Ibanez’s blast delays the inevitable, Yankees lose Jeter to injury and Game One to Tigers

Yankees lose Jeter in Game One loss
Thoughts following ALCS Game One

If there was ever a loss that could make you feel like the Yankees will never win another game, this is it. The Bombers made a miraculous ninth inning comeback only to blow Game One of the ALCS in extra innings thanks to some very questionable bullpen decisions and defense. Oh, and Derek Jeter broke his left ankle and will miss the rest of the postseason. That’s as bad as one baseball game can get right there.

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Down Goes The Captain

By itself, the loss was demoralizing. The Yankees made a four-run comeback in the ninth inning against one of the most insufferable players on the planet only to eventually lose the game in extra innings. That’s awful enough. Losing Jeter, the undisputed leader of the club in every possible way, to a season-ending ankle injury makes a demoralizing loss utterly unbearable.

The play itself was fairly innocent, a Jhonny Peralta ground ball to Jeter’s left in the 12th inning. He shuffled a step or two over to field the ball, took a false step, and crumbled right to the ground. As we all sat there and waited for Derek to get up like he always does, he stayed down. Joe Girardi and the trainer came out to see him and had to carry him off the field. When Derek Jeter gets carried off the field, you know it’s bad. After the brilliant season he had, seeing the Cap’n get carried off the field like that was truly heartbreaking. The ALCS felt so irrelevant all of a sudden.

This Ain’t April, It’s The ALCS

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Okay, back to the actual game. I have absolutely no idea what Girardi was doing with his bullpen moves. CC Sabathia twirled a complete game on Friday, so everyone out there was rested. Workload isn’t a problem. With the Yankees down two runs with two outs in the top of the seventh, the first reliever out of the bullpen was … Derek Lowe. And he faced Miguel Cabrera too. As if that wasn’t crazy enough, he struck him out! On three pitches!

Bringing in Lowe to face the best hitter in the world in a close playoff game is a total “bad idea but it worked” move that Girardi got away with, but he decided to leave Lowe in the game for the eighth inning as well. He surrendered a solo homer to Delmon Young to make it 3-0 before giving up a double to Peralta. In came Boone Logan, who retired the left-handed hitter (Andy Dirks) only to allow the right-hander hitter (Avisail Garcia) to single in the fourth run in an 0-2 count. Cody Eppley and Clay Rapada tag-teamed the ninth inning of a postseason game still with grand slam distance, if you can believe that. The duo combined for a scoreless inning.

Once the game went to extra innings, Joe Girardi rightfully went to Rafael Soriano (scoreless tenth) and David Robertson (scoreless 11th). The problem is that both guys only threw one inning each, which meant the rookie David Phelps opened the 12th having to face both Cabrera and Prince Fielder. How Robertson is not left in to at least face those two is beyond me. Phelps predictably allowed the Tigers to take the lead and that was the ballgame. Girardi managed the game like he was still in the regular season, trying not to overwork his relievers so they would be available in Game Two. Just awful.

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Raul Ibanez, Hero

Pretty much the only two hitters in the lineup who are consistent threats at the plate right now are Mark Teixeira and Ibanez. Teixeira singled and walked twice, including ahead of Ibanez after falling behind in the count 0-2 to Jose Valverde with two outs in the ninth. I know Valverde is terrible, but that was an enormous at-bat. Raul worked the count deep before unloading on a belt-high fastball in a two-strike count, hitting yet another massive homer to tie the ballgame at four. Ichiro Suzuki had chipped in a two-run dinger off Valverde of his own earlier in the inning to make it 4-2.

Ibanez does nothing but get just enormous, jaw-droppingly clutch hits in huge moments. He’s been everything everyone’s ever thought about clutch times about a thousand. Since September 22nd, that 13-inning game against the Athletics, Ibanez is 21-for-51 (.412) with seven homers, five of which either tied the game or gave the Yankees the lead in the ninth inning or later. He’s the first player in baseball history to hit three homers in the ninth inning or later in a single postseason. My goodness.

Get ‘Em On, Don’t Get ‘Em In

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Tigers started Doug Fister was asking for it. The man who walked more than two batters in just three of his 26 regular season starts walked three of the first five batters he faced, bringing (who else?) Alex Rodriguez to the plate with the bases loaded and two outs to the ninth. Peralta made a nice flopping (he didn’t dive, he flopped) stop to his right and flipped the ball over to second just time for the force out to end the inning. For the second time in a week, A-Rod hit a ball hard with men on-base in the first inning only to have a defender make a nice play to end the inning.

Three consecutive singles off Fister loaded the bases with two outs in the second inning, but again the Yankees didn’t score. This time you can blame first base umpire Rob Drake, who incorrectly called Robinson Cano out on the would-be infield single. Cano lined a ball literally off Fister (hit him in the wrist) that deflected to Peralta, who threw it over to first. Here’s visual evidence showing that Robbie beat the throw. Instead of having one run in and Teixeira up with the bases loaded, Fister was out of the inning. Game-changing call.

Because blowing two bases loaded situations wasn’t enough, they did it again in the fifth. Teixeira (error by Omar Infante) and Ibanez (double) started the inning and gave the bottom of the order of chances to plate some runs with outs. Rather than getting the job done, the next four (!) batters failed to put the ball in play. A-Rod struck out (and didn’t even run to first base on the dropped third strike), Nick Swisher drew a walk (to load the bases), Curtis Granderson struck out, and Russell Martin struck out to end the inning.

The Yankees also had a man in scoring position in the eighth (Granderson struck out) and the tenth (Martin and Jeter flew out) while also stranding miscellaneous runners along the way. As a team, they went 3-for-13 (.231) with runners in scoring position and stranded 13 runners in 12 innings. It was a truly pathetic display of offensive ineptitude in a postseason full of them. There is no way to describe this garbage now, they’re pathetic.

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Andy Pettitte pitched well, more than well enough to win — two runs in 6.2 innings. Both runs came in the sixth, when Austin Jackson tripled into a little advertisement corner in shallow right field (I can’t ever recall seeing a ball hit there) to leadoff the inning. With a man on third and n outs, you just accept that run is going to score and try to avoid the big inning. Instead, Girardi had Cabrera intentionally walked and it came back to bite him when Fielder and Young followed with singles. I know you’re playing for the double play, but intentionally putting runners on-base in front of Prince friggin’ Fielder is begging for trouble. Andy deserved better.

Although Ibanez hit the game-tying dinger, the team’s best hitter on the night was Ichiro. He went 4-for-6 with his own two-run dinger. Teixeira reached base four times (single, two walks, error), Ibanez three times (double, homer, walk), Martin twice (two singles), Swisher twice (double, walk), and Jeter twice (single, walk). Cano took an ugly 0-for-6, the fifth of his career and second in the last three days. He hasn’t reached base on something other than an intentional walk since the first inning of Game Two against the Orioles. Granderson went 0-for-4 with a walk and the third base mashup of A-Rod (0-for-3 with a strikeout) and Eric Chavez (0-for-2 with a strike) was as unproductive as usual.

The go-ahead run scored after Phelps walked Cabrera to start the 12th inning, which was about as predictable as it gets. Fielder moved Miggy up to second with a fielder’s choice, and the go-ahead run scored when Young lined a ball out to right field that Swisher completely misplayed. Replays showed that he basically just overran the ball and he claims he lost it in the lights, which could easily be true, but frankly no one cares at this point. He’s having another dreadful postseason and now his struggles at the plate seem to have been carried out to the field. Phelps should have never been pitching to those hitters in the first place, but Swisher shares a big part of the blame as well.

Box Score & WPA Graph

MLB.com has the box score and video highlights. The Yankees have actually scored more runs in the ninth inning or later (11) this postseason than they have in innings one through eight (nine). Comebacks are really awesome but that is a major problem.

Source: FanGraphs

Up Next

So now what? The Yankees come back for Game Two on Sunday afternoon and try to put this disaster of a day behind them, I suppose. Jeter’s injury sucked that much air out of the balloon. Hiroki Kuroda will start that game on short rest, something he’s never done before in his career. With the off-day coming Monday, expect Joe Girardi to use his bullpen liberally if needed, hopefully better than he did in Game One. Anibal Sanchez will get the start for the Tigers in the 4pm ET start. Check out RAB Tickets if you want to catch the game.

Yankees lose Jeter in Game One loss
Thoughts following ALCS Game One
  • stuart a

    i agree with everything you wrote accept your analysis of Tex.. He is not playing well. He has no runs driven in in 6 games I think.. He is paid to get hits with men on base or once in a while get an extra base hit. SUre his performance has not been cano, granderson, swisher, arod putrid but he has not performed like a sligging 1b eother.

    the not overwork the pen strategy by girardi because they have Kuroda going sunday is moronic especially after they scored a spot in the bottom of the 9th off valverde who is a bum and a jackass to boot.

    i figured soriano for 2 and robertson for 2…

    they just cannot get over the hump on these comebacks, they almost never take the lead…..

    Mike could you imagine ; arod, swisher, tex, cano, and grandy being this bad????

    they were being carried by a 38 year old SS, a 40 year old dh/platton player, and a late season acquaition who is a light hitting 38 year old………..

  • http://none Ton Lon ton


  • Andrew

    There’s just too much wear and tear through the Yankee lineup. The top players are well over 35 and decline happens rapidly. Check out Baseball Reference stats, there is almost no production for star players in their late 30’s. The team miscalculated in signing A-Rod, what do you do now?
    Give him 29 mill a year to bat against lefty pitchers he can hit? I’m sure Swish is going, going, gone. Cano has always been the second, third, or forth option. Maybe the pressure of being #1 is too much. They can still win this series. Ichiro is a HOFer.

    • Winter

      That was the strangest mix of “we suck” trolling and optimism that I have ever seen.

      • Chilango

        maybe it’s just a realistic look at the situation. Trolling is NOT defined as anything you don’t agree with.

    • John

      by the way the only guys 35 or older are Jeter, Ibanez Suzuki (who all are playing good), and Arod. Martin is 29, Cano is 29, Tex is 32, Granderson is 31, Swisher is 31 so i dont see age as an excuse. The thing here is these guys are not clutch they are just plain awful. Granderson and Swisher need to be goners next year. Arod should be too but i really dont see how you can get rid of someone who is signed for 5 more years at 30 mil per year

  • RetroRob

    How Soriano and Robertson were used for a total of only two innings, leaving Phelps to face Cabrera is a mystery.

  • eric k

    Just got back to Manhattan from the game (yes, I stayed), this one hurt. A lot.

    At the time, I didn’t mind Lowe for Cabrera in the 7th with the thought that Robertson would have 8 and 9 and Soriano would have (if it got there) 10 and 11. When Joe not only left Lowe out there, and then Logan, i was dumbstruck. The Jeter injury will overshadow this- but it was plain as day that Logan was the wrong call. And then to compound it by only using Soriano and Robertson 1 inning with Cabrera, Fielder and Young (have to toss him in there now since he’s killed us in two straight playoffs) was dreadful. Soriano threw 40 pitches against the Red Sox AFTER the Yankees had clinched at least a playoff spot– but game 1 of the ALCS after a miracle come back was not an approp time to push the pen? Terrible managing.

    • Chilango


      • Chris in Maine


  • Winter

    I think I speak for all of us in saying: FUUUUCK.

    One more bad thing: We may have wasted our one chance to win a game in which Valverde blew the save (wasn’t a save technically, but it still counts). I’m afraid the Tigers will learn their lesson and start sending pitchers out in the ninth who can actually hold a lead.

    Possible silver lining: With Jeter down (again, FUUUUCK), if the Yankees want to win this, someone has to step up. Wouldn’t you just love to see Cano (or A-Rod or Swisher or Granderson) just go on a tear to “win it for the captain.” I have beautiful images in my head of Yankees getting big hits now that they have some extra motivation.

    • stuart a

      dream on big guy.. swisher i am laughing as i type…the others are almsot as humorous…

    • Chilango

      Swisher is pissing himself laughing right now…all the way to the bank

    • John

      extra motivation?? they freaking shouldnt need extra motivation. dammit this is the playoffs. this is what everyone plays for.

    • TomH

      How much, exactly, does “motivation” matter in baseball? It’s not a contact sport, where a speech about the Gipper might motivate guys to hit harder and run faster. Baseball’s archetypal moment is Grover Cleveland Alexander, old, perhaps hung-over, being handed the ball in a tight W.S. situation and striking out Poosh-em-up Tony Lazzeri. His fingers were feeling the ball right. That’s all. Tony was motivated as hell. Pete Alexander’s fingers were working. That’s the difference. Motivation doesn’t get a pitcher’s fingers working or get the batter’s eyesight, reflexes, etc. working.

  • Tony

    This game went from being horrible to being the greatest Yankees postseason comeback I can remember to being the most frustrating and deflating game I’ve seen in a long time.

    Girardi’s bullpen management really sucked but Logan can’t hang an 0-2 slider to Garcia. That was a big moment in the game even though it didnt feel like it at the time. Just very poor pitch execution

    I don’t blame Phelps at all in this game. He was put in a position to lose. Any rookie having to deal with Miggy and Prince back to back is just not going to end well.

    This series isn’t over yet. Nunez/Nix really need to play well to pick up Jeter and hopefully that will lift the offense(before the 9th inning this time).

    • bobtaco

      And, god why pitch to Young with the open base? One out, Miggy on second, walk Young to set up the DP with the weaker hitters coming up. What’s the extra base runner at that point? With luck you get a double play and are out of the inning. At worst it’s a slow runner clogging the bases. Do not understand Girardi at all. Some blame has to be put on Girardi for not putting his players in better situations.

      • Chilango

        I can’t fathom the binder decision to lift DRob. To save him for tomorrow because Kuroda is on short rest? Ridiculous. When you come back from 4-0 you nail it down today and don’t think about tomorrow.

        • bobtaco


        • John

          exactly plus whats to say you have a chance to win tomorrow .. i mean what if kuroda on short rest .. something he has never done gets shelled for like 6 runs or something and sanchez pitches the game of his life … then what was the point of saving robertson …. he had a chance to win this game .. lay it all out … by the way something has to be said about the hitting coach .. even mitch williams of mlbnetwork said it that the yankees keep going to the plate trying to hit hrs .. every pitch they swing at they are pulling off instead of trying to go the other way and get a single and an rbi .. instead they are going for the hr .. just plain terrible

    • fin

      Ehh, Phelps wouldnt have even given up any runs. Swisher should have caught his ball. If jeter doesnt fracture and ankle thats and easy out and a soft comebacker off of Phelps hand. Its not like he was shelled.

      • stuart a

        swisher cannot get run out of town fast enough for me…

        i hope I am wrong but i think the ywill get swept.

        this team is soft in every way and Girardi on occasion acts like it is game 45 of the regular season. does he realize they were given a gift by valverde and they did not even take advantage of it.

        robertson and soriano can rest up after the season. also soriano is not coming back so who cares about over using him!!!!!

        • Christopher

          The Yankee will not get swept. Grab your Yankee balls and be a man.

      • Tony

        To be fair. That ball to Swisher was crushed. Phelps was actually lucky that it was hit right at someone, even though he didn’t catch it. The second run was just bad luck due to injury and ball placement in the infield

        • fin

          I dont think it matters that it was crushed, it should have been an out. Yankees had alot of hard hit balls that Detroit made good plays on, Swisher just had to catch the ball, it wasnt all that difficult of a play for a major league ball player.

          • Christopher

            Really? An arcing, knuckleball traveling at high speed? A piece of cake in your eyes?

            • ArchStanton

              It wasn’t the easiest play to make, but one that Paul O’Neill makes. Reminded me of that one he tracked down in the 1996 World Series on an injured hamstring for the final out of one of the games.

            • dalelama

              The ball absolutely should have been caught, it was relatively routine.

        • Mick taylor

          Another swisher apologist. He not only cost us the game by misplaying you Gs ball an outfielder making 11 million a year should catch fielders ball on the play Cabrera scored girardi is not to blame nor is phelps if swisher does not make an error on that fly ball by young tigers do not score. The mistake girardi made was not playing Gardner in right bringing in Dickerson and dumping the choke king off the roster

  • stuart a

    Mike whats your opinion of Mr Cano after his 6 game display of total ineptitude? You sign him for how much and how long..

    I give him 3 years after next at $15 mill per… I know laugh…he will get a lot more in years and money and someone will hate that contract like almost every FA contract doled out.

    he is just not that good. sure he is the best 2b in the game but he is gettimg more a more homer happy, proven by his terrible #’s this year agasint lefties and he is very streaky…

    he is not a middle of the order stud you build a team around and put down 30 and 110 every year….

    • Knoxvillain

      “he is just not that good. sure he is the best 2b in the game”


      At least you used “ineptitude.” Damn, son. Steppin’ up that vocab.

      • Winter

        2nd base is overvalued. If you want real production, just skip it entirely and go with two first basemen or four outfielders.

  • Winter

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a WPA graph that more accurately reflected my emotions.

  • BigBlueAL

    I realize now more than ever how much I got spoiled by the Torre championship teams. How they were able to win so much and so easily in the postseason was remarkable. Yes luck did have something to do with it but still I never fully appreciated just how incredible that run was.

    • stuart a

      they did not have many holes… there offense was not predicated on the long ball. they were a good power team but more by committee. alot of guys with 20 homers each..

      they had everything. goos starting pitching, 3 big time options in the pen, some speed, good defense, and a lineup with minimal auto outs…

      you neve appreciate things till you no longer have them..

      they had an elite, ss, cf. and catcher… look at the team now. there elite ss is 38 years old….

      granderson, swisher, tex, and cano are the head scratchers to me. they are not that old…..cano is 29, tex 32, the other 2 are only 31.
      arod is 37, been injured a bunch the last few years, PED stuff… but swsiher being so bad consistently in the playoffs, you figure he hits 250 once in a while……

      tex everyone else thinks has played well I do not. his power and slugging stink….sure obp has been fine but someone has to drive runs in besides ibanez in the 9th inning…

      • DT

        Hey guess who Ibanez is driving in all all the time. Oh wait it’s Tex.

    • bobtaco

      Those teams put the ball in play. Moved runners. Took the extra base. Kept the pressure on. And when the other team made a mistake or a mental error, they made them pay. They slit their throats.

      The 1998 team would have swept both the Orioles and this Tigers team, Verlander be damned.

      • Evan3457

        The 1996 team hit .193 with RISP in the post-season as a whole. The 1998 team hit .208.

    • BigBlueAL

      I wrote this comment not to say I miss those teams because they were so much better than the current team. I wrote this in reference to how amazing they were in the playoffs and just how really rare that run of success in the playoffs is.

      I think the current team is clearly good enough to win it all, hell they are clearly to me the best team left in the playoffs. But in the playoffs as much as I hate to say it because some people here take the luck factor way overboard luck in such a short series where 1 game is so magnified does play some factor (at times a big factor) in the outcome of games unfortunately.

      • dalelama

        Luck has nothing to do with the cumulative choking of Swisher, Cano, Granderson, and Aroid nor the horrible managing of Girardi.

    • g

      Because they had gamers on those teams, and not clowns like Swisher and Cano.

  • CUYanks

    This was rough. It’s tough to replace Jeter with Nix/Nunez for a substantial amount of games, but we all know in a small sample any one of them may be able to be an approximation. The bottom line is that the Yankees are still 8 wins from a WS championship. When they won the 2009 WS, they lost game 1 at home. If one thing’s clear, no lead is safe for the Detroit bullpen, and though they still have Verlander going for 2 games, he doesn’t win every game he pitches, and the Yankees have Sabathia for 2 as well.

    Girardi totally got greedy with the bullpen, thinking he could sneak a scoreless inning or two out of Phelps. Considering Kuroda might be short tomorrow, I really can’t understand how he thought Phelps made a lot of sense (he would have to be the long man tomorrow, after all). He needs to understand that when you have 2 lock-down relievers on your team, you use them as much as humanly possible in postseason games, and even more so in close ones. They have the entire offseason to rest.

    Yankees totally have the capability of shelling Anibal Sanchez tomorrow. Go back to Detroit 1-1 and win this for the Captain!

    • dalelama

      The 2009 team had gamers like Matsui, Damon, and Posada this team has Ibanez. The 2009 team was more built for prime-time while this team specializes in beating up on the weak.

  • Rosco

    Didn’t get to see the game but can anyone tell me was there a reason Gardner didn’t steal 3rd while Martin was up? If you are going to steal 3rd anyways why not do it with one out and a chance to score on a sac fly.

    • fin

      They gave him 3rd base uncontested after they got the second out. No one held him on.

    • Chilango

      Right. Who knows what Girardi was thinking tonight. Put Gardy in to run, presumably-and that was even kind of weird since Granderson is also fast. Then doesn’t run him. He also made horrible bullpen decisions. But the real mega goat award goes to Swisher. He has barrel-rolled his way into piss-poor defense infamy while showing a laudable consistency in shitty ABs. His career playoff/WS numbers are astonishingly bad: .162/.281/.296 in 168 PA.

      • dalelama

        I think he is also 1 for 36 in post season RISP. Can you imagine that 1 for 36. I think half of RAB posters could do that well. 1 for 36!!!!

  • John

    shall we say Chavez in place of arod, nunez at SS and Gardner in place of swisher.

    • John

      ohh i forgot ibanez in place of granderson .. let swisher dh where he cant hurt us in the field

      • Barrel Roll

        Don’t you like my barrel rolls?

    • stuart a

      not happening.. girardi will not use gardner. at this time it is panic time so why not…..

      gardner , ichiro, and grandy in the outfield.. at least the ycan run and cover some ground….

      i go with nunez at SS but i understand if joe goes with Nix, nunez can hurt you big time in the field….

      • fin

        Eh I’ll stick with Granderson over Gardner. I’d rather take the chance that Curtis runs into a homer than the chance that gardner runs into a single.

        • Chilango

          But the odds are Granderson runs into a K, and not a dinger, something like 200/40 = 5/1 and his OBP is .319. Go with Gardy and ditch Kranderson

        • John

          during that 6th inning all we needed is for him to hit the ball .. even on the ground cuz he is fast enough to beat out a potential dp … what he do struck out … gardner doesnt strike out that often plus he is super fast can get on creat havoc .. which at this point the yankees need cuz they cannot hit if their lives depended on it.

          • fin

            I’d sit Swish over Granderson if I was determined to get Gardner in the game. At least I would be gauranteed a fantastic outfield defense. I would then bat Gardner 9th and Nunez 2nd. That would be alot of speed if they could get on base. After the first inning it would go Gardner, Ichiro, Nunez. Bat Tex 3rd and Ibanez 4th giving the only 2 guys in the lineup that are hitting a chance to drive someone in.

          • dalelama

            You seem to have forgotten Gardner’s unsurpassed ability to lovingly admire third strikes as they cross the middle of the plate belt high.

      • Laz

        Nunez can hurt you in the field sure, but they have been leaving too many people on base. Pitching has been very good. I would rather have nunez start, just because they need every shot they can to drive in the runs.

        • fin

          Yea, I agree. I’m betting he starts tomorrow and may even bat second. I think there really is no better option for the second spot than Nunez right now. I’d like to see:


          Then whatever order you want to bat the automatic outs.

    • Chilango

      we shall say that yes now let’s hope Joe does too. ARod and Nicky ups I lost it in the lights Swisher need to sit.

    • DT

      Chavez has been so productive so far in place of Arod

      • fin

        He did crush that ball that Jackson made a great play on. that ball was hit much harder than anything we’ve seen out of Arod. LOL, we are talking about 2 hits between them, so we have to take into account how hard they hit outs.

        • DT

          By that same measure Arod hit two hard balls with RISP today and in ALDS game 2. Chavez ran into one ball. Arod hit 4 balls hard. Woo dee friggin doo, Chavez has struck at nearly the same rate as Arod and has looked as pathetic is not worse at times minus one out. Clearly he is superior right now.

          • dalelama

            So now Arod gets credit for balls that don’t even get out of the infield….LOL

            • DT

              Is ARod still banging your mom?

        • dalelama

          Chavez has the better glove also. We can afford to miss Aroid’s matador impersonations. Plus he quit on the team last night by refusing to run out a dropped third strike with runners on 2nd and 3rd.

  • Laz

    I agree with the bad bullpen moves. It’s like everyday when it hits extra innings it will be 12-13 innings. You can’t just use drop and soriano for 10-15 pitches and then be done with them. CC gave you a complete game so they had time off. This bullpen is good if you don’t overexpose it. Eppley and Rapada can get the matchups, drob and soriano can lock it down. Aside from that though no one is really shutdown innings type.

    They really should have been able to get gardner home in 10th from 2nd with 1 out, or gotten a bases loaded hits.

    Tomorrow is a new day, and lets hope for a gem from kuroda.

    Sucks with jeter, but I think joe needs to shake up the lineup a bit. The same few people have been getting hits, yet he arranges it the same way as regular season.

    Oh and chavez really isn’t doing any better than arod. I’d rather go with arod, he has gotten hot before in postseason.

    • John

      he got hot in one postseason in 09 .. every other postseason except with seattle he has been terrible ..(although in 04 up until game 4 of the ALCS he was good then he feel apart)

    • dalelama

      I’de rather go with Chavez better glove and doesn’t quit on his team.

  • forensic

    Wow, just wow…

    There is so much I want to say, but really, who cares, it’s not even worth it at this point tonight…

  • DT

    Cano needs to be moved down given a day off or something. He’s lost and just gets himself out.

    • Laz

      I’d have moved him down a few slots. He still is a good player, and you really want to try his bat, but him in the middle of a few players that have been getting on base is really killing any rallies, but ibanez has been hot, I’d have him behind teix and in front of arod. Arod’s is still getting on base more than cano this postseason.

      • DT

        I’m sure all the fans are quite content at Girardi pinch hitting for Arod with the one player seems more lost than him at the plate right now. While guys like Swisher, Cano or Grandy never get pinch hit despite being worse.

        • fin

          I dont think it has anything to do with Girardi or the Yankees trying to make a goat out of Arod as clearly those guys are struggling as badly as he is. However, Arod happens to be playing the 2 positions where they have capable players to replace him with, who both happen to be the opposite hand of Arod. When hes at 3rd they have Chavez and when he DH’s they have Ibanez.

          They clearly have no plans to let Gardner get any AB’s if possible, so there is no one to pinch hit for an Of’er.


    This is the kind of shit that in a somwhat drunken state that i am in, makes me what to fucking scream out. Lose in a terrible way and Jeter is done for the year. The offense looks fucking pathetic as it’s been for the whole post season. I just wish that they would collectively pull their heads out of their asses. Execute in the basic situations where you only need to put the ball in play to score a run. For fucks sake, it’s exhausting to watch this horseshit over and over…

  • BigBlueAL

    Worst thing that happened to Cano was his amazing finish to the regular season. Was so hot it was inevitable such a cold streak would follow. Unlike Grandy and Arod he is putting the ball in play and he has hit some balls hard for outs but right now he is struggling mightily.

  • BigBlueAL

    Im curious to see who the hell Girardi puts batting 2nd. Assume Ichiro leads off and as bad as he is right now the most logical player to hit 2nd is probably Swish. Cano-Tex-Raul-Arod-Grandy-Martin-Nix would fill out the rest of the lineup is my guess.

  • Tom

    The Martin AB in the 10th summed up the Yankees with runners on.

    Winning run on 2nd in the form of a speedy Brett Gardner and on a 2-0 count Martin is busting out the massive uppercut swing and trying to launch one into the 2nd deck (I guess so they can win by 2?). Why? He doesn’t need a ball in the gap. A flyball with 1 out and a guy on 2nd does nothing (even if Gardner can tag and get to 3rd) The BABIP on a flyball is terrible – in that situation he didn’t need damage he needed the best shot at a single (which is a line drive followed by a groundball)

    The inability to adjust the approach AB to AB and pitch to pitch and recognize the situation is incredibly frustrating; especially on a night when one of the few hitters who can do this goes down for the season. At some point RISP failure is no longer purely luck and it comes down to approach.

    A pull heavy lineup that gets ultra-aggressive in hitters counts and won’t shorten up with 2 strikes will be exploited by any pitcher with a decent approach. They will do some damage when the pitcher makes a mistake, but when they don’t it’s not simply luck that is suppressing the batting average with RISP

    • fin

      I dont think many people think the RISP is bad luck at this point. I certainly agree with you, and have since the second half of the season. I’m surprised you are the first to bring that Martin at bat up, as it was truly awful and even the announcers commented on how bad the approach was.

    • John

      Amen .. One of the MLB network analyst said it too that the Yankees have a terrible approach and all they do us go up there trying to hit hrs… Isn’t this the batting coach job .. Kevin long has to be a terrible hitting coach

      • TomH

        I’ve been saying this all year. ARod should be prohibited from working Long. Great hitters, even in their advanced years, don’t need tutoring from mere hitting coaches. They depend on their innate ability and their imperial self-confidence, not on having someone with a so-so career advising them on what they need to ******* correct.

        L’audace, toujours l’audace said someone. I would say confidence, always confidence. Whenever I read about how ARod is “working with” Long, I cringe. I can’t recall EVER hearing about how closely Musial, Mantle, Williams, Mays, or Aaron “worked with” some now long-forgotten hitting coach.

        • tommydee2000

          I second that. Given that they Yankees seem to have been scouted for strike 1, then balls in the dirt that they chase, who is supposed help them adjust, by maybe not waiting to be behind in the count? It’s the hitting coach. Coaches have ALWAYS coached shortening up with 2 strikes.

    • John

      RF Suzuki
      SS. Nunez
      1B. Texeira
      DH ibanez
      3B Chavez
      C. Martin
      2B Cano
      CF Granderson
      LF Gardner

      • Pasqua

        I don’t think there’s any way Nunez is at SS. With the lineup in full collapse-mode, they can’t risk letting the Tigers score because of shitty defense.

    • ArchStanton

      That Martin at bat really just said it all, didn’t it? He got a good pitch to hit and swung nearly out of his shoes when all they needed was a base hit.

  • Duh, Innings!

    Girardi’s an idiot and always has been one.

    Look what he did in the season opener:

    Had his ace ntentionally walk Sean Rodriguez to load the bases to face Carlos Pena.

    How’d that work out?

    The guy can’t manage a close game to save his life.

    If the Yanks lose this series, they should fire him and Cashman, trade several guys, and let go of a couple of guys. Time for new leadership and blood.

  • Bavarian Yankee

    the only thing I’m really angry about it that missed call by the ump. You never know what happens if we lead 1-0 after the second inning but that one run probably would’ve helped us to win this one. SUCKS. Then Jeter going down, Girardi’s weird bullpen calls, … it just sucks.

    Ichiro, Tex and Ibanez are pretty hot right now. Too bad that Cano, Granderson, A-Rod and Swisher are as cold as it gets.

    • Pasqua

      “You never know what happens if we lead 1-0 after the second inning…”

      Exactly. Had the ump gotten it right, the Yankees might have lost 14-1.

      We can be pissed at the ump, but we can’t blame the ump. The blame is on this lineup. There were plenty of opportunities created that the umps did not impact, and still there was nothing to show.

  • CT Yankees

    “It was a truly pathetic display of offensive ineptitude in a postseason full of them. There is no way to describe this garbage now, they’re pathetic.”

    • Reverse Mormon


  • Mick taylor

    Swisher cost us the game . That ball he misplaced on you g was the winning run. And a fielder making 11 million should have caughtfielders ball on the play Cabrera scored . I said before the game started that if girardi is stupid enough to play swisher in right he will cause us to lose. I said last winter we should hav e signed Carlos Beltran who wanted to play. For the yanks but no, idiot cashman exercises his option on the choke king. If we had Beltran on this team we would have won the world series

  • Jose M. Vazquez

    Many of us wanted Gardner over Swisher yesterday. They should put Gardner in today. He can’t swing the bat? So who cares, he can bunt his way on. I may be wrong but it seems to me that when Cano is batting third, he is less productive. His most productive spot has been fifth. If someone has stats on this please correct me. I believe Arod is lost and should not even be in the lineup anymore. Jeter’s loss is big,I mean, very big. It can be overcome if some of the big bats start to hit.Lastly, in recent playoffs we won the first game only to lose the series. Here is hoping that we do a turnaround on this. I believe we can still win this.

    • Pasqua

      “He can’t swing the bat? So who cares, he can bunt his way on.”

      Ummmm…if we, the RAB commentariat, knows that he can’t swing the bat, what do you think the Tigers will be thinking?

    • dalelama

      But Gardner can’t bunt effectively. Not saying he shouldn’t play instead of Swisher but don’t kid yourself about what he is going to contribute offensively.

  • Mick taylor

    The choke king admitted in the daily news he misplayed both fielders ball and you Gs ball. The hitter with the worst batting average in the history of playoff baseball now wants to make up for lost ground with his fielding he wants to also be the worst right fielder. If girardi has him in the lineup tonite he should be fired. Of course Gardner should play how could his hitting be worse than the choke king . Even nix in left and ichiro in right would be better. Too bad george is not around to see swishalicious act

    • Mike

      Don’t you read these comments.

      Swisher doesn’t suck, and this absolute futility represents only a SSS for Swisher because you cannot grade him we on what are seeing so don’t get all excited.

      Win or lose, it’s time for a housecleaning in a few weeks, and perhaps the Yanks brass should look in the upper deck and see empty seats in the playoffs like last nite and be scared – if they buuild a nice regular season team which fails in the palyoffs, the chance for fans apathy ( like the Braves of a few years ago) sets in , and they might have a hard time convincing the fans they are building a “champion team”.

      This austerity plan might be put in the circular file
      outfield seats and see

      • Which one’s Pink?

        “Swisher doesn’t suck”

        [citation needed]

    • tommydee2000

      I wonder if he was smiling when he admitted that.

  • Grover

    It’s one game. Get over it, play those who got you there and play like Yankees.

  • Andrew

    We just need a few hits with men on base. Ichiro is one of a kind, watch him in the lead off spot. Swisher is a sucker for a change-up away and that ball hit by Young should have been caught. His 120 mill looks much closer to 30-40 tops.

    • Hoss

      Let him go. I’d rather sign Ichiro for a year or two or go elsewhere for a RF. His defense has always been suspect and he has shown that hitting in the clutch is not his forte.

  • bnak

    Isn’t it time to start questioning Kevin Long?

    Make this assholes just put the ball in play, go opposite field, and not swing all the time for the long ball!

    • Pasqua

      Long can tell them anything he wants, but it’s up to them to execute. It’s not Long’s fault when a guy like Russel Martin is up with the winning run on 2B and less than two outs and he’s OBVIOUSLY swinging out of his shoes to hit a homerun. Nothing Long says is going to change that approach, because everybody wants to the hero.

      • dalelama

        What frustrates me is Tex’s refusal to hit to the opposite field, he isn’t Ted Williams. He should drop bunts down the third base line until they give up the shift.

      • tommydee2000

        Then why do they all seem to take the first pitch for a strike?

  • Hoss

    In addition to the botched call at first base, how much longer is baseball going to tolerate arbitrary strike zones by umpires with no standards? I’m not sold on Pitch Trax because I think that there are calibration issues with each batter, but it seems that every game means an adjustment by pitchers and hitters, then there’s the inevitable arguing because of inconsistency. It is more pronounced in playoff games, for sure, but this is insane. When is baseball going to address this crap?

    • Warfield42

      Hoss, not sure of your age but pro sports has denegrated to nearly unbearable status due to “IMAGINED” pressure for more offense in every sport.
      The NBA of today is barely watchable. My boys have no idea how basketball is ACTUALLY supposed to be played. The beauty of a man’s athletic gifts in ‘getting around’ (not THROUGH) another man, palming, traveling, 3 seconds, takin’ guys out if they drive the middle, etc.
      Pro football…what constitutes a hold, pass interference? Can we get the QB’s dresses so the defenders know not to touch them?
      Baseball…the strike zone (every umpire has their own – regodamndiculous), no strikes above the belly button? A play like Can-0’s last night & we have replay but don’t get the call right on purpose?
      A sports wide softening of the standards each respective sport is based on has rendered pro sports much less REAL & less enjoyable than when they were played & CALLED as intended. The games have lost respect for themselves under the guise of the almighty dollar.

      • TomH

        True, true, a thousand times TRUE.

      • JLC 776

        Very well said.

      • TomH

        And, further, in support of your point: if a film is to be remade, say, it will be remade at a lower level. The violence will be gorier, to suit the tastes of the massified rabble who consume the stuff and, more importantly, the mental masses in NY and LA who create it (e.g., remakes of “Cape Fear” or “The Day of the Jackal”). Even the damned food channel replaces its cookettes with verbally violent competitions.

      • nope

        Um, do you actually watch basketball? You sound pretty old, so maybe your eyes aren’t good enough. But your story about how much better the game was when you were young and happy and walking uphill 10 miles both ways in the snow is bullshit. The game has gotten significantly more fluid, athletic, and enjoyable since the allowance of zone defense and tightening up of handcheck rules. The 80s/90s game was comparatively brutal and clumsy. And the players have gotten much, much more athletic, redefining positional roles, no longer running a majority of their offense through a clumsy 7’2 post-up player whom you can’t double team off the ball, et cetera.

  • Nice Scheister

    What about that route Swish took to that hard hit ball in the 12th? That was awful, it wasn’t easy but at the very least you keep that in front of you so the run doesn’t score.

  • Rahul

    I agree with mike completely in that Girardi gave up this game. He just left in Phelps like this game doesn’t matter. What. the. FUCK!!!!!!

  • JLC 776

    Remember the scene in Blackhawk Down where Tom Sizemore’s character is leading the Humvee platoon out of Mogadishu and they’re just getting ripped to all hell? This one poor corporal mans-up the .50 cal right after the previous guy gets shot in the face and then he goes down minutes later. And then it happens again.

    Oh, and then there’s the guy who gets ripped in half by the RPG.

    So the General starts begging the Colonel or whatever Sizemore is playing to turn around and go back to the new crash site to provide cover for the extraction, but he can’t go – at this rate, “We’ll do more harm than good”. They’re just too decimated. Too beat up. They’ve been heroic and have exceeded expectations given the fight that was put up against them, but now they’re done.

    Fuck it. Screw the metaphor. I like the version where the Yankees come back and win instead.

  • Pasqua

    There are still plenty of guys on this team who possess the ability to produce, even without Jeter — but they haven’t. If they keep playing like they have, even a healthy Jeter couldn’t save them, but if they DO start playing well, this is an injury they should be able to overcome.

  • Robert

    Drop season ticket prices,lower parking rates and stop ripping people off at the concession stands,because we are gonna have a Boston Red Sox season next year and the stadium will be a ghost town…..

    Look for Hal to sell the team,He really is no George and I think he would be happy to take a few billion to get out of the limelight which he clearly dislikes!!!

    • TomH

      A sale of the team might well be useful, but it may just as well be a disaster–as those of us know who remember the catastrophe of CBS. Family capitalism is my preference, but I think you’re right about Hal S. He seems ill at ease in this position, and the idea of making a bundle on a sale might appeal to him.

  • Miked

    If Swisher is starting today I’m watching the giants game.

  • Wayne

    I think of considering of trading granderson and cano before their contracts end next season because we have too many old players. And we should trade them for young cheap players. In the short run it will hurt but in the long run it will help us not to have to pay these guys. The only thing I would accept as better than that would be to have them finish their contract and let them go. Hopefully by 2014 our top prospect position players will be ready or at least we get draft picks for these guys in 2014 as a possibility. But I really think its a mistake to sign these guys to a new contract. I know sabathia may not want to hear that or texeira but that is what makes the most sense. Trading young pitching prospects away for young position players I agree with if they are Brett Marshall , Mikey o’brien, Adam warren , Vidal Nuno,, Bryan Mitchell or Jose Ramirez since he is injury prone and position prospects like a ramon flores and mason williams whom i hear is not even our best outfield prospect and ravel Santana. I have a good feeling if we keep Nik Turley and Rafael depaula. I know depaula seems far from coming up but my gut tells me we won’t regret keeping these guys because they could be major contributers to our rotation when cc is older. As good as sabathia is lately he is in for an eventual decline each year going forward! Maybe the Phillies would want a Jose Ramirez and Bryan Mitchell cause they think they can develop them since they are known for developing starting pitching and we give up a mason Williams and a young hitter in ramon flores and they give us us Dominic brown.

  • Tcmiller30

    Ichiro in right Gardner in left. I hope swish has played his last game as a Yankee. He is worse than useless.

  • Freddy’s Mom

    I thought the same thing: Joe, this thing could go a long time, let Soriano and Robertson pitch a couple innings, is it really gonna kill them?!

    Also, all you Phelps boosters: I hope you are coming to your senses. He’s not ready. I dunno if he’s ever gonna be as good as you seem to think he is already, but he looked terrified last night. I’m not sure I’ll ever forgive Girardi for not pulling him immediately after Jeter’s injury.

    I dislike all the Girardi bashing here, but last night he was plain idiotic.

    • Christopher

      What was actually idiotic was the team put Girardi in a position of having to make those extra inning choices. There were plenty of opportunities for the line-up to win this game. Andy was awesome. No runs through eight means Girardi has very little do with this loss.

      • mitch

        Girardi is quite a few spots down in the blame order, but putting phelps in to face cabrera and fielder when robertson was available was atrocious. Who didn’t expect them to score that inning?

  • Andy Pettitte’s Fibula

    With the technology of instant replay, it’s inexcusable to allow blown calls on the bases. It would take about 2 minutes to correct that call.

    I’m not sure about Girardi’s man love for Lowe but he shouldnt be used unless the Yanks are up or down by 4 runs or more unless no other option exists.

    As for Swisher, he can’t leave NY fast enough for my taste. The small sample sIze excuse in my opinion is a BS cop out excuse for someone who has failed again and again in the playoffs not only at the plate but now in the field. I’d give Gardner the start in LF with Ichiro in RF and let Swisher sit this one out.

    Arod is another huge dilemma. I’d give him another start today against Sanchez only because Chavez hasn’t looked good either. Another O’fer and I’d make him a bench player for the series.

    For all the Kevin Long love here, Granderson has been awful and 2011 looks more and more like an outlying career year. He’s basically become a CF version of Adam Dunn minus the high OBP. The Tigers look like the big winners from that trade a few years ago that landed them Jackson and Scherzer

    • Christopher

      Right, except they won a World Series after that trade, so there’s that.

      • Barrel Roll

        Uh, no Grandy played for Tigers in ”09. Cabrera, Damon, Swish and Gardner were the OFs that year with Hairston sprinkled in. You remember Damon – clutch, could make contact, some speed, didn’t do barrel rolls.

  • Willballs

    Woke up this morning with a sick feeling.
    I partially blame the umpires for changing complexion of game with bad call on Cano. I alos think that strikezone changed a few at bats further forcing A-Rod, Swisher, Granderson, and Cano into a worse slump than they are already in.

    That being said Umps will make bad calls but you need to overcome them and A-Rod, Swisher, and Granderson have really hurt this team this post season and last. In fact Swisher really needs to sit. Arod will probably play because of Jeter’s injury but if he doesn’t he doesn’t. And Granderson should be pinched hit for by 6th inning and throw Gardner out there. We need guys who can work the count and make pitcher pitch. I would have an outfield of Grandy, Suzuki, and Gardner with Ibanez as DH. Infield of Nix, Cano, Tex, and it’s a flip of coin at 3rd base.

    This will truly test Yankees mettle and if they can overcome it and reach World Series than it really would be an amazing year.

    If not so long Swisher, don’t let door slam you in ass. Grandy has 1 more year and Hello Mason. And A-rod has 114 million left, maybe we can eat big chunk and give him to the reds!

    • Christopher

      One game down in a seven game series and you’re trading away the team. Seems like baseball is not all that fun to watch for you.

  • mitch

    Anyone think the team will rally around the jeter injury and guys will start playing up to their regular season numbers?

    …me neither

    • Christopher

      Why not? And why watch expecting the worse?

      • mitch

        i watch expecting what i’ve seen for the last 6 games…which also happens to be the worse. The pitching has been the best it’s been all season and is good enough to win the series, but i just cant’ imagine swisher, arod, or granderson turning it around this season. I’m holding out hope for cano, but that may be wishful thiking.

  • Monterowasnotdinero

    Eating a bunch of AJ’s contract didn’t hurt us too badly. We need to figure out how to do the same with ARod. Find a 3Bman with range cause broken ankle/38 year old Jeter’s poor range is only heading in one direction.

    Do not resign Swish. Gotta be money spent on pitching instead. Resign Ichiro and let Dickerson/Mesa fight it out for the reserve spot.

    • Christopher

      And what about today? I mean, we are in the middle of a series.

      • TomH

        Today? That’s easy: ARod, Swisher, Cano, Teixeira, and Granderson need to start hitting. This is not anything the manager can help them do (nor that overrated hitting coach), or the GM. These guys hit over 140 hrs this year. If they can’t pull themselves together now, the season’s lost.

        • Christopher

          Exactly. That’s the only focus that matters.

    • Barrel Roll

      No, no, no – no more money on pitching. This team needs hitters – contact hitters, situational hitters, or any hitter not swinging from his heels every time when all they need is an opposite field dunk, ala Jeter.

      They got bounced in last year’s playoffs because they couldn’t knock in a run twice with the bases loaded against these same Tigers and lost 3-2. Their playoff pitching has been great. We need HITTERS!

      • Jose M. Vazquez

        Agree 100% on that. Although it is difficult,we must get players who can put the bat on the ball. I had been a Swisher supporter since he came over. No matter what he does between now and the end of the playoffs, I don’t want him signed.

      • OldYanksFan

        Dude…. you are 100% assbackwards wrong.
        In ALL of MLB, this year we were:

        1st in HRs
        1st in OPS
        1st in SLG
        2nd in OBP
        2nd in RS
        3rd in BB
        We were even 8th of 30 in SB% withOUT Gardner.

        What more do you want?

        The problem is NOT the roster, it’s their approach.
        You have to look at management and coaches here.
        The problem is not lack of talent.
        I agree we need MORE CONTACT hitting.
        But all our guys are capable of that.
        They just choose NOT to emphysize that.
        And that is a management problem.

        • Monterowasnotdinero

          Agree strongly. There needs to be a sign from the 3B coach that a “contact play” is on. Shorten swing, choke up.

          Kangaroo court and fine if don’t.

        • Christopher

          Now we’re talking. And, I might add, this team is way good enough to win the series without Jetes.

  • OldYanksFan

    Offensely, the different between this team and the dynasty teams is simple: They dynasty teams valued OBP, but had enough talent to also SLG decently. This team values SLG, and has enough talent to also have a very good OBP.

    SLG is great for big rallies and blowouts. OBP (and contact is in there) is good for RISP and low scoring rallies.

    Derek, Ichiro and even ARod are contact guys. Everyone else is a slugger (or they think they are).

    Robbie is in neither group, as his problem is very poor pitch selection and bad plate disipline. Robbie has never seen a pitch in on his hands or otherwise borderline or unhittable that is didn’t like. He is the antithesis of Ted Williams, who said THE MOST IMPORTANT aspect of batting is: Get a Good Pitch to Hit.

    In the way that the O’s and the A’s had played above their talent level, this team plays below it’s talent level. SLG might work over 162 game season where there is plenty of average pitching and average and below teams, but in the PS, where you face the best teams and a higher quality of pitching, it’s very hit and miss.

    This team simply does not emphysize CONTACT. That is why we have so many LOB, and why with RISP and less then 2 out, we still can’t get the baserunners in.

    It’s a shame because our PS pitching has way, WAY passed anyone’s expectation.

    Our PS Pitching: 0.97 WHIP, 2.29 ERA
    Verlander 2102: 1.06 WHIP, 2.64 ERA

    Think about that! Our ENTIRE TEAM combined has pitched significantly better than this year’s best pitcher.

    • Christopher

      And it’s all about pitching in the play-offs. We can win this thing.

    • joe

      good post.

  • Reverse Mormon

    Blame Swisher, blame Girardi, blah blah blah. Fact is they didn’t score in 11 of the 12 innings. Pitching has been great. This is ALL on the lineup. Cano, Arod, Swisher and Granderson have been awful, historically awful.

    The inning with second and third and nobody out with Arod, Swisher and Granderson coming up is a microcosm of the Yankee postseason, and really season as whole.

    Detroit and St. Louis top teams in baseball hitting with RISP. Not surprising they are still around. Detroit was very adept at executing with RISP last night. Yanks, not so much, as usual.

  • g

    Guys may not apply here but remember Major League 2 when Tom Barenger character paid a visit to Wild thing late at night and told him what he didn’t want to hear. And the real wild thing stood up. I think Girardi should call a team meeting and should bring Paul O’neil with him.

  • joe

    hey, good site, good comments. I’ll be checking in a lot.
    I’m 57, been a yankee and baseball fan (they are separate things) since 1960 when I followed the M & M boys; i was an early member of SABR even though I still don’t get most of the stats.
    Here’s my take.
    I figured out early in the second half this team didnt ‘have the horses. I mean, you listen to Fox, ESPN, Michael Kay, and opposing team commentators and they talked about how deep this lineup was.
    Sorry, but you had a declining ARod, a guy like swish whose claim to fame was OBP which seems to be declining, as do his fielding skills, a center fielding who can now hit lefties and strikes out 190 times a season and hits 40+ homers out of what – 500+ at bats – I’m sorry, where’s the value in that? I mean, a hit is not a hit; a bunt single in a 15-0 loss isn’t the same as a line drive in the gap in the 8th inning with a man on second and a one run deficit. Similarly, a home run isn’t a home run isn’t a home run – I’d rather have a single score a guy from second in the bottom of the ninth than a 480 foot 2 run blast in the 7th inning when you are down 11-3. No? Plus you have this bizarre love affair between Joe Girardi and Russell Martin; i am sorry, I am not a pro baseball player, but just how good a signal caller and defensive catcher is Martin with Stewart and Cervelli in the wings? His average went up to .210? Wow. Glad I am sitting down. And he had 20 homers or 18? Fantastic. You had two aging greats like Jones and Ibanez, a hot and cold Cano, a hot and cold Teixera, and a team that lead all leagues in the galaxy in men left on base. Sorry, there’s no way that team makes the ALCS. There’s too much fundamentally good baseball out there.
    I like Joe G. but his handling of pitchers, which is pretty common around the league (and wasn’t fundamentally different from Joe Torre) is at the point where I am almost unable to watch the game. Has anyone (Bill james?) analyzed whether this specialist lefty pitching to Ortiz or specialist righty pitching to Pujols crap really works? It seems to me the last 10 years of hte Yankees bringing in Mike Myers, or whwatever his name was, or Alan Embree, or Felix Heredia, or Gabe White to pitch to Ortiz usually ended up in a ball being hit into the Charles River…..At what point during tonites 8th inning debacle did Joe or Tony start to wonder if maybe Logan, Rapada, Joba, etc. weren’t’ really doing the job getting their respective ipsilateral batters out? I mean, if Andy Pettite can throw an 80 mile an hour curve ball to a righty and get him out, can’t Logan get out a righty? What am i missing here? And what is bringing in Phelps to pitch against this ungodly heart of the Tigers lineup all about. Is David Robertson really that feeble and weak that he can’t crank it up for 2 innings? Help – seriously – what am I missing? Verlander can throw 120 pitches every 5th night; Soriano and RObertson throw 20 and have to be treated with kid gloves? Good God.
    I was getting close to rooting for the Orioles and it looks like my love for the Yanks is getting tapped out. just awful stuff. and empty seats.