Nova (shoulder) throws off flat ground


Via George King, right-hander Ivan Nova threw long-toss yesterday for what I believe is the first time since being placed on the DL with rotator cuff inflammation a little more than a week ago. Don’t quote me on that first time stuff though. He’d been getting treatment and medication, but had to stay away from throwing for a little while.

The Yankees indicate that Nova won’t miss much more than the minimum 15 days, so this isn’t anything too serious. Then again, it is scary any time a pitcher reports some kind of shoulder pair or discomfort. Nova was getting hammered prior to being placed on the DL — 46 runs in 59 innings in his previous ten starts — and I sorta hope the injury explains why. Would be nice if he came back pitching like he did last year.

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  • draddE

    Unless he can hit he won’t help much. Maybe Girardi can try him at DH.

  • tipsie

    Teixeira, Rodriguez, Pettitte: all potential significant contributors. Nova: can’t see his relevance for the remainder of 2012.

    • JohnnyC

      If he’s effective when he returns, he might be more helpful in middle relief, which is hemorrhaging runs right now.

      • Travis L.

        Or put Nova into the rotation and let Phelps clean things up in the bullpen. I think that would be wiser. I like Phelps in the rotation, but I think he helps the team better that Nova in that situatioon.