Lowe will look for starting job before deciding to return as reliever


Via Peter Botte and George King: Derek Lowe will look for an opportunity as a starting pitcher this offseason before deciding whether to return to the Yankees as a reliever. “I would like to start again,” he said. “I knew when I came here I was going to be a reliever. My first priority is to start.”

Lowe, 39, was picked up off the scrap heap in August and had his moments with the Yankees, most notably his four-inning save against the Rangers and some order-restoring middle relief work in the final weeks of the season. All told, he pitched to a 3.04 ERA (3.77 FIP) in 23.2 relief innings with New York. The Yankees will definitely need to bring in a reliever or two this offseason (especially if Rafael Soriano opts out), but I would be stunned if they considered Lowe for a starting job next year.

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  1. Drew says:

    I feel like Lowe could take Freddy Garcia’s role from the last two years. He could be an emergency starter but mostly a long man out of the pen. Hopefully no one will want him as a starter and he can come back, because I think he has a lot more upside than Garcia at this point.

  2. Thunder Road Runner says:

    would take him back at the right price

  3. Mister D says:

    Really just a matter of which big park west coast team he’s going to sign with, right?

  4. Mike Myers says:

    Pitchers with “veteran” arms always seem to find starting jobs if the wait long enough.

  5. Preston says:

    I wouldn’t offer Lowe more than a minor league deal.

  6. Robert says:

    Bye Bye D’Lowes best days are behind him…..

  7. Billy says:

    The way this is written makes me believe there is a standing offer from the Yanks for Lowe. Is this really the case? I wouldn’t mind resigning him for cheap but I figured it would come in February when all other options are exhausted. Do we really need to lock this guy up to a major league deal in October/November? I think he’ll find out real quick that there are no starting opportunities out there….

  8. Reuben Sierra's Chains says:

    This dude is terrible. Do everyone a favor Lowe and retire.

  9. brian says:

    DereLowe is a excellant pitcher n i know he would be a great fit in the yankees rotation

  10. tommy cassella says:

    i agree with robert who said derek lowes better days are behind him. the same goes for a-choke, chavez, swisher, joba and half the God damn team.

  11. tommy cassella says:

    i forgot to mention andreu jones. he is an out even before he gets to the damn plate.

  12. tommy cassella says:

    now i forgot to mention garcia and lowe. the two of them are pitching like their feet are on banana peels,they both stink.

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