Nova will start on Saturday


Via Erik Boland, Joe Girardi said that Ivan Nova will return to the rotation and start on Saturday. That’s Freddy Garcia‘s next turn, and I assume he’ll just be removed from the rotation rather than be pushed back a day to create a six-man rotation situation or something wacky like that. Saturday’s game against the Rays is pretty important, so hopefully Nova’s got himself straightened out.

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  • tipsie

    Raise your hands if you would sign up for a 6IP 2ER from any of these guys (Nova or whomever), any day now. Man, it has been a while…

  • LarryM., Fl.

    Hopefully, this move is an indication that Girardi has seen enough of Garcia unless its mopup work. Also, I hope it means Nunez, McGehee and Dickerson will be first choices when appropriate over, Pearce,Jones and Ibanez.

    We can only hope that the Torre disease has subsided of playing veterans above all reason over a younger guys use. Ibanez in the OF or Dickerson in the OF, DUH.

    • Laz

      Nunez should be starting on Jeter’s off days from the field. Garcia has been good for 2 innings, That’s not good enough from your starter.

    • Ted Nelson

      Nova getting healthy has nothing to do with the other guys…

      And in what way is McGehee younger than Pearce??? Pearce is younger. Pearce has far less MLB experience. Just picking out the guys you want to play for whatever subjective reason and making up a reason Girardi is not playing them is ridiculous.

      Dickerson is over 30 as well.

  • LarryM., Fl.

    Ibanez batting .225 in the lineup over a guy who can field and run circles around him. I’m sure Dickerson can go 1/4. Its befuddles me. Girardi’s moves of late.

    • Ted Nelson

      Maybe if your analysis moved past BA it wouldn’t be as odd to you. There’s no right answer, but ignoring about half the argument to make it look obvious in your favor is just ridiculous.