• Hardy

    Q: Tie-Breaker Weirdness: What if Yanks and O’s tie for division but also have same record as 2nd WC team. Yanks/O’s play for division. Loser now has 1 more loss and drops out of the playoffs completely?? (Game 163 counts in the standings!)

    A: Yanks/O’s play for the division title on Thursday, October 4th (tentatively), probably in Baltimore (O’s currently lead the tiebreaker). The loser plays the team outside the division on Friday, October 5th (tentatively), definitely at the ballpark of the team in the other division, to determine the wild card.

  • http://fendersonandhampton.com Cuso

    You know, I want an actual thought-out reason for the theory that Swisher will “age better” than Granderson.

    Why? Do you use the “Carl Crawford” theory when looking at Granderson or something?

    Is it because he has a “speedy frame” that makes you think he’s going to drop off a cliff? Personally, I call bullshit on this theory.

    Granderson takes care of himself whether it be diet/conditioning. Swisher was a pudgy guy for a long time and THEN recently got in good shape (2010). I think it’s more likely that Swisher is the one least likely to age better. And in the absence of anyone explaining exactly why Swisher is in theory going to “age better,” I think you’re absolutely nuts think so.

    Is this the speedy-black-guy-depending-on-his-wheels vs. the average-white-guy-physique-that-you-can-hide-in-right-field argument or something?

    Because every time I hear the “age better” argument, all I can think of is that you have Carl Crawford in your head. Granderson’s game is nothing like Carl Crawford. Granderson is not a base stealer. What he is right now is a lot closer to what he’s likely to be in 5 years.

    What Swisher is now is likely 35-40 pounds lighter than what he’ll be in five years.

    • Laz

      3 of past 4 years granderson has had an obp below .330. Patient batters with better pitch selection seem to not fall off as badly later into their careers. Granderson is basically a lite version of Alfonso. Both strikeout alot, had speed, had power. Granderson needs a move to leftfield anyways in his next contract.

  • this space for rent

    Just reading the chat now, and I have to say that this:

    “Really? It boggles your mind that they wouldn’t throw a kid with 80 pro innings and like ten above Single-A into high-leverage innings in a pennant race? The second comment about him not making it in NY in the first place is Braindead Sports Commentary 101
    by Mike Axisa 2:47 PM”

    is pure gold.

    • Laz

      is basically my sentiment. I also think it’s a bad idea to look at him as a fresh arm. He already threw 65 innings which is more than anyone else in our pen and they are overworked.

      Logan : 49ip
      Drob : 51.2ip
      Sori : 49