Frankenstorm Open Thread Day II

MLBTR's projected arbitration salaries
Cano & Teixeira take home Gold Gloves
A tanker washed up in Staten Island. (Chad Rachman/New York Post)

The worst of Hurricane Sandy passed over New York last night, but thousands are still without power and the damage is quite extensive. Don’t expect to see the subways up and running for another few days or for things to return to normal for a few weeks. Some parts got it really, really bad. I was pretty lucky, didn’t lose power and the yard is messy, but that’s it. I hope everyone in the area is safe and sound.

If you’re around tonight, use this as your open thread. Apparently the NBA season starts in a few hours, so that’s cool. Talk about those games or anything else (non-politics) here. Enjoy.

MLBTR's projected arbitration salaries
Cano & Teixeira take home Gold Gloves
  • Jay

    Just heard from my parents AND there’s the RAB Open Thread, all at the same time. Some normalcy is nice.

  • bobtaco

    This looks to me that it might take more than a few days, or weeks…

    • Robinson Tilapia (Safe and sound)

      I could see this happening in pieces, or having the 1 terminate at Chambers like after 9/11. I agree that some of this looks like it could be a lot more than a few days.

      It’s too bad we don’t have a guy on this site who knows the subway system inside out. Damn.

  • jjyank

    DC didn’t get hit that bad, but I was still surprised I had to work today. The Metro system didn’t open back up until 2, so I had to drive. DC government and all schools were still closed to. Considering I work 3 blocks from the White House, all our customers are government or business. So of course, I had about 7 customers all day. I actually counted, that’s not an exaggeration. Just didn’t seem worth it.

    But, good news. I have an old frat buddy in town tonight, and we’re gonna relive the good ol’ days and tear up downtown DC. Weeknight be damned.

  • Eddard

    I saw where the Tigers say they will not bring back Delmon Young next season. If that’s the case we might have a shot against them next year. Cashman should be doing everything he can right now to retain Ichiro and Kuroda.

    • Joel Skinner

      But Victor Martinez will be back and he is a lot better than young

    • Robinson Tilapia (Safe and sound)


  • Anthony

    I live about 20 minutes away from where that picture is taken Crazy stuff. Luckily my family and I are fine; I’ve heard of much worse. Hope all RAB dwellers are doing OK.

    • Robinson Tilapia (Safe and sound)

      Good to hear, Anthony.

  • Anthony

    was taken*

  • Tom

    Jake Peavy signed with Chicago for 2yrs/29mil (with a 3rd year option).

    I hope the Yankees move quickly on Kuroda – normally things don’t get moving until the big name (Greinke) sets the market as the 2nd tier FA’s will want to get the Greinke losers into the bidding process; but I think this year the Lohse’s, Dempsters and Kuroda’s of the world may get snatched up quickly; especially as there are not that many.

    With Peavy off the market I think teams may not wait for Greinke to make a decision before going to plan B.

  • Robinson Tilapia (Safe and sound)

    In typical NYC fashion, where there’s been opportunity for people to quickly rebound, we have rebounded. My neighborhood of Park Slope, which was rather blessed last night, was incredibly vibrant today. I’ve talked to a couple of business owners who called today they’re busiest day ever. It’s a beautiful thing.

    My thoughts and prayers are with anyone here who is currently struggling. I am sure there are a few of you. You will rebound. We all will.

  • Yankee in CT

    Hope Delmon Young stays as far away from NY as possible.

    • Robinson Tilapia (Safe and sound)

      I don’t think there’s much to worry about there. I don’t see that happening AT ALL.

      • Mattchu12


        Yankees have become all about make-up, evident in both the draft and in the free agent market. Delmon Young doesn’t fit that bill at all.

    • MannyGeee

      Seems like the kind of guy that the Red Sox would pee themselves over. Except that he’s black…

      • OldYanksFan

        Not to worry. The Sox have a locker room for Blacks.

  • jimmy

    The sound of that wind last night was something I hope I never hear again. Hope all you out there are doing ok.

    • Robinson Tilapia (Safe and sound)

      Where do you live, Jimmy?

      I never got to hear that scary howl that you can get with these high winds last night, but I’m sure folks in areas hit hard got to hear it for sure.

      • hornblower

        My daughter called from the city, she left her appt. with the help of a doorman with a flashlight. Uptown has lights and water. Downtown not so much. Westchester is a mess but outside of phone lines in my driveway I can still blog and say the Yanks should look into signing AJ P. from the Sox. A catcher, DH saves a player. He may be a horse’s ass but is left hand power and enables them to carry Romine as a backup.

        • Robinson Tilapia (Safe and sound)

          I’m not as ultra-against AJ as I would be against other character guys, although I probably haven’t read his rap sheet too thoroughly. I just think he’s overrated as hell.

          • MannyGeee

            Not sure how much of a pure catcher AJ is. And considering the love the org showed Chris Stewart, I feel this might not be a fit.

          • hornblower

            Hit 27 homers and hit .278. Good numbers for a catcher and he bats lefty. I realize everyone loves Raul but AJ would save a player and he makes more sense than Martin at this point if he is reasonable moneywise.

            • YanksFanInBeantown

              He doesn’t walk and this is the first time in his career he’s hit more than 20 homers, and just the third time he’s hit more than 15.

              I’m more than a little leery of a 36 year old catcher with an empty average and 10-15 HR power for his career.

    • Bo Knows

      I’d recommend never moving away from the NY area then, because you will hear just as bad at least once a year in the South, and in more than a few cases the storms will be significantly stronger than Sandy.

      • MannyGeee

        This. big buildings sure have a way of muffling those winds better than a few barren trees do.

  • Cano fan #1

    I’m not sure who can swept New York faster. The hurricane or Detroit tiger…….lol

    • Rhonda

      This storm sure took my mind off the pitiful Yankee losses in ALDS!

  • Bo Knows

    I’m just stunned, I came on here last night talking about how damaging a Cat.1 could possibly be to an urban region (because down in NC where I’m from, it’s literally a missed day of school or work and some, flooding its not that big a deal)

    Anyway, I hope all of you are safe

    • Bo Knows

      Also why is it called Frankenstorm?

      • MannyGeee

        Because Count Stormula sounded douchey…

        • Bo Knows

          Douchen’cane might be better, because it was a storm that went after an area and group of people not prepared for Hurricanes rather than go through the states that would have literally turned it into a rainy day.


          • Robinson Tilapia (Safe and sound)

            It was called a Frankenstorm because of system it collided with which both kept it in place and made it a rather perfect little hurricane. It was silly.

            I wouldn’t say people weren’t prepared. It was the typical mix of preparedness and douchebaggery. Storms of this size and intensity just aren’t supposed to his this area. Therefore, nothing is built with these storms in mind.

            Like I said yesterday (or Monday, it’s all bleeding into one another now), it’s apples and oranges as to storms that hit the south and this. I’ve been through both.

            Crazy shit, though. What wound up happening is just beyond anything I could have come up with.

            • Bo Knows

              I think because people up North rarely see Tropical Storms, let alone a hurricane, it could be argued that they aren’t prepared because they’ve never seen anything like it.

              It’s similar in NC where if we see an inch of snow, we’d be shut down for at least one day, and probably a second as well. Up North, that wouldn’t even slow traffic down.

              But I agree, this is beyond comprehension what happened; the damage that NY has suffered is something I’d expect from a much bigger storm

    • beachbum

      Sorry to say knucklehead, but when NY Harbor rises 14 feet and floods a good part of lower Manhattan I don’t give a damn how prepared you are or think you are. There are a lot of us dealing with a terrible situation. Yeah, we laugh at blizzards, we rebuild when terrorists destroy our neighborhood and we soldier through blackouts. Stuff it.

      • Bo Knows

        First off asshole, when did I laugh or ever make fun of the situation? I said that they aren’t aren’t bad and that everyone would be ok, and Category 1’s usually aren’t, CLEARLY I was way off on this. And yes, preparedness does play a part in what has happened, the people of NY don’t see Hurricanes so unless you lived in a place that sees the storms on a regular bases you won’t know what to expect, and the buildings aren’t done with hurricane resistance in mind.

        Also don’t talk about this thing like I’ve never been through one before, I have, I know far more than you.

        By the way don’t you ever fucking bring up the September 11th around me again in such a disrespectful manner in a petty argument that you started.

  • MannyGeee

    2nd night without power or Internet…Well, I’m out of shit to do!

    • MannyGeee

      I lied. My shit just came back up… Just in time for SOA…

  • Joe F

    Happy Birthday Mike!

    Off from school again tomorrow.

  • endlessjose

    FRom Clifton and we were untouched and I’m lucky we had power and still do.GOD Bless to the people further South Jersey and NY who are without power or dealing with propetry damage.

    • Steve nj

      Untouched?im from Clifton there is shit fucked up all over! Trees power lines down transformers blown up I’ve had no power since 6pm yesterday

  • Austin Aunelowitzky

    Kudos to the First Responders, POTUS, Gov Christie, Mayor Bloomberg, The American Red Cross and the Salvation Army. Leadership and Action.

  • pistol pete

    Need to sign Kuroda right away. I’d sign Pettitte if he wants to come back or get him in June or July, don’t know if he can endure an entire season. Need to improve catching and AJ Pierzynski and Mike Napoli are improvements over Martin, would love to have either one. I think we also need a righthanded outfielder, would love Tori Hunter for a year maybe 2 to play right.

    • nick

      napoli cant catch

    • Knoxvillain

      I would like Pierzynski, but he isn’t as good as 2012 suggests and he is closing in on 40. Napoli is overrated and I can catch better than him. Hunter for two years would be a big no but I’d love him for one year.

  • Bavarian Yankee

    lol, those Americans. Complaining about a bit of wind and rain? Here in Germany we call that perfect barbecue weather :)

    btw: still using those overhead power lines? Come on, last time I’ve seen those in real life was like 1992 in a small Hungarian village.

    • Long-Past-His-Day-Rod

      Yes, because your country frequently deals with 80 MPH winds and flooding that overruns and cripples densely populated areas, including the main financial hub of your nation…

      Hear that guys, you should’ve just gone out in that “bit of wind and rain” and had a city-wide cookout in that perfect BBQ weather!

      • Bavarian Yankee

        I think your sarcasm detector is broken.

        • Long-Past-His-Day-Rod

          My apologies sir, you got me. Days without power/hot water have me on edge.

  • Dropped Third

    Any see what Sherman wrote? Beltran to NY for Joba and David Adams? I like it but the cards will never accept that deal.