Teixeira will head to Instructional League for rehab on Monday

Homegrown starters picking up the slack in September
Game 149: For The Sweep

Mark Teixeira and his strained left calf will head to Tampa on Monday to begin what amounts to a minor league rehab assignment in Instructional League. Instructs are very informal, so he’ll be able to get like ten at-bats a day in game situations. Teixeira still feels some soreness in the calf but he will start swinging in the batting cage today. Earlier this week Brian Cashman said the team hopes to get their first baseman back when the Yankees head to Toronto at the end of next week, which seems to jive with this Instructs timetable.

Homegrown starters picking up the slack in September
Game 149: For The Sweep
  • tbord

    We would appreciate it if he carpools with someone other than Michael Pinheada.

    • vin

      How have I gone this long and never seen PinHEADa? The internet is slipping.

  • Marcy

    Have any of you heard of Dan Tordjman who is spreading rumors about Cano?

    I don’t belong to Twitter so I can’t respond to him but someone needs to respond to him…please.

    I would like Robbie to be able to play with a clear head.
    I’m furious that he did this and that Gammons repeated it-

  • RetroRob

    Toronto? Turf. Might not be the best place to be playing coming back from a leg issue, although as a 1B’man he’ll be running on it less than an OFer.

    • Ted Nelson

      Might not be ideal, but it’s the last series of the season. Would be nice to get some work in before potentially playin in the postseason

      • RetroRob

        True. He needs ABs. I think the last series is actually at home against the Red Sox (I have to go check the schedule), but if he’s ready for the Toronto series that would be even better. Just too bad it’s turf.

  • tommy cassella

    tex has got to get his timing back. when you are a switch hitter it becomes a little more difficult.