Girardi called team meeting following Friday’s loss

Late rally helps Yankees to much-needed win
Game 133: Make It Four

Via Marc Carig, manager Joe Girardi called a team meeting following Friday night’s loss to the Orioles. Girardi was the only one to speak and he took a “reassuring tone,” just telling his club to relax. The meeting only lasted for a few minutes.

The Yankees have been playing what amounts to .500 ball since the All-Star break and have been especially crappy of late, yesterday’s win notwithstanding. A little talking to was certainly in order. Both Girardi and Brian Cashman held a team meeting back in May and the message was more of the same, but the Yankees went on to win five straight and 20 of their next 24. Let’s hope this meeting is just as effective as that one.

Late rally helps Yankees to much-needed win
Game 133: Make It Four
  • Ghost of Juan Espino

    I would love 20 out of 24 wins right now, but I would like 11 wins in the playoffs instead.

    • Arad


    • JLC 776

      Possibly a play-in win, too….

  • RkyMtnYank

    Let’s hope this meeting was even more effective than the last one. If they fall off again after about 30 games then the playoffs won’t give us much to look forward to.

  • draddE

    Good. I was hoping Cashman and Girardi would do something to fire up the team. It looks like the team meeting and the addition of the kids were the reason for the turnaround yesterday. Let’s hope it continues and we can get the series win today.

    • WHIPunk

      Telling the team to “relax” isn’t firing up the team, seems like more PC stuff coming out of Girardi’s mouth. That’s is the essence Joe, whether that’s a good or bad thing remains to be seen.

      • WHIPunk

        Again, maybe he said something more, no one knows, I just hope to god it wakes Cano up. I’m sick of Cano jogging like a sloth down to first when he grounds out, It really dampens my opinion of him, just my opinion.

  • Rocky Road Redemption

    Heh, I got my wish, now let’s see what happens.

  • Betty Lizard

    I just hope the meeting was:
    1. Reassuring. 2. Just relax 3. MFIWKY.

  • LarryM.,Fl.

    I have been watching the games and the camera coverage of Girardi is frequent. Its as if they are trying to see if Joe will crack as the team struggles. To his credit Joe is stoic which is helpful when thinks are not going so well.

    If he cracks the team may follow suit. So Ito hope the meeting was one of reassurance and calmness. These guys are professionals. They should be able to make yesterday go away especially if yesterday was bad.

    • Mike

      I wouldn’t call it stoic, he looks relaxed because he is stupid enough to not realize the NYY have a losing record since that trip to California 42 games ago (they are 19-23).

      Besides he keeps on saying he is happy on how the guys are batting, grounding in double plays and striking out, after all he is the one who slates 0.190 AVG Martin as our 5th bat, 0.232 hitter Ibáñez as the 6th bat, and Ichiro who hits better than those two is 7th (low OBP because he only gets on base with hits and doesn’t walk, but a hit is way way better than 4-strikeout Granderson and 5-1 Martin).

  • Nathan

    Wow…what a crappy lineup today. Ugh.

  • Rob

    This team is falling apart right now and I don’t know if they can come back. Really the Yankees have been good for just one month out of this season that being right before the All Star break. What we’re seeing right now is their worst ball at the worst possible time. Starting to remind me of those overpaid chokers of the 80’s…