Logan lets the lead get away in loss to Twins

Game 154: Single digits
Thoughts following the loss to the Twins

That loss stings. The way the Yankees lost wasn’t particularly painful, it wasn’t a walk-off or something gut-wrenching like that, but they had a lead as late as the seventh and failed to convert that into a win and increase their division lead. Bah.

Like the rookie cop trying to impress the guys on the force. (Hannah Foslien/Getty)

Tough Luck

Phil Hughes and his terrible mustache didn’t pitch nearly as poorly as his pitching line — 6.2 IP, 6 H, 4 R, 4 ER, 1 BB, 4 K — would lead you believe. He allowed a run in the fourth on a bloop/Raul Ibanez defense combination, but otherwise cruised through the game until things got hairy in the seventh. Ryan Doumit led off the inning with a legit single to center, then Chris Parmalee worked a hard-fought eleven-pitch walk to put men on first and second with no outs. A pop-up and an infield single later, the bases were loaded with one out.

Nine-hole hitter Pedro Florimon whacked his first career homer on Monday night, but he’s not really much of a power thread. Hughes still managed to fall behind him 3-1 with the bases loaded, though two high fastballs for swinging strikes set him down for the second out. Florimon walked 33 times unintentionally in 472 minor league plate appearances this season, and I think that anyone with a modicum of plate discipline would have taken either the 3-1 or 3-2 pitch for ball four to force in a run. Phil got away with it though, and rather than get a chance to escape the jam Joe Girardi pulled the plug with four straight lefties due up and his pitch count at 99.

Most to the point photo in RAB history. (Hannah Foslien/Getty)

They’re Not Saying Boone, They’re Saying Boo

Maybe appearing in every other game for the first five months of the season wasn’t such a great idea after all. Boone Logan assumed that bases loaded, two outs jam from Hughes and promptly allowed three straight lefties to reach base, but not before uncorking a wild pitch to allow a run to cross the plate. Denard Span tagged him for a double, Ben Revere drew a walk, then Joe Mauer hit a single. Just like that, the 3-1 lead became a 5-3 deficit.

Now there is no shortage of second-guessing opportunity here. Span hits lefties better than righties and Hughes had retired him all three times (on ground balls) earlier in the game, but at the same time the right-hander was leaving a lot of pitches up in the zone and had already thrown 25+ pitches in the inning. Span isn’t much of a power threat but Phil is certainly capable of giving up a homer to anyone at any time. At the end of the day, not matter which move you think was the correct one — leaving Hughes in or going to the bullpen — the loss falls squarely on the shoulders of Logan. The primary lefty specialist can’t allow the first three lefties he faces to reach base. That’s the ballgame right there.

(Hannah Foslien/Getty)


The Yankees scored all four of their runs on homers, which is entertaining because Target Field is supposed to be a pitcher’s park. Nick Swisher opened the scoring with a two-run homer in the fourth, his third straight day with a dinger. Russell Martin hit a solo shot on the first pitch of the seventh, then Andruw Jones delayed the inevitable with a solo shot with two outs in the ninth. You can’t even blame RISPFAIL for this one, they only had one at-bat in those situations (Swisher fouled out to end the first with men on the corners).

In hindsight, the two strike ’em out, throw ’em out double plays look much bigger considering the final score. Ichiro Suzuki and Martin were thrown out trying to steal second to end the third and fourth innings, respectively. Alex Rodriguez and Raul Ibanez did the strikeout honors. I get sending Ichiro, but Martin? I know he’s fast for a catcher, but you’re pushing it there.

Robinson Cano came into the game in a 3-for-25 skid but singled in each of his first three at-bats. He drew a walk the fourth time up. A-Rod and Curtis Granderson continued their struggles with a pair of 0-for-4s. The 9-1-2-3 stretch of hitters went a combined 2-for-16, so Cano didn’t have much of an opportunity to do damage with men on-base. Being held to two runs in six innings by Esmerling Vasquez is quite annoying.

Derek Jeter waited until his final at-bat to get a hit on Monday, but on Tuesday he took care of business his first time up. The single to right extended his hitting streak to 19 games, the third longest of his career and longest since 2007. Ichiro singled later in the game, and his hitting streak is at a much more modest eight games.

Box Score, WPA Graph & Standings

MLB.com has the box score and video highlights while ESPN has the updated standings. The Orioles lost to the Blue Jays thanks in part to former Yankee Aaron Laffey, so the lead in the AL East remains two in the loss column. Really would have been nice to stretch that to three. The Rays beat the sad, sad Red Sox and are five back. The magic number to clinch the division is down to seven while the magic number for a playoff spot is still just five. So close.

Source: FanGraphs

Up Next

Same two teams in the rubber game on Wednesday afternoon, when CC Sabathia will look to build on his dominant start against the Athletics. He’ll be opposed by right-hander Sam Deduno. The matinee starts at 1pm ET.

Game 154: Single digits
Thoughts following the loss to the Twins
  • Brian S.


  • https://twitter.com/Mattpat11 Matt DiBari

    Is it legal to handcuff Joe Girardi to the bench? We need to look into this

  • Evan3457

    FWIW, before tonight:

    Span vs. Hughes: 4-9, 1 BB. Now, he goes 0-3, but clearly, Hughes is diminished by throwing 26 pitches in the inning, and we know that Hughes blows up quickly when he blows up.

    Span vs. Logan, 0-5, 1 BB.

    That’s all.

  • Get Phelps Up

    I hate midweek day games.

    • Deep Thoughts

      I know right? Stewie time. Crap.

  • Deep Thoughts

    FACT: Denard Span is 1-23 lifetime against Justin Thomas with 22 Ks and a GIDP. Sad face.

    • MB

      This is facetious. I wasn’t sure.

  • forensic

    Logan’s got a terrible/great alternating months thing going this year. That means he’ll be annoying bad for another week or so. But, at least he should be really good in October.

  • Kevin

    This game could come back to haunt us. We should be up 2.5 games..instead we have a thin lead..with Baltimore still looming

    • forensic

      This game could be played the other way with Baltimore blowing an opportunity by being shutout by Aaron Laffey and company, not to mention the 30-40 other days of the season that the same thing can be theorized.

      It’s a terrible loss, but they’re not going to finish the season on a 10-0 run. They’re going to lose games. It sucks to do it like this, but at least it’s on a night that Baltimore lost too.

      And by the way, Baltimore has lost 2 straight to a last place team and 3 of 4 to a last place team and the team battling them for last place. As long as the Yankees avoid the pitiful series loss tomorrow, they’re doing what they need to better than the O’s have recently.

  • Anthony

    I’m sort of scared to comment here now. For a long time I was just another fair-weather fan. I only actually started following the Yanks (and baseball this year). Of course, there are things I need/want to learn. And what better way to do that than to participate in some discourse on some yankee-related blog? And you know what, I have learned a bunch. I learned what LOOGY means, I learned that RBIs are a useless stat, etc. Pretty cool.

    But it does seem like there are some here that use the fact that they are more “knowledgeable” and have been a fan longer as justification for dismissing opinions they disagree with as coming from (and I quote): “from a bunch of childish idiots.”

    I mean, really? How do you expect knowledge of this great game of baseball to be passed on with attitudes like that? I’m here to enjoy myself, but I’m also hear to learn. In my opinion there are very few actual ‘trolls’ on this website (who has the time to do that, anyway)?

    I said in the previous thread that the Yanks didn’t capitalize tonight while the O’s lost. And then people just start yelling like I committed some sort of war crime. I totally understand that the magic number goes down because both the Yanks and O’s lost. But why is it so bad to want as much distance as possible between us and them? Someone said complain about the worst BEST possible scenario for the team. I will be unhappy if we don’t get it, but its not as if I was blasting girardi, the binder, and hughes.

    • Anthony

      don’t know what happened but:

      *someone said complain about the worst scenario (that is, if the Yanks lost and O’s won). But why? I want the best scenario possible for the team.

      • Deep Thoughts

        Uh, sorry you feel that way?

        Part of doing stuff on the Internet is learning to deal with (read: ignore) the haters and trolls.

        Take what’s useful and interesting, respond to to what’s constructive, and let the rest go.

        • JohnnyC

          Try telling that to Steven Goldman.

          • forensic

            Speaking of which, I’ve only gone there a time or two since the change-over, but boy does the layout of pinstriped alley/bible seem like a nightmare to navigate.

      • Rocky Road Redemption

        You can complain about the team losing. But complaining about them losing partly because the Orioles also lost makes no fucking sense..

    • forensic

      Eh, don’t be scared to comment. It’s the internet, what are they going to do to you?

      Ignore the know-it-alls and the trolls. Take what advice you like and ignore the stuff you don’t. And just because one or more ‘regulars’ say something doesn’t necessarily mean it’s right.

      • Anthony

        I mean, I’m not *actually* scared to comment, I’m just lamenting the fact that opinions other than “the right ones” are getting blasted and called “childish”.

        I mean, if someone’s running around yelling “fire joe” with no set replacement or reasons why, sure, ridicule that. I just don’t see whats wrong in really wanting the Yanks to take today given that the O’s lost already.

        But thanks.

        • forensic

          There’s bound to be some in the ‘Yankees can do no wrong’ group, just like the ‘Yankees can do no right’ group. Not everyone is going to agree on everything, and many people arguably go overboard to both ends of the extreme. People like to make themselves feel superior and say that other aren’t ‘real’ fans or are childish.

          Just pick your honest opinions and go with them, until you are truthfully convinced in an actual debate that maybe you want to rethink something.

          • Anthony

            Yea, I guess your right. Nice to know there’s at least one reasonable person on here.

            • forensic

              Thanks, but I’ve had plenty of unreasonable times too. :-)

              That’s the beauty of the game though. It’s emotional and there should be places like this for both thoughtful and reactionary commentary. Unfortunately, not everyone agrees with that.

              • jjyank

                I think we can all say that each one of us has been unreasonable at various points, my self absolutely included. Especially in game threads.

                And this is at Anthony: I’m glad you’ve decided to comment here and learn more about the Yankees. This really is a great place to do it. Please don’t judge us on game threads. Things can get ugly (in both directions) sometimes. Like forensic said, it can be emotional, and game threads tend to epitomize that sometimes.

                • Anthony

                  Thanks, jj. I have to admit judging is probably one of my worst personal flaws, unfortunately. Mostly everyone on here though seems intelligent and easy to get a long with. Its just sometimes I feel there is a collectively harsh “shunning” of “wrong” opinions. But whatever, its a new day.

        • Rocky Road Redemption

          Okay dude, at least say my name.

          You keep failing to see my point. The point, which I STILL hold wholeheartedly, is that you’re placing special emphasis on this loss because the Orioles lost.

          It makes no sense to place special emphasis on a loss where the O’s lost. In fact, that means we got lucky. It IS disappointing that we missed an opportunity, sure, but pointing it out as significant is silly. When would you rather they lose? When the O’s win.

          If you’d rather they not lose at all, well, unreasonable much?

          If you’re going to call me a troll, call me out on it by name. At least when I get pissed at Greg I make everybody know it’s Greg I’m pissed at.

          • Anthony

            I’m not placing special emphasis!! I never said in my original post: “Wow, this loss REALLY NEEDS TO BE EMPHASIZED”.
            I was upset/frustrated with the loss, both because its a loss, and because we couldn’t gain a game against the O’s.
            Yes, you can say that I failed to mention that both teams lost, and so the loss isn’t the worst thing in the world. But I figured it was common knowledge and not worth mentioning. Maybe its a difference of personalities? I’ve always been ambitious – which is why I’d complain about not gaining a game. Perhaps your more complacent, and therefore just happy that the O’s didn’t win? Neither one is better or right than the other.

        • rek4gehrig

          For what it’s worth, i do agree with you. The sooner we make it mathemactically impossible for the Orioles to win the Division the better (for the Yanks and certainly for my stress levels)

          • Anthony

            Yea, exactly my thinking.

      • Rocky Road Redemption

        Okay, I was posting repeatedly that a stupid comment was stupid. That a non-troll was making this comment does not change my opinion.

        I did not insult Anthony. Here is my post, which he took offense to:

        <strong?Because obviously it’s worse to lose when they win, right?

        We get it, losing sucks, but this isn’t a super-mega-ultra-bad loss because the O’s lost too.

        His first response?

        Did I say that the season is over?

        Errrr, no, you did not, and I’m not sure how you got that from my response.

        Then he said:

        I get that its not that bad, anyone can see that. But we always say on this site that “every game is a must win”. How is tonight any different? Every win is good, especially when we can gain games.

        Okay, Anthony, here’s what you’re not getting: I DON’T CARE IF YOU COMPLAIN ABOUT LOSING. I do it all the time. Get pissed. Whatever.

        But complaining about capitalizing on the O’s loss, specifically, is dumb. Why? Because the O’s losing is not the problem. It’s a GOOD thing-the best part of the night.

        No, we didn’t use this chance to take a bigger lead, but it’s silly to complain about the fact that we didn’t lose ground when we could have. Complaining about the loss isn’t the problem. The SPECIFIC WAY you did it is dumb.

    • Rocky Road Redemption

      Are you fucking serious?

      1) Man the fuck up and call me out by name. At least when I bash Greg, and it’s very well known I dislike him, I make it clear that I’m referring to Greg.

      2) You keep missing the point and then whining about it. YES, it sucks that they lost. Complain about that, I DON’T CARE IF YOU COMPLAIN IF THEY LOST.

      But complaining specifically about a missed opportunity MAKES NO SENSE. Why? Because it is not a bad thing that the Orioles lost the day we did. It is a GOOD thing. Complaining about the missed opportunity is stupid.

      Saying, “man that loss fucking sucks, good thing the O’s lost”. Makes sense.

      Saying, “man, fucking Yankees missed an opportunity to gain one on the O’s” does not, because this scenario is not especially worse than the other possible scenario-we lose when the O’s win. In fact, it’s a BETTER scenario. So yes, I think that makes no sense.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        OMG. I thought Anthony was referring to me the entire time, not you. Funny.

        Anthony, while I don’t remember the content of what you contributed last night, I don’t believe any of what I said was directed towards you, and I apologize if you felt it was. Game threads, especially losing ones, bring out a sentiment that, while those people may not be childish or idiots or whatever themselves in real life, feel like trashing the team, the manager, etc., makes them a more “cynical” fan than those that don’t engage in open trashing. No matter who they are, they’re acting pretty juvenile.

        There are many, many rational folks on here, including site ownership and, perhaps we get a bit more drowned out than we used to during losses, but we are here.

        • rek4gehrig

          Hear hear. Can the Yanks just wrap up the Division already (then we call be friends again :-))

        • Anthony

          No problem RT. I totally understand the emotions involved (especially in losses). I think we’ll always have some people running around here screaming “fire joe”. Of course, that’s a bit unreasonable and disagreeing with them is fine. I was just taken back by all the flak I got for really wanting to gain a game on the O’s last night. Of course I was aware that they lost, and a loss by us wasn’t the worst thing in the world. But who wouldn’t sign up for extra breathing room??

      • http://stoogazzo@comcast.net Tom Morea

        Does the use of profanity invigorate your libido, Rocky Road Redemption? You are a course and foul-mouthed individual!

        • Rocky Road Redemption

          Yeah,I curse a lot. Go figure.

        • Rocky Road Redemption

          BTW, I never actually insulted somebody using curse words unless you count “man the fuck up”.

          • Robinson Tilapia

            Well fuckity fuck fuck!

      • Anthony

        The funniest part of this is that my post was not directed at you at all, really. Our exchange was mostly civil. It was more towards the collective bashing of opinions and designating them as “trolling”. You may or may not have been a part of that, but my original post wasn’t towards you at all.
        Why would I call you out, anyway? Its not very mature to want to start something.
        Anyway, even though I did not specifically state it in my post on the game thread, of course I was aware (and happy) that the O’s lost. I still think there is nothing wrong about complaining about a missed opportunity, even if its not as bad as other options that can happen (O’s win, yanks lose). But guess what – we already knew that the O’s lost. So that means one of two things can happen: The Yanks win, or the Yanks lose.
        So it makes sense (to me) to really want that win. If you don’t, its not the end of the world because they lost. But if you do, you gain a full game.
        I guess we will agree to disagree, which is fine.

        • Rocky Road Redemption

          Okay, if the post was not directed at me I would like to apologize. My cursing is not something specifically directed towards you, I just curse a lot. Go figure. I’m really am genuinely sorry for the whole thing

          But are you surprised I thought it was me? I was the dude who kept saying that I thought it was dumb to complain about a missed opportunity-I said it several times, mostly in response to trolls who posted the opposite. And the one major exchange you seemed to have was directed against me.

          You even referenced me directly, or I thought you did. since I was the one who “said complain about the worst BEST possible scenario for the team”. I figured you were referring to this comment of mine: “If we’re going to complain, complain about the worse loss.” If not, I’m sorry. The wording and gist of the comments are similar if not quite identical.

          If you really didn’t mean me, this doesn’t excuse my behavior. The game had put me in a bad mood and I was tired, so I overreacted. So I sincerely apologize for all of this and hope we can move on.

          • Anthony

            Rocky, its absolutely fine. Don’t worry about the cursing and whatnot. And yes, I can totally see why you thought I was referencing you. We were the ones having the main conversation after all. I was more or less referring to the comments calling other opinions immature and “trolling”, which I don’t think you did.

            Again, its a new day, forget about it. I always appreciate your insight on baseball matters.

            • Rocky Road Redemption

              Thank you. :-) Yankees Twins at 1, let’s go!

    • TomH

      You mustn’t assume that posters who SOUND knowledgeable really ARE knowledgeable. It’s a rhetorical trick. Nor should you take as Gospel Truth everything that passes here as irrefutable Statistical Truth. In face-to-face encounters with statistical fanatics, one soon learns that many of them have just recently entered post-adolescence and use statistics to prove they deserve the jobs now filled by older (and usually wiser) men.

      Hell, I recall on this site people insisting during losing games, in the period after the Yankees reached that 10-game lead, “You know don’t you, that this loss doesn’t matter.” Then again during the next loss. Etc. Now it’s a one-game lead. And frankly anyone who doesn’t care that the Yankees lose on a night when the Orioles lose is just as dumb as the one who said in July “this loss doesn’t matter.”

      • Robinson Tilapia

        The loss mattered. I’d much rather have a 2.5 game lead right now. That being said, I like a 1.5 game lead much better than the tie we were in several days ago.

      • Anthony

        To a newbie like me it sounds like everyone pretty much knows what they’re talking about, even if there’s minor disagreement here and there. So all of the detailed insight into the game, combined with collective raging on certain opinions can be intimidating. Makes you feel like your not understanding the game.

        But yea, your absolutely right. Every game matters in the long run.

  • Tom Q

    So, I’m sure everyone’s more or less figured this out by feel, but I went through the season game log, and…man, the Yankees are bleeding in 1-run games. Their record in all games decided by more than one run is a sparkling 68-41. In one run games? Tonight brings it to 21-24.

    And ever since that series in Oakland, when things started to go south? A still respectable 24-16 in games with two-or-more run margins. One run? A deflating 8-15.

    That, matched with Baltimore’s preternatural success in the same kind of games, is the only reason the Yanks haven’t clinched the division by now.

    And you wonder just how many of those games were like tonight’s, where they were thisclose to winning, if somebody’d just been able to get the third out of the 7th inning.

    • JohnnyC

      Would’ve been helpful if Cashman got Girardi some help in the pen this year so he could stop trying to match up lefties and righties every damn game. Logan sucks but having him pitch in almost 80 games is sheer overkill.

      • Tom Q

        You know, everyone’s been taking the attiutde that Mo is barely missed, because Soriano has given us what’s pretty close to a typical Mo season. But that’s the wrong way of looking at it. What we miss is Soriano: the guy who made the 7th inning reasonably safe territory. It feels like Joe’s been trying to make something work there all season without great success. Does anyone know how many games the team has lost the lead in the 7th this year?

        • Brian S.

          Soriano was garbage last year.

          • MannyGeee

            but he’s been legit this year… and it would have been nice to have a legit 7-8-9 with Mo closing the door.

            That said, Robertson has been somewhere between OK and shaky all season, so this doesnt land squarely on one set of shoulders. truth be told, our biggest strengths in 2011 are the biggest question marks this year (situational hitting and shutdown bullpen)

    • forensic

      They’re also 14-18 on the road in the 2nd half. There are plenty of things you can point to for why they’ve failed to accomplish their goals yet this late in the season.

  • Deep Thoughts

    I have emailed Girardi with my “Try to make sure you’re up by two or more runs late” strategy.

    Strangely, he hasn’t yet written back to say thank you.

  • BigBlueAL

    I mentioned in the game thread that tonight’s loss bothered me alot not just for the missed opportunity of extending the division lead obviously but because it also was a chance missed to gain a game on Texas.

    Maybe Im still scarred from last year but I want absolutely nothing to do with the Tigers in the ALDS. Id much prefer playing the A’s/Orioles. On the other hand the White Sox dont scare me at all.

    I know at this point its just about getting in and whoever they play it is what it is but am I the only one who wants no part of the Tigers??

    • DT

      Tigers and Angels are the two teams who are outside looking in, and i want it to stay that way.

      • https://twitter.com/KramerIndustry Kramerica Industries

        Add the Rays to that list.

        The AL playoff field, as is, is roughly how we want it. Not that the Yankees can’t beat those other teams, and playoff series’ are notoriously prone to flukes, but the odds of a poor playoff series for the Yankees goes up if their opponent is better equipped for a playoff series…(obviously)…

        I much prefer the White Sox and A’s/O’s compared to the Tigers and the Angels or Rays being in the play-in game.

    • forensic

      Not a statement on your opinions at all, but it’s just funny how history plays games with people’s minds.

      The team you’re not scared of at all (Chicago), the Yankees are just 2-5 against. The teams you don’t mind playing, the Yankees are 9-9 (O’s), 5-5 (A’s), and 6-4 (Tigers) against.

      As for my opinion, I’ve pretty much resigned myself to this team losing in the first round no matter who they face, so I’m not really rooting for anything (other than the division title so at least they have homefield advantage with a slight chance of winning the series).

      • https://twitter.com/KramerIndustry Kramerica Industries

        That strong White Sox rotation of much of the season has really petered out in the past few weeks, though. That’s probably the weakest team currently in the playoff picture.

        • forensic

          Oh, I’m not denying that, and a lot of the records just happen based on when and where you play a team.

          It’s just funny that it was the exact opposite of what you’d expect based on their actual records for the season.

      • RetroRob

        I understand what you’re saying, but I’m not resigned to it.

        I don’t see any great team. The Yankees can win just as well as any team out there.

        Just don’t bet on it!

        • forensic

          Oh absolutely, they can certainly win it. I’m just not expecting or planning on it. I’m definitely still rooting and hoping though.

          Maybe A-Rod and Cano get hot, someone convinces Swisher and (to a lesser extent) Sabathia that it’s not the playoffs, someone teaches Granderson what a slider/changeup moving down and away from him are, etc.

          They don’t need all of them to go their way of course, but either way, that’s a lot of maybe’s…

    • Anthony

      Apparently I’ve been told that we’re not allowed to get “angry” (more like upset, or frustrated, really) that we missed an opportunity.

      • Rocky Road Redemption

        Of course you’re “allowed”. How the fuck can I stop you? But to be especially mad because it’s a missed opportunity MAKES NO SENSE. That we lost when the O’s did is LUCKY. Complaining about the loss is fine. If you’re complaining about a missed opportunity, yes, that’s fucking stupid.

        • jon

          Who are you to determine what is “stupid” or “dumb”? I think in the opening paragraph of this post Mike expressed some amount of increased frustration about not winning this game since the O’s lost.

          “That loss stings. The way the Yankees lost wasn’t particularly painful, it wasn’t a walk-off or something gut-wrenching like that, but they had a lead as late as the seventh and failed to convert that into a win and increase their division lead. Bah.”

          • Rocky Road Redemption

            The way Mike is speaking sounds more like general frustration that we’re losing late in the season when the race is so close, actually.

        • http://stoogazzo@comcast.net Tom Morea

          Rocky Road Redemption not only are you a candidate for the mentally feeble poster of the year. And, not only that you think you are an authority on the Board, but you have a
          filthy mouth!

          • Rocky Road Redemption

            1) Glad I made your list, then.

            2) No, I don’t. A lot of posters here point out what sounds stupid and yeah, I do.

            3) Yes, I do. I do when they win and they lose. Just an emotion thing, go figure. In real life my mouth isn’t nearly this bad.

    • Get Phelps Up

      I would rather play the White Sox or Tigers because they’re the worse team in the worse division. Although I think the Yankees can beat any of the other AL teams.

  • https://twitter.com/KramerIndustry Kramerica Industries

    Hopefully the Jays have one more surprise in the tank tomorrow.

    And then they go into the tank for the four games that follow.

  • RetroRob


    It did seem painful to me because it was a game that the Yankees controlled for about 95% of it.

    • Zack

      The Yanks have done that several times this year as well,including last Saturday.

  • dalelama

    Nice to see Arod made his usual big game contribution tonight.

    • Get Phelps Up

      Nice to see you come up with something different to talk about.

    • DC

      Shouldn’t you be changing stuart’s diaper tonight instead of playing on the computer?

  • forensic

    Nice to see you made your usual big game contribution tonight.

    • forensic

      Damn, reply fail…

      And where was the ‘purple lips’ mention in your comment too?

  • dalelama

    Never has one paid $25M per year contributed so little.

    • Get Phelps Up

      He’s not paid $25M. Both you and stuart seem to have a hard time understanding that.

  • Rocky Road Redemption

    Interesting random fact: At the suggestion of the friend, who took this test and was curious as to my score, I took a depression test and ended up in the severely depressed range. (My friend was fine.)

    And yet, I am most definitely not severely depressed.


    • TomH

      Sometimes the clinical “depression” is the wrong word and should be replaced by “unhappy.”

    • MannyGeee

      in what inning did you take the test?

      Jus Sayin

  • tipsie

    Dear Mike,

    Please post the 2010 photo of Boone Logan with the red slash through his face.


  • forensic

    According to Quick Pitch, the Yankees have 20 losses this year after having a lead of 2 or more runs. That’s tied for the 3rd most such losses, with the Marlins, Phillies, and Red Sox. They only trail the Astros (22) and Rockies (23).

    Yuck, that’s some pretty terrible company there.

  • Tom

    The offense needs to put up more than 2 runs against Vasquez. Sure Logan shit the bed tonight but so did the offense in 6 innings against a subpar pitcher. They worked counts into favorable counts and rather than simply taking a walk, it was hero ball; 2-0 curve – swing away, 3-1 fastball out of the zone – try to jack it 500feet.

    They had 10 2-0 counts during the game. Eventual outcomes – 2 walks, 1 hit, 7 outs; they swung at the 2-0 pitch 8 of 10 times. 2-0 should be a count where you are selective and hammering a specific pitch or a specific location, not swing at anything close. This is part of the reason why I think they struggle with RISP in general, when they do get ahead they seem to get ultra aggressive when they should be getting ultra selective

    Way too many K’s and popups against such a shitty pitcher – it’s one thing when the pitcher just beats you and is hitting his proverbial spots, but the Yankees had him in an advantageous and neutral counts much of the game and when they got there it was as if they were behind in the count 0-2 or 1-2.

    Girardi doesn’t get the itchy 6th/7th inning trigger finger in games like this and start shaking for the mix and match guy when the platoon “advantage” is lost if every game is not 1 or 2 runs. If the Yankees can beat up on some of the weaker starting pitching maybe he won’t resort to platooning for dummies where the batter’s box and the pitching hand are the only key variables in play during the 6th and 7th innings (or on occasion some ridiculously small individual pitcher-hitter matchup #’s)

    • http://stoogazzo@comcast.net Tom Morea

      Excellent post,Tom!

  • Kosmo

    Today´s SP Deduno walks the park to the tune of 51 walks in 77 IP and is pitching on 3 days rest having thrown only 53 pitches on Saturday.

    • MannyGeee

      perfect day to swing away!!!!!

      – Girardi’s binder

  • playedcatchwithmunson


    Are there any stats that illustrate Phil Hughes failure to secure a shutdown inning after the Yankees have scored runs in their half? It just seems like clockwork that he gives leads back immediately.

  • sdakyank

    Logan has to take the majority of the blame in this loss. However, Girardi also has to take some of the blame. Even though Hughes was pitching a decent game, Joe needed to have relievers warming up before the the start of the inning and bring someone in after the 11 pitch walk, not after the bases were loaded.

    • Chilango

      You’d think that by now, Joe would have figured out that with Nova and Hughes, you get a righty and a lefty up in the fourth inning regardless.

  • Jose M. Vazquez

    Logan has been overworked. You cannot expect him to be good every time out. How about getting more runs so that our pitchers can coast on occasion. For those of you who are old enough to remember the Charles Atlas adds in the comics of the 50s and early sixties. There was this 90 pound weakling who was at the beach with his girl. Along came this big muscular guy who swatted him away and took over his girl. Well, Arod is reminding me of the 90 pound weakling these days as any weak pitcher just blows him away with ease.

    • Chilango

      Which is a nice irony since ARod WAS that Chas Atlas when he was doing cycles. Now the ravages of age and PED have reduced him to swatting at changeups in the dirt or getting beat up and in by a 90 mph fastball.

    • Jose M. Vazquez

      No need for the big muscular guy to swat him away.

  • Hans Moleman

    I was saying Boo-ne.

  • Squints

    I wonder how this his managers lack of confidence in him effects Hughes next time out.

    • MannyGeee

      it wont. Hughes kinda has some swagger back. Its his offense’s lack of run support, if anything, that will affect his approach next time out.

    • gc

      He should have had more visits to the mound to show him some respect. It’s CRIMINAL.

      (that was some hilarious shit during that game thread)

  • tommydee2000

    It didn’t help that Russell Martin went all Rich Gedman on us. With a man on 3rd, he needs to be on the ground for that pitch. It was the play that set the whole sequence.

  • MB923

    Joe loves Batter vs. Pitcher and expects the rate to continue each and every time. Going into yesterday’s game, Span was 2-5 off Hughes and 0-4 off Logan. So then he goes 0-3 off Hughes in the game and 1-1 off Logan. Batter vs. Pitcher = SMALL SAMPLE

  • Frank

    Girardi made the correct call. Logan didn’t get the job done. Hughes just as easily could have blown the game. End of story. Move on.

  • Better off Eddard

    Joe Girardi had a chance to essentially put Baltimore away and he blew it. A 3 game lead with 8 games to play would have been very tough to make up given the Yanks easy schedule. Hughes could have gotten the final out, not Boone. Could have moved a game closer towards best record as well. Girardi blew it.

    • Mike

      oh please . ..if Hughes stayed in and gave up the run. . you’d be the same poser crying … WHY GIRARDI left Hughes in . Its a no win situation for Girardi….

  • Bartolo’s Colon

    i just can’t see what the hell girardi is doing. why after allowing three straight lefties to get on base does he stick with boone? knowing that he has blown lately as well. i know he got morneau out, but jesus. also, ibanez in the outfield is just not right. especially why is he in the outfield with a 2 run lead in the 7th? what is going on here? one thing if he wants to dh ibanez, or even start him (i will cringe everytime i don’t see dh or 0 next to his name on the lineup) but if we have a lead and their sp is out, why is he leaving ibanez out there??

    • bpdelia

      yeah Im a guy who gets angry at losses but Im 38 and still play in a wood bat league. losses happen it sucks, BUT i have had my fill of ibanez in the OF. That needs to stop. Im also q. big believer in the defensive component of WAR being overated for all but themost extreme players. in general offensive production is more important
      but the IF “hit” that jeter could not come up with is a perfect example of how crucial defense is on a micro level and IMO is the reason for the mid aughts excellent seasons follwed by post season collapse. in the long run macro sample offense outweighs defense. in these crucial one game samples a raul ibanez is the diffe4ence between winning or going home. there is no alternative to jeternthe lineup cannot survive with nunez or nix at ss. but there are MULTIPLE superior alternatives to Ibanez in OF. Its painfully obvious that the team is vastly weaker with him in the OF. DH him? fine. but the guy just should never pkay the of. and if he does he should be out by the 5th. the bench with dickerson, chavez, Gardner and swisher with the flexibilityb that group provides means every hit that falls near ibanez is a strategic failure. long exhale…… thus ends my rant. Im moving on. frustrating though

  • bpdelia

    though to briefly clarify i believe the defensive component of WAR is over valued except in cases of pkayers on either extremes of the spectrum. likewise Im not sold on the accuracy of positional adjustments and until hit fx becomes widely available there will always be too much subjectivity. however the yankees happen to have FOUR players at least who to my eye do lie FAR out on the extremes. Gardner and even now. to my eye amazingly Suzuki are extreme outlier defenders. i am quite shocked at how excellent Suzuki. stil appears. ibanez has turned into one of the worst defenders in Yankee history rivaling Jason giambi and geriatric sheffield (another good macro vs micro value study) and sadly regardless of any unexplainable random uzr fluctuations jeter is a truly dreadful run saver. is he the most reliable ss? is his arm wonderful? of course. but jeter allows to my eye literally a minimum of 2 hits a game as a result of his once fringe average range deteriorating to “faking it”; SS levels. again cant do anything about that through at least next season but you cant compound that by running out a below avg defender in cf and dropping a turd next to him. i cannot see any justification for ibanez playing more than emergency early inning defense from here on out.