Fan Confidence Poll: October 15th, 2012

Lifeless: Tigers shut Yankees out in Game Two
Report: Red Sox to interview Tony Pena today

Regular Season Record: 95-67 (804 RS, 668 RA, 96-66 pythag. record), won AL East by two games
Playoff Record: 3-2 win in ALDS (16 RS, 10 RA), down 2-0 in ALCS (4 RS, 9 RA)
Schedule This Week: Mon. OFF, ALCS Game Three @ Tigers (Tues.), ALCS Game Four @ Tigers (Weds.), ALCS Game Five @ Tigers (Thurs. if necessary), Fri. OFF, ALCS Game Six vs. Tigers (Sat. if necessary), ALCS Game Seven vs. Tigers (Sun. if necessary)

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Please take a second to answer the poll below and give us an idea of how confident you are in the team. You can view the interactive Fan Confidence Graph anytime via the nav bar above, or by clicking here. Thanks in advance for voting.

Given the team's current roster construction, farm system, management, etc., how confident are you in the Yankees' overall future?
Lifeless: Tigers shut Yankees out in Game Two
Report: Red Sox to interview Tony Pena today
  • JV

    Can we select lower than 1? How about negative numbers?? I don’t think my confidence number should be any higher than the amount of runs this team can score.

  • Christopher

    This is baseball, fun, craziness, miraculous, insane, illogical, sports, a diversion. I prefer confidence polls for politics, so I vote 10, because if i don’t feel that way, it doesn’t feel to me I’m a fan, as in fanatic, it feels too serious, like not doing the wave in section 203, and I got enough serious crap in my life. I say we win 2 out of three in Detroit, and finish it off in seven in the Bronx.

    • Darren

      Word up! Great comment. If baseball was predictable we wouldn’t watch it.

      it’s so funny to me how all year long all you hear is everyone talk about small sample sizes and how the playoffs is a crapshoot, and then when we’re actually in thje midst of the madness, everyone is acting like things just can’t change on a dime. all you need is one game, one hit, one pitch for everything to turn around. we have CC on the mound, Verlander can be beat – we’ve done it before – and all of this insane lack of hitting HAS TO CHANGE!

      LET’s GO YANKEES!!!

      come on bitches, rally!! (i mean you negative fans giving them a 1)

      • Jim Is Bored(Hughes the man?!)

        For whatever reason I feel more confident facing someone like Verlander right now than I would facing someone like Sanchez or Fister. Or Joe Saunders, or anyone on that O’s staff.

        Tuesday’s gonna be a turning point for our offense. Although it’d be very baseball if we start hitting and then the pitching regresses.

    • Robinson Tilapia (Overreacting is American)

      I agree, but save the wave for Shea.

    • Steve Sciacco

      I think thats silly. We all have loads of serious crap in our lives, sports is an escape. But being blind to whats going on in this lineup wouldnt make me enjoy the games more, it would just mean I dont know what Im looking at. Part of my enjoyment in watching the game is in the minute details, the guessing game between hitter and pitcher, the debateable managerial move, the pitcher setting up the hitter with one offering and fooling him with the next. The Yanks hitters havent shown up for this series, so I cant enjoy watching them blindly as if everything theyre doing is just fine. To be honest, I find your approach to watching baseball mindless and superficial. But if it works for you, great. But Id rather go to the ballpark with a fan who has something to add.

      • Jim Is Bored(Hughes the man?!)

        Well then I hope you’re getting equivalent enjoyment out of what the Yanks’ pitching has done in the playoffs.

  • JW

    The onslaught of overreaction in the responses today’s poll should be wildly entertaining!

  • Drew

    Went from a 7 last week to a 6. Losing Jeter and being down 0-2 in the ALCS is a tough pill to swallow. Looking ahead to next year, I am hoping that Cashman evaluates the struggles of players during the regular season AND postseason and make changes on the offensive side of the ball. I do not think the Yankees can continue to sit there and wait for players to figure things out. Changes do need to be made unfortunately. IMO Kevin Long is going to be the fall guy for their egregious hitting in the playoffs, which sucks because I still believe he is one of the better hitting coaches in baseball.

    Here’s to hoping on the Yankees taking 2 out of 3 in Detroit and making it a 7 game series.

  • Eddard

    For the first time ever I voted a 1 in the confidence poll which is the lowest possible rating you can give.

    Current – This offense has made ordinary pitchers look extra ordinary. Now they’re facing an extra ordinary pitcher for the first time this postseason. I’ve heard that Ernie is already working on his perfect game call. And once it’s 3-0 it’s over unless you’re facing the Yankees.

    Future – Bleak. Jeter’s gone. Injuries have plauged this club all year. This is what happens when you get old. Girardi overworked the pen all season and yesterday we heard that they were too tired to pitch. Kevin Long hasn’t made any adjustments. There are too many upercut hero swings and not enough contact swings. Swisher and Granderson should be gone but they’ll be back hitting 5th and 6th next season. Cano will be re-signed for $100 million giving us the oldest and most expensive infield in the history of baseball.

    • Robinson Tilapia (Raul Ibanez eats trolls for breakfast)

      How can we make you go away?

      • Athenian

        You can’t respond like that to the posters frustration. There has only been the pitching that has been encouraging about this team since the playoffs started. The offense is on hiatus, it is a poorly constructed offense, and the defense has been only slightly better.

        Fact is these complaints are really saying there is a fundamental issue with the direction the team is heading. Whether it be bad trades, bad signings, poor player development, etc. whatever it may be, it is a regression from the direction they were on following the late 90’s run.

        I know you and other despise the in game reaction of people like us but game threads are not serious threads because people react to every single pitch. But that doesn’t change the perspective of fans who want and expect exactly what they are told to expect, a WS every year. THAT comes straight from the organization, which means even they discount any success they have short of a WS win. How can you expect the normal fan to be any different?

        • Robinson Tilapia (Overreacting is American)

          I really like this comment, not because I agree with all of it, but because it does give some insight into the style of commenting that drives some of us batshit. Honestly, thank you, Athenian.

          The problem with what you’re saying, though, is that, no matter how much we are told that the team’s goal is a WS every year, the games still need to be played. No one can even come close to guaranteeing you a playoff appearance, much less a WS, every year…..yet this team has missed the playoffs once in almost 20 years. That’s an amazing accomplishment in and of itself.

          There are still 30 teams in this league. The odds will always be against you, no matter how much you spend, no matter what good and bad (and, yeah, there’s some stuff fundamentally wrong here for sure) the decisions made are. Guarantees are almost always losing propositions.

          • Robinson Tilapia (Overreacting is American)

            I hit “send” because I actually should be jumping in the shower right now, but I did like your comment of the pitch-by-pitch nature of game threads.

          • Eddard

            This is the exact same thing I said. There needs to be a fundamental change with how the F.O. does business. You’re right, the goal of this team is to win the WS and anything short of that is a failure. Players know that.

            They need to make ticket prices more affordable to the average Joe.

            They need to do a better job developing the kids and giving them a shot in the bigs. The late 90s team was fueled by the core 4 which they drafted and developed.

            They went out in 09 and make 3 big signings. One was an epic disaster and they’re now paying AJ to pitch for the Pirates. They think they can just sign these 30+ year olds to 5+ year contracts and then they’re shocked when the player doesn’t live up to the contract.

            • Jim Is Bored(Hughes the man?!)

              The goal of ownership is to make money. Until they stop doing that, they’re not going to change how they do business. It’s really, mind-bogglingly simple.

              They don’t “need” to make ticket prices more affordable. They don’t “need” to develop kids any better. They can keep doing what they’ve been doing, which is make the postseason 15/16 years, and make an unimaginable amount of money while doing so.

              Frustrating or not, it’s the way it is.

              • RBC

                I agree that ownership wants to make money, but there comes a point when they’ll actually stop making money if they don’t put a winning product on the field and don’t make the business more fan friendly.

                I understand the corporate crowd is their main revenue source. But even they will stop paying if the Yankees aren’t worth the price of admission.

                • Jim Is Bored(Hughes the man?!)

                  But that won’t happen unless they start losing, as you said.

                  That hasn’t happened in more than 15 years.

        • Christopher

          We’re in the middle of a series. We can beat Verlander, CC wins, bingo, we’re back in the Bronx. Save all the hand-wringing and analysis for hot stove.

    • CP

      Injuries have plauged this club all year. This is what happens when you get old.

      Except it doesn’t really seem to be age related.

      Mo is old and blew out his knee, and Jeter is old and hurt his ankle. Maybe those are age related, but that not obvious to me. They also lost A-Rod to a broken hand and Pettitte to a broken leg – neither having anything to do with age. Maybe Tex’s calf is age related, but he’s only 32 – so not that old. Other key injuries were to Gardner and Pineda, who obviously aren’t old.

      • RBC

        Injuries have plagued a lot of baseball teams this year, but that doesn’t exempt the Yankees from hitting and scoring. Scoring runs has been a Yankees problem since LAST YEAR!!

        • Ghost of Joe Dugan

          The Yankees finished 2nd in runs scored in the AL the past two years so scoring runs haven’t exactly been a problem. They certainly scored enough last year in the playoffs. It was there pitching that didn’t perform.

  • paul a

    I voted 1 only because you didn’t have a 0.

  • Cris Pengiucci

    Confidence in this series? Fairly low, but I’ll watch it play out and continue to hope they turn it around. Overall? I’m voting an 8. Win or lose, this offseason and next will be quite interesting.

    Losing Jeter for the season (however long or short it may be) is a new feeling and makes me wonder how I’ll feel about the team when he retires. While I’m a long time fan (from the ’60s), when he, along with Bernie, Pettitte, Mo & Posada came along, the team was much easier to follow. I’ll continue to follow the team after he, Mo & Pettitte are gone, but I doubt I’ll be quite as passionate. Time will tell. Hopefully they’ll be someone new to keep me interested. Cano isn’t doing it for me right now and he could be on a downward trend by the ’15 season.

  • Murderers’ Row Boat

    Historically great Yankee pitching wasted by historically terrible Yankee hitting. Swisher, Cano, and Ganderson are losing a million dollars off their future contracts with every K.

  • Robinson Tilapia (Overreacting is American)

    4 Short-term.
    8 Long-term.
    +1 at the end for being a fan of the New York Fucking Yankees, the greatest franchise in all of professional sports.

    Total: 7

    You can all now go back to voting “1”‘s now. What a disgrace half the people who are commenting on here lately are to Yankee fans.

    • Eddard

      We’re a disgrace? What about this team and coaching staff they’ve assembled? That’s the disgrace. The fans have every right to boo and voice their displeasure. This is an aging team with nowhere to go but older and even more bloated unless they make fundamental changes. If they give Robbie Cano 100+ million we’ll have the oldest and most expensive infield in the history of baseball.

      • Steve

        Didn’t you hear? You automatically tack 1 on to the end for being a fan of the New York Fucking Yankees, the greatest franchise in all of professional sports. If you don’t, you’re a disgrace. So says the great Robinson Tilapia.

        • Robinson Tilapia (Overreacting is American)

          You both can go fuck yourselves.

          • dave

   guys are so cute

            • Robinson Tilapia (Overreacting is American)

              I know. :)

              They can have the floor now. Someone has a big day of work ahead of them.

          • plouffe

            R-tils, someone not get it last night ?
            Call me to drink your rum..

            • Robinson Tilapia (Overreacting is American)

              Not a bad imitation.

              • plouffe

                Ur welcome ….I’ll bring my 18 yr Havana Club

  • Murderers’ Row Boat

    The 2012 Yankee Postseason slogan: “Hey, at least we aren’t the Red Sox!”

    • Robinson Tilapia (Overreacting is American)

      “….or the Orioles, or the Rays, or the Blue Jays, or any other AL team not named the Detroit Tigers….”

      • Jim Is Bored(Hughes the man?!)

        You’re fighting a losing battle, man.

        I don’t even bother reading through comments when we lose, because perspective doesn’t exist.

        • Robinson Tilapia (Overreacting is American)

          I know. Gets the adrenalin up for a big day ahead.

  • El Tigre
    • Eddard

      Ushers were instructed to fill empty seats? LOL! This team has fallen so far since that great late 90s dynasty. No wonder Paulie bashed this group of overpaid underachievers. Let’s just hope the F.O. takes notice and makes fundamental changes to the way they do business.

      • Robinson Tilapia (Overreacting is American)

        So far that they’ve made the playoffs every year except one since 1994, in which they would have won the division if not for a work stoppage.

        Your shtick is so fucking old.

        • Jim Is Bored(Hughes the man?!)

          At this point I’m convinced he’s rooting for a sweep, just so he can be right.

      • Jim Is Bored(Hughes the man?!)

        Guess what? The Yankees are immensely profitable. Winning/Losing aside, there is basically 0 reason for ownership to change the way they do business.

    • Robinson Tilapia (Overreacting is American)

      They need to lower ticket prices and not be fine with selling those seats behind home plate to people who aren’t even going to sit in them.

      Say what you will about the Mets (and, no, they’re not filling CitiField), but they make things a lot more accessible to people without expense accounts.

      We know all this already. Many of us root for this team despite its corporate image. I don’t thin I’m bringing politics into this by saying it, but a Met fan friend of mine was once referred to this team as “the GOP of baseball.” I guess you’re fine with that if that’s your party but, for others, we’re repulsed by some of it while still remaining fans of the team we grew up with.

      Although, really, sports in general does require a whole lot of suspense of disbelief for those of us who think teachers and social workers should get paid more than Chad Qualls (poor Chad Qualls…..doomed to being the butt of our jokes, but making six figures.) That conversation’s almost always a dead end, though, so I rarely have it outside of my home.

      • Twains Yankee

        You are the man

        • Robinson Tilapia (Overreacting is American)

          Thank you.

  • Frank

    5. Short term/long term don’t look all that good. This is an old team with bad contracts which can’t be moved. There’s some talent in the minors, but little at the upper levels so there are no impact players on the immediate horizon who can step in. Hopefully, the powers that be won’t compiund matters by signing someone like Hamilton or BJ Upton to a massive FA deal. And to compound matters (no punn intended), this team now needs to find a SS sooner than later.

  • Jose M. Vazquez..

    Jeter’s injury is serious enough for him to visit a sub-sub specialist. This may indicate that at 38 it will be more difficult for him to return (see Kendrys Morales). The ALCS is far from over but we are in a deep hole. Usually when you get the kind of pitching that this team has gotten, we win, but not this time. It’s not over until the female soprano has sung the last aria. Things don’t look too good for the future unless we forget about having guys go though A-AA-AAA and do like other teams and brig i the best AA and AAA up next year. I would forget about older guys like Hunter and others. I would let Swisher walk.

    • Jose M. Vazquez..

      I am at six down from a seven last week.

  • 0 for everything

    Love the fans who think they are smart and trendy because they don’t get down on the Yankees for the way they are playing right now. Same people who who talk nothing but sabermetrics. Wins are the only stats that count and right now the Yankees have none in this series.

    • Jim Is Bored(Hughes the man?!)

      Trendy? Not flipping a shit and overreacting to 2 games of baseball is not “trendy”. It’s called having perspective. And, in a lot of cases, being older than 18.

      Tilapia does not talk sabermetrics, but please find me a post where he isn’t level-headed. And who is happy about how the team is playing? I can be annoyed at them without acting like a whiny 12 year old.

      Believe it or not there are those of us who can watch the games, root just as hard as the rest of you, and still not lose our sensibilities when the team loses.

      • Jim Is Bored(Hughes the man?!)

        I posted this before I saw him tell people to go fuck themselves. Point withdrawn. Although I can’t blame him for the sentiment.

      • Cris Pengiucci

        Believe it or not there are those of us who can watch the games, root just as hard as the rest of you, and still not lose our sensibilities when the team loses

        +1. Although there are fewer and fewer like that.

  • Bavarian Yankee

    another week, another 8. I have not given up on this season but tbh I think there’s only a chance of like 10% to advance to the WS.

    Trade Granderson and/or Cano in the offseason for some decent prospects and I might go up to a 9. Or just find a way to get rid of A-Rod’s contract and I’ll be up to a 10.

    I don’t think Cano will be a top 5 2B for more than 2-3 years, I’d like to give CoJo a shot if they trade Cano. Cano’s next contract will just be massive and likely way more than the Yanks should spend on him, that’s why I’d trade him. Swisher will be gone after this season and I think Granderson will be gone either this winter (via trade) or next winter (as a FA). I’m one of the biggest Swisher fan out there but his postseason struggles year after year just show that he’s not consistent enough to help the Yankees. Granderson’s struggles are also scary, power is pretty much the only plus skill that’s still there. Not good enough to earn 10+ millions imo.

    I really hope that Cashman and his crew make some smart, creative moves this offseason, the Yankees need some new blood in their lineup. Pitching has been pretty good this season, I’d be fine with resigning Kuroda, Pettitte + another FA (or trade for another starter).

  • Chip Off the Ol’Knoblauch

    Incredibly encouraged by the pitching. Incredibly discouraged by the hitting. We’ve been in every game these past two series, though between A-Rod, Cano, Granderson and Swisher it certainly doesn’t feel like it. So I’m at about a 5 for the rest of the year. 7 for the overall future especially if Nova gets back on track and one of Pettite and Kuroda comes back next year.

  • steves

    As Bob Klapisch eloquently wrote today Yanks are in a “matrix of worst case scenarios”. Nevertheless I am looking forward to the Panic in Detroit when the Yanks, by hook or crook, beat Verlander and all of a sudden CC makes it 2-2. Likely scenario? Hardly. Delicious scenario? You bet! In my book if you are one of the 4 teams left standing you are at an 8. Make it to the WS you are at 9. Win the WS then you are at a 10. Simplifies the process for all those who have lost perspective (don’t blame you but nevertheless don’t forget you are a fan of a team that still has at least 2 games to play!).

    • Darren

      +10 for the Bob Evans by way of Drew Magary reference.
      As Joe Beningno would say, “kadoos to you”

  • nsalem

    I had hernia surgery (groin) on Wednesday and went to Yankee Stadium for the games Thursday thru Sunday. The act of having a surgeon taking the scalpel to “you know where” was my LEAST painful experience of the week. I have not given up on the year and still believe we are a better team than the Tigers. Being down 2-0 and facing Verlander it is a daunting task but far from impossible. Much stranger things have happened. Those who have given up are quite foolish and anyone who says there is no chance is absolutely ignorant beyond belief.

    • Darren

      Did you have a ball at the game?
      After that surgery, you were nuts to go!

  • Hall and Nokes

    I actually think that going on the road + Verlander + back against the wall can turn this around. But since I can’t come on here without throwing out some depressing numbers, here goes:

    Take out Ibanez, and the Yanks’ postseason batting line is….


  • paul a

    I’m reading this morning how sensitive Nick Swisher, poor poor Nick, in case you hav’nt noticed you’ve brought all this on yourself by putting the choke tag back on your forehead for the post season. You don’t like the fans reactions Nick, we’ll tough shit. We pay your salary and have a right to voice our feelings. This is New York baby so suck it up. And good luck in free agency,you want a Jason Werth contract, Jason Werth isn’t even worth that and hes a much better player than you’ll ever be. Have fun playing next year in Houston or Pittsburgh or some other place like that where their fans aren’t half as passionate as Yankee fans are,where they’ll be no hard feelings, and no post season either, which will be a good thing for you so you won’t be exposed as the choke artist you are.

  • Jim Is Bored(Hughes the man?!)

    It’s been a frustrating postseason. It’s still a problem 26 other teams in baseball would love to have right now.

    It seems as if people would rather us have been swept in the ALDS.

    ~4 for this series, 8-9 long term because we’re the Yankees, and the FO will always have us in contention.

    I am done, however, defending swisher. Not because of his RISP fail, but because that defensive play in the 12th inning of game 1 made me turn the game off.

  • LarryM., Fl.

    5 down from 7 when I was at 9 in ST. I have no faith in the offense to pick it up. Arod,Granderson,Cano,Swisher are lost at the plate. Cano has become my least liked Yankee. His heartless play in the field and at the plate signifies his lack of desire. Do you guys recall his bailout at second on the DP which meant Detroit’s first run, the no throw transfer. Do you recall him running to first when Infante got his fingers tangled on a diving stop. Cano change speeds at least 3 times trotting then jogging then running to first. He insults the game our best player.

    If these guys had any respect for themselves and Jeter this series would be tied at 1-1 with the opportunity to come back to NY. Its not all the players just the hapless offense mentioned with Martin included. I call for C4 at the end of the season. This is not a short minded rant. It takes no concern with ticket sales and marketing but a NY fan recognizes a hard nose approach to winning.

    I see little chance of this occurring.

  •!/OneJay76 OneJay76

    Wondering what the numbers would have been after last Friday’s game 5 win. People are skewed by the last two days so much, it’s ridiculous.

    All of who voted 1, or said they would voted zero — why even bother watching if it’s so helpless? This is a team who has been to the playoffs EVERY year since ’95, winning 5 championships.

    Are things dreary right now they way they’ve hitting? Yeah- absolutely. But I bet they’ll be around playing in October next year. Kill me for my positivity- but there you have it.

    I’ll be watching, this year and next. I’ll spend my money on tickets and merchandise. They put a great product on the field. I would love for them to win the World Series every year- but it doesn’t happen. Reality people, that’s what it is. Go Yanks.

  • CP

    I voted 10.

    Yankees will beat Verlander tomorrow, then take game 4 behind CC, game 5 behind Pettitte and game 6 with Kuroda. The Yankees bats will come alive (somewhat), and the pitching will carry the team to the WS.

    • Jim Is Bored(Hughes the man?!)

      I’m pretty sure I love you right now.

    • Christopher

      At last, the voice of reason. Yanks in six. Love it.

      • JobaWockeeZ

        The exact opposite of irrational negativity is drinking an ocean of kool aid. Neither of them are a “voice of reason.”

        • Jim Is Bored(Hughes the man?!)

          Drinking an ocean of kool aid is much more delicious though.

          • JobaWockeeZ

            And a lot more painless than watching the Yankees try to hit.

    • JobaWockeeZ

      Friendly tip: never go to Vegas.

    • Athenian

      you have to think there is a great possibility that the expected outcome of facing Verlander will be the reverse. But, it all comes down to one thing, whether the hitters actually make adjustments.

      Based on the O’s series and the first two games of this series, I have a better chance of winning the lottery than adjustments being made.

      Look at Swisher, Cano, ARod – still chasing bad pitch after bad pitch OR acting like Russel Martin yesterday (can’t remember which inning) but he came up with 2 on no one out and swung at the first pitch like he had to hit an HR. THIS can’t continue but no one seems to concerned.

      For the record, they have to pull a 1996 vs the Braves right now. They can’t afford to take 2-3 and come back to the stadium with fans expecting a win – wait strike that, there won’t be any fans in the seats so this may work out after all.

  • thenamestsam

    8 for the team. -100 for the fans. I’ve never been more embarrassed to be a Yankees fan than this week. Fan booing the home team in a tie game in the 1st game of the ALCS. Fans leaving early in a close ALCS game. Fans complaining about how hard, how miserable it has been to watch a 95 win team win their division and make the ALCS. Poor freaking us. A season that looks like a dream to 80% of the fanbases in this league, and we can’t even wait to be down in the series before we start killing our own players. I can’t imagine what the reaction will be when the team has an actual down year. A lot of fans are going to be VERY surprised to learn that it actually can get much, much worse than this.

    Keep Cashman and Girardi. Fire the spoiled piece of shit fans.

    • Jim Is Bored(Hughes the man?!)

      Fans are all the same.

      O’s fans left game 1 as soon as Martin hit the home run. A lot of people don’t know how to handle disappointment, so they use coping devices such as leaving early or being pre-emptively negative, so they can mentally handle it, so they can have an “at least”. “At least I left early so didn’t see that crap and waste my time” or “At least I saw this coming so I could prepare for it”.

      I don’t see the fun in being that kind of fan, but whatever. This postseason has even brought out that side of my dad, who is usually the voice of reason among Yankee fans I’m familiar with. Even I have to admit it’s been particularly frustrating.

      But I’m not going to be one of those Sox fans from 04 who shows up with a bag on their heads, only to act like they never gave up when the team comes back to win.

    • Mike HC

      If the team had an actual down year, many of the fans would simply abandon the team. There would be no reaction, because they wouldn’t be following the team anymore. Not passing judgment, but most fans are front runners.

  • Luisergi

    Yankees sucking right now no doubt about it, it’s frustrating and frustration makes people say stupid things, but look at the brigth side;
    If they pull this of, it will be EPIC.

    • Jim Is Bored(Hughes the man?!)

      Meh. Coming back from 2-0 in a best of 7 series has been done plenty of times before. It’ll be awesome, but epic is a stretch.

      • Luisergi

        With how bad the offense has looked (plus facing Verlander and Scherzer, or whatever his name is spelled), it would take an EPIC turn of events for this team to make it to the WS. So yeah, i’m stickin’ with EPIC. :)

  • Andruw’s Smile

    With the backwards-ass way of this team of late, I half expect them to put up a 7 spot on Verlander in the first. Nothings made any sense recently…

    Either way, I voted a 7. 8 long term, 6 short term. I still think this team is talented enough to win it all this year, and I think the way the staff has looked provides hope for the short and long term.

    Get it done tomorrow boys.

  • CountZero

    I’m at six and that isn’t a reaction to this series since I’ve been at 6 or 7 all season. I view this as an eval of the mid-term — next 2-3 years.

    Realistically speaking, I see a slightly below average farm system at this point due to the decreased value of Banuelos and Betances. I see a Pineda who may never return to the pitcher we traded for and since he and Nova were supposed to be future mainstays in the rotation (also see Banuelos and Betances above) — that’s not good.

    We’ve got a problem at the big club in that we have 15% of the team’s professed self-imposed cap going to one player who hasn’t posted a WAR above 3.9 since 2008, posted a 2.0 this season and is likely to get worse over the term of his contract (5 years!). Our best hitter has shown an alarming tendency to dog it in the postseason (and I’m talking about effort here more than actual results), yet is going to demand a really big contract at the end of 2013. We also have a lot of that professed salary cap tied up in two other players who have on the whole performed up to their contracts — but are eating up a lot of money in any case.

    So…overall…I see a team with a not so rosy mid-term picture. On top of that, I see a fan base and a stadium philosophy that isn’t likely going to drive revenue upwards in a way that will change that self-imposed cap. That’s not an overreaction to this postseason — it’s a candid assessment of our prospects through 2015. We have…issues. Not insurmountable issues (hence a 6 which is slightly above the midpoint), but they are not small issues either.

    • Jim Is Bored(Hughes the man?!)

      “I see a Pineda who may never return to the pitcher we traded for”

      Why? So many pitchers have come back from that surgery no worse for the wear.

      • CountZero

        I did say “may.” Many pitchers also don’t come back from that type of surgery at all. See Jason Schmidt, Brandon Webb…

        Bottom line here: The likelihood of Pineda returning as the same pitcher he was in 2011 is significantly less than 100%.

        • TrueBlue

          He is a crap shoot at best, for every Schilling there are 3 guys who are junk after the injury. Not sure the work ethic is there either.

          • Jim Is Bored(Hughes the man?!)

            “for every Schilling there are 3 guys who are junk after the injury.”

            This isn’t even remotely true anymore.

  • Mike HC

    My confidence is shot now that Jeter went down. Down from an 8 to a 7.

  • jjyank

    So I guess I’m “trendy” now? Learn something new every day.

    • Jim Is Bored(Hughes the man?!)

      Isn’t it great? We’re like the hipsters of the baseball community!

      • jjyank

        Cool. I feel so rad.

        • Robinson Tilapia (Overreacting is American)

          “Rad” isn’t very trendy.

          Apparently, “ham” is, though.

          • Joe F (Philthy Phil Uuuuse)


  • Darren





  • Cuso

    They’re few things more deserving of getting cracked in the jaw than someone who incessantly talks down to other fans as being “spoiled” or “ashamed to be aligned with other fans” with the sole purpose of trying to separate themselves from the unwashed masses.

    Newsflash: You’re just as ignorant and impatient as the rest of us. All you’re doing is painting a virtual bulls-eye on your chest that says “Punch my jaw loose because I really, really deserve it.”

    • Cuso

      They’re should be “there are”

      don’t know where “they’re” came from

  • Steve Sciacco

    Had a very depressing thought this morning. Woke up, tried to buy in to the change of scenery argument and said “look, if Hughes can just match zeroes with Verlander we can turn this thing around”.

    Then I said to myself “silly, thats what Kuroda did yesterday. How did that work out?”

  • OMG! Bagels!

    I’m torn about how I feel about everything but the pitching which is great and I remember how everyone says good pitching beats good hitting…but only when the pitcher’s team is hitting. These pitchers are pitching their hearts out and the offense is just sucking in every way possible.

    Swish’s sudden “unpopularity” does not come from JUST his abysmal playing. It comes from smiling after striking out. Robbie is doing horribly and sometimes looks checked out, but he’s not smiling about it. Swisher being a clown is endearing when he’s doing well. Still being a clown when you’re doing terrible is not the way to go. Being more disappointed in the fans than they are in you is also not the way to go either.

    Some of the fans at games have been horrible. That has always been the case. I’ve sat at games listening to crap that I can’t believe is coming from a Yankee fan to the Yankee players. Booing upsets me no matter what but the fans are appreciating when things are done. I think that this is a huge city and the Yankees have a huge fan base. It’s possible that many types make up a huge fan base. It’s also New York. We’re not exactly known for our politeness.

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard Swisher defend anyone like Arod who gets boo’d regularly. Right now Swisher seems to be about Swisher. He’s a sensitive guy? Maybe we’re sensitive fans. Maybe you should have used your popularity at the time to be more of an ambassador for the other players.

    And terribly obnoxious fans are typically quieted by more reasonable, level-headed fans. Right now the obnoxious are kinda acting out everyone’s frustrations so people are less quick to tell them to sit down and shut up. Go scream at the players, who cares? It’s hard to defend them at this particular point in time.

    The FO is also to blame for some of the fans’ negativity. The real fan base feels shut out as the ticket prices have skyrocketed and the people who are close to the action are barely there while the grandstand is rocking. Sitting in a crowded section in the grandstand looking down at the empty seats is really a tough place to be sometimes. They have full season ticket holders who have been for years and can’t afford to go down even one level. Last year they changed 2 sections of the grandstand from outfield to infield causing all partial and full season ticket prices to skyrocket even though the seats did not change – just the designation and for many it made the ability to be a full or partial ticket holder in that section to be out of reach. Why would you do something like that? Rich people are not buying full season packages for the grandstand. And that got little or no publicity. That was as egregious as the 2nd base umpire’s blown call.

    But the crowd does get into Let’s Go Yankees a lot. Even when they’re losing or sucking. To expect fans who are feeling shut out by the FO watching players who don’t seem to give a damn and defense and hitting that is wasting brilliant pitching performances, to just smile and say, “That’s okay, we still love you.” is a bit much to ask. For the most part, I disagree with booing but when they load the bases and don’t get a run in, I am not totally appalled by the fans booing them, as a team, as they come off the field. I wouldn’t do it but I don’t blame them for that.

    I’m a live by the team, die by the team person. I don’t freak out and I don’t bridge jump. I’ve never boo’d a Yankee at a game. I’ve never even yelled, “You suck!” at a player in a Yankee uniform.

    But mistakes by the Front Office with ticket pricing and players who make millions not making adjustments and swinging for the fences every time or not seeming to care that much leads to a discontented fan base. And it’s horrifying to see a pitching performance like Kuroda’s go to waste. At some point, a fan shelling out dough they can’t really afford to see players making millions fail to show up leads to cranky fans.

    Confidence? I know they can do it. Fear they will not.

    • Darren

      You sound annoying.

      • Darren

        Oops, total reply fail!!! That was not meant for you.Sorry!

        What I actually meant to say regarding the ticket price increase, etc, is that the whole Nazi/Facist/awful Yankee stadium policy of making sure no one even THINKS about moving down to a better seat also increases the frustration and annoyance of going to games.

        I know that I go to less games because of the absolute assholery of the Yankee stadium guards. It’s just wasy less fun to go to games than it used to be, not to mention the horrible cluttered advertising, the removal fo the black seats (whcih added a great visual element), the terrib;e acoustics, etc. etc.

        • RBC

          You nailed it. I went to YS3 once and have no real desire to go back. I swear, the place is just like the Titanic – 1st class, 2nd class and steerage. I sat in the Delta Sky Suite(it was a corporate ticket). It was nice, but the problem with all these special sections is that there’s no fan cohesiveness in the stadium. Everyone section of the building is cordoned off by a guard or seat nazi. Everyone a separate entrance, separate section, separate concessions, even separate bathrooms.

          The reason why YS2 used to rock was that everyone was together! The old stadium was shared experience. We all walked in the same entrances, stood in the same lines, etc. You could watch batting practice in the lower bowl seats. It was ok for someone in the nose bleed section to come down and sit in a pricier section at the end of the game. Where you sat or what you paid didn’t matter. Now how much you pay means everything.

          And let me not get started with that atrocity they call Monument Park now and that god awfully placed sports bar at the back of the stadium.

  • Nice Scheister

    Starting Rotation: 10
    They’ve been masterful. Big Ups!

    Non-DRob/MFIKY Bullpen: 2
    A two is being nice.

    The 8th & 9th Inning Reg Guys: 10
    When they pitch. They should have pitched yesterday too…this is the PLAYOFFS, you play for TODAY not for tomorrow in the ALCS.

    The Starting 9: 1
    Disgusting. Hard to watch and listen to Smoltz get aroused with every K.

    The Bench (Ibanez included): 10
    Soley because Ibanez has a cape.

    Manager: 2
    The +1 is for PH Ibanez for A-Rod, the -8 is for the putrid bullpen mgmt.

    Average for the current construction this year: 3 only because they stand a chance if they can push some runs across AND the SPs keep it up. Alas Ibanez only gets 3 PA vs RHP per game.

    Moving forward: At least Swisher is gone and the Yankees are in the drivers seat with Cano and Granderson.

    • Nice Scheister

      With big money owed owed long term to A-Rod, Teix, CC, the roster is more flexible than we give it credit for. Now that could change with a boneheaded contract given out by upper mgmt.

      My ideal roster next year, back up listed next to with /, platoon with &:

      SS: Jeter/Nix
      2B: Cano/ Nix
      1B: Teix / Chavez
      3B: A-Rod & Chavez
      CF: Gardner / Mesa
      LF: Melky C / Ibanez
      RF: Ichiro / Ibanez
      C: Martin / Romine
      DH: Ibanez & A-Rod, Jeter etc.
      Phelps/AAA Longman


      That’s 24 spots, 25 if you add one of Eppely or Rapada . Pinedas spot is a total wildcard, who know if he’ll be healthy enough to play. Or maybe Nunez as opposed to another pitcher or Nix, but since the Yanks view Nuny as a SS exclusively, he wouldn’t get much playing time. The rotation could change drastically but with Nova, Hughes and Phelps accounting for 3/5 of the rotation. Pretty sure one of Andy/Hiroki comes back, if not both. I wonder if the Yankees could get someone of value for Granderson or Cano to help reestablish some of the farm, preferably Granderson since Gardner slides right in and could play a better CF and has superior contact skills.

      The future could look bright, so future construction: 6, only because of the uncertainty and regressing farm and the fact I don’t trust mgmt not to give out a long term contract for another aging player.

  • Christopher

    181 no-confidence votes in the middle of a playoffs. What a downer. Negatroidville. You guys should watch curling.