Nunez will play winter ball in Dominican Republic after the season


Via Jeff Bradley, infielder Eduardo Nunez will play winter ball in his native Dominican Republic after the season to make up for all the at-bats he lost this summer. He’s come to the plate fewer than 250 times between the Majors and minors this year due to a thumb injury that sidelined him for more than two months.

The Yankees wanted Nunez to play shortstop exclusively when they sent him to the minors in May and I presume they’d like him to do the same this winter. Clubs do have some say in how a player is used by their winter club, but I believe service time dictates exactly how much say. They play to win down there, a slumping player will sit even if he’s the best prospect in baseball history. Either way, Nunez needs to make up for the lost playing time and I’m glad he’ll do so this winter.

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  • pat

    OF plz.

  • kevin w.

    ^ This.

  • Laz

    They really have to make up their mind with Nunez. He has a decent bat. If you view him as a long term shortstop then he should have been starting instead of Nix. His bat is much better than Nix’s and he is way younger. If you Don’t view him as a long term shortstop then move him where you will play him. Not just play him somewhere else in the minors and sit him in the majors. You have him in the majors but on Jeters day off you sit him for Nix? Come on…

    • Joe

      Agree with what you say but at this point you can’t trust Nunez defense have to go with Nix.

      • Laz

        He is 25 and has been playing shortstop for several years. Whatever you see him doing in AAA there is what he will ever do in the Majors. If it isn’t enough for the braintrust, move him to the outfield now, don’t waste his time if you can’t even spot start him.

  • CS Yankee

    Make him play two-a-days…one game in LF & the other at SS.

  • MannyGeee

    Somewhere in a Dominican ballpark, reinforcements and safety nets are being installed behind 1B