Jones blames second half on finger injury, wants to play four more years


Via George King: Andruw Jones blamed his miserable second half on a finger injury suffered after the All-Star break. “I did it diving for a ball against Toronto at home,” he said. “Hands and fingers are tough.”

The Yankees played the Blue Jays in the second series after the break, which I guess is when it happened. Either way, the 34-year-old Jones hit .244/.326/.535 with eleven homers in the first half before dropping down to .142/.256/.255 with three homers in the second half. He was so bad, even against lefties, that the Yankees left him off the playoff roster. Jones also told King that he hopes to play another four years, but I doubt any of them will be in the Bronx.

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  1. Lance says:

    Then why didn’t the idiot say anything?

  2. Eddard says:

    Yeah, and Curtis Granderson’s problems were do to an eye problem. ARod’s problems were due to a wrist injury. CC’s problems were due to an elbow injury. Just take responsibility, Andruw. 4 more years? Who is he, Obama? Jones should not be back, not even for $1.

  3. Murderers' Row Boat says:

    Step 1: Go back in time to 2007.
    Step 2: Get past self to stop eating.

  4. Grover says:

    Along with Feliciano and Garcia, is Jones the only guarantee not to return? I’d put Swisher in there but I’m afraid he just might accept the qualifying offer.

  5. NYYROC says:

    4 more years? Maybe the Ham Fighters need an OF.

  6. brian says:

    Boy is Derek Jeter missed by the Yankee universe right now…

    I don’t know if I’ve ever heard this much whining and this many excuses since I have beginning with Swisher in game 2…

    Hell Hal Steinbrenner used the words “no excuses” and “we had a lot of injuries to key guys” in the same missive.. it’s a joke

    Come back strong Derek, PLEASE

    • Eddard says:

      Yeah, Jeter and Teixera were playing on one leg down the stretch. Jeter played until his leg practically broke. Girardi said whenever he asks Jete if there’s a problem Jete says, I’m ok let’s go. When Jete went down in Game 2 he told Girardi, I would rather you leave me for dead on this field than to be carried off. So he walked off the field and demonstrated more leadership in that moment than ARod and Cano ever have.

  7. Thunder Road Runner says:

    LOL! My grandfather shows more hustle than this lazy loafer. Adios, Amigo!

  8. Maris61 says:

    Which finger was it?

  9. DJ4K&Monterowasdinero says:

    That would explain his not hustling on the bases and in the outfield.

    Makes sense now!

  10. LarryM., Fl. says:

    I will be quite happy if the Yankees move forward with a different approach from the HR and walk type of player. We have seen our team fail in the playoffs more often of late as the dynamics of the club has changed to this type of lineup makeup. Some contact hitters in the lineup such as Gardner, Jeter, Ichiro would be fine in addition to the power guys.

    I watch clubs advance which do not appear to be stocked with Yankee power. Cashman does not have to abandoned totally his thought process just fine tune it.

    No Jones is my response to Andruw.

  11. Favrest says:

    Yea, enough. Let him walk. We don’t need another player dumb enough to try and play through a hand injury. He cost us a lot of games.

  12. rek4gehrig says:

    So exactly what was wrong with his legs that prevented him going hard after balls?

  13. Burn Girardi's Binder says:

    No chance he’s back in 2013 but I’ve always like Andruw and had a soft spot in my heart for righties who go bonkers against LHP (Marcus Thames 2010, anyone?)

    I don’t know if he has 4 years left in him, but I’d be curious to see how he does with his new team next year.

  14. Ted Nelson says:

    I fear all the decent commenters are gone at this point. The inmates are running the asylum… This used to be a great forum. Not so much anymore.

    • Ted Nelson says:

      I mean there are still good commenters even on this thread… but they are overwhelmed with the ignorant hysteria…

      • Robinson Tilapia says:

        I’m sure the off-season will drive some of these new people away. It has seemed very WFAN-like around here as of late.

        Stick around. You get a lot of shit on here, but I’ve always felt you were one of the best.

        • G says:

          Somewhere else on the Internet. I saw someone suggest sending Jeter, Teixira, and A-Rod to AAA. You know, just to send a message.

          The worst has yet to make its way here.

      • jjyank says:

        I’m sure it’ll calm down a bit as he get further removed from the season. But it’s the price to pay for RAB getting bigger.

      • bpdelia says:

        go over to posting and toasting. but yeah Ted, its getting a bit silly. most of the peeps who’ve been here are good but seriously 80 percent of the new people are intolerable. there are rarely good civil conversations anymore and these people talk about the players as if they weren’t human beings

    • JMK says:

      The comments been downhill for a while; RAB is a victim of its own success in that regard. I miss the good ‘ol days with pat, Mondesi, TSJC, Rebecca, leokitty, Riddering, Brendog, Steve H, Matt Imbrogno and yes, even SBLG (apologies to those I omitted). But hey, times change.

      (That statement does not speak to the consistent quality put out by Mike; he does a great job with RAB and I appreciate his efforts greatly.)

  15. Robinson Tilapia says:

    Nothing against him. Would much rather the team go in another direction with a bench spot next year.

    • jjyank says:

      At the very least, it would be one less person for commenters to complain about smiles.

      (note that I do not, in fact, give a shit if someone smiles)

  16. Duh Innings says:

    Jones wants to play four more years so he can have a chance hit 66 HRs to reach 500 HR and guaranteed Hall Of Fame induction because he’d have joined the 500 HR Club with ZERO PEDs talk about him. He should really look to play six more years / through age 40 so he has to average only 11 HR a season to reach 500.

    If he’s smart he’ll just take one-year $2M contracts from hereonin so he can have a better shot at a pair of 20 HR seasons which could speed up his reaching 500 HR (hit 40 HR in two years and you need only 26 in the other years to reach 500 HR.)

  17. Jersey Joe says:

    I think this excuse might help him on another team. However, it really would make sense to keep him around if the Yankees sign Ichiro or send Dickerson out to right field to have a power-hitting complement.

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