Cashman shoots down A-Rod/Marlins trade rumor

Update: Jeter to have surgery on fractured ankle this weekend
ALCS Pitching Preview: Max Scherzer

4:49pm: For what it’s worth, Jon Heyman says the two clubs had a “lighthearted exchange” about A-Rod back in late-April but have not talked since. Even if they were talking, the Yankees would obviously deny it anyway.

4:30pm: Via Bryan Hoch: Brian Cashman said rumors that the Yankees are talking to the Marlins about a trade involving Alex Rodriguez are “not true.” Reports indicated that New York would be willing to eat virtually all of $114M left on A-Rod’s deal to facilitate a trade, and one variation had Heath Bell coming in return.

The Yankees will probably look to shed Alex this offseason but he does have full veto power thanks to his ten-and-five no-trade protection, so it won’t be easy. He did grow up in Miami and makes his offseason home there though, so who knows. I just wouldn’t hold my breath. At some point eating so much money is counterproductive since the Yankees will need to find a replacement third baseman and all that money will still count towards the luxury tax.

Update: Jeter to have surgery on fractured ankle this weekend
ALCS Pitching Preview: Max Scherzer
  • JohnC

    of course Cashman is gonna deny it? I wouldn’t be surprised if there is some truth to it.

    • RetroRob

      The truth is they would no doubt love to get out from under the A-Rod deal as they head toward 2014. The reality is there is no way to do it without eating so much of the contract that they end up driving up their costs, and being a weaker team.

  • chuck

    If he isnt traded he should be next years Eric Chavez at most.

  • chuck

    Btw did he strike out with the two blondes as well?

  • fin

    If the Jays could get rid of Wells, anything is possible. It seems highly unlikely the Yankees are ever able to get rid of Arod though, unless they do eat all the contract.

  • Preston

    This would be idiotic. Unless they are willing to take on significant money there is no point. Alex is a good defensive 3b, he still runs well, and he posted above average offensive numbers this season. We have every reason to believe that when his hand heals he will be a very productive player (if not deserving of his salary) going forward. Dumping him, without dumping a significant amount of salary (I’d want at least 50 million) would make us a worse team.

    • Laz

      My thoughts exactly. Especially if you dumb him, who is going to play at 3rd? He can still hit 20-25 hr in a season, and get his obp up to .350. Overpaid sure, but that is history. You can’t change his contract now. Do what puts the best team forward, and as far as I saw, he isn’t the only one that didn’t perform this postseason.

      • Hugh

        Wouldn’t disagree strongly with you or Preston. You are probably right that he will be a significantly better than league average 3B next year (though I am not sure about the subsequent ?4 years!). It just highlights the phenomenal folly of the contract he was given. Act in haste, repent at leisure was never better illustrated, no?

    • toad

      I agree with this also. I’m not happy about the situation, but I’d rather bet that he can have a comeback year or two than just throw away $100 million for nothing.

  • Mark L.

    I think the Yankees would have to eat at least $50-60 million and take back Buck and Bell. The Yanks would then have to somehow find an above-average 3B on the market. No easy feat.

  • Eddard

    I think two ballplayers can’t wait to get the first ticket out of NY- Nick Swisher and Alex Rodriguez. Swisher bashed the fans in what could have been his last game in NY. He turned against the Bleacher Creatures that adored him for years. He’s done. Girardi doesn’t have any confidence in Alex, not even to PH, not even with good numbers vs Verlander. And we hear that he’s trying to get a date instead of a hit, that’s unacceptable and probably the last straw for Girardi.

    • Preston

      Always sunshine and rainbows with you.

    • LK

      If you think Swisher bashed the fans, you’ve got pretty thin skin.

      • Eddard/Syrio Forel/Occasional Troll

        My thin skin, unpredictable mood swings, and self-proclaimed hilarity is what makes me who I am on this blog. Nobody gets more replies to posts than I. Click back on previous threads if you don’t believe me.

        And it’s going to continue. My schtick works, get over it.

        • LK

          Dude, I just clicked back on previous threads, and I can’t believe how many replies you get! You are SO COOL.

          • Cris Pengiucci

            Yup, that’s what we all live for: replies to our posts on this blog. My life wouldn’t be complete without them.

            • Eddard

              I don’t know who that is. He’s obsessed with what I say and only replies to my posts. I would equate it to ARod’s obsession of Jeter a while back. Creepy, isn’t it?

            • Hugh

              Never mind complete – I would have no life of any kind without replies to my comments on baseball blogs.

        • nsalem

          Unfortunately people are not laughing with you they are laughing at you. That’s the sad reality for you. Also Rainbow Connection and the white guy who pretended to be a black guy got much more attention than you.

          • Eddard

            I’m not trying to get attention. I’m just posting my opinions like everyone else. It’s other people who make them out to be a big deal.

          • Eddard/Syrio Forel/Occasional Troll

            No way! When Rainbow Connection switched to Big Member, he got considerably less attention. No way he compared to me. I’m prominent because I always strive to be the first to comment on a post, I say things that contradict each other (but try to make it subtle so keep the skeptical following on their toes), and I provide just enough fake optimism to have people think I’m an OK guy from time to time. Rainbow Connection can’t compare to that. Maybe a few years ago, but now that he switched names and is way more snarky and negative, he isn’t nearly as funny.

            Just stating facts. Hell, look at the replies I’m getting now!

          • Eddard/Syrio Forel/Occasional Troll

            And Tyrone Sharpton? Please. His schtick was never funny, and what little humor he had got old quick. Nobody ever responds anymore because he didn’t have enough material and got boring.

            The keys are to not switch names (when I switched to Syrio Forel I just didn’t get the same response) and to keep it fresh by mixing up your stances, moods, and motives. Face it everyone, when it comes to aggravating, infuriating, confusing, and most importantly, generating traffic…. I rule all!

            • Josh

              You shame both the literary characters Eddard and Syrio with your useless shenanigans.

  • Get Phelps Up (wins needed: 8)

    I don’t want to trade him now unless someone will eat almost all of his salary, which isn’t going to happen. He was hitting well before being derailed by a fluke hand injury this year, so I think he can still be an above average contributor going forward. Let’s give him the offseason to heal and not declare him done because of 1 and a half bad months coming off a hand injury.

    • Laz

      yep, anyways if they trade him you still need a replacement, which would probably empty the farm system. Only 3B free agent worth looking at is Youk, and he really isn’t an upgrade over arod at this point. I don’t think that arod’s production is low enough to warrant a replacement.

  • Frank

    can we package something up and get stanton in return…*pipedream*

    • The Big City of Dreams

      It would be better if Cashman delivered on his goal and developed his own.

  • dkidd

    so you’re saying there’s a chance!!!!!

    • Cris Pengiucci

      That’s what I read!

      • Cris Pengiucci

        In all seriousness, I don’t see him gong anywhere. For all we know, he’ll come back next year and be more productive than he was this year (or at least as productive as he was before the bone break in his hand). If he can do that, he’s got value. He’ll never live up to the remainder of his contract, but if he continues to be a defensive asset and learns to live within the new ARod capabilities offensively, that’s probably better than getting rid of him and trying to find someone else for 3B. … At least for the next couple of years (and there’s a lot of if’s in there, unfortunately).

  • steves

    Let me save Jim is Bored the time. This rumor shows that whoever started it has no knowledge of baseball economics and cannot be taken seriously!

    • hornblower

      I know it’s premature but that is where he will end up. The Yankees will be on the hook for most of it for the next 4 years or so. How much will depend on what they are willing to send in return. The more they give the more money they get from the Yanks. No way he is with the club next year.

  • James A

    I know this isn’t an original joke, but does anyone know Magic Johnson’s email? I think he needs to see this:

  • Knoxvillain

    I love A-Rod and always have, but if the Yankees can trade him to anyone for anything (no matter how much of his contract they will pay), I’d do it.

  • Rich in NJ

    Trading A-Rod makes the team weaker offensively if they: a) don’t get a comparable offensive player back; or b) if they don’t save a sufficient amount of money to be able to sign/trade for a replacement given their budget.

    So it may turn out to be a very bad idea.

  • Mike

    Trade Arod for Jose Reyes move him to 2nd, then trade Cano for David Wright. Then we become the Mets, half kidding.

  • Johnny

    Addition by subtraction. This is going to be the talk for the next five years. It’s a distraction and so is he. Anyone saying that the Yankees need to get a big time third baseman in return or an above average third baseman on the market…just remember Scott Brosius hit .203 with 11 HRs and 41 RBIs the year before he was traded to the Yankees. Even if the Yankees have to eat 50-75 million…if anyone is stupid enough to even bite on that…get him out of here.

    • toad

      So all they have to do is find a .200 hitting 3rd baseman and bring him over, and he’ll be great. Is that right?

      Check Brosius’ stats. He was somewhat better with NY than with Oakland, but not hugely.

      • OldYanksFan

        No….. Johnny is a GENIUS!!!
        We should dump all our players, and get an entire that will bat .203 and still win the WS. Just think how much money we will save.

        • MannyGeee (Dead Men Walking)

          signed, the Minnesota Twins

  • LK

    So basically the proposed deal (after the Yankees pay virtually all the money) is a declining, slightly above average third baseman for a declining, completely awful relief pitcher? That would actually be *almost* as bad as signing him to that insane contract in the first place.

  • Kevin

    Once his wrist heals is there any reason he can’t be a .270-18-8 player going forward, as a conservative estimate? With reasonable defence. Which is, what, a $10m player? The problem with trading him is that the Yankees will probably have to eat a good $20m of his salary and pay $10m to get the same standard of player as they already have. And given that the largesse of his contract was at least partly to recoup the marketing benefits as he struck off various HR marks, to not have him on the team if and when he does that just makes it lose/lose for us.

    Unless he suddenly turns into a .250-12-5 player even after an off-season of recovery, strengthening and conditioning, I can’t see the Yankees moving him on without getting something unrealistic in return.

  • JohnC

    tonight’s lineup. Arod, Granderson out, Swisher back in.


    • oldmanalex


    • Rich in NJ


      • Get Phelps Up (wins needed: 8)

        Scherzer has a massive platoon split. I would absolutely start Chavez over Arod.

        • Rich in NJ

          You can pick out any one game (any particular pitcher) and make the case that A-Rod (or anyone else) should sit. But to bury him as they have is dumb, and that is what I meant.

          That said, they will win tonight.

    • toad

      Is this for real, or just your idea?

  • El Tigre

    Ichiro, Swish, Cano, Tex, Ibanez DH, Chavez, Martin, Gardner, Nunez

    Good bye ARod. We’ll miss you (kind of)

  • Pauly

    What do you guys think are the chances that we sign Hamilton and either trade Grady or let him walk after his contract year?

    • El Tigre

      Not a chance in hell. The dude is a substance abuse incident waiting to happen. NYC not the place for him.

  • Eddard

    And Alex is not playing today. That tells you all you need to know about his future as a Yankee. Chavy, Grandy and Nunie all in the lineup as they should be. Swish in for Grandy which is a marginal upgrade.

    • Hugh

      That lineup fails the scary hitter test though, doesn’t it?

      This feels like the ’99 Braves team we beat so easily in the WS. So few real threats in the lineup. Not totally down on the lineup and totally see the argument for it. More just sad that it’s come to this.

      • Preston

        I love how everybody will bury Alex for only managing 3 hits and 2 walks in 25 PA’s, but Chavez has the big 0 for 14 and everybody just realizes this is small sample size and uses his good regular season numbers to explain why he is the better match-up. It’s crazy.

        • Hugh

          I believe Chavez’s numbers agains RHP are significantly better than ARod’s (.908 OPS v .717). It looks like the right decision to sit ARod against the RHP tonight, regardless of his salary or past performance and of the SSS for both players to which you refer. Not sure it quite feels good to me, given the fact of ARod’s historical greatness, but I cannot at least fault the logic of the move. It’s not crazy. May not work out, but certainly defensible and, right now, it takes at least as much faith to trust that Old ARod will come through as it does to believe that Chavez is the better bet against a RHP.

          • OldYanksFan

            100% correct. With ARod in a slump and having a hand that may not be 100% ‘rehabbed’, why not platoon him? If we were facing a LHP, ARod would be playing.

  • Mike from Jersey

    Maybe a 3-way deal with Miami and the Cubs including Soriano (to Yanks), ARod +cash (to Miami), and Hanley (to Cubs) with Nova. Could be worse?

    Go Yanks! Ya Gotta Believe! ( no…thats the Mutts, uh, Mets!)

    • Rich in NJ

      Hanley Ramirez? He is on the Dodgers.

    • toad

      Yeah. Soriano is just what a team that can’t hit in the post-season needs.

  • Mick taylor

    This is the trade:send arod toangels plus 70 million for Vernon wells. Wells is owed 40 million

    • Need Pitching & Hitting

      So the Yankees basically pay the same money but get a bad 4th OF instead of a starting 3B?

      No thanks.

  • Cano fan #1

    I’m really think that something is happening with A-Rod and girardi or cashman. And I don’t mean something about a trade I mean problem between then

  • Tim

    Heres an idea….Swisher is gonna walk….So trade A-rod to the Dodgers for Carl Crawford…their contracts are equally bad….So the outfield would be Crawford in Left, Granderson in center, and Gardner in right… Than we can either get another third baseman or use Nunez at third…than after next year if Granderson walks, Gardner goes to center and we can get another outfielder…this makes the Yankees younger and faster. what you all think??

    • The fax

      Dodgers can’t trade Crawford to the Yankees it’s a ridiculous clause his contract.

      • Rich in NJ

        I think there is an open question as to whether or not it is enforceable.

      • Preston

        Carl Crawford’s career wOBA is .335, Alex this season, in the worst year of his career, had a .342 wOBA, Crawford was worth .2 WAR in 2011, he only played 31 games this season and isn’t likely to be healthy for the start of the season. It’s possible that Crawford returns to form and is better than A-Rod, but i’ll keep the guy who produced ELEVEN times more WAR over the last two seasons.

  • Jose M. Vazquez

    George Steinbrenner never had any qualm about letting go of a player he thought was near the end. For example Dave Winfield who had 3 years left on his contract and whom I believe was the highest paid ballplayer at the time. Also Reggie Jackson was let walk as a free agent. Non Steinbrenner related (I think) were Matsui and Damon after that wonderful WS because they were getting old and we wound up with some older players.

    • Preston

      George Steinbrenner’s treatment of Dave Winfield is probably the low point of his tenure as the owner of the New York Yankees. I wouldn’t cite it as an example of the way to run a team.

      • Jose M. Vazquez

        I’m not saying this was the right move. Just that he let him go because he thought Winnie was getting old.

    • Hugh

      I don’t think there are nearly as many qualms about letting him go as there misgivings about whether anyone would care to pick up his contract.

      • Jose M. Vazquez

        You are referring to Arod I presume?

  • Andy Pettitte’s Fibula (formerly Manny’s BanWagon)

    Arod is pretty much O for the playoffs (again) and the asshole is trying to pick up a couple of bimbo’s from the stands in Detroit during the game? If that’s true, it pretty much tells the whole picture about how unconcerned he is about winning and about his putrid performance.

    The Yankees should let him rot on the bench until he becomes so embarrassed that he becomes willing to negotiate a buy out.

    • Hugh

      Pick up a couple of the bimbo’s whats?

  • Frank

    A-Rod isn’t playing for the Yanks next season. Whether he’s traded to the Marlins or another team, bought out or just released (unlikely), he’s a goner. The writing is clearly on the wall- he gets PH for and now benched 3 out of 4 games. Yanks don’t do this, especially with someone as mentally fragile as A-Rod, unless they have an exit strategy in place to unload A-Rod. I said it earlier today before this rumor came out he won’t be back. He’s gone. They can afford to bite the bullet on his contract- they may not like it and it may hurt short term, but long term it’s the way to go.

    • RetroRob

      There is no exit strategy.

    • DC

      How does releasing Arod help them? They would still be responsible for his contract, but would get zero production in return.

  • Jack

    Sorry if this has been mentioned already, but a HUGE incentive for the team to deal Arod, even if they eat every penny, is that I believe it would allow the Yanks to structure their cash payments to whatever team he is traded to however they want (same thing happened with Burnett but that might be different since Pittsburg threw in some money). If true, this would be HUGE for the team as they could manipulate the yearly payments (which they cannot do now) to more easily get under the tax thresholds in 2014 and 2015.

    Mike, are you familiar with the CBA in this regard?

    • Need Pitching & Hitting

      I think the payments would have to match up with his actual salaries.

    • DC

      Every penny they eat still counts towards the luxury tax. You can’t front load or back load payments because it’s based on the average annual value of the contract.

      • Need Pitching & Hitting

        If a player is traded, when the payments are made is when the payments count towards the luxury tax.
        I do think the payments would have to actually match the salaries – anything they paid toward his 2014 salary would have to be paid and counted in 2014. It appears from the CBA that the payments wouldn’t be AAV’d though.
        An assignor Club that pays cash consideration in lieu of assigning an unnamed player or to defray all or part of the salary obligation of the assignee Club for an assigned Player shall include such cash consideration in its Actual Club Payroll in the Contract Year in which the cash consideration
        is paid

        I’m not sure how the fact that ARod’s contract was front-loaded would be handled though. If traded after this season, ARod would have $114M left in salary, but $137.5M left for luxury tax calculations. I think he would count for $27.5M/year for the acquiring team, less any amount paid in each year by the Yankees. For the Yankees, I believe he would just count for the amount of his salary the Yankees pay in that particular year.

        • RetroRob

          Your take on it makes sense, which means it’s almost assuredly wrong. : -)

          If the Yankees can trade away the $27.5M annual average calculated toward the luxury tax for a small number, then that’s a big boost toward payroll flexibility. Let’s say they decide to pay $13M per for a total of $65M out of the 114M. That means the Yankees would gain back $9M a year in real money they can spend on another player(s), but more importantly they would reduce their luxury tax calculation on A-Rod’s contract from $27.5M per year to $13.8M, buying back in essence $13.7M per season in luxury tax flexibility. Those numbers might be slightly off, but it’s the general range.

          Now saying all that, I don’t expect it to happen because I’m not sure why any team would want A-Rod at $9M a year. He’d be worth it now, especially considering the overall quality of 3B’man (and by that, I mean lack of quality), but every year he is going to decline more. And from the Yankees point of view, they’ll be paying $13M a year for a player to NOT player and they’ll be doing it for five years, and then they still have to find a replacement.

          I don’t see it.

    • Peter North

      It’s based on avg annual value. No manipulating they can do.

  • vin

    Maybe while we’re at it, we can act on that Igawa to the Padres rumor.

  • Brooklyn Nets

    Idiotic rumor is idiotic.

  • kevin w.

    So if the Marlins pay $5 million each season, is that taken off our payroll? Like would we have $5 million more to reallocate elsewhere or would the entire salary still be on the payroll? Regardless, there is a 99.9% chance this does not happen. Is A-Rod really bad enough to pay $20 million a year not to have him play for us. He was productive before the injury this year.

    • hornblower

      Surely the Marlins will think he will be a draw and take him if the Yanks pay most of the salary. The more money they want the more players they give to the Yanks.
      The Yankee farm system has outfielders ready to pop in a year or so. Starting in Feb. Nunez is going to learn to play 3rd. I remember Boggs, Joe Torre etc. learning to play it so there is no reason he can’t.
      They have good pitching, old (CC, Andy, Pet) young(Phil,Nova,Phelps,Pineda) and relief so they can contend while getting younger.

      • kevin w.

        If anything I think they would/should move Cano to third to hopefully prolong his productive days and have Nunez start at second. That way Nunez would have less of an issue with his throwing because the throw from second to first is a lot shorter.

        • Andrew 518

          Ding Ding Ding…
          We have a winner.

          If Nunez is still with team next year we need to find a way to get his bat in the line-up.

          Cano power potential increases at 3B.

  • Cuso

    The problem is that A-Rod has fallen off a cliff. The A-Rod that the Yankees have right now is the A-Rod they thought they were going to be stuck with in 2016. Unfortunately A-Rod turned 40 on his 36th birthday.

    Even prior to the hand injury, his drop was clearly precipitous.

    If we want to point to the hip injury, I could buy into that. But to say that his current lack of production is due solely to the hand injury is naive.

    You would expect to have. 280/.350/.500 from A-Rod at this age. He is no better than a .420 slugger right now and there is no reason to think that will change.

  • TopChuckie

    What I don’t understand and what worries me the most about the future relationship between the Yankees and ARod is the fact they don’t seem to be trying to shield or protect him at all. Why didn’t they at least make an injury excuse for him to help him save a little face? Instead they seem to be trying to make him look as a bad as possible. This is very Red Sox-esque when they are over one of their own and ready to unceremoniously send him on his way, and I don’t like it. That behavior always added to my disrespect for the Red Sox and it’s not a characteristic I want the Yankees to emulate.

  • Ned Coletti

    I’ll give you Crawford for A-Rod. Straight up. Whatya say?

    • Need Pitching & Hitting

      I say you are contractually prohibited from doing so.

      If not for that….hell yes.

  • the tenth inning stretch

    A-Rod and money for prospects, Grandy for prospects. Prospects for Headley. Sign Melky.

    My trade proposal sucks, but I can dream, right?

  • Andrew 518

    I think the people here who support keeping A-rod are missing an important piece. The intangible cost of him not being around. I think he is capable of being a productive player next season. The Yankees could on paper be a weaker team in the short term, but you lose the headache. Whether or not he is responsible for it, I think he is a distraction on the team. It’s not going away, it will only get worse as his skills decline. This is a guy with too much history and too much pride to go quietly. It will get ugly, worse than it is now. I’d rather pay someone else to deal with that mess, it may cost us money, but you save so much and generate flexibility down the line, if not next year, I’m confident we could find a qualified replacement before the year 2017.

  • Hornets686

    Here’s what we do… trade A-Rod and Nova for Jason Bay, David Wright, and Johan Santana… re-sign Ichiro… and thats it…

    You have Gardner – Granderson – Ichiro/Bay…

  • Wayne

    If we trade arod we would probably have to give up major pitching prospects. I don’t like it! And we wil stil pay a large chunk of money!

  • http://riveraveblues panos

    counter productive is having this stiff on the team, jeter will be moved to 3rd and nunez will play ss. the dh spot will be filled. i would rather field a team for 160 mill for 5 years then have to carry this dude.

    • Chuck

      Completely agree