Friday Night Open Thread

Update: Reports from Instructional League
Cashman: We'll only get younger if it makes us better

The Giants and Tigers are off today for travel, so the World Series will resume tomorrow in Detroit with San Francisco leading the best-of-seven series two games to none. You’re on your own as far as entertainment goes, but that look back at Reggie Jackson’s three-homer game in the 1977 World Series is a great way to kill a few minutes. Once you’re done with that, feel free to use this thread to talk about anything (except politics!) you like. Enjoy.

Update: Reports from Instructional League
Cashman: We'll only get younger if it makes us better
  • toad

    Chris Chambliss was a legitimate batting hero in that game as well. He tied the game with a 2-run HR in the bottom of the second (Reggie was on base). He followed Jackson’s first HR, in the 4th, with a double and scored on a Piniella SF to give NY a 5-3 lead.

    I mention this because I was a great fan of Chambliss, who was a solid clutch performer on those Yankee teams, not unlike Thurman Munson.

    • Anonymous

      Ok toad who cares not me


    • Anonymous

      Ok toad who cares not me potato.

      • toad

        Then don’t read it.

        And learn to post your comments just once.

    • Professor Longnose

      Chambliss was one of my favorites. He had a closed stance, and I remember trying to imitate to learn to bat lefty.

    • NYMVP 1976

      I still consider the Chambliss HR in 1976 the single greatest moment of pure baseball joy in my life.

  • CT Yankee

    So uh, who here in the New York metropolitan area canceled Halloween yet?

  • Steve


    • Cano fan #1


  • Giancarlo Stanton 2017

    Fuck Sandy. Giants better win Sunday night. Really not looking forward to the upcoming powerless week

  • Pat D

    So this is going to make two straight Halloweens totally fucked up by the weather. Not that I care much about Halloween. I just don’t want to think about possibly not having power. I mean, you seriously might as well kill me if that happens for an extended period of time.

    • Ethan

      I’m not in the NYC area but Halloween is 5 days off. Weather forecasts can drastically change by then.

      • Pat D

        I’m not in NYC either, I’m in eastern PA. My forecasts are showing all this rain from Sunday-Tuesday.

        • Ethan

          Then you’re golden. Halloween is on Weds

          • Pat D

            Not if there’s a lingering power outage. Again, Halloween isn’t an issue for me. It’s just that we had that freak storm last Halloween, that was my point.

  • Tyler

    Random question, but is there anything the team can do (short of building a new stadium) to get the seats more on top of the field like in the old stadium? I know MSG has done this incredibly well with its renovations, but obviously the two structures are completely different? Can anyone shed some light?

    • Darren

      No. Certainly not unless you’re talking about the type of renovation that won’t occur for at least 10 years.

    • Jimmy

      Why would they invest that kind of money when there’s nothing in it for them? They already have the goobers talking about the garlic fries and not how they are all of a sudden 100+ feet further from the field.

  • WhittakerWalt

    Does anyone have a candidate for future Hall of Famers that no one ever talks about? Like, dark horse candidates?
    Mine is Aramis Ramirez.
    I play a lot of meaningless games in my brain. This is just one of them.

    • Pat D

      Not much chance. He’s not as good as Scott Rolen or Adrian Beltre, and they’re going to have a hard time getting in.

      • WhittakerWalt

        Only because people still don’t understand third basemen.

        • WhittakerWalt

          As I said, he’s a dark horse. He’s 34 right now, which means he could probably play 3 more years. 3 more years of Ramirez’ average production on his part would put him at well over 400 homers, over 1500 rbis, and over 500 doubles.

          Of course, he could fall off a cliff offensively like ARod has, or he could play until he’s 40 and end up with 1700 rbis and 475 homers. That would push Ramirez into no-brainer territory, I’d think.

          Just something to think about.

          • Pat D

            I don’t disagree with your argument, but you hit the nail on the head when you said “only because people still don’t understand third basemen.”

            That is just so true. There are fewer third basemen than any other position in the HOF. I’ve never quite understood why, but that’s the case. I think that a lot of current HOF voters tend to do two things when considering whom to vote for: they compare them to the guys in the HOF, and the guys who were their peers.

            I think Ramirez falls short in both categories. He’s probably better than maybe 2-3 of the current HOF third basemen, but amongst his peers he’s probably no better than 4th. I get that from putting him behind Rolen, Beltre and ARod.

            The thing that could most probably doom Ramirez, and a lot of other guys like Rolen, Beltre and other somewhat borderline candidates, is what the ballot will look like when they become eligible. Are all the suspected PED users still going to be there? That’s something we’ll see play out over the next few years, starting with this year which, quite frankly, is the most intriguing HOF vote ever with all the guys hitting the list.

    • smurfy

      you got a most likely candidate. The best anybody said about him is, “Did he really do that, all those rbi’s? That’s pretty good.”

      never caught my attention like Shawon Figgins.

  • Mattchu12

    Anybody else day-dreaming from the Granderson-McCann trade talk in the chat today? I’d love to bring McCann to the Bronx, resign Swish for a Ichiro-Gardner-Swisher outfield. I know that’s not a lot of power out there, but I like the idea of more contact and speed in the lineup.

    Jeter-Ichiro-Teix-Cano-ARod-Swisher-McCann-Nunez/Lefty Platoon-Gardner sounds sexy.

    • Joe

      Swisher is garbage let that trash go play on a team that doesn’t make playoffs.

      • Mattchu12


        His regular season stats say otherwise. Everybody struggled in the playoffs this year and plenty of “clutch players” have been cold in the past, just like plenty of “unclutch players” have come up big. This is a stupid argument.

        • jjyank

          Agreed. Swisher’s advanced statistics paint him as a borderline star. A few SSS spread out over several years do not change that for me.

          Tino was pretty bad in a similar number of at bats in the post season. Then he changed that. Was Tino a chocker? Or was it just SSS noise? Way too much is made over a few games per year.

          • Mattchu12


            People call A-Rod a choker, but they clearly don’t remember 2009. Five games in the ALDS and seven games in either the ALCS and World Series is not nearly enough time to judge a player.

    • smurfy

      sounds gut, except who plays short-second to relay the throws when they’re stealin’?

  • Duh Innings

    2013 Yankees Starting Nine:

    C – A.J. Pierzynski signed for one year and $7.5M (Give him the same as Martin made in 2012.)

    1B – Teixiera (Tell teams he’s available.)

    2B – Cano (Pick up his 2013 $15M club option then offer him 5 years x $20M a year = $100M total which would take him through age 36 and give him the second-highest contract for a homegrown Yankee player by money after Jeter’s decade-long $189M contract for 2001-11. If he rejects the offer, shop him, too bad if he doesn’t like the distraction as $100M is a pretty good offer for a guy who’s never posted 30 HR AND and RBI in a season and has yet to have a 1998/1999 Jeter or 2004/2007-like A-Rod season he is talented and capable enough to have but hasn’t had yet. I wanna see .320/.390/.550/.940 with 37 HR and 120 RBI – a top three 2012 ALMVP candidates performance – from him in 2013 for him to ask for 6-8 years and $150-200M. .303/.362/.505 with 27 HR and 90 RBI is solid but not Jeter or A-Rod biggest contract worthy, sorry.)

    3B – Rodriguez (Have ongoing talks with the Marlins and Dodgers about trading him to one of them.)

    SS – Jeter (Be preemptive: Tell him if he declines his $8M player’s option, he will get the $3M buyout plus a new one-year $14M contract for another $17M for 2014, what he’s making in 2013. If he rejects that offer, do not make another offer until after the end of 2013. If he doubtfully picks up his player’s option, the Yanks save $9M. If he doesn’t pick up the option, the Yanks save $14M if they let go of him.)

    LF – Melky Cabrera for one year and $12.5M (the money the Yanks will clear buying out Soriano for $1.5M after he opts out to get a three or four year contract to be a closer elsewhere.)

    CF – Gardner for $1.4M or half his 2012 salary since he barely played in 2012 (Pick up the 2013 $15M club option on Granderson then trade him.)

    RF – Ichiro for a year and $6M where he defers $5M of that like he deferred that amount in 2012 so the Yankees have to pay only $1M of it for 2013.

    DH – Swisher given two options: Re-sign for the qualifying offer of one year and $13.3M, a $3.05M raise, or re-sign for $20.5M where he makes what he made in 2012 in each year ($10.25M.) If he declines both offers (the $20M offer made after the $13.3M offer), let go of him and offer Torii Hunter a year and $10.25M (what Swisher made in 2012.) If Swisher doesn’t want that money, Hunter has the chance to get it and most likely his last chance to get a World Series ring.

    Batting Order:

    Swisher or Hunter
    Rodriguez (Everyone in front of him is a better hitter than him, so he bats here, too bad if he doesn’t like it.)


    Re-sign Stewart, Nix, Chavez, and Ibanez to one year deals (give everyone $100K raises for a pithy $400K total in raises for the bench offset by Gardner’s paycut.)



    Jake Peavy signed to a one-year $18M contract so he still makes $22M total for 2013 ($18M the Yanks pay him plus $4M the Chi-Sox buy him out for.) The Yanks use $8M letting go of Garcia and Feliciano ($4M each) and ideally use $10M saved getting Mariano Rivera to re-sign for a year and $5M (where he still makes $20M across two seasons playing X games in 2013 plus the pithy 9 he played in 2012) to pay for Peavy.

    Kuroda re-signed to a one-year $13.3M contract ($2.3M raise offset by clearing $2M letting go of Jones and a little bit of Gardner’s paycut.)


    Pettitte re-signed for a year and $5M (double his salary and the same as Mo so both future retired number Yankees make the same amount.)


    Rivera, Robertson, Logan, Chamberlain, re-signed Rapada and Eppley, Aardsma brought back with a club option on him.