Kuroda will start Game Two on short rest

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ALCS Game One Thread: Tigers @ Yankees

4:39pm: Girardi confirmed that Kuroda will indeed start Game Two tomorrow, and he’ll be followed by Phil Hughes in Game Three and CC Sabathia in Game Four (on normal rest) regardless of the series score. If there’s a Game Seven, I assume Sabathia would start on short rest.

4:19pm: Right-hander Hiroki Kuroda will start Game Two of the ALCS tomorrow night according to various reports. Joe Girardi has not confirmed the news, for what it’s worth.

Kuroda, 37, will be starting on three days’ rest for the first time in his career after throwing 105 pitches in Game Three of the ALDS on Wednesday. Pretty much the only other option was pulling long man David Phelps out of the bullpen. The Yankees added an extra reliever (Cody Eppley) to the roster today and will have Monday off, so there will be a full complement of relievers backing Kuroda up.

ALCS Pitching Preview: Doug Fister
ALCS Game One Thread: Tigers @ Yankees
  • Joe F (Oppan Gangnam Style Kuroda)


  • CountryClub

    I don’t like it. Very bad idea, IMO.

    • sangreal

      I’m happy with this. Reminds me of Pettitte starting on short rest in 2009 and all the controversy around that

      • sangreal

        (wasnt really meant as a reply to you)

    • Laz

      I think it has a better shot at working than starting phelps. Especially since now you can get CC, Kuroda, and Pettitte all in 3 times over a 7 game series.

  • 28 this year

    Well that probably means CC is definitely starting on short rest as well as I can’t imagine Girardi having a reason not to start CC on short rest when he would do the same to Kuroda.

    • Need Pitching & Hitting

      Might depend on how the first 2 games go. Either way Hughes will start one of games 3/4, and CC would start either game 3 and 7 or 4 and 7.

  • dkidd

    i like this

    with the offense slumping and verlander waiting in game 3, take your best shot at winning the first two

  • Eddard

    I don’t like it. The Tigers worst starter is pitching Game 2. I think you take a shot with Phelpsy and let Kuroda pitch game 4 on extra rest.

  • Rey22

    I think I prefer Kuroda once on short rest and once on normal rest for Game 6 than just have him once for Game 4. He’s too good to not use twice. Even if he can give us a solid 5 innings in Game 2 it’s worthit I think.

  • jjyank (The Stare Is Dandy)

    Can’t say this is the move I would have made, but I don’t have a problem with it. I would imagine that the team talked to Kuroda about how he was feeling and if he believed he could do it. Hopefully some adrenaline kicks in to help him out.

  • Get Phelps Up (wins needed: 8)

    I would’ve preferred Phelps, but w/e. I assume he’ll be on a short leash with Phelps ready to go if he doesn’t have it.

    • OldYanksFan



    I honestly didn’t even think there was debate about this? I pretty much thought that Kuroda was going tommorow, end of story.. I’m surprised to see any other option even being discussed.

  • Alvaro Espinosa

    bad call..i say phelps in Game 2


    U guys do realize these guys could pitch alot more if they had 2 and they weren’t trying to preserve for the 162game season, right? I mean, don’t worry, his arms not gonna fall off, and he’ll either be good or bad,with nothing to do with the short rest.

    • Need Pitching & Hitting

      His arm won’t fall off, but the short rest may impact his performance.

    • smurfy

      I coined that phrase, and I disavow ur representation, in a manner of speaking.

  • Need Pitching & Hitting

    Hughes in game 3.

  • Marcy

    Again, this is a WOW; I’m shocked but I guess they “have a plan” – can’t imagine what it is but…I get it that he “needs to start @ home” but I’m still shocked.

    I have a question for you guys-
    This whole thing w/Alex – do any of you find it odd or surprising how much they’ve ripped Alex on the post-game show? Clearly, this was organized in concert w/Cashman & co and they gave Flash, Curry, & Lorenz the go-ahead to rip him. I just think it’s really odd since he’s got a forever contract worth a bazillion dollars.

    • jjyank (The Stare Is Dandy)

      I haven’t been watching the post game show, but I have a real hard time believing that this is some sort of Cashman driven conspiracy. They’re probably ripping him for the same reasons RAB commenters are.

      • Marcy

        No, sorry if that was what I implied. I don’t think it was a Cashman conspiracy I just find it impossible to believe Giradi didn’t have to get “the OK” from Cashman to sit Alex but the amount of ripping he’s gotten on the postgame did shock me the 1st time and when it continued – I just don’t understand why they’re doing it this way. Michael Kay isn’t doing it that way but YES is.

        • jjyank (The Stare Is Dandy)

          I get you. Sitting the team’s highest paid player probably involved conversations with Cashman, sure.

      • Marcy

        Sorry if I implied it was some sort of conspiracy. I just found it shocking the way they’re ripping him – they could go a lot easier on him but they’re not.
        The Cashman part is I don’t think Girardi would have & co.

      • Guest

        To make this conspiracy even juicier: RAB is affiliated with the YES Network which means that the RABis are scheming with Cashman & company which means that RAB is the driving force behind the criticism of A-Rod.

        Am I doing this right?

  • TopChuckie

    It’s gonna be Phil in 3, CC in 4. Hmmmm.

    • TopChuckie

      I guess they figure with CC going around 120 pitches last two games it’s better to get him full rest now, maybe limit him to around 100 in 4, and then bring him back on 3 days in 7.

    • steve (different one)

      Yeah, CC is going to pitch either game 3/4 and then game 7. Once on short rest, once on regular rest. Since game 4 is definitely going to happen, and game 7 only MIGHT happen, why not take the guaranteed full rest start?

      I think that makes sense. Why save “full rest” CC for a game 7 that is unlikely to happen?

  • The Real Greg

    Well it was either that or start a rookie David Phelps who has taken a loss already in this postseason.

    Kuroda has pitched on short rest before, but it was as a reliever

    • vicki

      1.1 ip and it didn’t go well. not sure what point youre making.

  • mustang

    Hummm… let me see an experience veteran with short rest and a fully rested pen or a rookie long man/emergency starter?

    I guess this season hasn’t taught some people here very much.

    Good call Joe.

  • The Real Greg

    Phil Hughes in Game 3 kind of makes sense because Detroit is a fly ball pitcher’s dream park.

    I think that they can switch Sabathia into Game 3 if the need arises.

    • steve (different one)

      Either way game 4 has to be played. And either way, the soonest CC could pitch again is game 7.

      So there is really no difference between starting CC in game 3 or game 4.

  • The Real Greg

    Most people are saying that the Yankees are avoiding using their best pitchers against Verlander. Ironically, Phil Hughes beat Justin Verlander on June 3rd, 5-1.

    • Mike

      That he did, but don’t expect lightning to strike twice!

      I think if the Yankees go down 0-2, then starting CC is a must in Game 3. 1-1 I don’t think starting Hughes would hurt that much even if they lost it, because then CC should be able to win Game 4.

      • vicki

        it wasn’t lightning, baby; it was post-cutter hughes in a canyon. just as it will be game 3.

  • Cashman’s Resume

    Makes sense. Hopefully you can get at least 5 from Kuroda, then turn it over toPhelps for a couple innings or mix and match until you get to DROB and Soriano. Now you can bring back Kuroda and CC fully rested for games 6 and 7 if it gets to that. Only problem is, there’s no way Phil pitches that game vs Verlander if the Yanks are down 0-2.

  • Joe

    Love the line up. Trash swisher lower and lower.

  • Kave

    The is the right move. Kuroda is much better at home and with this schedule he pitches games 2 and 6 at home. I think this is pretty much a no brainer.

  • Scott

    Shit move, he’s an old man and never done it before

    • steve (different one)

      I love that the argument using “never done it before” is based on starting a ROOKIE in the playoffs.

      Makes sense.

  • The Real Greg

    Another irony. A lot of people criticized Charlie Manuelv(notably the “astute”{sarcasm} Skip Bayless) in the 2009 WS for not willing to pitch Cliff Lee on short rest.

    • steve (different one)

      This is not the same situation. Not starting Lee on short rest meant that he wouldn’t pitch 3 times in the series if needed. That isn’t a possibility here.

      The Phils should have started Lee on short rest.

      • Rivera Venue Blues

        Not starting Kuroda on short rest means that he wouldn’t pitch twice in the series if needed, no?

        • Rivera Venue Blues

          Our options are:

          1 Pettitte
          2 Phelps
          3 Kuroda
          4 CC
          5 Hughes
          6 Pettitte
          7 CC


          1 Pettitte
          2 Kuroda
          3 Hughes
          4 CC
          5 Pettitte
          6 Kuroda
          7 CC


          And people say Kuroda’s never done it before but how is starting a rookie in Yankee Stadium in Game 2 any better?

        • Steve (different one)

          I see what you’re saying. I get it now.

          My point was more that I think not pitching Lee on short rest was a mistake and this one has decent arguments either way.

          • Rivera venue blues

            Yeah I get it too. But if you ask me, I like the second pitching rotation better by a bit.

  • Mike

    Lineup is in

    Ibanez (DH)

    • Cashman’s Resume

      Spotlight on 6,7,8

    • Cashman’s Resume

      and Cano too, for that matter

      • RetroRob

        So what you’re saying is spotlight on the overall Yankee lineup minus a couple players.

  • Mike

    Do you start CC in Game 3 against JV if the series is tied 1-1

    I think down 0-2 is all but a must. And 2-0 obviously is Hughes.

    • steve (different one)

      Why? Either way CC and Hughes pitch games 3 and 4. What does the order matter?

      • Mike

        I guess you’re right. Just don’t want to be down 0-2 against Verlander and CC gives us the best chance to beat him. I’m aware Hughes beat Verlander this year but it’s still asking for a lot. If Yankees go down 0-2 I just can’t see them pitching Hughes against JV.

        • Mike

          And Girardi just said regardless of the record, Hughes goes in Game 3.

        • Steve (different one)

          Was more responding to your original question, if it’s 1-1.

          If theyre down 2-0, the logic still holds, but that game 3 would be pretty crucial, the temptation would be there I can concede.

    • Jose M. Vazquez

      Girardi already said no to this.

  • oldmanalex currently benchwarming

    what do you guys think is “ARODS” leash? is he out again if he puts up another 0-fer. Its quite the pressure to put on him considering he’s all about not being able to handle the pressure. personally, CHAVY isn’t that great of an upgrade and will need some time to get going as well. Why not just stick with AROD for the ALCS and hope for the best. I hope Girardi kind of gives him some sort of comfort, where he has to just go out and have some good at bats. I don’t see us winning a ring with this guy on the bench.

    • OldYanksFan

      Player A (against RHP): .298, .365, .543, .908 – 1 HR/15.3 AB
      Player B (against RHP): .256, .326, .391, .717 – 1 HR/35.6 AB
      Similar defense, but Player A is better.

      Doesn’t seem like that hard a decision, does it?

  • 27rings

    I like this. Game 2 is the day to do short rest, with the off day following. Like Hughes in 3 and not CC. This way your best starters pitch every game and only one goes on short rest.

  • Mike HC

    I’m pretty shocked actually. Kuroda must have really wanted it. Lets do it!

  • Andrew 518

    I’m not thrilled about the prospect of Kuroda pitching on short rest but I really think it comes down on the ability to have him pitch multiple games in the series.

    I suppose this is a pessimistic view to take as in a perfect world will just sweep the series…but I don’t think I’m in the minority in thinking that that is a rather unlikely result.

  • vicki

    the people who are really upset about cc game 4 are network execs and advertisers. again i say: way to go, joe.

  • 27rings

    Want Arod in there. Just bat him down in the order. Give me Gardner over Swisher though please.

  • Freddy’s Mom

    Why is everybody so high on Phelps? He doesn’t look quite ready to me. Kuroda game 2 = correct decision. Yankees in 6!

  • Eddard

    This is Girardi’s biggest mistake since he let ARod bat for himself against Darrin Oday in Game 4. I just hope hope it doesn’t come back to haunt us.

    • Steve (different one)

      Letting ARod bat was a mistake. This one isn’t so clear. There are pros and cons both ways, and I can see both sides of it.

      In the end, the logic is this: throw your top 3 guys 6 times and your #4 guy once. Don’t use #5.

      Neither options were ideal.

    • DC

      Until you change your mind and state the opposite.

  • BigBlueAL

    Dont think there was an obvious clear-cut decision here. Got no problems with Kuroda on 3 days rest on a short leash presumably.

  • nsalem

    Would have liked to see Phelps get his chance. Think we will do well either way. Just got tickets for tonight on the secondary market. They are going for more than 50% off of original face value.

  • RetroRob

    Why this move represents pure insanity, err, I mean brilliance.

    I will let you know my final thoughts tomorrow evening.

  • Bartolo’s Colon

    at first i didn’t like the kuroda move. the more i think about it, the more i like it.

    getting ready to go to the stadium for the third day in a row, will likely be my last game unless there is a game 7. i hope tonight goes more like last night rather than thursday. don’t mean to jinx anything, but anyone know when ws tickets go on sale?

  • Mick taylor

    Mistake playing swisher over Gardner and if swisher is going to play he should bat 9th.

  • Hall and Nokes

    Feels like a more important Game 1 than normal. Would be nice to know we can be no worse than 1-2 with CC on the mound for Game 4.

  • vicki

    sorry to go offtopic on a bad subject, but krod is a horrible person and shame on the team that gives him a contract.