Update: Teixeira came through Saturday’s game fine, on pace to rejoin team Monday

Update: Nunez fine, taken out of game for defense
Saturday Night Open Thread

5:01pm: Teixeira came through today’s Instructs game fine and is on pace to rejoin the Yankees on Monday. That would be huge, they need him.

9:11am: Mark Teixeira and his strained left calf took six at-bats in Instructional League yesterday, and he also ran and took ground balls. “He’s passed every test he was supposed to up to this point,” said Joe Girardi. “He’s on schedule for what was scheduled, so that’s a good thing.”

Teixeira is scheduled to play another five innings in Instructs today, and Girardi said he’ll likely rejoin the team during the Red Sox series early next week. That’s the final series of the season, so he won’t have much time to tune-up against Major League caliber pitching in advance of a potential postseason series. It’s better than nothing though, and it’s not like his replacements have been tearing the cover off the ball either.

Update: Nunez fine, taken out of game for defense
Saturday Night Open Thread
  • Andy In Sunny Daytona

    This is good news for the big club, and I’m sure it’s good for the boys down at Instructs. I’m sure they’re sick of hearing about Sports Yapper and Juice Presses.

  • OldYanksFan

    I’m not sure how the strained calf effects his game.
    Obviously, he can’t run as well.
    Can he still be an above average fielder at 1B even if he needs to take it easy a bit?
    Can he still take a full swing even if he can’t run hard?

    Who plays instead of Teix?
    If Swisher plays 1B, then it’s a 4th OFer… either Raul or Dickerson?
    If Chavez plays 1B, then it’s another DH…. probably Raul?
    Who is getting extra ABs in Teix’s absence…. and are they better then Teix at 80%?

  • paul a

    I don’t care who plays and who plays where as long as Andrew Jones gets a permament seat on the bench. HE IS A TOTAL WASTE AND I CAN’T BELIEVE JOE KEEPS PUTTING HIM OUT THERE.