Heyman: Yankees will exercise Granderson’s option for 2013


9:05pm: Heyman says the Yankees are “disinclined” to negotiate a long-term contract extension with Granderson, which makes sense. He’s not all that young and they’ll want to make sure last year’s strikeout issues do not turn into an even bigger problem before committing more years and dollars.

6:03pm: Via Jon Heyman: The Yankees will exercise Curtis Granderson‘s club option worth $15M for next season. The option was originally worth $13M, but he triggered an escalator with his fourth place finish in the MVP voting last season. Much like Nick Swisher getting a qualifying offer, this is entirely unsurprising. I suppose there’s a chance the Yankees will look to trade Curtis this offseason, but declining the option was never a realistic possibility.

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  1. Alvaro Espinosa says:

    so long grandy

  2. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Trade him please.

  3. Ed in SF says:

    Great guy, but buh-bye

  4. QT says:

    Kurtis with a K?

  5. Leg-End says:

    Shop him around.

  6. Blake says:

    Lots of teams need outfield help…. He will have value

    • Mike Axisa says:

      Including the Yankees.

      • Blake says:

        Of course … Doesn’t mean they shouldn’t see what they could get for him though.

        • The Big City of Dreams says:

          They will check around but it seems like some fans want to give him away. Not saying you want to do that.

          • Blake says:

            Nah you don’t trade him for nothing and honestly whether you trade him at all has to depend on what else they can do in their outfield…..if say they did somehow acquire Justin Upton and could go Upton, Gardner, Ichiro as an outfield then yea you could deal Grandy to recoup some prospects…..

      • Duh Innings says:

        Melky Cabrera LF $13M a year for 2 years (his 2013 is only $2.75M more than the cost of 2012 Swisher)

        Brett Gardner CF for less than the $2.8M he made in 2012 (this paycut can offset 2013 Cabrera costing more than 2012 Swisher.)

        Juan Rivera RF $3.5M 2013 only ($11.5M less than 2013 Granderson)


        Rivera is only 33 (he turns 34 next 7/3.) He posted 9 HR 47 RBI – a 18 HR 71 RBI in 509 PA pace – and struck out only 35 times in 339 PA. His career strikeout rate is .118 (448 SO in 3787 PA), so he makes alot of contact which is good for a team who struck out more than any other team in Yankees history. I think he could post 20-22 HR 70-85 RBI.

        The Yanks upgrade their defense in CF and RF and lose no defense in LF or not much if you consider Gardner slightly better than Cabrera. They still have strong arms in the corners (Rivera had 3 assists in 46 games in the OF in 2012, a 9 assists in 138 games pace.)

  7. Donnie B says:

    Curtis is a great guy but he can go somewhere else. I know it goes against what the Yankess are known for(home runs) but we need more players that hit for average and can get clutch hits. 40 home runs is nice however I think hitting 15HR and getting 190 hits is much more valuable on a team that depends too much on homeruns.

  8. Elton Cod says:

    I think they should look to trade him…do you think the Tigers would take him in exchange for Austin Jackson?

    • Donnie B says:

      The Tigers know they got over on us with that deal and we are now stuck with a guy that can hit 40 plus homeruns in the regular season but can’t hit a beach ball in the post season…fantastic

      • Get Phelps Up says:

        Before this season, Granderson was a career .267/.397/.534 hitter in the postseason.

        • Donnie B says:

          That’s all well and good but what matter is what he did this year…Grandy is only getting older and he’s not clutch at all.

          • Get Phelps Up says:

            He’ll be 32 next year, so age isn’t really an issue. Let’s not overreact to 33 bad PA’s in the playoffs this year.

            • Elton Cod says:

              What about the 400 bad PAs before that?

              • Get Phelps Up says:

                I really think it was just an extended slump. I’m going to assume his .278 OBP in the 2nd half isn’t all of a sudden his true talent level.
                And also this was really about his playoff performance.

      • Elton Cod says:

        To be fair, he had trouble with hitting a beach ball for most of the second half of the season, too.

        My grandmother played some fast-pitch softball when she was young. I bet she could still strike him out.

        I guess taking the option makes sense, maybe can get something in trade or maybe (yeah, right) he bounces back or whatever. But he really shouldn’t be in the Yankees’ future plans for the outfield. Swisher isn’t, thankfully. They have a solid outfield core to build around already – Gardner, Dickerson, Ichiro, Ibanez. Let Swisher/Granderson and their strikeouts/bad defense/playoff ineptitude walk.

      • Mike Axisa says:

        He was terrible this year, but Granderson was a .267/.375/.535 hitter in the playoffs prior to this postseason, including .313/.459/.583 as a Yankee.

  9. John C says:

    Grandy either hits hrs or strikes out. He did that all season. So his post season performance was no surprise. He can’t hit good pitching!

    • Get Phelps Up says:

      FACT: all of Grandersons homers this year came off pitchers that aren’t even good enough to be the last man out of the Astros bullpen.

      • MannyGeee says:

        Also a fact… If good pitchers gave up hits and home runs to any swinging dick with a bat, they wouldn’t be GOOD AT PITCHING!!!!!

    • FIPster Doofus says:

      Granderson walks plenty, too. It’s just overshadowed by the strikeouts.

  10. kenthadley says:

    And he’ll get a qualifying offer after 2013 too. So Yanks will get another pick when he goes…unless, of course, he continues to go downhill and hits .210 with 200k’s…then he’s not worth even a qualifying offer, and it would just be AMF.

  11. Mickey Scheister AKA The BadaBling King says:

    Going back to my orginal handles for a while. How about the Yankees trade him for a young, cost controlled pitcher like Pineda? Or maybe a proven ace, like Beckett? Better yet, how about Trumbo?

    • Mrpappageorgio says:

      Did you just say “proven ace” and “Josh Beckett” in the same sentence? This isnt 2007. What are you smoking? Hey if that trade falls through maybe we could trade granderson for a proven closer like Scott Proctor.

  12. Randy says:

    I have zero issue with keeping Grandy and I don’t want to see him get traded. I think he is a pretty legit bounce back candidate. I do think he needs to move out of center for gardner to improve the overall outfield defense. He’s been a very productive hitter for the yanks so unless you get a significant upgrade I don’t see the purpose in trading him. I also think this demand to trade him is typical prisoner of the moment reaction.

    • Mike HC says:

      Agreed. Assuming the Yanks won’t be getting any real top prospects, Granderson’s potential production for next season is too much to trade away. And also agreed Gardner should be in center and Granderson in left, although I thought that should have been the case for 2 years now.

  13. dc1874 says:

    ….Grandy is the 2012 version of Dave Kingman!!!!

  14. Jonathan says:

    How come nobody talks about the fact that he was tearing the cover off the ball….and then they refused to give him an inning off? Without Gardner and until Wise came up he had no one to back him up and they didn’t even play Wise in CF hardly. The guy just wore down. His bat got slow and he looked tired on the bases, in the field and at the plate. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that he was, along with Jeter, carrying the team for the first half of the year and then after not getting any rest (not to mention he even played and traveled to the AS game in KC) his bat slowed down. I think he’s going to go right back to .250/.360/.500+ and 40+ home runs next year.

    • CapitalT says:

      good point on no rest but I down the 40+ HRs again

    • Randy says:

      good point.

    • Ted Nelson says:

      Because he plays almost every game when healthy regardless of who his back-up is. He played the same number of games in 2009 and only 4 fewer last year.

      It’s a possibility, but hardly a lock that 4 extra games caused a physical break-down.

      A whole lot of people talk about it. If you think about it for a few seconds, though, you realize it is one of many possible explanations and not necessarily all that high on the list.

      • Jonathan says:

        Not all games are created equal. Most of his days off he’d pinch hit anyway so that counts as a game. Pinch run? That’s a game. DH? That’s a game. And did he get to come out when we were up 10? Just looking at the games played total isn’t representative of his workload. He literally played every inning but 1 IN CF for somewhere around the halfway point give or take. Considering his age and his great numbers in the first half I’d love to hear a more logical reason to explain his slump. You talk about it not being high on the list but I don’t hear any counter thoughts. Do you really think he just all of a sudden lost speed, quickness and bat speed sometime in July in his very early 30s?

        He got dropped in the lineup after he started to slump and lost some protection and probably started to press but I’m still going with the lack of rest being the reason his slump started in the first place.

        • Jonathan says:

          Also, he got a lot of time off in the 2nd half because of the slump. But at some point you just have to account for why the slump started.

  15. CapitalT says:

    My thought was decline the option, give him a qualifying offer, get the comp pick, sign BJ Upton who is basically the same player but will a little less power but a little more speed/defense

  16. mt says:

    I totally agree – this was what was very frustrating about such a large payroll team going without a CF back-up (and then not using Wise initially when he did get called up.) Again Grandy is no longer 25 – he is 30 – should have had more rest. These are the things that need to be taken care of next year – a marginal thing but something that is under Yankee control (unlike some of the big contracts and the fact that major immovable players are getting oner year older.)

    I also think he needs to raise his average and cut down on his strikeouts – he was a big culprit in the RISP failure all year. It may impact his number of homers. If he could hit 25-30 homers but have a higer batting avergae, steal more (there was a point when he was playing every inning that he stopped stealing) and make some more consistent contact, especailly in RISP situations I would make that trade-off.

    I alsao hope they are proactive and move him out of CF – I think defensive metricsa porbably overstate that he is really bad but he ceratinly is not great – I certainly have been incraesingly disappointed. There have been several beautiful catches where he made all-out sprints to catch the ball but those have been outnumbered by his bad routes to ball in general and freezing or taking the wrong step in or the wrong sterp back when a ball is hit.

  17. pistol pete says:

    I’d trade Grandy even if the yanks need to eat some money for a ss. Jeter will have to split 3b/dh with ARod. It’s too much to ask Jeter at 39 to come back from a 5 month broken leg and handle the difficulty of ss. Gardner can easily handle cf, he’s faster than Curtis, a better fielder but we’ll sacrifice a lot of power. Any ideas of someone looking to move a ss.

  18. pistol pete says:

    Anyone here think Jeter can play ss next year.

  19. Tony says:

    Did I read this accurately – Granderson finished 4th in MVP voting????

  20. Pete says:

    Signing Granderson to a long term deal doesn’t make sense. We don’t need another guy in his mid-late thirties, in decline, at the end of that contract. We have Arod for five more years and Tex for four years. Tex has been declining, but is still a player. Who knows what Arod is next year? Can he even be a 30 homerun guy, 90 rbi guy at this point? We have to sign Cano long term, that’s going to be a seven year deal, maybe with some options. What if Jeter wants to play a few more years to chase the hit record? What will Mo want returning from injury? How long will he want to pitch after this year. Will Andy want a one or two year deal, of course for more money. We’re probably going to bring in some free agents, this is the Yankees. My bet on Grandy is that the option is picked up, and he’s shopped around. I think he will be traded, and we can get something decent in return as long as Cash doesn’t have his trade goggles on like he had in the Pineda/Montero deal.

  21. Kosmo says:

    as much as I´d like to see Granderson traded, I´m not sure who would want him ? What would be his value ? He´s on a 1 year contract and he just finished a dreadful season and postseason. He´s lost a step in CF.
    Maybe the Phils ? He would be a great K partner with Howard.

  22. Hoss says:

    I don’t think that you are going to get much in return unless the Yankees pick up part of that $15 million salary for 2013. By the way, the salaries of Austin Jackson, Phil Coke and Ian Kennedy combined in 2012 was $2.1 million.

  23. Pete says:

    Granderson Hit 43 Home Runs, and drove in 106 runs, with 102 runs scored. Many teams would be interested in that kind of production. His strikeouts are alarming at 195. Defensively, Curtis can cover the ground in center, and there really aren’t any complaints about his defense.

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