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I have a very, very hard time believing that Jackie Robinson would stare down a pitcher and flip his bat after hitting a homer, but then again I never saw him play. Anyway, that’s the trailer for 42, the upcoming biopic of Robinson’s life. I haven’t seen a decent baseball movie in years, though I suppose this has a chance to be watchable. I hope so, anyway.

Here’s your open thread for the night. MLB Network will air a game a little later on (who you see depends on where you live), plus there’s bound to be some college football on somewhere. Talk about that stuff or anything else here, just not politics. That’s not a discussion for a baseball site.

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  1. Hall and Nokes says:

    You think the Angels would rather see Baltimore or us in the WC game?

  2. Get Phelps Up says:

    I never thought they could top the 15-9 game.

    • Meh, gun to my head, that was better because it was against the Sox. This was incredible though.

      • jjyank says:

        Agreed, I still gotta go with the Sox game. When it happened, we still considered the Sox our main AL East threat too.

        • vicki says:

          that’s what gives it a slight edge. though yankees entered the 9th with a lead. the sudden death of this game was intense.

        • radnom says:

          No way.

          The Yankees are 1 game up with 13 to go. Their main rival had just won in extras. There was so much more on the line tonight.

          • Rocky Road Redemption says:

            Plus this game mattered for potential tiebreakers.

          • jjyank says:

            Well then we’re defining it differently. I liked the Sox game more because:

            1. I hate the Red Sox. Maybe more than many Yankee fans do, since I went to college in their territory and had to put up with their fans’ shit for 4 years, including 2007.

            2. At the time, that series seemed big too. It was early in the year, sure, but we all though the Sox were the main threat, and thus, the games against them were big.

            3. 15 unanswered runs to come back from a 9 run deficit? Glorious.

            4. I really hate the Red Sox. Did I mention that?

            Don’t get me wrong, in hindsight, this game was “bigger”. But I felt way more giddy and epicy (I know that’s not a word) after the Red Sox game than I did after this one, personally.

            • Rocky Road Redemption says:

              I despise the Red Sox, but the series was early enough that to me, while I thought it was important, the main attraction was HOLY SHIT NINE FUCKING RUNS HAHAHA FUCK YOU RED SOX. I wasn’t as giddy because I figured it was early and only one game. Lots of baseball to be played.

              The 15 unanswered runs were awesome, but this game was way crazier. It was tight throughout, and then when we finally fell down by four runs you really just figured the game was over, the difference being that during this game you were way more pissed because it was so close. Against the Sox, if they didn’t come back they never really had a shot anyway.

            • radnom says:

              1. I also went to college in Boston, so you can’t pull that card.

              2. It may have seemed big, but not pennant race big. The entire season is in the line in these last two weeks. This was bigger.

              • jjyank says:

                When did anyone say one game was bigger than the other with regards to the pennant race? Answer: nobody.

                I enjoyed the Red Sox game more because of the reasons I stated. Feel free to disagree, but that one is the “top” game for me this year, and that was the original point we were discussing.

        • Robinson Tilapia says:

          I’m “prouder” of this game, but nothing tops that comeback.

  3. MartinRanger says:

    But seriously, NO ONE expected them to do anything but go quietly in the 13th. No one.

  4. Kramerica Industries says:

    So, this the craziest Yankee game since _________________?

    The craziest I can recall was either the Giambi grand slam walk-off in 2002, or the great comeback against Texas in 2006.

  5. Joe says:

    We’re going with Sheffield? Okay, I see you!

  6. MartinRanger says:

    alright, but tying the game? after the batting practice the previous inning. you cannot say you expected that.

  7. Ro says:

    Girlfriend and I went to see Trouble with the Curve last night. Nice story. A little slow moving of a movie. Pretty funny at times. Not your conventional “baseball” movie. Worth a view…and if I ever encounter a kid like the one who the movie is named after “Trouble with the Curve” I’ll smack his brains in. What a punk.

  8. Get Phelps Up says:

    Off to go read the Game Thread…should be fun.

  9. MannyGeee says:

    Those, gentlemen, are the kinds if games playoff teams win.

    That was 2009 shaving cream pie territory!

  10. Nice Scheister says:

    I got goosebumps watching that 42 trailer, love the Brooklyn song too. It’s gonna be great!

    • jjyank says:

      Yeah, seems pretty cool. I have a real low bar for baseball moves anyway. The fact that is involves baseball is enough to jump it from mediocre to very good in my book.

  11. Neil says:

    That movie looks really good.

  12. Internet Tough Guy Fan says:

    Next guy who says this team has no heart, no guts, no fire, no cajones eats a fist sandwich.

  13. Anthony says:

    I am still reeling from that game. Literally don’t want to move, still in shock. Yankee Classic for sure.

  14. Eddard says:

    And who were the heroes at the end? nunie and ichiro, two ballplayers who ive advocated to get more playing time because they make things happen. ibanez just made the postseason roster and andruw is done. great result.

  15. TomH says:

    About Jackie R’s baseball manners. I never saw him–against the Phillies or Yankees at least–drop the bat and stare down the pitcher. But I do recall hearing or reading this about him, that some might consider either bad baseball manners or just great baseball psychological warfare. (I may have heard this on that Ken Burns show, but I can’t swear to it). Jackie gets WALKED, so he WALKS to 1st, where he goes into his basepath terrorism, to aggravate and unnerve the pitcher. He steals 2nd. Then the same routine at 2nd. Pitcher is all screwed up and now steals 3rd. There he goes into full terrorist mode, jumping back and forth, etc. Pitcher BALKS. Jackie slowly WALKS to the plate.

    If this story is true, I have mixed feelings about that slow walk home. Surely it was meant to show up the pitcher.

    I hold long grudges against Jackie, and Snider, Hodges, Campy, Erskine, et al. Those 4 World Series (’52, ’53, ’55, ’56) were some of the bitterest, most closely fought baseball games I’ve ever seen (on tv, of course). We eavesdropped on them in school, with some guys delegated to sneaky listening on cheap portable radios. They passed notes. School out and we rushed home to watch the “excruciations” continue.

    • That actually sounds brilliant. I mean I would only accept that out of a few guys, but Jackie probably would’ve been one of them.

    • jjyank says:

      I’m not seeing the problem there. So he walked to the plate slowly? Whatever.

    • Bo Knows says:

      You mean him showing up a pitcher (and by extension every player in that stadium) who undeniably hated his guts based solely on the fact that he was black and therefore an inferior being?….if he did that, he deserves far more respect from everyone than he already gets. A Black man has been tortured and lynched for far far less.

      • Big Members Only (formerly RI$P FTW) says:

        So all white people hated all black people back then? Grow up, dude.

        • Bo Knows says:

          You need to wake up, if you think the world was all sunshine and lollipops especially during that time. And it sure as hell was far more than just a slight majority that hated the fact a black man was even on the same field as them. Jackie faced racism everywhere that includes his manager, and his teammates that is fact. He was threatened constantly and to say that at least some of those people on both the field and the stands wanted him dead would be an understatement.

          • YanksFanInBeantown says:

            “Undeniably” just seems a little strong. Probably is a better word. More accurate too, seeing as how you don’t have telepathy and can’t read exactly what was going on in that pitcher’s head.

  16. Paul says:

    What was that about not wanting a nail biter?

  17. Nice Scheister says:

    I was campaigning to take out Ibanez in favor of Dickerson in the 7th inning, he was the reason they came back and perhaps the reason the game even went into extra innings to begin with.

    • Yeah, two things I got dead wrong in this game: Derek Lowe coming into pitch and Dickerson taking over in Right for Ibanez. I look really stupid for being so upset about those.

      • Nice Scheister says:

        Hindsights always 20/20, but at the time they both seemed like legitimate gripes, I was with ya! I’m going to now be campaigning for Phelps over Nova in five days. Then watch Nova fire seven scoreless next time out.

  18. Ada S. says:

    Mike, if you haven’t seen a good baseball movie in years, then you haven’t watched Moneyball yet.

    • bonestock94 says:

      Eh, I really didn’t like it. Not for nerdy sabarmetric reasons, I just found it really odd.

    • Rocky Road Redemption says:

      It was good, but it would have been waaaaaaaay better if they hadn’t dragged on the ending.

    • Joe says:

      Moneyball wasn’t as good as advertised.

      What movie is though?

    • Leg-End says:

      I thought it was great.

    • Tom says:

      I didn’t think it was all that great; they took quite a few liberties with baseball aspects while “Hollywoodizing” it.

      You’d almost forget the knucklehead scouts who couldn’t grasp “what does he do, he gets on base” were the same guys who brought in Hudson, Mulder, Zito, Chavez, Tejada… and yet converting a catcher to a 1st baseman because he gets on base and pulling off a sneaky trade for a reliever seems to have been the key?

      As a fan of the advanced stats the movie was supposedly about, it took a lot of the enjoyment away from the movie for me; I felt they were overselling how much of a role “outsmarting” everyone with these newfangled statistics really played

  19. Chilango says:

    Yankees won for just the second time in team history after trailing by at least four runs in extra innings.

  20. Rocky Road Redemption says:

    I don’t know Mike, I liked Mr. 2,999.

  21. Joe says:

    Trouble with the curve is trying to tell us sabr isn’t the right way to go. I refuse to go see it now.

    Clint Eastwood you old school brah!

    • MannyGeee says:

      Stay off my lawn.

    • Chilango says:

      On the other hand, sabermetrics may not be the be all and end all either. Aside from the inherent problems you get in any statistical analyisis, even trends that look very reliable may not be. The sabermetric equations are based on fitting functions to sets of data, which are then assumed to be good over time. But this may not be true. There is a whole field of study that addresses this: Asymptotic Analysis

      • Joe says:

        They’re more reliable than using the sound of the bat. Saw a mini clip of the move and Eastwood’s character says something like, “He has a hitch in his swing. Can tell from the sound of the bat. Numbers don’t tell you that.”

        What the heck is that bogus? haha.

  22. Joe says:

    Wouldn’t it be fresh is Deron Williams wore #42 in honor of Robinson for the Brooklyn Nets?

  23. Rocky Road Redemption says:

    I vote this as favorite game/best win of the season over the Boston game. That was great, but it just didn’t have the drama of this game, and in retrospect while it was still the Sox and that’s significant the game wasn’t really that important-too early, for one thing, and as it turned out the Sox sucked.

    As a side note, the game thread is pure gold. Just an absolutely wonderful read. I’ve never seen the ENTIRE thread just get so dejected all at once, including our more rational fans, and then have such a complete turnaround before. Really awesome thread.

  24. Dan Gold says:

    Stop talking about rape on this website.

    Is this blog now named “River Ave Rape Talk “?

    Myself and my gay friends are taking notice

  25. Joe says:

    Anyone know the deal on the Wild Card tickets situation? I put down $160 on two seats in section 205. Now do I automatically get a ticket for game 1,2, or 5?

    Or is this a raffle?

  26. Nice Scheister says:

    I Jack, I Rob, I sin
    Awww man, I’m Jackie Robinson
    Except when I run base, I dodge the pen.

    Jay-Z! I love it, I’ve heard it before but paired with the clip above its off the yelsabar.

    • Joe says:

      Jay-Z is great.

      But Jay-Z or Nas? That is the question.

      • jjyank says:

        Nas. Illmatic is one of the greatest hip hop albums ever.

        • Nice Scheister says:

          That’s just one album, Jay is the best most consistent hip hop artist of all time. Nas is good every seven years or so. The Notorious One is the illest if longevity isn’t a factor.

          • Joe says:

            Nas has like 6 #1 albums. Including his recent.

            • Nice Scheister says:

              “Four albums in ten years? I could divide
              That’s one every let’s say two, two of them shits was due
              One was – NAHHH, the other was “Illmatic”
              That’s a one hot album every ten year average
              And that’s so – LAAAAAAAME! Switch up your flow
              Your shit is garbage, but you try and kick knowledge?”

              -The Takeover

              At last count Hova had 11; and also remember this from last from last year?

              That’s some serious shit there!

          • jjyank says:

            Sometimes that’s all it takes. I like Jay-Z, but never really heard anything that I LOVE quite the way that I love a bunch of Nas songs, specifically Illmatic.

            If you wanna expand this conversation though, I need to through in Gang Starr and A Tribe Called Quest into the mix.

          • jjyank says:

            Also, hells yes on Notorious. I’m not talking about longevity, just quality. He will always be one of the greatest. On that same note, I’ll also add Big L. Doesn’t have the longevity, but had some serious talent.

        • Joe says:

          THANK YOU. I knew this blog was the best.

        • Robinson Tilapia says:

          Absolutely, but I’d even but “The Black Album” alongside it.

          I also thought “I Am” and “Untitled” were good albums, but I generally find him to be too unfocused an artist, and the rest of the catalog just never caught my attention. Jay-Z’s had his moments of laziness, but he’s been so consistent overall, and rarely even phones it in on guest spots. It’s just no competition for me.

      • Nice Scheister says:

        No doubt Hova.

      • FIPster Doofus says:

        Jay-Z sucks.

  27. BigBlueAL says:

    Yankees all of a sudden just 1 1/2 games behind Texas for best record and they have the head-to-head tie-breaker.

    If A’s/Orioles remain the Wild Card teams Id much rather face one of them in the ALDS than the AL Central winner. Of course Yankees still have to take care of business by winning the AL East.

  28. Nice Scheister says:

    IP 165.2, Hits 188 , H/9 11.23, Runs 96, ERs 91, HRs 27, Walks 54, Strikeouts 149, WHIP 1.46, BAA .288, ERA 4.94, ERA + 86 (ERA plus not including today’s start)

     IP 91.2, Hits 76, H/9 7.5, Runs 34, ER 33, HRs 13, Walks 34, Strikeouts 91, WHIP 1.20, BAA .228, ERA 3.24, ERA + 129

    Which pitcher do you have more faith in?

  29. Joe says:

    This ND vs. Michigan game is good.

    I don’t have a favorite college team, but ND was always a team I pulled for.

    But if I get into Rutgers. Then go Scarlet Knights.

    • jjyank says:

      I guess I’d have to root for the Knights by default. Kind of hard to identify with your grad school team, though. I’ll always be a Catamount at heart. No football team there, but he had some serious hockey teams. A number of players from UVM that I watched in the NHL now.

      • Well, Martin St. Louis and Tim Thomas are two very notable alums.

        I was really hoping Marty would be on the winning side of the 2011 Conference Final. Game 7 is far and away the toughest loss I have ever sustained as a Lightning fan.

        • jjyank says:

          And trust me, there are signed pictures all over that town. My favorite player that I watched while I was there was this guy, my boy Stalburg. Dude was amazing to watch against other college teams, he straight destroyed them.

          • Ah, Viktor Stalberg. Wouldn’t have guessed that given that he’s Swedish, but you could do far worse.

            • jjyank says:

              Yep. We went in at the same time too. He turned pro our senior year, but I still got to watch him tear shit up for 3 years.

              • Too bad about the lockout then, eh?

                Hockey is a wonderful sport. The NHL is a piss-poor excuse for providing the sport at its highest level. The only positives are that it’s not as corrupt as organizations like the IOC and FIFA are.

                • jjyank says:

                  Yeah. I don’t follow it professionally as much as I should, but hockey is a blast to watch, and I enjoy it more than football to be honest.

                  • I can never answer the question of baseball, football, and hockey. Honestly, it’s all of a matter of which one is in season, or, the one at the most important point of it’s season.

                    September-October: Baseball >> football >>> hockey
                    November-January: Football >> hockey
                    February-May: Hockey > baseball
                    June-August: Baseball > well, against anything

                    There are other sports that I like (basketball, golf, and soccer), but they don’t compare to those three. It’s really too bad the NHL is doing everything it can to alienate their fans – the few that exist even today. I remember barely watching in 2005-06 after the previous lockout. I don’t wish the 2013-14 season to be the same way, but given the way these knuckleheads negotiate, I fear 2012-13 may very well be doomed.

      • Joe says:

        Not a big hockey fan. If attend about any other school I doubt they’ll have a competitive football team.

  30. vicki says:

    retire the word epic; that game had EVERYTHING.

  31. Frigging Red Sox can’t only beat the Orioles, but they also resuscitated the moribund Rays offense.

    13, 7, 12, 11 in the past four games, and it’s only the 5th inning tonight. WTF?

  32. OldYanksFan says:

    We want the Rays to do well… win ALL their remaining games.

  33. Pat D says:

    The most amazing thing about the 42 trailer? It appears that Harrison Ford is actually, you know, acting.

  34. Rocky Road Redemption says:

    Hey guys, does this mean that this is…

    Dare I say it..

    Walk-off Weekend, Part II?

  35. Joe says:

    That’s a dub for ND!

  36. Robinson Tilapia says:

    It may be for the battle of last place, but I get to sit in one of these tomorrow:

    • Joe says:

      Worth it. I went on a field trip to Metlife and I went in one of those. So cool to be in.

      • Robinson Tilapia says:

        Yeah, I’m pretty excited. I wonder if the “world class food” includes someone bringing you Shake Shack.

        I’ll just tell my kid the Yankees actually own the stadium and let the Mets play there out of charity.

        • Joe says:

          I would do that if I had a kid.

          But I’d probably make sure his first game is at Yankee Stadium. Yankees Red Sox final game. Then I put down $160 for two Wild Card tickets. My friend is paying half for his seat.

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