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    I’ll miss watching games played at Yankee Stadium.

  • Knoxvillain

    Does anyone still believe the Yankees will actually advance?

    Does anyone truly believe they won’t get swept?

    Seriously. This has to be the worst offensive Yankees team in close to twenty years. I don’t know how they can have no trouble scoring six runs a game to not scoring anything against Doug fucking Fister and Anibal Sanchez. By far and away the most irritating Yankees team I’ve ever seen.

    • Havok9120

      Yes, but not me.

      Yes, I do.

    • Pasqua

      By the Law of Averages, I think they’ll trip on a win. But that’s probably it. No sign of snapping out of it. They’re not even in the “loud outs / bad luck” phase of this collective slump.

    • Jon

      This is exact crap they pulled last year against the tigers rispfail…

      • Pasqua

        Since the Red Sox collapse in ’04, this has been their M.O. (with the exception of ’09, when they actually hit and – surprise! – railroaded the league).

        • Get Phelps Up (wins needed: 8)

          They lost in 2006, 2007 and 2010 mainly because of terrible pitching.

          • Pasqua

            Oh, the pitching sucked too. But the RISP problems were there. (A-Rod in the 8-hole, etc.)

        • JU

          Not to contradict you, but in 09 they were a garbage situational hitting team In the playoffs too. They won because ARod single handedly won like 5 games for them

    • jesse

      They might win Game 4 with CC on the mound, but it’s against Scherzer, so they’ll most likely get shutdown again.

      And yes, I don’t think they’ll advance, and it’s a damn shame with the great starting pitching and Ibanez’s ridiculously clutch home runs.

    • mustang

      Yes I do.

  • Get Phelps Up (wins needed: 8)

    I propose this for instant replay:

    Each umpiring crew has 5 members. They rotate just as they do now, except now there is an additional umpire in the press box whose job is to review any calls in question. A manager may challenge 3 non home run calls per game (home runs can always be challenged) The four umpired on the field have a radio or other way of communicating with the umpire in the press box. Whenever a call is reviewed, the umpire who made the call in question will radio up to the umpire in the press box. Then the umpire in the press box will look at all available video of the play from home, away, and national broadcasts and a call can only be overturned with conclusive evidence. Once the umpire in the press box has made his decision, he radios the correct call down to the field. The umpire will then make the final call. A manager is not allowed to argue with a replay.

    Calls that can be overturned/challenged are:

    -Weather a ball is trapped or caught:
    -If ball was deemed to be caught on the field and replay proves that call correct, baserunners remain as they were when the play ended.
    -If ball was deemed to be caught on the field and replay proves that call incorrect, all runners advance one base.
    -If ball was deemed to be trapped on the field and replay proves that call correct, baserunners remain as they were when the play ended.
    -If ball was deemed to be trapped on the field and replay proves that call incorrect, all runners have to retreat to their original bases.

    Check Swings:
    -Only with 2 strikes or 3 balls and if overturning the call would or would not result in strike 3 or ball 4. (so a check swing can be challenged on a 2-2 or 3-1 count, but not a 2-2 count.)
    -Includes stolen bases and tag plays and force plays with the ball in play. – If the runner is out (call on field was incorrect), the correct call is implicated and all runners return to their bases, if the “out” call on the field was correct, play continues from the point of the call.
    -In the case of a batter stretching a single into a double, infield hits etc. and the call on the field is out and it is proved to be incorrect, all runners advance the number of bases the hit was worth (2 for a double, one for a single, etc)

    -Balls that bounce over the 1st and 3rd base bags, infield hits, bunts etc. and balls falling in down the line.
    -If the ball was called fair and the call was deemed incorrect, all runners return to the bases they occupied before the play.
    -If the ball was called foul and the call was deemed incorrect, all runners advance at the digression of the umpires.

    • David N

      Don’t agree with having checked swings be reviewable, since that’s still a judgement call. But otherwise it sounds good.

    • Kiko Jones

      Not sure about the basics but love the concept and have been saying the same thing for a couple of years now.

      • Kiko Jones

        I meant, “not sure about the DETAILS but love the concept…”

    • El Tigre

      Good analysis. Email it to MLB.

  • Pasqua

    I have never seen such an extended display of pathetic futility. They have had a collective mental breakdown. I really can’t believe this is what’s happening.

  • stuart a

    i have been saying this for the whole season as I was mocked….

    • Knoxvillain

      So have I. It is what it is. I’ve been saying it since July. They weren’t going to win anything this year, but I didn’t think they would be this terrible at all. Not even close.

    • MVP 1976

      Me too Stuart. RISPFAIL, HR’s and K’s all year, one terrific month (June), and average, beat up bad pitching baseball for the remainder. A one dimensional, no adjustment approach, a la KLong: wait for the ball on a tee, “drive” with “A swing.”

  • stuart a

    finally a manager whines about no replay…

    of course the calls are a joke…

  • stuart a

    sanchez never threw a fastball in a tight count. 3 and 2, 2 and 2, changeup every time…

    granderson, swisher, others no clue..


  • Dan Gold

    They should be out of a job

  • Jon

    This offense is an absolute joke, please please please let Granderson and swisher walk…I am done with them both.
    Cano looks like he doesn’t even want to be playing baseball, and a rod shouldn’t be playing baseball for the rest of the year.

    • MVP 1976

      If Grandy and Swish both go, who plays the outfield 2013?

      • Gonzalo Hiram

        Very easy my friend, Gardner, Ichiro, and you can get BJ Upton or Michael Bourn or trade for Justin Upton.

        Get rid of Swisher and Granderson and bring gack Raul as DH/4th outfielder

        • Winter

          1: Ichiro next year is a TERRIBLE idea.
          2: Would you really be ok with an outfield with 0 power hitters?

          I’m not disagreeing with getting rid of Swish or Grandy, but it’s not as easy as you make it seem.

          • DC

            And if they traded for Upton, some of these same guys would be on here with the “empty farm system” comments.

  • Need Pitching & Hitting

    Game 3 lineup:
    Ichiro RF
    Nunez SS
    Ibanez LF
    Tex 1B
    Cano 2B
    Martin C
    Chavez DH
    ARod 3B
    Gardner CF

    Maybe they can manage a run or 2.

    • Rahul

      I agree. They’d at least score something at the top of the lineup I think

    • Pasqua

      So, you want to spot the Tigers a couple of runs with Nunez at SS?

      • Need Pitching & Hitting

        Fly ball pitcher in Hughes.
        Nix career 1/11 vs. Verlander.

        I’d take the chance.

    • Knoxvillain

      Ichiro RF
      Tex 1B
      Ibanez LF
      Martin C
      Chavez 3B
      A-Rod DH
      Nix SS
      Nunez 2B
      Gardner CF

      Terrible line up. But it can’t be any worse so you can’t go wrong with it. Cano should be taken off the roster. He could have a career ending injury on Tuesday and I couldn’t careless right now.

      • DC

        What is it with you and wanting players to get hurt?

  • Rahul

    Just fucking forfeit this series. Shit hit the fan and it’s fucking over! Verlander Game 3 no-hitter, or at least complete game shut-out fuckerssssssss

  • Moo Shu Pork (Currently Eddard)

    By the end of this series, which will either be in the next 2 or 3 games, the trio of Alex Rodriguez, Curtis Granderson and Nick Swisher will shatter the all time record for strikeouts in one postseason series.

    This team’s soul was lost when Mariano went down. It’s heart was lost when Jeter went down. You will see no fight back in Detroit.

  • jim p

    Next year, instead of home run drills, the hitting coach (who won’t necessarily be Long) will work on some “hitting not-a-fastball” drills and some “recognizing pitches” drills.

    • blaine w

      I’ve been thinking this exact same thing all night long.

  • Pat D (The “D” is for Depression…Manic Depression)

    So I’m glad that the Giants won. I can just shift my attention to them now.

    Are we all in agreement that Kevin Long is going to pay for this?

    • Knoxvillain

      Long, Girardi, and Cashman.

      Let Swisher walk. Pick up Granderson’s option and trade him for some prospects, trade those prospects and some of our prospects for Justin Upton.

      • TomH

        All “those prospects” and “some of our prospects” for Justin Upton? Is this guy the second coming of Dimag? It doesn’t look that way from his stats sheet.

        • Winter

          Justin Upton is probably worth more than anything we could muster for a trade. Yankees farm system took some major hits in terms of injuries this year, and we don’t match up well with the Diamondbacks at all. Upton is young, cheap, and very (very) good.

      • Barrel Roll

        Justin Upton – another guy that Ks 125 times a year. Just what this team needs!

  • Moo Shu Pork (Currently Eddard)

    I think they need to rethink their whole offensive strategy. You’re not going to hit 4 solo home runs in the postseason so stop trying. Kevin Long should be fired. It’s boom or bust and when it’s bust it looks really awful. We need contact hitters. Notice how Ichiro is hitting .300. They won’t even give Gardner a shot even though Granderson strikes out 3 times a game. Let Swisher walk, trade Granderson and that’ll get us started.

  • Phil-thy

    wouldn’t be a bad time to throw down $20 on Verlander throwing a no hitter Tuesday…

    • https://twitter.com/KramerIndustry Kramerica Industries

      Add a few zeroes to that.

      Make it a real profit.

  • Pasqua

    At least we can look at the Verlander game as the Yankees Last Stand. If they get shut down again, their elimination is just a formality. If they manage to beat him and “wake up,” maybe it will be the start of something.

    Clearly, the first scenario is more likely at this point, but at least, come Tuesday night, we’ll know.

    • Kiko Jones

      Verlander is due for a lousy start. But with this offense it might not even matter.

    • toad

      I sort of agree.

      Oddly, things are so grim that I’m actually glad they’re going to Detroit and facing Verlander. If they can pull a miracle and beat him they will have a chance, not to say a huge boost in morale.

      Getting out of NY is probably a positive at this point.

  • Widget

    Fire Long.

  • Karl Krawfid

    This offense is so bad, I can’t stop watching it.

    • Hugh

      Compelling, like watching a young kid walk towards dog poo.

      • Karl Krawfid


  • DT

    Please bench Cano now? He is the worst of the worst right now. His defense cost us a run. His head is so far up his ass right now. and i’ve been a big Cano defender. Also bench swisher for Gardner while we’re at it.

  • Moo Shu Pork (Currently Eddard)

    Would anybody be upset if they just gutted the team and coaching staff and went younger? At least try to develop young guys and build another core 4? Instead, we’re trading Austin Jacksons for older strike out machines that don’t hit in the postseason. Go young in the outfield. If Soriano opts out give the kids a shot in the pen. Don’t re-sign Martin.

    • Knoxvillain

      I’d love that. The Yankees aren’t the team to do that though. They never will. And they can’t. Can’t move Tex, A-Rod, they will lock up Cano, they have CC (although he’s worth it).

    • Pasqua

      I think they’re more likely to load up with more veteran “talent” than go young. There are still bonds to repay for the stadium, after all. They are not in a financial position to “start over” – I don’t believe they can afford it (literally). Plus, as much as I hear people clamor for a “youth movement,” those same people would be torching the organization for fielding a terrible team by next summer.

      • TomH

        I think you’re basically right about this. The stories we hear of the Croesus-like wealth of the NYY may well be fanciful. This may also bear on the famous austerity plan–perhaps not a 100% cause, but probably not a negligible factor either.

  • stuart a

    i also play nunez, why not??

    sure he can make 3 errors, hughes is a fly ball pitcher…

  • bobtaco

    O’Neil saying that the team is an embarrassment

    • Hugh

      I well remember his series of strikeouts and swinging bunts in the ’01 Series.

      • Hugh

        Whatever you do, do not check out the correctness of this on Baseball Reference. Their stats do not pass the eye test.

      • David

        Are you seriously defending the 2012 Yankees against Paul O’Neill?

    • Knoxvillain

      Not listening, but he’s right. Only a few of them should be allowed to wear the pinstripes.

    • Moo Shu Pork (Currently Eddard)

      I’m sure guys like Paulie, Bernie and Jorgie are shaking their heads and laughing at these clowns. George is rolling over in his grave. Yankee Stadium used to be such a great atmosphere in October. Now it looks like a Florida Marlins game with the offense and manager just a bit more inept.

  • BigBlueAL

    Assuming the Yankees dont miraculously come back and win this series I just cant see how they bring back most of this lineup next season. Half the position players have reached AJ Burnett status with the fans and media which is not something to overlook because Cashman himself admitted that was one of the reasons he felt Burnett had to be traded because he just couldnt play with the Yankees anymore due to the intense scrutiny from the fans and media. Also as well as Ichiro and Ibanez have played they are the 2 oldest players in the lineup and shouldnt be brought back either.

    Gonna be a very interesting off-season for the Yankees.

    • Andrew

      Maybe there’s something to the team being sold. Big family and all want their cut.

  • dan gen

    and he wants 100 million plus…and does not hustle….

    • stuart a

      any fool who pays cano $100 mill is a fool.

      he is simply a nice player not a stud…

      jeter in his prime compared to cano now, don’t make me laugh.

      bernie compared to cano, hilarious…

      cano is a HACK…who no longer goes to the opposite field, newsflash that is a problem.

      • DT

        Are you talk to yourself now?

      • Andrew

        The only problem Cano has is he is not Da Man.

  • stuart a

    i have been bitching about the back leg homer happy offense for months. when I whine about RBI’s people say they are irrelevant..

    swisher and granderson do not even know how to spell the word changeup…they simply have no FUCKIN IDEA.


    • Karl Krawfid

      I’ve been saying it all year. When Joe G came at and said that the team is a home run hitting club, I thought that sent the wrong message.

    • WhittakerWalt

      People don’t like you because you’re a trolling Mets fan.

  • http://fendersonandhampton.com Cuso

    Is there really any surprise that the Stadium didn’t sell out?

    • Knoxvillain

      There shouldn’t be one. I honestly wouldn’t go to one if I got tickets for free.

      • Hugh

        Can’t remotely agree with this, no matter how I feel about the way things are going right now. Would love to be there.

        • Knoxvillain

          So would I. But I couldn’t bring myself to waste my time to see a Yankees loss like that. I could shut them down.

      • forensic

        If I got free tickets, I’d go. I haven’t gotten to go to the new stadium yet, so it’d be nice to walk around and see things in the stadium. Would just need to avoid as many monitors as possible to not ruin it all.

  • Mutaman

    I think the problem is that the Yankees need to spend more money.

  • stuart a

    the yanks were 2nd in baseball in attendance enough already. tickets cost a fortune and many cannot afford it or choose not to pay..

    behind homeplate is simply because the costs are insane…

    randy levine and trost are fucken greedy bastards wehn the $ stops running they will adjust.

    they are like the yankees batters to arrogant and delusional to change…..

  • El Tigre

    Not sure this is allowed on RAB since it has nothing to do with the actual game and posting. But I wanted to cheer up the male audience of RAB after that depressing game.


    • Elan

      Awesome post!

    • jim p

      “Glorious GQ Outtakes” is what they call those now?

  • forensic

    Well, at least kuroda will get to end his season with this terrific start.

  • Moo Shu Pork (Currently Eddard)

    If you’re Verlander do you even bother throwing a fastball on Tuesday night? I mean, obviously to A-Rod you do because he’s easy to blow away. But to Granderson, Swisher et all I think the curveball would fool them every single time.

    • Knoxvillain

      If I was Verlander I’d throw with my left arm so I could just pitch again in Game 4.

  • takecare

    How does Girardi not pitch CC on tuesday? Essentially an elimination since we’d be down 0-3.

    • bobtaco

      Kuroda was brilliant today, what’s the difference? Still a loss.

      Maybe Hughes wins against all odds, then you have CC.

  • Knoxvillain

    I really like Jim Leyland. I wish he was our manager.

    • Moo Shu Pork (Currently Eddard)

      He really is a good manager and he’s outmanaging Girardi by a mile this series. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. Everyone knows Delmon Young has killed us. Everyone except Girardi that is. With a base open last night, he pitches to Young and that’s the ballgame. With a base open today, Jimmy Leyland learns from yesterday and walks Raul Ibanez. Martin grounds out and that’s the ballgame. One manager cost his team a game, the other won his team a game and that’s a big reason why it’s 2-0 Detroit right now.

      • Evan3457

        If Cano gets the ball out of his glove it’s a DP, and to have lost the game, you have to assume the Yanks would’ve scored.

  • Elan

    I am SO happy I decided not to go to this game. What a pathetic excuse for an offense. You know things are in the dumps when a guy like Paul O’Neill criticizes the team on the air after the game.

    • jim p

      Was this O’Neill criticism on Yes? Or somewhere else? I’d be interested to hear it. Thanks.

  • LarryM., Fl.

    The Hot Stove League is quickly coming upon us. And if decisions were to be made today, C4 would be thrown into the clubhouse. The Yankees must clean up the team with a different mindset with offensive production. But more of that after the three days in Detroit which should be enough to end the misery.

  • mustang

    The last time I quit on the Yankees was 1996 when they were down 2-0 to the Braves facing Maddux, Glavine, and Smoltz so I’m not going to quit now.

    For those of you who think that this is worse go take a look at the box scores of games 1 and 2.

    HOWEVER, Girardi is going to have to be as innovative as Torre was because running the same line-up and hoping is not going to work.

    • NoMaas

      Was thinkin the same thing. Lost 12-1! And 4-0

  • Duh Innings

    Go to


    and you will see this team is crap offensively compared to all Yankee teams since 1993 save the 2008 team who didn’t make the postseason.

    2012 Yankees offense = 1992 Yankees with 82 more homeruns thanks to Cano, Jeter, and Granderson who hit 33, 15 and 43 HR respectively for 91 total to the Kellys 17 combined (Roberto 10 + Pat 7) and Stankwiecz’s 2 for 19 HR total from the ’92 2B/SS/CF.

    Third lowest Runs Per Game since ’92 (second lowest was the ’08 team.)

    Third lowest Runs scored in a non-strike year since ’92 (tied with the ’01 team, second lowest was the ’08 team.)

    Third lowest BA and second lowest OBP since ’92.

    The ’92 team collected the same amount of hits, struck out 273 less times, walked only 29 less times,, hit one more double, and scored only 71 less runs despite hitting 82 less homeruns and getting 72 less HR from their primary 2B, SS, and CF.

    Lowest number of Plate Appearances since ’91 and At-Bats since ’90.

    Most strikeouts and highest average age per player in team history.

    That’s ton of statistical similarities to the 1990-92 teams, especially the ’92 team.

    ‘Know why?

    Cuz this team is just about the 1992 Yankees offensive-wise only with 82 more homeruns which mask that fact.

    That’s why so many people are stunned over the teams lack of scoring. Most of them didn’t watch the 1989-92 Yankees like I did thus didn’t see a deplorable offense like the one we’ve seen all year and tried to ignore when the homeruns were hit.

    Take away runs driven in by Ibanez, Suzuki, and Granderson and the Yanks have scored ZERO runs in the past three games as the three drove in a run each on Friday and the former two smacked a two-run homerun each last night.

    Bottom line is this is a mentally weak team because how else could the starting nine be better than the ’92 starting nine at EVERY POSITION yet finish the season with the same number of hits and only 71 more runs despite hitting 82 more homeruns? They choked in the clutch.

    • DT

      You do realize the offense numbers dropped league wide since 1992. The Yankees offense is still a top 2 offense this year despite all yur numbers which might say something about the rest of the league.

    • http://twitter/TheRealJeromeS Jerome S.

      Yeah, but the 1992 Yankees were just four years away from a historical dynasty.
      I’m sorry, I’m anti-trolling, I’m just pointing it out.

  • WHIPunk

    Finally they talk about Cano’s effort on YES postgame

  • bonestock94

    It’s official, MLB Trade Rumors comments are better than these. Next up, ESPN comments!

  • Gonzalo Hiram

    The worst Yankees offense I have seen in my life, every time they were getting closer to the HRs record I was getting more and more scared.

    It has been HR or nothing and since June I said there is no way to success during postseason playing like that. But stubborn people told me I’m wrong. I don’t care How nice person Swisher is he has to go, Granderson also has to go and the easiest one BYE BYE Kevin Long.

    We have an awesome team: CC, Hughes, Phelps, Nova, Pineda, we can bring back Pettitte and/or Kuroda. Very good bullpen. We can’t change the Infield too bad we have some very bad contracts there. But the outfield needs to change drastically

  • BigBlueAL

    Reading on Twitter that Swish is ripping the fans in the bleachers for getting on him the last couple of games. Is this true??

    • TomH

      Take it like a man.

    • DT

      I’m done with Swisher too. Swisher probably would go into a depression if he had to deal half the Shit Arod gets.

    • WhittakerWalt

      What a bitch move. If he was going well they’d be loving him, and he’d have no complaints. You don’t want the fans getting on you? Perform.

  • WhittakerWalt

    I remember checking in on this board occasionally during the early part of season, and whenever anyone would question the team’s reliance on home runs they would be roundly mocked. “We hit home runs off of James Shields, we hit home runs off Justin Verlander, we hit home runs off David Price.” “You have a better chance of homering in the postseason than stringing together base hits.”
    So much condescension. As if there was NO reason whatsoever to question the hitting approach these guys had. As if they’d just go right on hitting homers off of elite playoff pitching, no problemo.
    How’s that smug attitude working out for everybody?

  • 27 rings

    Detroit should sit Verlander. They don’t need him. Save him for World Series.

    • JobaTheHeat62

      Sidney Ponson right now would hold the Yankees scoreless for 7

  • mustang

    Somehow these guys are going to figure it out and win this thing I just hope people here man up when they do.

    Go Yanks!!!!

    • Irving

      Now that’s chutzpah! Love it, but doubt it.

  • Tony

    I find myself wishing it were a 5 game series so it would be over sooner. This is a pathetic, one-dimensional team. We have seen this developing over the past several years in the playoffs. Great offense, based on the HR, during the regular season. It disappears in the post season, where they can’t score. But this is the worst. Some major adjustments are needed. Players need to be moved. Given that A-rod is not moveable, Granderson is the best candidate (maybe the Tigers would take him for Austin Jackson and Phil Coke). Beyond that:
    Resign Kuroda and Martin (Martin is the one guy who’s offense I’m willing to live with given what else he brings). Resign Ibanez (duh) and another 1-year for Ichiro who, even at his advanced age, has brought another dimension to the offense.

    • seth

      I agree. The people who are saying age is our issue, it’s not. We need to resign Ichiro. He’s a great fit for exactly what we should WANT to become; a team based on contact, not power.

      Swisher should not be resigned, and Granderson should be traded if possible. Ichiro can more than adequately play the outfield and proved he still has “it” by batting over .320 with us. Gardner will be FINE in left field, or even moving to center as the last time he played a full season, he had a WAR almost equal to Albert Pujols.

      Granderson, at the end of the day, is really not what our team needs. With our infield pretty much locked up, we have plenty of pop there. Tex is good for 30, Arods good for 20, Jeter 10, and Cano 30. We can afford speed guys who get on base.

  • Naved

    We can save all these comments right when the Yankees storm back and take the series?

    Let’s go people it ain’t the end of the world. Yankee pitching has been the best since I can remember right now.

    • JobaTheHeat62

      save the comments..even when they win its not enjoyable to watch..9 runs in innings 1-8 in the 7, 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! postseason games…thats not even possible it seems..56 innings of baseball, and 9 runs. defending these clowns is noble, but its idiotic.

  • John L

    The core of this offense has been here for 3 seasons now and it’s the same problem over and over again with the same guys not hitting. This team got old fast. They don’t hit with risp. They can’t bunt. They don’t steal bases or hit and run. Defense other than swisher has been good and pitching has been awesome. Cashman won’t trade any of these guys. Granderson will be here next year. Swisher will not. And after reading all the players comments about the playoffs it’s time for a change. There is no accountability from anyone on this team. Just high paid excuses. They are pathetic. M

  • JobaTheHeat62

    I hate feeling this way, I am always so against the “blow up the team” talks, but i swear i hope they let cano, swish, and granderson, and even ,martin walk their ass out of town. soriano will opt out, so that is massive money coming off the books. I have loved watching arod over the years ill never forget 09 and 07, but we also all knew the contract would cripple this team and sure enough it has. 5 more years??? what a sad reality cashman has to live with, and he was totally against it.

  • eric k

    It’s kind of amazing how nasty things have gotten.

    We were just celebrating (or exhaling) Fri night– and in the 10th last night (was there and stayed whole way) were one measly hit away from an amazing win.

    That loss, compounded by today’s, and it seems like there is open-war between the team and the fans.

    Lets not become the Red Sox, mmmkay?