Pettitte will make decision about 2013 quickly

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Heyman: Yankees "extremely likely" to make Swisher qualifying offer

Following yesterday’s season-ending loss to the Tigers, Andy Pettitte told reporters that he plans to decide whether he’ll return to pitch next year relatively soon.”I’m going to try to make (the decision) as quickly as I possibly can,” said Andy, who hopes to have an answer within a month. “There’s no doubt I still have the desire to compete. For me, obviously, it’s the family situation.”

Pettitte, 40, pitched to a 2.87 ERA (3.48 FIP) in 12 starts and 75.1 innings this year, though he missed more than two months with a fractured leg. He has hinted at returning next season on multiple occasions this summer, and it goes without saying that the Yankees would welcome him back if he decides to continue pitching. I highly doubt they’ll be able to sign him for $2.5M again, however.

RAB Live Chat
Heyman: Yankees "extremely likely" to make Swisher qualifying offer
  • I am not the droids you’re looking for…(I believe that children are our future)

    I don’t know about the salary actually. Andy is such a proud, honorable dude (despite cheating…) that it wouldn’t surprise me if he took a deal for say $1 million guaranteed plus say $400k per start. 30 starts nets him $13 million, more than reasonable if not cheap for this (2012) kind of performance, but fair in that he only gets it if he stays on the field.

    • TheOneWhoKnocks

      I hate to bash Andy since I love him but
      1) as you noted, he’s a former PED/HGH user so let’s not oversell him on character
      2) he left NY to go to HOU because of $$
      3) In 2009 Andy haggled with the Yanks over $$ he wanted in the $15m neighborhood, then after we signed CC and Burnett he lost his leverage saw that the market for him wasn’t anywhere close to that neighborhood and ended up coming back at a bargain $5.5m (and made another $5m in incentives because he had a strong season)

      So yes we all love Andy and yes he seems like a great guy but he’s already got a history of putting $$$ first, and I don’t resent him for it, but let’s not pretend he’s doing us any favors.

      • 0 for infinity and beyond

        He left NY to be closer to home and the Yankees weren’t big on signing him.

        A lot of pro athletes have used PED, Pettitte did it to return from injury quick to help his team

        I have a man crush on Andy Pettitte :)

        • TheOneWhoKnocks

          Closer to home? You seriously believe that? he’s made over $120 million in his career.
          When you make that much money home is wherever you want it to be. You can get a house for yourself and your family in every state with your own private jet.
          He went to HOU because they offered him more $$$. There’s no shame in it, let’s just not pretend he did it for a more noble reason.

          • 0 for infinity and beyond

            Home is where your heart is, not your bank account

            • Captain

              and part of his heart is increasing that bank account. nothing wrong with calling it like it is.

              • 0 for infinity and beyond

                No but he did say he wanted to be closer to home, he retired once to be with his family, we all know family is important to him. Nothing wrong with him saying that and I see no reason why he would lie about it.

                • 0 for infinity and beyond

                  I bet if the London Sissy-Nannys made him an offer for more than the Yankees do he would turn it down

                  • vicki

                    WRONG. he turned down more money from boston when he went to houston.

          • gc

            Yes, he made over $120 million in his career, and made his home IN HOUSTON the whole time.

          • JCK

            It is conceivable that he wanted to be closer to his family without moving his high school aged children across the country. Having $120 million dollars doesn’t preclude you from being a good father and putting the developmental well-being of your children first.

  • 0 for infinity and beyond

    Pettitte, Mo & Jeter all on one leg >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> The rest of the NYY.

  • TheOneWhoKnocks

    I definitely want Andy back.
    He definitely exceeded expectations this year.
    On a 1 year deal, I don’t really care what they pay him since it doesn’t affect the austerity budget.
    I’m hoping 1 year $5m will cut it, his ability to pitch a full healthy effective season is still in question and I’d be all for letting him join the team in late May or early June to keep him fresh.

  • Robert

    Love ya Andy Thanks for the memories but does any one notice the oldest players on this team were on the DL list.
    MO 41yrs
    Petitte 40yrs
    Jeter 38
    Arod 37

    Yeah I know Jeter was only out 3 games but that injury was gonna happen sooner or later.

    Andy can do a Rocket and if we need him he can come back next July…

    • TheOneWhoKnocks

      Lol. Gardner 28, Pineda 23, Banuelos 21, Chamberlain 26, Robertson , Teixeira 31 that’s off the top of my head I’m sure I missed a couple. So the injury risk isn’t something at all specific to the older guys

      Not to mention, A-Rod and Andy got hit by baseballs that broke bones. Those are not exactly injuries that are related to old age, it’s just freak occurrences.

      Andy appeals to me even more so because of his age, we’d only need to sign him for 1 year and it keeps us flexible as opposed to committing multi years and big long term dollars for guys not worth the money.

    • 0 for infinity and beyond

      Mo and Andy were freak accidents. That could have happened to a 20 yr old as well in both cases

    • gc

      To be fair, all were more or less freak injuries that could have easily happened to younger players. I don’t think their age was responsible.

      • 0 for infinity and beyond

        YEah if anything it’s better that they are older so they can use their walkers to protect themselves :)

  • bill

    1 yr. deal for Pettitte.. doesn’t affect 2014 cap and you can never have enough good pitching..

    Also, I stumbled across some Eddard ramblings in a previous thread..

    and i have to say, as crazy and over the top as that guy is… he’s usually right, Jeter’s leadership has been under-appreciated for the same basic reason everything and everyone else in yankee land has been under-appreciated..

    the combination of the spoiled fanbase plus world series or bust mentality of the franchise makes failure inevitable..

    i’m not sure if Jeter will be the first 100% HOF’er.. others have suggested Greg Maddux may beat him to it.. maybe it’s Rivera.. but regardless.. it’s been an honor being a Yankees fan in the Jeter era!!!

    • RetroRob

      Bill, not sure how old you are. Doesn’t matter. You can be 12, 20, 40 or 80. No matter what you’re age, you will never see any player ever get 100% of a HOF vote.

      • gc

        Can he beat Seaver’s 98.84% (on 425 of 430 ballots)? That’s the question. I’m not sure he can but I’d think he’ll definitely be in the mid-90’s for sure.

        • RetroRob

          Possible, although the more ballots that are cast it seems the higher liklihood of more outlier non-voters. There are BBWAA members who will withhold votes the better the player is (meaning someone who is a lock for the HOF and has the possibility of a 100% vote) just to ensure the player doesn’t get 100%. They believe they are the guardians of Mays and Aaron and Mantle, etc., players who formed the truly elite inncer-circle Hall never got 100%, then no player will in their eyes. And these are not 75-year-old people about to call it quits. Nope, there are some reporters in their 30s and 40s who believe this. All it takes is one, and there’s more than one.

          Jeter will get somewhere in the 90%+ range. I don’t know if he’ll beat Seaver. I’m not sure I care, but I must, because I’m willing to think about it, especially during the long, cold, dark, baseball-less winter days and nights we’re heading towards. : -)

  • Knoxvillain

    He will be back. You could tell by the look on his face in the 9th inning yesterday that he will be back.

    1/10 with 2 million in incentives sounds about right to me.

  • RetroRob

    Andy is the most difficult athlete to figure out in these situations because he actually means what he’s saying. He needs to look into himself to see if he has the drive, and he’s also looking for some spiritual guidance. At least we know that his wife and kids want him back pitching.

    Anyone else saying that I’m figuring they’re playing hard-to-get to try and drive up his value, yet Pettitte has actually cost himself at least $25M, if not more, based on his “only the Yankees” approach in past negotiations, taking a year off, and then this year not committing to the Yankees when they were offering him $10-12M in January, before settling for $2.5M in March. I’m probably being conservative. It’s probably over $30M he’s left on the table.

    My concern is that if he feels he needs to make a decision in the next month then he’ll drive himself crazy and make the wrong one, especially during that first month off where he’s enjoying being with the family again, Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday times. One of Andy’s friends needs to sit him down and remind him that he knows he will want to pitch come next April. Stop torturing yourself in the offseason. Tell the Yankees you’re coming back, get the most money you can, and enjoy the offseason.

  • Yank the Frank

    If memory serves (and it is becoming more and more fleeting) it was Andy’s family that urged him to sign this year. I think he would be more than happy to keep signing year to year contracts with the Yanks as long as he has his families backing which it seems like he does.

    • RetroRob

      They wanted him to come back, and they will again. It will come down to if he feels the competitive fire to come back. That’s what I was trying to say above. He will have it, even if he doesn’t feel it in November, so he should just himself a favor, sign, get the most money he can, and enjoy the offseason with his family without having to worry about what he’s going to do.

  • Rocky Road Redemption

    No way he’s not back.

  • Kosmo

    rumor has it last offseason Pettitte´s wife got sick and tired of him hanging around the house and started nagging him to go out and get a job.

    • RetroRob

      So you’re just saying she’s a normal wife? I speak from painful experience.

  • steves

    Don’t quite understand how Andy wants to play this. Does he say he wants to come back first and then find out what the Yanks want to pay him or does he negotiate terms first and then decide if he will come back at that dollar amount?

    • Ed

      He never “plays it”. He speaks his mind openly, and usually gets burned by it. He goes into every offseason saying “Yankees or retirement”, which stops every other team from bidding for him. The Yankees used that against him the last few seasons before his retirement.

      He also got burned by it in 2003. The Red Sox and Angels offered him contracts that would have made him one of the highest paid pitchers, but he simply said “I can’t see myself playing for them after how hard we’ve fought against them.” I think the Yankees expected him to come back to them for cheap, but Houston made him feel wanted.

      I think he’ll decide, then expect the Yankees to make him a fair offer. If he decides early in the offseason, they probably will, he’ll accept, and the first we hear will be “Yankees sign Pettitte.” If he waits until after Cashman starts making moves, talks will linger, and it’ll get uglier before they agree to something.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    ….and we will gladly take him back.

    With Mo and Andy, as long as its year by year, I really don’t care what the price is.

  • Duh Innings

    Pettitte will want more than $2.5M based on what?

    2.87 ERA in the regular season and two solid starts in the 2012 postseason were great, but he made only a dozen starts in the regular season after being out of baseball for a year and he’s 40.

    The Yanks should offer him another $2.5M base plus half a mil a start after 25 starts which would net him $5M total or double his 2012 salary if he made 30 starts. That’s more than fair considering he should be expected to make 30 starts for that money.

    If he doesn’t accept that, he can retire or play elsewhere but who’s he signing with since he’s all about retiring a Yankee? Add to that he has only 245 wins, 55 shy of 300, and he has no leverage over the Yanks whatsoever. If he signed with another team for more money than what the Yanks offered, he’d look like a mercenary who used the Yanks to get a better deal elsewhere and I doubt he’d want to end his career like that. He’s not signing with a division rival or AL Central team, especially the Tigers. ‘Doubt he wants to play for Seattle, Oakland, or the Angels. He could sign with the Rangers, but c’mon, he’s ending his career with THEM? He already played in Texas.
    He could sign with an NL team and if he does, fine, he’s out of the league.

    It’s about money with him at this point? I doubt it is, but if it is he can take a hike. No one asked him to come back, he approached the Yanks.