McGehee will not be on ALDS roster; Nix hit in simulated games today

NL Wildcard Play-In Game Thread
AL Wildcard Play-In Game Thread

Via Andrew Marchand, infielder Casey McGehee said he was informed that he will not be on the ALDS active roster. Meanwhile, Joel Sherman reports that utility man Jayson Nix took some at-bats against David Aardsma and Adam Warren in a simulated game today.

Nix has been out for a week with a strained left hip flexor, and the original report indicated that he would miss 10-14 days. The last bench spot on the ALDS roster appeared to be a decision between Andruw Jones and McGehee, but the versatile and right-handed hitting Nix would obviously get the call over both if he’s actually healthy enough to play.

NL Wildcard Play-In Game Thread
AL Wildcard Play-In Game Thread
  • Laz

    Lets hope he is healthy. Would pick mcgehee if nix is still hurting, but if he can actually play the field well then he is the obvious choice. He can pretty much play anywhere they need him, and mcgehee isn’t really needed if chavez can play 3b/1b, swish can still play 1B if need be.

  • Matt DiBari

    About the nicest thing you could say about the Casey McGehee era is he’s not Chad Qualls.

    • AC

      he can actually hit buddy. Just getting caught in a numbers game right now. Take Nix if he’s heathy and DH Nunez and leave Jones off.

  • Frank

    Nix deserves to be on the roster before Jones. I hope he’s healthy enough to go.

    • Laz

      I really think jones should be left off. I was happy they brought him back this year, but he has really fallen apart.

      He has a .142/.256/.255 line after the break. Sure some months have been better, but thats 2.5 months of mediocraty, and he is only hitting .202/.294/.411 vs lefties which is why he is here. Ibanez and Ichiro have both struggled vs lefties, but even with Ichiro you are looking at slightly worse than lefties, but providing significantly better defense. And when you need the DH vs a lefty starter Nunez would probably get the start anyways.

      • Henry

        Ichiro is actually hitting lefties about .282 and righties .285.

  • RetroRob


    Is Nix on the roster, or is does this mean that Jones is not, but we just don’t know yet who the other players are?