Blue Jays claim Cory Wade off waivers from Yankees

The need for more speed
Update: Jeter to have surgery on fractured ankle this weekend

The Blue Jays have claimed Cory Wade off waivers from the Yankees, the team announced. New York designated the right-hander for assignment last week. The 29-year-old Wade pitched very well for the Yankees after being signed off the scrap heap last season up until about his past June, when everything fell apart. I was a fan and hoped he would be able to figure things out, but alas.

The need for more speed
Update: Jeter to have surgery on fractured ankle this weekend
  • Wil Nieves Number 1 Fan

    Loved Tom Morello I mean Cory Wade during his time with the Yanks. Hope Cash finds another scrap heap arm or two like Wade this offseason.

    • Rich in NJ

      Nice. I never noticed the resemblance before.

  • 0 for infinity and beyond

    And here we go with a decade of Cory Wade being the most dominant relief pitcher against the Yankees!

  • Cris Pengiucci

    He was good to have while he was good. Fungible, though, as are most, if not all, middle relievers.

  • RetroRob

    He gave the team a little over a year of solid relief pitching before he collapsed. Wouldn’t be surprised if he finds it again. I wonder if the Yankees designated him at a point at the end of the season when they hoped he’d slip through so they’d have the option of looking at him again next spring.

    No problem. The next Cory Wade is right around the corner. Even better, the Yankees had this excellent righty reliever down in AAA who looked quite promising at the end of 2011. George Kontos? No doubt he could help. Kind of surprised they didn’t call him up when they hit that rough stretch in August.

    • jsbrendog

      wasn’t he traded to SF for stewart?

      • jsbrendog

        April 4, 2012: Traded by the New York Yankees to the San Francisco Giants for Chris Stewart.

        and SF did call him up and he had pretty good numbers too

        • RetroRob

          Yup, I’m aware. I just can’t resist pointing out they gave Kontos away for virtually nothing. Yes, I’m calling Chris Stewart nothing.

  • Eddard

    Wouldn’t be surprised to see him as a ROOGY for Alex Rodriguez.