Update: Jeter done for year with fractured ankle

ALCS Game Two Thread: Tigers @ Yankees
ALCS Game Two Spillover Thread

4:33pm: Jeter underwent more tests on the ankle today that confirmed the fracture. He’s in a splint and on crutches and will not travel with the team to Detroit. He’ll instead head to North Carolina to see a specialist and surgery may be necessary.

1:16am: Jeter suffered a left ankle fracture on the play and is obviously done for the season. The recovery time is three months and the injury is not career-threatening. Eduardo Nunez will take the Captain’s place on the roster. Disaster.

12:50am: Derek Jeter left tonight’s game with some kind of left leg injury in the 12th inning. He took an awkward step fielding a ball and immediately went down in pain. The trainer and Joe Girardi had to help him off the field, and he didn’t put any weight on the leg. No idea if this is related to the various bone bruises in his foot, or if it’s something else. A bad night gets worse. Stay tuned for updates.

ALCS Game Two Thread: Tigers @ Yankees
ALCS Game Two Spillover Thread
  • Eddard

    It’s over. Jeter is gone for the rest of the playoffs. They didn’t even win tonight’s ballgame. Valverde won’t be closing anymore for us to beat up on. The Captain and the heart and soul of the Yankees is gone. Who’s going to fill that void, A-Rod? LOL! Swisher just did another barrel roll in right field.

    • Carl LaFong

      Come on, stuff happens. Maybe it looks so bleak that everyone in the clubhouse just chills out, ARod plays & hits, Nunez is activated & provides a spark & solid shortstop play, Cano, Granderson, & Swisher get it going, Kuroda finds out he’s better w/3 days rest than 4, the Tigers bullpen implodes again & they don’t get shutout starting pitching, & we tie it up & then Hughes goes to Detroit & bests Verlander & everything looks better than you could ever have thought possible.

      Maybe we’ve got the Tigers just where we want them now. I still think the Yankees can win this Series. Didn’t say they definitely would, but they could. They’re still capable of putting it together & shocking the tigers & the entire baseball world. Hope they do! They’ll have to dig DEEP to do it, but if they do, no member of this roster will ever have to buy their own beer in NYC & environs for the rest of their lives. If they somehow turn this thing around, the baseball world will just plotz!!!

      Oh, Jeter getting hurt like that in a post-season game reminded me of Mickey & the drainpipe in the ’51 w/s against the Giants, also in the first game of that series. Unfortunately for the Commerce Comet, it happened at the beginning of his career rather than at the end of it.

      • Rebelwb

        This is the best post I’ve read thus far. I agree with you. Also agree with another poster that with Jeter down, the pressure may be off Arod and th team in some perverse way? Mariano Duncan said it best: “We play today, we win today. Dat’s it.” They CAN do it. It’s not impossible.

        And insofar Jeter’s ankle, I wouldn’t be surprised that he had a bone bruise/stress fracture all along and with that diving play he converted it into a break. I hope it’s higher up the fibula. There’s a chance this could linger given the nature of such injuries. Difficult to prognosticate. Did he undergo an MRI after the latest injury?

    • Deep Thoughts

      Thank goodness the team has big-boy pants even if no one on the internet does.

  • BigDavey88

    A-Rod to shortstop!


  • PinstripesInCali

    There appeared to be some disfiguration on his left leg. I’m wondering if he had a mid-shaft tib/fib break.

    • oldmanalex

      I really hope it’s not any sort of hairline fracture/break on his tib-fib. I really think its his ankle…

    • Marcos

      Unfortunately that’s exactly what it looked like to me….

  • Pasqua

    I really think his leg snapped. So bizarre.

  • forensic

    I don’t typically speculate about injuries, but the way his lower leg was flapping sideways with no problem, sure looked like something broke (or maybe popped) in there.

    • forensic

      Yup, fractured ankle, pretty predictable.

  • Ben

    Could be the Achilles heal I pray that it is not.

  • FachoinaNYY

    That looks really awful, I don’t know how he won’t be done for the year with the way that looked

  • https://twitter.com/Mattpat11 Matt DiBari

    Derek Jeter played on one leg until it gave out so Nick Swisher can roll around right field.

    • Knoxvillain

      I laughed and cried.

  • Eddard

    He’s done for the year and that’ll be all she wrote for the 2012 Yankees. All they had to do was hit one ground ball when they had 2nd and 3rd no outs and they couldn’t do it. Joe could have kept it 2-0 by not leaving Lowe out but he wanted to save the pen since they just had the day off yesterday.

  • anon

    at the very least its a high ankle sprain, but the way they didnt let him put any weight on it at all leads me to believe its a fracture of some sort. hope im wrong

  • http://theevilsquare.com handtius

    fuck. fractured ankle. FUCK.

  • Eddard

    Activate Nunie and go with this lineup tomorrow-


    And just see if you can catch lightning in a bottle with one of these guys. It would also send a message to the ballclub that bad play will not be rewarded.

    • Havok9120



    • DT

      We’re going to score -2 runs somehow.

    • Carl LaFong

      They have to let ARod play tomorrow & hope he can hold his own. I’d activate & play Nunez at shortstop, ARod @ 3b. Tee it up & see what happens. ARod may actually feel freed w/jeter going down, & maybe he can focus on each A/B from here on out. IMO, Chavez at 3b is only a temporary fix, Nix should come in off the bench if Nunez is overmatched, & hell, we go home for the year anyway if we don’t hit & play better. Roll the dice w/the dame who brought you or something like that & play the ARod guy regardless of what happens. If that ground ball he hit in the first inning somehow got through, he’d have had 2 rbi’s & maybe that would have helped him relax & play loosey goosey. Hey, hope for the best, prepare for the worst, & see deep this club can dig to keep themselves in the run for #28.

  • Havok9120


    • Andruw’s Smile

      Haha you’re nuts. Thanks for making me laugh during a sad night

      • Andruw’s Smile

        Phone went nuts haha sorry bout the reply fail. This was directed at eddard’s lineup configuration

  • Bill R

    When does spring training start?

  • Eddard

    I really hate to be the bearer of bad news but it’s over. They’re relying on a guy tomorrow who has pitched a career high in innings, wore down in September and will be on 3 days rest. Even if he gives us a decent outing of 6IP, 2 ER they ain’t scoring 2 runs. And even if they do Swisher will give them back when he barrel rolls for a ball and it goes right past him. Girardi will also save the bullpen tomorrow for the off day.

  • https://twitter.com/KramerIndustry Kramerica Industries

    Even I can’t interject bitter sarcasm into this.

    Even though I have enough bitterness to kill someone right now.

  • Effthisnoise

    Just like i said, fister takesca shot off his wristbandvactually gets better, jeter slips and breaks his ankle. Yankee luck

  • Knoxvillain

    This puts the fork in the season. Great.

  • David N

    Suzyn Waldman on the postgame says it’s a completely fractured ankle, out at least three months.

    So…fuck. Jeter and Mo in one season. Damn. :-(

  • Eddard

    And I’m sure people will say, well everyone else just needs to step up. THEN WHY HAVEN’T THEY DONE SO! ONE GROUNDBALL TODAY! ONE! AND THEY PLATE A RUN WHICH WOULD HAVE BEEN THE WINNING RUN! And they couldn’t do that. ARod- The whiff. Granderson-The whiff. Swisher-The whiff, barrel roll, the whiff. Way to stack those awful bats. Way to use the bullpen to keep it 2-0. Way to throw Phelps out there after you exhausted Soriano and Robertson for all of 1 inning a piece. VALVERDE AIN’T CLOSING ANYMORE SO YOU BLEW OUR CHANCE GIRARDI!

    • bobtaco

      Jeter had a shot in extras with a man in scoring position and he didn’t do it either.

      • Eddard

        Derek Jeter gave his heart and soul! He was playing on one foot already and now he’s gone. Did you not see that man collect hit after hit in the ALDS? This is about Swisher, ARod and Granderson going 0-172 with RISP. They’re not postseason players. AND WE DIDNT EVEN NEED A HIT! WE JUST NEEDED ONE GROUNDBALL. ONE FLYBALL. THEY WERE CONCEDING THE RUN!

        • DT

          Cough Cano cough

          • Eddard

            I agree! That’s why I would bench Cano tomorrow and go with Nixy at 2B and Nunie at SS. Bench em all. Bench all 4 of ARod, Cano, Swisher and Granderson because it can’t get any worse, period.

            • DT

              I’d play Arod only because Chavez as bad as Arod.

          • gbyanks

            thank you people are giving cano a pass he was 0 for 6 today people arod is old, swisher has never hit in october …….whats canos excuse

      • DT

        Selective memory. Also note the lack of complaining about Cano. Because he totally did not go 0-6 and Chavez sis not got 0-3 with2 Ks in place of ARod.

  • fin

    Jeter’s done. The Yankees cant hit. Kuroda on 3 days rest. Its looking pretty damn bleak.

    • bobtaco

      and the bullpen gassed…

  • dkidd

    i don’t expect them to win the series, but i really don’t think it’s over

    tonight felt like more than 1 game emotionally, but the tigers still need to win 3 more times

    our pitching staff is doing the job, the offense just needs to get its head out if its ass

    remember the 99 knicks without ewing? let’s enjoy being the underdogs

    nothing to lose, let it all hang out

    • Captain Gift Basket

      What in the hell makes you think the offense is going to turn around? Cano, Swish and Grandy aren’t going anywhere and have historically gagged in the playoffs.

  • Knoxvillain

    What a shitty season. No Mo. No Jeter.

    Here’s to 2013.

  • dalelama

    Don’t worry I am confident Arod will man up to fill the leadership void.

    • Evan

      …maybe call it reactionary confidence…but that’s all i’ve got left. I think (hope) you’re right. It’s time for some other players to step up.

      As bad as it looks, Nunez is not the worst replacement by any means, dude can hit.

      At this point we just need to throw our arms up, and hope that Mo has blessed us enough to pull this off. I’ve got faith…bleak as it may seem.

    • Luisergi

      I laughed

    • DT

      Cano is too busy going 0-6, Grandy is too busy striking out, Swisher is too busy doing flips in the outfield. At least this give ARod something to do when Girardi benches him for Chavez to keep the idiots happy.

  • Bo Knows

    Saw reports saying fractured ankle….crap-baskets

    • Bo Knows

      I typed this before the update loaded on my computer

  • flamingo

    This is awful.

  • fin

    I’m glad I’m not Mike and have to write a game summary on this shit show of a game. If I was Mike I would just skip it.

  • http://fendersonandhampton.com Cuso

    Jeter busted his ass and stayed healthy all year. He dragged the team kicking and screaming to a Division Title. Played through nicks, bruised & probably a lot more than he was letting on. Stayed the course because he lives for the postseason -just to get there.

    And this happens…

    He deserves better.

    It’s not “doom” because who knows what happens tomorrow. Not doom, but feels a bit hollow.

  • Eddard

    A message needs to be sent tomorrow. The Yankees carry 4 bench players. Those players should be Cano, Granderson, ARod and Swisher tomorrow. Maybe then it’ll get through to these guys.

    • Preston

      Yes because being able to hit a baseball is a value that can be taught through punishment. I’m grounding my kid tomorrow until he can go yard. All of those guys are professionals who want to hit, they are struggling, benching them will do nothing except make the team play a game with inferior players. Stop with your crazy rants.

  • Mick taylor

    Swisher should be benched this piece of shit cost us the game with his fielding god bless you derek

    • Captain Gift Basket

      I can’t stand looking at his deer in headlights look anymore. I’ve seen little leaguers play a better RF, and that’s a position for your shittiest player!

  • Eddard

    Many of us were wondering if Andy would come back next year. Judging by his reaction on the bench tonight he ain’t coming back. And who can blame him? He worked his ass off to get back in shape for the playoffs and they’ve rewarded him by loading the bases 3 times and scoring 0 runs. Andy doesn’t need this.

  • https://twitter.com/KramerIndustry Kramerica Industries

    Obviously, all they can do now is try to Win It For Derek.

    That’s it.

    • Evan


    • miketotheg


  • Preston

    When you’re hurt you step gingerly and sometimes at weird angles. I’m convinced Jeter had a serious foot/ankle/leg injury already which was either aggravated during this play or forced him to step on it the wrong way causing a new injury. Hopefully that wasn’t the last time we see the Captain.
    What are the rules for injuries and the playoff roster? For one game to give Jeter a blow, Jayson Nix is the answer. For a long term answer we need to go with the upside. Eduardo Nunez is a boom or bust. We should roll him out there and hope he booms.

    • Kosmo

      plus he´s playing in a shit cold mid-October weather night game. Bring back postseason day games !!!! Games beginning at 8:00 in October is batshit insane.

  • Captain Gift Basket

    Why not Dickerson instead of Nunez? Maybe the threat of Dickerson on the bench will light a fire under Swish and Grandy’s ass. It was amazing how a Hairston start in ’09 for Swish led Swish to a HR and 2B next game against the Phillies.

    • G

      Because replacing a shortstop with an outfielder makes perfect sense. If Nix hurts himself we’ll just make Eppley play shortstop. Brilliant, I think you should replace Cashman AND Girardi. Be a general manager-manager.

    • http://www.ProjectNeoX.com ProjectNeo

      they have to bring up nunez, they need a backup shortstop.

  • jim p

    What’s our production out of 3B in in these 6 games? Like 2 for 33 or something?

    If manager, I’d have Cano, ARod, Grandy & Swisher bunt their first time up next time they play. Maybe their first two at bats. They all seem to have forgotten “just make contact, and don’t try to do too much.” Maybe this would help them focus.

    • bobtaco

      I have no idea why Girardi didn’t have them do it at all tonight.

      So many missed opportunities.

  • Mike Stanley


    Dewayne Wise’s bunt feels like 4 years ago.

  • g

    There is only one thing that can save our season if Jeter gives a speech to the team. And two if Paul O’neil would come down into the lockeroom and breaks a few bats over the coolers and bitch slaps the stupid smile of swishers face.

  • Eddard

    At the very least can Girardi at least put Gardner in LF and Ichiro in RF so we don’t have to watch the Ringling Brothers tumbling circus act anymore? Swisher isn’t doing anything at the plate either. Play ARod if you want, just please bench Swisher.

  • Laz

    Fractured ankle and 3 month recovery…….

  • Kosmo

    Who knows what tonight might bring ? Maybe Kuroda is terrific. Maybe Cano busts out of his slump ? Maybe Nunez goes 4-4.

    Yes Swisher is a pathetic postseason performer. I haven´t fact checked this but he has to be among if not the worst hitter all-time in the postseason with the minimum of let´s say 75 Abs.

    let´s face it if not for Ibanez Yanks go home vs. the Orioles.

    I´m not defending Girardi´s bullpen moves but he has to be informed on how miserable Lowe was this season vs. Detroit. Phelps in for Robertson is a head scratcher.
    Yankee bullpen suffers from having to many specialists. Eppley and Rapada are mix and match type of pitchers. Yanks don´t really have a reliable long-man.

  • fluffy

    Oh no

  • fin

    So whos gona get the start at SS Nunez or Nix? I have to figure its Nunez as this lineup needs all the offensive help it can get, and I dont think we can have much confidence in Nix against righties. If Nunez starts does he hit in the 2 spot or 9th? If he doesnt hit second I have no idea who will (I’m assuming Ichiro will now lead off).

    • Laz

      meh… Jeter and Ich have been good, cano has been pretty terrible.
      Honestly it is the same few players that have been getting hits. Move martin up, move ibanez up, move cano down. Stop PH for arod, how is he ever going to be confident that way. Chavez hasn’t been hitting. Arod has way more potential than chavez.

      • Laz

        arod gets alot of grief, he is not the only one underperforming, and he was struggling in september from the broken hand.

  • CBean

    Well this sucks.

  • g

    God make another Paul O’neil in his prime just this once for this series against Detroit so he show this gutless panties like Aroid, Swisher and Cano how to play the game the right way

  • JJ

    Can we have Jeter play DH and bat with a crutch? I meant this as a joke till I realized I’d be more confident in that scenario producing a productive offensive outcome than several of our other starters.

  • G

    A lot of section 203 was blaming Swisher for not making the play. It was painful to listen to, I almost left and just watched from somewhere else.

    Do we even have a chance now? I mean maybe if we start Nunez at SS instead of Nix and he catches fire like he did that one time Derek went on the DL. Also if someone reanimates the corpses of Granderson, Alex, and Robinson…

    • fin

      The only one I can see coming out of the slump is Robinson. I think Arod is hurt and this is who Grandreson has been in the second half of the season.

  • stuart a

    3 hits with RISP tonight. the 38 year old right fielder and the 40 year old dh.

    swisher, arod, grandy and tex could not drive in a run late if jim leyland pitched……i think tex has 1 rbi in the playoffs, swisher has zero and arod goose egg…..

    talk all you want about girardi but those #’s are dreadful

    good news is we have arod for 5 more years and if anyone thinks in thsoe 5 years he is breaking the homer records you are out of your mind, the roid man is toast.. he cannot hit a 92 mph fastball if the ytell him when and where.. he is a joke…

    • DT

      Jesus Tex was one of the reason game was tied and again got on base a lot today. Yet you still complain about him. Give it up.

  • gbyanks

    jo should play gardner or not have him on the roster, if you arent going to bench swisher just because gardner doesnt have enough at bats then you should of had dickerson on the roster instead.

    • stuart a

      true. so the yankee brain trust made some mistakes in setting the roster…

      girardi and cashman are to blame for that. lucky we got cody eppley on the roster. he is as effective as corey wade was.. but the announcers of the yanks may not have looked at his stats +since june so they have no idea of his 1.5+ whip for at least 3 months…

  • stuart a

    arod is hurt, in the head.. he is a fragile joke. the most overrated stat guy ever…

    delmon young a guy who would swing at a pitch in the on deck circle is a better postseason player then then alex the great. don’t worry alex is better postseason then nick swisher so he is only the 2nd worst postseason player.

    check out tex’s rbi #’s in the spostseason in his yankee career, brian doyle redux

    • DT

      Look at the other stats he has this year. Totally his fault he takes a walk when he doesn’t get a pitch to hit. Why can’t he swing wildly like Robbie who has more RBIs.

  • stuart a

    tex has 13 rbi’s in 33 playoff games….

    swisher has 6 rbi’s in 34 playoff games with a 162 avg and a 296 slugging %

    not exactly bernie williams those 2….

    • DT

      Keep complaining about other guy other than Jeter and Raul who has been consistently getting on base this postseason. Never mind that he has score 6 of our runs this postseason. 4 the last 4 games which is like half our offense coming from him getting on base. But like the RBIs right?

      • stuart a

        the guy is hitting 4th idiot…

        drive the ball once in a while. fools like you think since he is not as bad as the other guy he is good. no they both suck .he just sucks less. if that is good enough whatever floats your boat.

        tex has a 9 year deal or so at $200 + mill. he is suppose to drive in runs, he has never done that when it counts. maybe he has against KC in july but not in the playoffs….

        • DT

          Hey fucktard. How did we score a run in Game 5? Tex was on base when Raul drove him in. How did we tie the game here? Tex drew a walk to set up Raul. Him batting fourth doesn’t mean he should swing stupidly when ever there are men on base. If you don’t get a good pitch to hit why shouldn’t take a walk? Only a fucken moron like you would think that it’s Tex’s fault that he’s walked a lot.

        • Chilango


          • DT

            You are just as dumb as he is.

        • DT

          You should stop posting because you have no understanding of the English Language. You don’t know how to type. Worst of all you know nothing about baseball.

    • Barrel Roll

      No worries – Cashman’s already on the phone, looking to bolster next year’s pitching. Because God knows, the Yanks keep losing in the playoffs because their pitchers can’t hit in the clutch.

      • DT

        They lost in 2010 due to piss poor pitching. You Take Andy and Kuroda out of the rotation this year what do you get? we don’t even make it to the ALDS. The focus on pitching has carried us to the ALCS. Cashman not at fault that half the line up did not show up. Considering Cano was out best hitter this year, Grandy was a masher and Swisher was consistent.

  • Rich in NJ

    This sucks. Jeter is one of the few players on the team who has risen to the moment instead of gone into a fetal position.

    Get well soon, Captain.

    And on a more pedestrian note, Swisher should grab a seat at the end of the bench anchored by Crazy Glue.

    • Barrel Roll

      But, but, but…barrel roll?

  • Chilango

    If not for the Ibañez miracle, we would have been beaten by the O’s. So we’re lucky (if you can call it that) to be seeing some more post season Yankee baseball (if you can call it that). Now that Jeter is out, maybe Joe will get creative and we will get some interesting baseball. I’m not betting on it though. When you ditch Dickerson for Cody F* Eppely and don’t have the guts to bench KRoid and Kranderson, well you can’t expect too much. My candidate for post season fuck up is Nick-I suck in right too-Swisher. His career playoff/WS numbers are astonishingly bad.

    • Barrel Roll

      Pitchers hit better then he does.

    • stuart a

      162 BA with 6 rbi’s in 33 games and a under 300 slugging %. But based on the yankee fandom they will find a player worse then that and say look he is not as bad as joe schmoe …

      the moral of the story is they both suck………..

      we are not talking 5 games for nicky we are talking 34 games with the yanks same with forget about hitting the ball to 3rd tex……

      • Chilango

        right. our boy nick is .162/.281/.296 in 6 years of post season play but he’s a hell of a lot of fun around the clubhouse so there you go. I wouldn’t mind getting beat by a better team (the O’s) or even upset (by the Tigers) but when the payroll is so huge that you have to sell a kidney to buy your kid a hot dog and a soda at YS, and then they play like shite, well something is not right.

  • Rich in NJ

    And oh yeah, A-Rod at SS (he’s the best of their bad options) and Chavez at 3B.

  • Bill R

    Does anyone have Luis Sojo’s cell number? Maybe he can play SS… While you’re at it see if Brocious wants to play 3rd and See what O’Neil and Bernie are up too, rather have them out there at this stage of their lives than the guys out there now.. Same with Mo, Mo at 50% > Every other Bullpen guy on the team.

    • Bill R

      What’s Jorge doing? I’m sure he could swing the bat better than these clowns, DH him and put Ibanez in LF and Ichiro in right.

  • http://www,riveraveblues.com GT Yankee

    I’ve read all the posts and I’m somewhere between the bridge jumpers and those that have been lulled into a false sense of complacency.

    The problem with this team is that there are too many feast or famine players. While the upside is tremendous there are too many streaky players on the roster. Cano, A-Rod, Tex, Swisher, Martin, Granderson are all capable of extreme cold streaks. The consistent vibe of Johnny D and Hideki are gone. Mind you I’m not saying we should have signed either this year, but I can’t remember either having huge cold streaks.

    Cano-Is your best player and it would foolish not to extend him, bad series and all-period
    A-Rod-Is unfortunately not going anywhere
    Tex-Is hot, but can be very cold. However he always plays world class 1B and is also going nowhere. I’m a fan.
    Martin-Had a horrible year until September, but he does seem to be a “fit” and one should expect to see him resigned especially without an immediate solution in the minors.

    Now for those to be shed:
    Swisher-You can talk about how his regular season #’s will be hard to replace. I for one hope they take their chances. Enough dumb looks and enough postseason choking. They’re not stuck with his contract. Let Boston or whomever overpay him for 5 years and take the supplemental pick.
    Granderson-Yes, lots of HR’s, but the average will continue to slip. How about a trade to Philly for Domonic Brown? He’s 6’5″ and left handed. Might not ever adapt to MLB, but get some value while you can. Philly with so many older players might be in a win mode and after trading Pence and Victorino are desperate for a CFer, even one in disguise. Sometimes you have to roll the dice. The cost for Brown will be a lot less than Justin Upton and again, he’s lefthanded.

    Too long a post-Sorry

  • g

    Oh and they call this gutless Cano the best second baseman in the game, guys I don’t know about you, but I would rather have hated Dustin Pedroia any day of the week instead of this gutless wonder

  • Mick taylor

    If we had signed Carlos Beltran last winter we would have won the world series this iswhat I would do in the off season : give swisher a one way ticket to the psycho ward, keep grandy and let him walk when his contract is up. Sign Josh Hamilton. Let cano walkwhen his contract is up. But really,yesterday I was blogging I hope they do not carryswsher and carry Dickerson. My logic was c dickwas faster and abetter fielder well cdick would have caught goings ball and probably fielders ball.

    • DC

      This is your brain on drugs.

      • RBC


  • Captain_Turbo

    Get your shoes here! Get your jumping shoes! Only $10 a pair! Get your jumping shoes before they run out!

    (Oh, I’m sorry, I thought everyone wanted to jump off a bridge.)

    • http://www,riveraveblues.com GT Yankee

      FYI-I’m as unhappy as the next guy about Jeets and the blow our playoff chances have been dealt. Obviously the team has who they have right now for the rest of this series. I was more talking a state of the team issue going into next season. Something they DO have control of. Turbo, when I implied trading for Domonic Brown did you think I meant today? To the best of my knowledge the trading deadline was weeks/months ago.

  • spectator

    the other nite after fouling ball off Jeter would not comment on x-rays…and it is easy enough to say “they were negative.” But he didn’t…and i was thinking there was already a hairline fracture or slight crack…anyone else notice that he refused to answer question that nite?

  • Tino!_24

    World Series 1978 – Willie Randolph and Chris Chamblis both injured for the series – the yankees win with Brian Doyle and Jim Spencer.

  • RetroRob

    Is this injury similar to what happened to Stephen Drew, which I believe was also an ankle? Obviously not as severe, but it was impacting Drew a year later. Hopefully Jeter makes a full recovery. At least it’s not his push-off leg for hitting, or fielding.