Teixeira expected back tomorrow, no other call-ups coming

Game 159: Must Win
Sunday Night Open Thread

Via Mark Feinsand, the Yankees expect to have Mark Teixeira back in the lineup and playing first base against the Red Sox tomorrow. He and his strained left calf have come through recent workouts fine and he’ll go through another round down in Instructional League today. The Yankees need their first baseman back badly, so this is certainly welcome news.

In other news, Brian Cashman said the team is not planning to recall either Corban Joseph or David Adams in the wake of Jayson Nix’s strained hip flexor. Eduardo Nunez is the only backup middle infielder on the roster at the moment, and Joe Girardi clearly doesn’t trust him defensively in close games. Derek Jeter and Robinson Cano should play every inning of every game the rest of the way, but I’m surprised they’re not bringing up another infielder just in case.

Game 159: Must Win
Sunday Night Open Thread
  • http://twitter.com/mikhel2 Mikhel

    So, if the sox throw at Jeter/Cano and hit them and one or both of them have to get out of the game, McGeeheeeheeheehee has to play 2B and Núñez SS?

    Though, the bosox are not know to throw at batters, much less the Yankees.

    • Ted Nelson

      If one of them leaves the game only Nunez will be used. It would require both to get hurt in the same game. They could certainly bring someone up in case and to take some garbage innings if the Yankees are way ahead in the 8th/9th, but the chances of Jeter and Cano both getting hurt in the same game is really small (especially in one series).

      This is also the situation most of the season for most MLB teams. The Yankees only had one back-up MIF active just about all season (Pena made two I believe for a short stretch or two).

  • Brian S.

    The fuck did Corban Joseph do to the front office to piss them off so much?

    • Ted Nelson

      He pissed them off so badly they put him on the 40-man and promoted him to the highest MiLB level… Man they must hate guys they do that to…

  • LiterallyFigurative

    Makes no sense to leave yourself possibly short a middle infielder, especially when you have open spots to use for the next three days.

  • mt

    Nunez is shaky (see how Girardi pulled him at SS during middle of yesterday’s game) and has only focused on SS the last few months.

    There is no downside to a move for Joseph or Adams as back-up 2B who are both on 40 man so we should do it. Maybe they also figure McGeehee can do it if Cano gets hurt during a game. If Cano gets hurt they can then call up Joseph or Adams for next game, I guess. Seems a little lackadaisical. These games are so important.

  • JonS

    That is arrogance and stupidity all in the same. It cost nothing to call up Joseph and/or Adams. You’d have added flexibility and safety.

    • Mister D

      Costs nothing at all … but money. And service time.

  • Steve S

    This is stupid. Just call up everyone – Romine, Almonte, Adams, and Joseph.

  • ArchStanton

    Yanks must really be in penny-pinching mode- they don’t even want to fork over some meal money to these guys for a few days.

  • http://yesnetwork Jim

    Wow. What’s the cost for three games? Is it more than what they’ve paid Tex, Nix, for not playing?