gets to second base.

    • The Guns of Navarone says:

      Yup. At this point in the season, if they could hit with RISP, they would hit with RISP. They simply can’t do it.

      • Mike Axisa says:

        There’s a big difference between can’t and haven’t.

        • The Guns of Navarone says:

          Then why don’t they? This is a season-long epidemic now minus a notable if not brief exception in June or July which looks more and more like a fluke.

          I’m trying to get the month-by-month RISP splits on BRef but I can’t seem to get it. I’m sure you have that info.

          • Need Pitching & Hitting says:

            April: .276
            May: .176
            June: .232
            July: .283
            August: .286
            September (not including today): 4/15 .267

          • Kramerica Industries says:

            Not really in June, either. The Yankees average with RISP during the 10 game winning streak was something like .203. The only time they’ve hit well was between the end of the ASB and the Texas series. It’s been a friggen trainwreck otherwise.

  124. Will The Thrill says:

    RISP fail. Story of the fucking year right there. I now understand how the Yanks won’t have a 100RBI guy this year. Everyone is thinking too much at the plate.

  125. Nathan says:

    a dp? #unsurprised

  126. Chilango says:

    At least Freddy’s on the ground so far.

  127. Bubba says:

    Have they patented the strike-out, double play yet?

  128. Electric nunez says:

    What would it take for the yankees to get j upton in the offseason?

  129. Will The Thrill says:

    In play, run(s). Is that too much to ask for Yankees? Our middle of order hitters have been a joke all season long. Miguel Cabrera would have at least 200RBIs with all the opportunities the Yankees give their 3-4 hitters.

  130. Kramerica Industries says:

    Enough with these walks stemming from 0-2 and 1-2 counts.

  131. Hummingbird S. says:

    yes! no 1-2-3 innings!! atta boy Freddy

  132. Electric nunez says:

    This is the freddy blow up inning

  133. Who didn’t see that right after the walk to Zobrist?

  134. Hummingbird S. says:

    no surprises there.. Freddy blows..

  135. Kramerica Industries says:

    You gotta be fucking kidding me Freddy.

    Motherfucking hell.

  136. pistol pete says:

    Just turned on the game and saw that yesterday’s player most hated Robbie Cano jacked his 29th a two run HR. He’s got 73 rbi’s and has an ops over 900. Guess we should get rid of him next year and get a player that playes harder even if he hits 250 with no power.

  137. Need Pitching & Hitting says:

    Seriously. Fuck this team right now.

  138. Karl Krawfid says:

    Massive choke.

  139. Nathan says:

    I bet there are a few hundred people on here right now that saw that coming.

    <—-one of them.

  140. Tom says:

    2 walks have turned into runs.

  141. Chilango says:

    Just amazing. Game after game.

  142. mt says:

    O’s lead 3-0.

  143. The Real Widget says:

    game set match. This is what good teams do. They score runs. Bad teams, like the yankees, strikeout and hit into double plays.

  144. Electric nunez says:

    Pull freddy now

  145. JobaWockeeZ says:


  146. The Troll says:

    So does Cobb go 8? 2 more singles?

  147. pistol pete says:

    Tough to watch when Freddy needs to be the stopper. This team’s in real trouble.

  148. Hummingbird S. says:

    seriously, if you have to trust Freddy with big starts down the stretch in order to make the playoffs, your team is probably not going to make it.. what a fucking awful job by Cashman.

  149. The Real Widget says:

    Bye bye sole possession of first and by weeks end bye bye playoff spot. This really sucks.

  150. Cy Pettitte says:

    fucking hilarious. completely squander last inning’s 1st and 2nd no out, then blow the lead all with 2 outs the next inning.

  151. stuart a says:

    it is ground hog day ove rand over. RISP fail and pitcher giving up the lead.

    cano hit his 2 run homer, have a parade. The star is up to 73 rbi’s for the year. the whole bunch of them are so unclutch it is a head shaker.

    it is almost unbeleivable……

  152. Will The Thrill says:

    This season has been the worst. Up and down but mostly down. I haven’t been confident about this team at all this year. Maybe in spring training I had a bit of hope but once Pineda went down I knew this season would be a headache.

  153. Karl Krawfid says:

    This team is dead. Plain and simple. Shit has been going on too long to even think its going to turn around.

    How do fuck do you not even challenge Ben Zobrist with Longo behind him?

  154. Kramerica Industries says:

    That inning goes to show why we can’t have nice things.

    Two pitches, two outs, and a 1-2 count, and THEN it all goes to hell. Like everything else with this team for the past 1.5 months.

  155. Electric nunez says:

    Fuck freddy garcia you want this guy on the post season roster?

  156. Chilango says:

    They will get the lead back, but they probably won’t hold it.

  157. stuart a says:

    garcia is scared to throw a strike.. the humor comes after the game to listen to the drivel on the postgame show….

    imagine the frigging baltimore orioles are better then the yankees..

    this team has no guts and toughness……NONE>

  158. Tom says:

    With the zone Randozzo is calling it should take 5-6 runs for either team to win this game.

    Yankees need to keep grinding out AB’s and start hitting a damn 90mph fastball when ahead in the count.

  159. The Rays lead 4 to 3 over New York-John Sterling

    He doesn’t even know the score.

  160. Athenian says:

    Stating the obvious but time to look past 2012 and the extreme failure and get ready for 2013. This is just like the Sox last year and using injuries is no excuse. Too many players not stepping up for the Yanks.

    • The Real Widget says:

      everyone that is old will be even older next year. And they won’t be spending any money. We should all be concerned about 2013 and 2014 and possibly beyond.

  161. Karl Krawfid says:

    Al Lieter is one right?

  162. The Troll says:

    Cobb is toying with ARod.

  163. Cuso says:

    So Top 3rd, 2 on, no out. Score no runs

    Bottom 3rd 2out, noone on, Score 2 runs.

    Can’t make that shit up. Just playing like absolute shit, and candy-coat it with worst luck possible.

  164. Hall and Nokes says:

    Sutcliffe thinks that the leadoff homer is okay here, but you do NOT want to give up a leadoff walk to start off a big inning.

    Not that either is even within the realm of possibility.

  165. mt says:

    Keppinger is the Ciriaco of the TB Rays.

  166. The Troll says:

    “One of those Rays that plays ALL over the field” says Boone. Why TF can’t the Yankees have more of those?

  167. EDDARD says:

    Folks, the season is a half game from being over. Baltimore ain’t losing. 1st and 2nd no outs, 3 and 4 hitters up, K and a DP. That’s why we’re losing. You can’t expect Freddy to only give up a run. This is Alex Cobb on the mound, not Roger Clemens.

  168. Matt says:

    Anyone blaming Garcia is nuts. What do you expect him to do? Throw a shutout? 3 or 4 runs over 5-6 innings like he usually does should be a win every time with the talent in this lineup.

    How about for just ONCE, this offense steps up in a big game? How about for just ONCE, this offense stops TRYING to hit the ball 500 feet every time there is a runner in scoring position? These guys have so much power that they could probably hit home runs even if they cut down on their swings, but they absolutely refuse to do so.

    It’s downright pathetic at this point. Look at their number over the last few weeks. These guys just don’t get it that you can’t try to hit a home run in every at bat.

    • I’m not blaming Freddy at all, if he either holds here or gives up another run over the next 3 or so innings, that’s fully what I expect. However, it’s still INCREDIBLY frustrating for your pitcher to get two quick outs, walk a guy after being ahead 1-2 in front of the opposing teams only superstar, then giving up a homer to that superstar. No matter who the pitcher is.

    • Hummingbird S. says:

      how about not give up 3 runs in 3 innings against a below average lineup? Garcia fucking sucks, but you are right. We should blame Girardi and Cashman, not Garcia..

      • Matt says:

        How about we wait until the end of his start before talking about how many runs he has given up in how many innings?

        If he throws up 3 zeroes after that inning, he’s more than done his job and kept the team in this game.

        He made one bad pitch to Longoria that he hung and gave up a home run. The Yankees have gotten mistakes from Cobb right down the middle and swung and missed at them in hitter’s counts.

        And quite frankly, it is the Yankees that are the below-average lineup now.

  169. Will The Thrill says:

    Remember when the Yankees would lose a game earlier in the season and people would say “Oh it’s okay, it’s just one meaningless game. We have a 10 game lead in the division”. Yankees got too complacent after the All Star break. The front office made shitty trades that made the team worse in some ways instead of adding impact players who would actually make a difference. Also since our team is so top heavy and we have no depth a couple of injuries have really devastated them.

  170. Cy Pettitte says:

    now that they’re losing – before/after 7th inning before the get their next hit ?

  171. Hummingbird S. says:

    Ibanez might be the worst hitter in the majors over the past month, yet he hits 6th for the Yankees.. Joe Girardi lost his mind.

    • Wil Nieves Number 1 Fan says:

      I think Ibanez might have died like 2 months ago.

    • JLC 776 says:

      Other than a hot beginning to the season, Raul Ibanez has been Raul Ibanez.

      But who else is Girardi supposed to throw out there? We’ve got replacement players replacing replacement players at this point.

      • The Guns of Navarone says:

        RAB had some great posts on him earlier in the season. He’s been pretty bad/average all season but he had a few “big hits” that made it seem like he was doing better than he really was. He had a big May.

  172. nsalem says:

    velarde leiter kelly

  173. Tom says:

    Another quality AB by Ibanez… bad takes, weak swings, weak contact.

    When Tex comes back, I think you have to give some consideration to playing Dickerson over Ibanez

  174. mt says:

    Mark Reynolds is red hot – 3 run homer.

    Ibanez on other hand – 3 hits in his last 38 Abs.

  175. JLC 776 says:

    I love the Yankees, but I think I genuinely hate this team. They have talent and have gone on extended streaks where they look like the best in baseball, but they also roll over and die like no other Yankee team in recent memory. Poor, lackluster play with no heart in the beginning of the year and now for a month and a half long stretch.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the Yankees and want to see them rebound for an exciting finish, but the inconsistency has me hating this year’s model.

  176. The Troll says:

    Damn, Girardi’s face just said it all. He looked lost verging on the cusp of tears.

  177. goterpsgo says:

    TAM is up only by one run, yet it feels like ten. *grumble*

  178. Will The Thrill says:

    Release A-Rod. Just bite the bullet. I’d rather just pay him to sit at home on his overrated ass then have him underperform as a has been disguised as a middle of the order hitter.

  179. Matt says:

    Jones- .284 OBP
    Ibanez- .301 OBP
    Martin- .303 OBP
    JAYSON NIX- .321 OBP
    Granderson- .326 OBP

    What is wrong here?

  180. Tom says:

    Aaron Boone is my new hero.

    Earlier tonight he mentioned that some of the improvement in the Rays offense since Longoria coming back partly a coincidence. And just now he was pointing out how the shift hurt the Rays.

    Meanwhile Sutcliffe will bend every event to feed the narrative…. he used the Arod ground out as yet another example of the Rays “always being in the right place” (the ball was hit where a 3rd baseman would normally be positioned).

  181. Hummingbird S. says:

    right down the middle, yet again.. what is he waiting for? a pitch in the dirt again?

  182. EDDARD says:

    Don’t know what Girardi is still doing in this ballgame. That ball was high and that was a good chance to stick up for his team like Maddon did yesterday.

  183. Kramerica Industries says:

    I would love to laugh my ass off if this is another one-run loss.

    But I doubt I’ll laugh. I’ll probably have a hankering to murder some dumb motherfuckers that live in St. Pete.

  184. Cy Pettitte says:

    Girardi just got himself tossed – full panic mode.

  185. EDDARD says:

    About time Girardi does something. Enough was enough. Fire up the team.

  186. Cuso says:

    Girardi got tossed. But that will have no effect on this team.

  187. The Real Widget says:

    Even Girardi doesn’t want to stay for this crap. Good keep walking Joe. No way he keeps his job if they miss the playoffs. That would be 2 years out of 5 on his watch. Torre never missed the playoffs and even he was replaced.

  188. Kramerica Industries says:

    The only time Joe getting tossed has worked was that game in Atlanta all those years ago.

    Maybe it’s time for that to work again. We all sure as fuck better hope so.

  189. The Troll says:

    K-Zone showed that the ball was high out of the zone and yet the ESPN crew continues to say, “it’s CLEAR that pitch was a strike!”

  190. Cuso says:

    Anyone surprised that it’s THIS umpiring crew again?

  191. Will The Thrill says:

    The only silver lining I can think of should we miss the playoffs is that Cashman and Girardi will be probably be fired. Both have failed year in and year out at their jobs. Girardi costs this team at least a dozen wins a year with his boneheaded moves and Cashman should be ashamed of the shitty roster/farm we have despite being the biggest spenders.

    • Need Pitching & Hitting says:

      It’s nowhere near a dozen wins a year. Managers don’t have that much influence on the outcome.

      I doubt either gets fired regardless. Injuries will be used as the scapegoat.

    • The Real Widget says:

      The farm had a rash of injuries too so I can’t hold that against Cashman. I want Cashman out for the simple reason that he’s been there too long. Change is a good thing, people get complacent. Some new ideas couldn’t hurt Yankees management.

    • Athenian says:

      I would love a Girardi firing.

    • JLC 776 says:

      Neither should be fired – I think you’re overstating Girardi’s influence on the team and how impactful a manager is. You’ve got to hold the player’s accountable. And just two months ago everyone was gushing over how prescient Cashman’s moves were. At this point we have replacement players replacing replacement players – injuries suck.

    • jjyank says:

      I really disagree about Cashman. Maybe you disagreed with the Montero/Pineda trade, but what exactly has he done so poorly? I feel like he build up a good amount of depth and a lot of upside in the lower levels. The Yankees had 3 top 50 prospects, right? Is that a “shitty farm”? Considering the Yankees pick at the end of the first round, I’d say that’s pretty damn good.

      • I like Cashman, but Ichiro and Stewart for people that could’ve been useful? Both, Terrible trades.

        • jjyank says:

          Still, those were marginal trades for borderline prospects. My point is, that if you’re pointing to trades like that as “Cashman should be ashamed of…”, then I can’t take you seriously.

          What about the farm? Upper levels don’t look great, but the lower levels do. Part of that is Banuelos’ injury too. And how many MLB teams have a great farm system top to bottom? And how many of them pick last every year?

          • Mike Axisa says:

            My problem isn’t so much giving up D.J. Mitchell, it’s that Gardner was out since April and the best solution they came up with was Ichiro.

            • jjyank says:

              Part of that might have been the continued belief he would be back though. Wasn’t it pretty close to the deadline that they realized he was out for the season? Maybe I’m misremembering the timeline there, but who knows what the other options/price tags where.

              • Mike Axisa says:

                That’s true, but I have a hard time thinking Ichiro was the best they could come up with.

                • jjyank says:

                  Fair enough. But my original point wasn’t that Ichiro was a “good” or even a “mediocre” trade. Just that I think the whole “Cashman should be ashamed of himself” thing is pretty ridiculous.

                  • I’m not saying he should be ashamed of himself, I just think that the Kontos for Stewart trade was dumb, because Stewart was not at all a clear upgrade over Cervelli and you can never have enough pitching and like Mike pointed out regardless of whether Gardner was coming back or not we probably needed an outfielder and to say that a guy who has posted <100wRC+ in two years was the answer just doesn't do it for me. I'm not saying he should be fired, just that he hasn't had his best year by any stretch.

    • forensic says:

      I had typically defended Cashman, and was in between on Girardi.

      I’m pretty ready for some new blood in the organization now though.

  192. Chilango says:

    Stupid move Joe. Lose your head and get tossed. Fuck you.

  193. Kramerica Industries says:

    Well, Sutty, you too would be massively pissed off if you were stuck managing a team that’s in as much of a tailspin as this one.

    Joe is by no means innocent here, but it can’t be easy to do your job when the players aren’t performing.

  194. Cy Pettitte says:

    Another walk, this game will now be minimum 4-2.

  195. Kramerica Industries says:

    Enough of the motherfucking walks.

  196. Hummingbird S. says:


  197. The Troll says:

    They are hammering The Chief here.

  198. AnthonyD says:

    The problem isn’t that the team isn’t “fired up”. The problem is that the players suck right now. Look at this line up – the bottom 4 are barely MLB quality, A Rod is shit right now, Granderson hasn’t hit forever and right now Jeter, Swisher and Cano are cold. They throw out David Phelps, Garcia and Home Run Hughes 3 out of 5 days and CC isn’t CC. That’s been the team – more or less – since the AS break and surprise surprise, they’ve been mediocre.

  199. Will The Thrill says:

    Screw this I’m watching Breaking Bad. At least Walter White fights when the tough get going unlike this team.

  200. The Real Widget says:

    It’s season’s like this that show how hard it is to win it all. This why I wanted Lee in 2010. So what if he left after that? He would have put them in an amazing position to win it all again in 2010. What I’m saying is fuck off Ed Nunez.

  201. ..fuck. Stewart’s leading off? Ok, so 1 out with nobody on after like 3 pitches for Jeter.

  202. Hummingbird S. says:

    Id PH for Stewart here… manage with urgency

  203. The Troll says:

    Great bunt, Stewie!

  204. Mike Stanley says:

    It’s been a good AB for Stewart.

    Hey, it’s something.

  205. Cy Pettitte says:

    now wouldn’t be a bad time for a Stewart hit off a Ray’s glove/body

  206. The Troll says:

    At the very least, unlike so many Yankee hitters of late, Stewart has been putting together pretty decent At Bats.

  207. The Troll says:

    Stewart now has my permission to strike out. GOOD JOB, CHRIS!! At least someone’s showing some heart!

  208. Hummingbird S. says:

    so that’s how you play D… interesting

  209. The Troll says:

    Way to go, Chris!!! That was the highlight of the game thus far. He ran hard down the line as well. GOOD FOR HIM! My new favorite player.

  210. AnthonyD says:

    The auto out comes after Jeter

  211. Cuso says:

    Two options. No third choice, I just want to gauge feelings:

    What would be more demoralizing?

    A.) Missing the playoffs?

    B.) Settling for the WC game and losing the 1-game playoff?

  212. Nice Scheister says:

    Great AB.

  213. Hummingbird S. says:

    they will not score again in this game. fuck this team

  214. Kramerica Industries says:

    11 ground ball outs.

    It’s only the 5th inning, and he has 14 outs total. That is absolutely fucking pathetic.

  215. FIPster Doofus says:

    I hate this team.

  216. You know things aren’t going well when Chris Stewart has the best AB of the inning.

  217. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Team sign Swish, trade Grandy.

  218. The Troll says:

    Wow. Who’d have thought that Stewart would’ve had the best AB out that bunch?

  219. Kramerica Industries says:

    So Stewart works a 10 pitch AB, and Cobb still gets out of that inning without throwing even 15 pitches.

    That’s absolutely fucking laughable.

  220. Mike Stanley says:

    Jeter is 4 for his last 33 AND third in the AL in outs made but let’s all take shots at the 3B who came off the DL yesterday.


    • Need Pitching & Hitting says:

      I wonder if him being third in outs made is at all related to Jeter being first in PA.

      I agree the ARod hate is a bit premature, but Jeter has been great offensively this year, despite the recent slump.

    • Tom says:

      0-2 to HR
      1-2 to HR

      Freddy just doesn’t have the stuff to put hitters away consistently. That’s why he runs up the pitch count, which allows hitters to see more of his offspeed stuff and when he makes a mistake he’s going to get hit.

  221. Tom says:

    The moron Sutcliffe used that Stewart groundball as an example of great Rays positioning… the guy is just ridiculous.

    He actually said “it allowed him to get his momentum to go toward 1st” He was swung way over toward 3rd and it took a great play to turn a routine groundball into an out – great positioning!

    (sorry in case folks haven’t noticed, I can’t stand Sutcfliffe)

  222. EDDARD says:

    Chris Stewart is the only one going up there fighting. The rest are swinging for the fences. This is Alex Cobb pitching, not Greg Maddux.

  223. The Guns of Navarone says:

    The Giants won the Super Bowl AND beat the Patriots. The Giants won the Super Bowl AND beat the Patriots. The Giants won the Super Bowl AND beat the Patriots. The Giants won the Super Bowl AND beat the Patriots. The Giants won the Super Bowl AND beat the Patriots…

  224. Electric nunez says:

    Its time for the yanks to get a pep talk from gen gadsen the vet who fired up the giants for both supersbowls.

  225. AnthonyD says:

    O/U 3.5 A Rod HRs remainder of year

  226. BigBlueAL says:

    The Yankee offense might be worse than the Jets offense.

  227. Cy Pettitte says:

    wonder if the O’s will pop the champagne in the clubhouse tonight

  228. WHIPunk says:

    Get him out of there now.

  229. Cy Pettitte says:

    fuck you Freddy.

  230. Hummingbird S. says:

    FUCK YOU FREDDY!! and fuck Girardi as well..

  231. FIPster Doofus says:

    Fuck these guys. I’m not wasting any more of my night on them.

  232. forensic says:

    Yeah, that wasn’t too predictable. Freddy’s a 4 inning pitcher now, if even that…

  233. Lily says:

    great freddy! another homerun.

  234. WHIPunk says:

    Baltimore 4-0 bottom of the 7th.

  235. EDDARD says:

    Yeah, it’s all over now. If I were Girardi I wouldn’t even show up tomorrow.

  236. goterpsgo says:

    Damnit Freddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  237. The Troll says:

    Ok. That’s about all I can manage for the week . . . It’s going to take some kind of miracle to pull the Yankees out of this epic collapse.

  238. Athenian says:

    Game. Sweep tomorrow. This is like watching the early 90′s teams. Just bad from top to bottom.

  239. Kramerica Industries says:

    It was nice knowing you all.

    I’m gonna be in the fucking slammer for life after tonight.

  240. Need Pitching & Hitting says:

    Can somebody please step up?



  241. Nice Scheister says:

    I predict this game will end 2-4. This is a sad brand of baseball. I’m gonna watch desperate housewifes, at least those broads put forth effort.

  242. Cuso says:

    Do they turn on the vents in the bottom of the innings?

  243. AnthonyD says:

    The irony of Garcia leaving anything on the plate….

  244. WHIPunk says:

    Can we take him out now????!!!! Come on!!!!

  245. Need Pitching & Hitting says:

    Get him the fuck out of the game please.

  246. The Guns of Navarone says:

    It’s almost like he isn’t really a good pitcher. That’s so weird.

  247. Cy Pettitte says:

    this is just a fucking joke now. the Yankees are the laughing stock of the league.

  248. Kramerica Industries says:


  249. forensic says:

    Woohoo! Leave him in longer. It’s not like any of this could’ve been predicted.

  250. Nathan says:

    Fuck this.

    And fuck Garcia.

  251. Hummingbird S. says:

    no point in taking him out now, just leave him in, the game is already lost

  252. Lily says:

    this is comical. tied for first tonight

  253. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Team sign BJ Upton.

  254. EDDARD says:

    The Rays are even hitting more home runs than us now. It’s over, folks.

  255. Buddy says:

    Awwwwww. Poor Yankee fans….. They NEVER win.

  256. forensic says:

    Impressive that it took them this long to even get ANYONE up in the pen. It’s like the blind leading the blind in there now.

  257. Hummingbird S. says:

    they wait till he gives up 5 runs to get somebody up in the pen… and the one guy they get up is the one pitcher worse than Freddy… FUCK YOU GIRARDI.

  258. Nice Scheister says:

    AN OUT…………amazing.

  259. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Looking forward to Garcia getting another deal with us.

  260. The Guns of Navarone says:

    Put in Scott Proctor.

  261. Tom says:

    0-2 to eventual HR
    1-2 to eventual HR

    (He was also 1-2 in the Longoria AB on his HR)

    Freddy just doesn’t have the stuff to put hitters away consistently. That’s why he runs up the pitch count, which allows hitters to see more of his offspeed stuff and when he makes a mistake he’s going to get hit.

  262. Chilango says:

    No middle relief, and three 5th starters. RISP is near the ’67 Yanks mark. The only difference is the payroll. Disgusting on many fronts. Used to be a 5-2 deficit was doable. Now it’s a blowout.

  263. Need Pitching & Hitting says:

    It’s 100% incompetence that Freddy is still in the game right now.

  264. Hummingbird S. says:

    was it he trying to accomplish by leaving Garcia in?

  265. stuart a says:

    garcia sucks. the offense is gutless. arod, cano, te, grandy, swisher, they are players. nothing special…this team is toast. I cannot believe how this team just folded.

    CC on the mound has not done his job either.. a colossal cave…

  266. Cy Pettitte says:

    Ichiro and Kuroda needs to inform this team about the Japanese ritual of seppuku.

  267. Karl Krawfid says:

    Throw a Yankee a Change up and coast to victory. This team is so fucking sad to watch.

    All these shitty pull hitters beating the pitch into the ground night after night.

  268. Will The Thrill says:

    I’m so glad I’m not actually watching this game and just following it. Fuckimg pathetic. $200MM payroll and they can’t play .500 baseball in the second half. Laughable.

  269. Tony says:

    How is Freddy still in? Its unbelievable

  270. Cuso says:

    Oh my God.

    Seriously. Eppley is Scott Proctor

  271. Lily says:

    im shocked freddy is still in there after the walk to longoria

  272. forensic says:

    Homerun, homerun, hard grounder, walk…

    He’s looking good, lets leave him out there more. There’s certainly no precedent for him completely imploding at this same damn time in every game.

  273. Cy Pettitte says:

    lol at Kay. they could have 50 innings left, they ain’t scoring 3 runs.

  274. Big Member says:


    sOME PEOPLE here do not realize that this is just a startegies our genies manager is playing. he wants us to take the wild card becasue we will face a weaker team in the playoffs. i guess al the poeple here dont remmeber how we purposely lost to the rays at the last game of last ear? so they can make the playoffs and we can face the weaker team?

  275. stuart a says:

    this is a team of frontrunners. when they get knocked down it is over…

    the good news is we still have arods contract for about 5 years and jeter for 2 more years…

    there are only clouds out there…………..

  276. forensic says:

    Hard-hitting analysis from Lou.

    “The at-bats are getting harder for Freddy now”

    Thanks for explaining that to us.

  277. goterpsgo says:


  278. Lily says:

    please offense show SOME life

  279. mt says:

    Orioles at 7 runs and counting.

  280. Tom says:

    Thank you Mr Maddon for not starting the runner 3-2. The guy’s a genius and unconventional and aggressive, so this won’t be mentioned by the ESPN crew.

    I’m going to go out on a limb and say it will take at least 6 runs to win this game (and no I haven’t been drinking)

  281. JMK says:

    I’m not a pessimist by any standard, but it’s nearly impossible to imagine this team hoisting the World Series trophy.

    • WHIPunk says:

      Can’t judge that till we get the entire team back (nearly there) but I do agree it’s nearly impossible to imagine them winning this game.

  282. Big Member says:

    nice to see Robbie getting emotional support with arod hitting behidnd him…props to girardi.

  283. tommydee2000 says:


    This team needs a housecleaning: Cashman, Girardi, the coaching staff, a number of players and their contracts, and…

    Hank AND Hal WILPON!

  284. C says:

    O/U 10.5 pitches this inning

  285. fuck this team says:

    fuck this team

  286. fuck this team says:

    here comes a swisher home run. It’ll happen because there’s no one on and it isn’t an important hitting situation

  287. mt says:

    The only good thing about this game is that we may stop hearing Girardi and Jeter say – “I would rather be where we are than they (Orioles and Rays) are and we still control our destiny” – unless we score some runs here, we no longer control our destiny

  288. edmond says:

    I think the first guy said it best, if you cant beat Alex Cobb, you dont belong here, and this team doesnt!

  289. The Guns of Navarone says:

    Lou Piniella is not helping out with my overall health right now.

  290. JMK says:

    Lou is an expert analyst. To win the division, you have to win some baseball games.

    Thanks, Lou.

  291. fuck this team says:

    yep fuck this team

  292. forensic says:

    Is the only question remaining whether they’ll get the 3 hits needed to finally pass 6 in one game?

  293. Cy Pettitte says:

    lol Swish sit down you useless fuck. what is he like 3 for his last 40 with 20 strikeouts or something?

  294. Chilango says:

    Hey Swisher K’s again. At least he’s not batting 2d

  295. JMK says:

    At least Swisher saw more than two pitches. Pretty shitty silver lining, I admit.

  296. TomH says:

    Wasn’t it Orel Hersheiser who caught shit here some weeks ago, when Yankees were way ahead, for saying they were only “the fourth best” team in the league (or baseball–I forget which)?

    He was generous.

  297. WHIPunk says:

    And Cano actually hustles down the li…… oh wait.. :/

  298. The Troll says:

    And Cano jobs the line . . .

  299. fuck this team says:

    If you could trade the yanks now for the twins right now, just to finish out this season, who would you take? Not as simple as it seems. Oh wait hold, on gotta watch Cano mail it in for the rest of the night. He got his hit for the day – now it’s all smiles in the dugout.

  300. The Guns of Navarone says:

    A fly ball!!! Small victories.

  301. Hummingbird S. says:

    they gave up..

  302. WHIPunk says:

    Like a bunch of lemmings falling off of a cliff… sigh.

  303. Cy Pettitte says:

    lol another sub 10 pitch inning. like I said, they should just stay in their hotel rooms and watch PPV porn all night on Hal’s dime. don’t bother showing up.

  304. yanks or death says:

    i dont like anyone on this team outside of jeter

  305. goterpsgo says:

    OK I’ve had enough. I still have some episodes of Daily Show/Colbert Report from last week to catch up on – I’d rather watch professional comedians rather than this joke of a team. ttyal.

  306. DT says:

    I could care less if we resign swish or not. Too bad there aren’t any better options besides the often injured Josh Hamilton.

  307. tyrone sharpton says:

    time to oil up the asses…

  308. Closing up shop for the night, I’m going to try to not listen to the game on the way home, so I can be either pleasantly surprised when I get home, or understandably disappointed.

    • The Guns of Navarone says:

      I would avoid it so John Sterling doesn’t dry hump you every time there’s a fly ball that gets within 50 feet of the fence.

  309. Widger says:

    Great inning guys. Really.

  310. Kramerica Industries says:

    This team has done NOTHING to stop the bleeding that began back in Oakland.

    Not only do they deserve what’s happening to them – they’ll be lucky as fucking hell to not be in 3rd place once the Orioles are done with them. Fucking pathetic in every possible way with this team.

  311. The Troll says:

    ESPN reminding me how epically bad the Yankees have been. Thanks for the salt, assholes, I’ll rub it in myself!

  312. forensic says:

    Good, more analysis from Lou.

    “They’re hitting harder balls more consistently off Freddy now.”

    I’m glad he’s there to explain difficult to discern things like this to us.

  313. JobaWockeeZ says:

    It’s like clockwork. Freddy HAS to leave at 100 pitches give or take a pitch. What’s the point of showing up if you have a set strategy?

  314. Karl Krawfid says:

    Blaming CC is dumb.

    7 innings 3 runs.

    Win the fucking game.

  315. The Guns of Navarone says:

    Thanks for coming Freddy. In fact, I’d like to thank the entire team for showing up tonight.

  316. The Troll says:

    I just want to know what the homers are saying now . . . the ones that insisted that most games were meaningless because of the 10 game division lead. Where are you now?!

  317. JMK says:

    What was that, 7 pitches the Yankees saw that last inning?

    I don’t expect the Yankees to win every year. But it’s especially hard to watch when in winter I was imagining bringing back a stacked offense with Pineda, CC, Kuroda, Andy, Nova, Hughes, Freddy, Phelps, Warren, Banuelos, Betances and a really good bullpen.

    This is as much Murphys Law as I can remember a first place team – for now, anyway – ever facing.

  318. Tom says:

    The problem is the hitters don’t seem to be able to make adjustments. They have one approach and that’s it.

    It’s one thing for the lefties to be fooled on the 2 seamer coming back over the plate the first time through the lineup; but they are looking back at the umpire on pitches that aren’t even marginal and are catching a lot of the plate the 2nd and 3rd time around.

    Make an adjustment.

  319. Nathan says:

    Is there any decent FA pitchers this offseason? Garcia isn’t cutting it.

    Sabathia, _________, __________, Hughes, Nova.

    Kuroda and Pettitte would be OK in the spots but I’d like to have either Hughes or Nova, not both.

  320. mt says:

    I know he was horrible before he hit DL but does Nova nake Freddy’s next start – probably not, Nova may need a little more time – maybe Freddy gets one more start in – drumroll please – Baltimore on Sunday.

    The only solace I take from this is that Red Sox are not pursuing us – would be losinbg my mind if we blew this lead to Boston – I do not hate O’s and Rays like I loathe Boston. (Also get to see O’s on MASN because of where I live so I do have alternative ofseeing winning baseball every night:-)).

  321. WHIPunk says:

    Greatttttttttt job right there.

  322. ArchStanton says:

    Rapada- the left-handed one walk guy.

  323. Need Pitching & Hitting says:

    Love it when Loogy’s walk lefties.

  324. Hummingbird S. says:

    Here we go with the 5 pitchers inning… FUCK YOU GIRARDI

  325. Mike N says:

    Rapada and Eppley are both completely worthless. How the fuck are they still on this goddamn roster?

  326. Mike Stanley says:

    Is there anything in the world more gutless than walking a guy you had 1-2?

  327. forensic says:

    Heh, Singleton and Piniella doing their best to convince people the team isn’t dead and they should keep YES’s ratings up…

  328. The Troll says:

    At least my prediction on Cobb is lining up to be true . . . If he goes two more innings and lets up just ONE more single then I am a genius!

    • The Troll says:

      I also predicted (in the first inning) that the Yankees would proceed to shit the bed after scoring TWO right off the bat. Bow down before me for I am NostraTrollus

  329. Cuso says:

    Wonder how K-Long’s book is selling?

    Ok, that was low…

    • Billy says:

      Why blame Long? Look at our 5-9. AAA players

      • WHIPunk says:

        You mean two? Nix and Dickerson are the only AAA players hitting this game.

      • Cuso says:

        Meh, I’m not rally “blaming” him. I just threw it out there as cannon-fodder.

        I agree it’s not his fault. This team is just not hitting at all though.

        I should say that I don’t really believe hitting coached can affect veteran hitting anyways: bad or good. I think he may have gotten too much credit for Granderson’s adjustments.

  330. Kevin says:

    Most disgraceful team I’ve seen in my lifetime. 2011 Red Sox,meet the 2012 Yankees.what a JOKE!!!!

  331. Big Member says:

    even if one of Ibanez/Nix/C-Dick gets on base (highly unlickily) they will have the mighty stewie to drive them in

  332. Hummingbird S. says:

    ibanez still hitting.. he cant be serious

  333. Cy Pettitte says:

    sometimes you just have to tip your cap to a great pitcher like Cobb or Randy Johnson or Greg Maddux or Cy Young.

  334. Tom says:

    Good lord does Sutcliffe fellate Maddon between innings?

    He is just out of control tonight.

  335. JobaWockeeZ says:

    It’s not the cup’s fault you suck Raul.

  336. Hummingbird S. says:

    Moore will pitch 8 shutout innings tomorrow with 12 K’s and 1 BB.. I love this lineup

  337. Widger says:

    hilarious how the second they get down they stop hitting completely.

  338. JobaWockeeZ says:

    That was right down the fucking middle.

  339. The Troll says:

    Straight down the middle. Let us all join in a communal laugh. This team is t-t-toast!

  340. Defensive Indifference says:

    Wow. This is brutal. They simply have nothing.

  341. Hummingbird S. says:

    another under 10 pitch inning.. another game they score 2 in the first and don’t score again. this team is a fucking joke

  342. Cy Pettitte says:

    hahahah great job offense. 9 straight retired. all you have to do is take the lead on this team and they roll over and die. someone should tell them whoever leads after 9 wins, not whoever gets to 3 runs first.

  343. Karl Krawfid says:

    Yankees score 2 runs in the first and tell Freddy to pitch a shutout.

    • Kramerica Industries says:

      Everything about team is in absolutely fucking flux right now.

      This team would lose a 7-game series to the fucking Astros right now.

  344. Widger says:

    The Orioles are going to score more runs this inning than the Yankees saw pitches this past inning. Holy shit I hate this team.

  345. fuck this team says:

    2 runs in the first and then nothing the rest of the way. Where have I seen that before…

  346. Tom says:

    Chris Stewart’s last AB – 11 pitches
    Next 8 batters – 21 pitches

  347. JMK says:

    I can pretty much guess how the responses will go, but serious question – are any of you interested in Greinke? If so, at what price?

    Personally, I think people make the whole social anxiety disorder something they can easily peg when it’s not that simple. I’m not saying he would do well – I’m not an expert, nor his doctor – but if he says he’d be unfazed by it, sign the man.

    Again, just my $0.02.

    • Mike Stanley says:

      It’s stupid. He’s fine.

    • Cy Pettitte says:

      he would be great on this team. I could see him completely imploding. I think that’s what we’re missing, a guy like AJ who can blow a game in the 2 innings. Then you don’t have to suffer through games like this where you think there’s a chance they could win

    • WHIPunk says:

      I have social anxiety disorder and I can’t personally speak about Greinke’s conidition, but there’s a reason he has personally put a no trade clause including New York. He doesn’t have the mental capability to withstand the media/fans/expectations. Look how he did in the playoffs last year under pressure.

      • JMK says:

        Lots of guys do poorly in a handful of games, it doesn’t mean they can’t handle pressure/expectations.

        He was willing to drop his no-trade clause in 2010 when on the Royals. It was Cashman who rejected Montero and Nunez for Greinke.

    • Nathan says:

      I’m interested in Grienke…then again, I’m interested in just about anyone that is an upgrade over Hughes, Nova, Garcia.

      Then again, it all comes down to Hal and Cash. I don’t see either one going out and spending though. Probably a rotation similar to this year’s, sadly.

  348. ClayDavis says:

    Remember when Hank pretended that he gave a shit? Now all your hear from this ownership is this stupid slf imposed salary cap. It never helped but I would have loved a declaration from George. Shit is embarrassing.

  349. WHIPunk says:

    Wow 12-0 Baltimore, whats the chance we come back tonight? Who’d take the over on 20%? Not me.

  350. The Troll says:

    Kurkijan talking about the epic collapse again. Sorry Greg.

  351. Kramerica Industries says:

    Orioles having a run differential busting game tonight.

    They’ll need to make it look better for when they assume first place tomorrow night.

  352. Tom says:

    Does anyone know how big the Yankees lead once was? ESPN has not mentioned it at all.(and by “at all” I mean the last 10 seconds)

    I know it’s a big story but every 2 or 3 minutes is absurd.

  353. RetroRob says:

    Ummm, more hitting please.

    Actually, any hitting, please.

  354. Kramerica Industries says:

    I also see that Joe doing what he did had no effect on this team tonight.

    So there goes that theory. This is like MythBusters with all the possible “waking them the hell up” theories that aren’t working.

  355. The Troll says:

    Cano is ALL smiles in the dugout.

  356. Chilango says:

    Cobb: ERA 4.40, ERA+ 86, H/9 9.2, WHIP 1.322.

  357. ClayDavis says:

    Since the Red Sox are out of e race, ESPN has to get some satisfaction.

  358. Cuso says:

    I’m watching Point Break and just following RAB commentary instead

  359. At Least Mitt Will Win says:

    Cano, laugh it up in the dugout buddy. Enjoy your night. I think he thinks he’s in the Rays’ dugout. I wish one of the leaders on this team would say something to him. Hate seeing a team play this bad and then joke around in the dugout like it’s slowpitch softball and they’re just enjoying the company of their drinking buddies.

  360. Cy Pettitte says:

    they PH Ichiro LOL

  361. Tom says:

    Well at least Eppley has looked good. (though part of me thinks that’s fools gold)

    I know we are entering the typical Giradi (via Pena) give up portion of the game (down more than 1 after 7), but at the very least hopefully they scratch out a run or two, make the Rays use a bit of their bullpen and get Rodney in a 2nd day in a row

  362. tyrone sharpton says:

    Rays and Baltimore are cuming from behind…this is depressing

  363. Cy Pettitte says:

    super fucking AB Ichiro. just pathetic.

  364. WHIPunk says:

    Ha!!! Ichiro, really Cashman, the best you could do?

  365. Hummingbird S. says:

    sad… wonder what goes in his mind to take that pitch

  366. AnthonyD says:

    Everyone keeps complaining about the Yankees hitting – have you guys looked at this line up? How BAD it is right now? Look at 5-9. 3 guys that shouldn’t be on a roster, a shot DH that had a couple “hot months”, a guy just getting back from an injury. Granderson has been terrible. Just abysmal since the break. So if you don’t get production from Jeter, Swish or Cano – where do you expect it from? Already got 2 runs from Swish / Cano.

    • WHIPunk says:

      We are missing 1 hitter from our normal lineup which is Teixeria, Stewart is Martin’s backup and you can lay that one on Cashman, but does not negate the fact that he is a semi-regular.

    • Matt says:

      The Red Sox had no problems last year scoring a ton of runs with a lineup that was just 5 players deep (Ellsbury, Pedroia, Gonzalez, Youkilis, Ortiz). Have you seen the players they have plugged in this year? Mauro Gomez? Ciriaco? Podesdnik?

      The bottom line is that not one player on this team has stepped up their performance this season. When almost every player in your lineup is having a below-average season, it’s hard to blame the injuries. They have more than enough bats, and not enough guys actually hitting the ball.

      • AnthonyD says:

        My point is more that they suck – not that they are dogs or whatever. I’m not blaming it on injuries, I’m not blaming it on anything. I’m just looking at this line up and wondering where the runs outside of Jeter, Swisher and Cano are going to come from.

  367. Wil Nieves Number 1 Fan says:

    Ichiro will be rejuvenated when he’s traded to New York.

  368. Widget says:

    Would rather have seen Martin bat instead of Ichiro. That guy is all sorts of cooked.

  369. EDDARD says:

    Greg Maddux pitched a gem tonight. Only made one mistake to Robbie Cano. Tip your cap to him.

  370. Tom says:

    Terrible AB by Ichiro, but that 2nd pitch was maybe 8″ off the plate. For a guy who’s not giving the call 2-3″ off the plate that is just ridiculous.

    And of course ESPN would not put a K zone up on that.

  371. Hummingbird S. says:

    here comes the Granderson popout and Swisher K

  372. Mike N says:

    Lou is into it: “C’mon, Granderson!”

  373. Big Member says:

    wow yankee players pissing me off…im following the game on game day and they are all smiling on their player photos…your losing why are you smiling?

  374. Cy Pettitte says:

    If Grandy got paid by the K he’d be fucking bajillionaire

  375. Hummingbird S. says:

    hanging pitch, middle of the plate.. Granderson might be legally blind

  376. WHIPunk says:

    Sigh Granderson… Austin Jackson and his .387 OBP is a smack in the face right now.

  377. EDDARD says:

    Granderson couldn’t make contact if he was swinging at a beach ball.

  378. Defensive Indifference says:


  379. Nice Scheister says:

    Granderson needs his damn eyes checked.

    • mt says:

      You might be joking but I have thought the same thing – remember when Bernie Williams got Lasik surgery? Maybe there is something. He just looks so lost and swinging through hittable pitches (as opposed to Swisher who is fooled by speed and hurt by over-swinging)

  380. Matt says:

    In the last 11 games, this is what the Yankees are hitting AS A TEAM:

    .203/.272/.338, 3.09 R/G

    Over this same stretch, the Yankees pitching put up the following line:

    98 IP 90 H 28 BB 85 K, 3.77 ERA 1.20 WHIP

    Is anyone surprised?

    • WHIPunk says:

      Surprised by the ERA, thought it would be higher, though combine that with the relievers ERA and you got yourself a team!

    • Nice Scheister says:

      I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. Fire Kevin Long and hire Barry Bonds as the hitting coach!

    • Matt says:

      If they just hit even at a remotely respectable level, they would probably be 5 games up in the division still.

      That is how bad they have been. And the injuries are no excuse, because Jeter, Swisher, Cano, and Granderson have been struggling mightily lately.

      This is a collapse that is nearly 100% the fault of the offense. Even with the bullpen struggles, their team ERA is still excellent over the recent stretch. Part of that is probably due as well to the inexcusable errors turning many of those runs unearned. But even turning those unearned runs to earned only moves the ERA up to 4.22, and every team has that happen.

      In June, the incredible starting pitching covered up the obvious weaknesses of the offense. Their ERA as a team in June was 2.99, but when it has returned to normal levels they have been a .500 team.

    • Matt says:

      Over this same stretch:

      Jeter- .204/.291/.408
      Granderson- .143/.162/.343
      Chavez- .241/.303/.241
      Jones- .100/.217/.100
      Ibanez- .074/.138/.185
      Ichiro- .179/.220/.205
      Teixeira- .167/.273/.222

      Only two guys hitting even a lick were Cano (.283/.340/.609), Swisher (.255/.327/.426), and Martin (.257/.297/.371)

  381. Hummingbird S. says:

    god forbid swisher swing at that hanging breaking ball down the middle..

  382. WHIPunk says:

    Whens the last time we had a runner in scoring position this game? I genuinely want to know.

    • Nathan says:

      Doesn’t matter. Runner on third with no outs, three balls and a blind pitcher and these Yankees wouldn’t be able to score.

  383. Drew says:

    Will the real New York Yankees please start playing some baseball. Getting really tired of watching the Seattle Mariners lose to the Rays and Orioles in critical spots.

  384. yanks or death says:

    is it bad if i’m rooting for swisher to strikeout at this point?

  385. Nice Scheister says:

    Kipper : “Nothing ever really happens.”

  386. Karl Krawfid says:

    Change up sit down.

  387. Cy Pettitte says:

    fucking Swish is racking up the K’s like he needs a new sombrero wardrobe.

  388. Hummingbird S. says:

    who could see that coming? swisher k’s when the game is on the line

  389. WHIPunk says:

    The body language on this team is AWFUL.

    • WHIPunk says:

      The fact we are going to be tied for 1st place is hitting me right now and I’m mad as hell, George is rolling over in his grave.

  390. Chilango says:

    I hope the Yanks rally in the 9th so Swish can get his 2d sombrero of the week,

  391. Big Member says:

    swisher needs to be brought back in the number 2 spot. he is not comfortable hitting 3rd

  392. The Guns of Navarone says:

    I’m seriously amazed at how useless this team is against a changeup.

    • Nice Scheister says:

      It’s disgusting. They should give all the regulars (besides A-Rod, he just got back and Jeter he’s Jeter) a day off and go with

      Jeter SS
      Chavez 3B
      A-Rod DH
      Pearce 1B
      Dickerson CF
      Nunez 2B
      Ichiro RF
      Nix LF
      Cervelli C

      Or call up another OF and sit Ichiro, the lack of heart is disgusting.

  393. WHIPunk says:

    Oh god Joba.

  394. WHIPunk says:

    A Cervelli sighting!!!

  395. Hummingbird S. says:

    Joe trying to spare Rodney, brings Joba in..

  396. JMK says:

    Frankie Blue Eyes being back is what sparks a Yankee win streak.

  397. The Troll says:

    Hey Mike, I’m not saying that you do this but I DARE you to put a positive spin on tonight’s game. I think bullshit is the only kind of shit this team deserves right now . . .

  398. Hummingbird S. says:

    very impressive inning by Joba.. showed command of the FB

  399. mt says:

    ESPN has been dropping little ” Yankees have been awful” nuggets all night – one they just dropped – Grandy who led league in runs scored last year with 136 has not scored a run on something other than his own home run since August 12. Now Grandy is batting in a different position than last year but still that is pretty stunning (but not surprising if you watch the games like we do).

  400. WHIPunk says:

    Lol @ Kay maybe Joba’s performance will put a spark into the Yankees, if Girardi and his vein on his forehead can’t get the Yankees to play with some grit, then I thought Joba will make it happen.

  401. WHIPunk says:

    Baltimore won, 3 more outs till the inevitable tie.

  402. WHIPunk says:

    Keep on talking about how Joba threw so well to distract what is actually happening Kay.

  403. The Troll says:

    Rodney’s got some sweet pubes on his face.

  404. The Guns of Navarone says:

    They got this. It’s not like Rodney has been untouchable.

  405. Cy Pettitte says:

    can we start a campaign #FireGiaradiHireO’Neill? Paul O’Neill wouldn’t stand for this shit.

  406. WHIPunk says:

    Weak Cano…. Weak.

  407. Chilango says:

    Another change another K

  408. Hummingbird S. says:

    9 Ks and 1 BB… heck of an offense

  409. The Troll says:

    Rays fans look so happy. I’m so jealous. Moreover, though, I’m confused. I didn’t know there was such a thing as a Rays fan base.

  410. WHIPunk says:

    Teams have started scouting us correctly lately, I read that the Yankee take so many pitches that often pitchers will know they can start out 0-1 by just throwing an average pitch for a strike.

  411. King George says:

    It’s been a good run, this year is done. I don’t give a shit if people call me out. Here’s a sample size for you. All of the fucking second half. Quality baseball. Sweet!

  412. Jimmy Is Key To David's Cone says:

    “Wasn’t even close on that changeup” – Michael Kay,talking about Robinson Cano, or about every single 2012 New York Yankee.

  413. WHIPunk says:

    Wow 15 MPH difference with his changeup, thats Santana territory.

  414. Hummingbird S. says:

    6 HITS!!!

  415. WHIPunk says:

    Ughhh and A-Rod passes Babe Ruth on the hits list.

  416. The Troll says:

    Strike zone seems to have gotten a tad bit bigger this inning.

  417. EDDARD says:

    Best case scenario if we don’t make the playoffs- Cashman and Girardi are sent packing. Paul O’Neill is made the new manager and holds players accountable. The team gets much younger as they need to cut payroll anyway. We need guys on the team who want to be there and don’t strike out 200 times a year.

  418. Tom says:

    One more runner…. and you never know….

  419. Ppiddy says:

    Wow. They got a hit against the homeless looking guy

  420. ClayDavis says:

    I do wonder if Jeter is beginning to feel like Clark Griswold after joining the jelly of the month club.

  421. Nathan says:

    God, look at that dugout shot. It’s like it’s an elimination game and they’re about to go home.


  422. WHIPunk says:

    A-Rod should have stayed on first, better chance of us getting a home run if he’s not in scoring position.

  423. Widget says:

    It’s going to be awesome when Rodeny crash to earth in the post season.

  424. Cy Pettitte says:

    Andy’s like “I can’t believe I unretired for this shit, I just want to go back home.”

  425. Ppiddy says:

    Tied for First!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  426. Hummingbird S. says:

    theeee Yankees suck!

  427. The Troll says:

    Wow. Fernando Rodney’s “celebration” . . . I’m quivering in rage.

  428. WHIPunk says:

    Tied for first place guys… that death siren the Rays just played is fitting, don’t know why they use that horrifying sound when the Rays win though. Sounds like an alarm before an air strike.

  429. Matt says:

    Just to reiterate, in the last 11 games:

    Jeter- .204/.291/.408
    Granderson- .143/.162/.343
    Chavez- .241/.303/.241
    Jones- .100/.217/.100
    Ibanez- .074/.138/.185
    Ichiro- .179/.220/.205
    Teixeira- .167/.273/.222

    This is NOT due to injuries. There are only 3 guys in the lineup over this stretch putting up even mediocre numbers, and only 1 of them (Cano) has an OPS over .800.

  430. DT says:

    Well on the bright side, the fact they lost it early means there’s still plenty of games left for them to crawl back out of it.

  431. Bartrollo says:

    Hate watching this team right now. It’s brutal.

    The thing that annoys me the most is watching scrubs like Ibanez, Jones, and Ichiro get so much playing time. None of them have done shit for the past few weeks. They all suck. Give some of the younger players a chance.

    • WHIPunk says:

      Whens the last time Cashman has made a significant mid-season move? Seems like forever, this whole “but I like the way the team as it stands right now” act is getting old. Especially as other contenders make trades.

      • DT says:

        Well they were in first and streaking with a double digit lead when the trade deadline hit. I doubt he expected this. Also there was really not one on the market at the time. His biggest move would have been Cliff Lee in 2010 had Seattle not decided to that they liked the awful Justin Smoak over Montero.

  432. ClayDavis says:

    Excited for the cliches

  433. mt says:

    As I said in an earlier post, the next 11 games are critical – 4 Rays, 4 Orioles, and 3 Red Sux in Boston (which will be their World Series to knock us over)- we have to start winning these games now. We may have an “easier” schedule over last 15 games of the year but it may not matter if we are 2, 3 or 4 games behind.

  434. Chilango says:

    Wake up call to the FO. We’re stuck with ARod and Tex, but we can let Swisher go maybe Granderson too and get some new talent. GO BLUE…

  435. Nice Scheister says:

    Final thoughts…

    1.) Play the kids, it couldn’t get any worse. Maybe the AAA hitting coach emphasized hitting change-ups and/or FASTBALLS DOWN BROADWAY.

    2.) That is all.

  436. CC Is Not An Ace says:

    The ship is sinking. It is time to rebuild.

    • DT says:

      Yes because our reactionary fans can totally take 3-5 years of being in last place and stock piling draft picks and prospects.

      • CC Is Not An Ace says:

        I wouldn’t say totally break up the team, but they should definitely look at trading somebody like Granderson and I wouldn’t even think about resigning Swisher. This team needs to get younger and more athletic.

        • Chilango says:

          What you said. To the spoiled fans: suck it up. The team as it is, sucks.

          • DT says:

            Lets magically make young talent players to replace our older appear out of thong air! Come on if we close our eyes and wish hard enough it must happen.

        • DT says:

          I would advocate that if there was anyone viable to replace their value. Except there isn’t. They are better keeping the team intact unless there is someone young and good who they can get. And those guys don’t appear very often. The last young athletic player was probably Granderson from 3 years ago.

  437. EDDARD says:

    Here’s the bottom line- Kuroda has to win tomorrow, period. The Os are taking care of business against teams they should beat. If we had tried that we wouldn’t be in this mess. Kuroda must win tomorrow and the Yanks must take 3/4 in Baltimore and that’s just all there is to it.

    • The Guns of Navarone says:

      I’m not sure how anyone can have a shred of confidence in this team to score enough runs to beat Matt Moore tomorrow. I really don’t believe it’s going to happen.

    • DC says:

      Damn…why didn’t it occur to the Yankees to try to beat the teams they should. Absolutely profound.

  438. CC Is Not An Ace says:

    I really hope Granderson is traded in the offseason. This team has too many players like him who just hit HR’s and hit .230.

  439. Karl Krawfid says:

    Lou P dropping knowledge.

  440. The Troll says:

    Dear Mike,

    I have ONE request for the gamecap: Can you PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE include the rubbish-riddled cliches that Girardi will inevitably spew in the postgame presser? That would just plop the cherry atop another beautiful Yankee loss. I mean it.

  441. Nice Scheister says:

    I can’t hit a baseball but I can successfully manage and a POSITIVE ATTITUDE is at least half of the battle, the other is ‘skill or will’ this team lacks will, they seem to have skill based on previous performances but the skill this team lacks is hitting the change up, IMO it’s no fluke the Yanks have sucked something awful recently as teams are taking advance of their inability to hit a change up. Teams are gonna keep throwing it until the Yanks prove they can handle it or at least recognize it and stop swinging over the top of it.

  442. aarpyanks says:

    This team is making me look good and I am sad that I said this would happen back when they were on a roll.

  443. Anthony says:

    Where is Stuart… I need my comic relief…. this team is determined to take away my chance of seeing a postseason game. Can’t comment much because I was in class + commuting… but I guess the 0′s from innings 2-9 speak for themselves.

  444. CC Is Not An Ace says:


  445. stuart b says:

    the yanks are cooked cuz noone will have 100 rbis. if ike davis were got in place of mcgee this team would be 11-0 over teh last 11 games.

    arod with anoter single surprise surprise, ike woul have had a double their

    the yanks need someone like ike davis and his clutchness

  446. CC Is Not An Ace says:

    I wish The Boss was still alive to fix this mess. He would probably fire Girardi tonight.


  447. rogue says:

    BREAKING NEWS: The Giants defend their title tomorrow night.

    Go Giants!!!

    I’m so ready for football.

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