Gardner ran the bases and bunted today, could be activated soon

Poll: Joe Girardi's job security
Game 145: Nova Returns

Brett Gardner has only played in nine of the team’s 144 games this season, but it’s possible the Yankees will have their speedster in a limited capacity for the stretch run. Gardner ran the bases and practiced bunting on the field today, and Joe Girardi said it’s a “possibility” they will use him as a pinch-runner/defensive specialist in the coming weeks.

A right elbow strain/bone bruise suffered sliding for a ball in April has kept Brett on the shelf basically all season, though he did end up having three different setbacks during his rehab before finally having surgery earlier this summer. The Yankees would have to make a 40-man roster move to activate Gardner off the 60-day DL, which really isn’t a huge deal. It’s always a concern when a player can’t swing a bat, but expanded rosters should allow Joe Girardi to limit his usage.

Poll: Joe Girardi's job security
Game 145: Nova Returns
  • Kosmo

    to little to late ?

  • Jay

    Let’s not risk another injury. Get him ready for next year

  • Rich in NJ

    He can probably outproduce Ibanez by just standing at the plate and not swinging.

    • Anthony


  • Wil Nieves #1 Fan

    You’ve already used this joke before.

    • Rich in NJ


  • Sterling

    No way.

  • viridiana

    This may be the best news of the year. Gardner on one leg would add life to this decrepit crew.

  • DJ4K&Monterowasdinero

    Pinch runner as long as he can slide without hurting his right arm. He could give us a lift on defense and will be even more of a pitch count machine now.

    • pepe

      Wrap him in saran wrap so his arms don’t get beaten up

  • Rainbow connection

    I’m shocked. I thought he was definitely out until next season. Cool.

  • JobaWockeeZ

    Use him. Now.

  • The Tenth Inning Stretch

    Can he pitch out of the bullpen?

  • The Moral Majority is Neither

    Yankees need Gardner ready for next year.

    Unless Swisher, Granderson and Cano are willing to take reasonable/team-friendly contracts I’d like to see them all traded or let go with qualifying offers.

    The team is too old/slow and the Yankees have enough to offer (big market, tradition, postseason) that they shouldn’t be overpaying players to come here.

    • Joe

      Lol All. Right cano is a goner.

  • Cano fan #1

    That means another setback is coming.

  • Chilango

    Use him, but put his elbow in a splint, he’ll still walk more than the platoon buffoons.

  • Frank

    Doesn’t make sense to me to use him as a pinch runner if he only slides head first.

  • JMK

    No thanks. Not worth the risk. I’d rather they just get him ready for next season.

  • Phil

    Why not just use Melky Mesa? He is good defensively, isn’t rusty from not playing all year, doesn’t give us a worry about being injured, and will be able to swing the bat instead of just bunt.

    • Herby

      He’s young, fast and has some power…no way it’ll happen…Joe don’t go there…

  • tommy cassella

    why the hell did the yanks call up francisco cervelli. so he could get splinters in his ass

  • tommy cassella

    the yanks never score for kuroda. if they want to win the eastern division, that has to change; starting today.

  • Baltimore Yank

    Why not save Gardner so he’s healthy for next season? Too much common sense. Yanks don’t look great. Granderson too streaky, Jeter just a good singles hitter, Cano good, but AROD and TEX flawed. Next year, the lineup should be Jeter SS, Nunez 3rd, CANO 2nd, TEX 1st, AROD DH, Granderson LF, Gardner CF, New Right fielder, Romine / Stewart. Maybe trade Granderson or TEX for youth?