• Mike

    My guess, if Yanks win A-Rod will say all the right things about not starting. If they lose, and Chavez goes hitless, could be an interesting post-game.

  • Brandon Mauk

    I know the Bros. said there won’t be, but will there be any casualties on this team if they lose? Particularly Long?

  • Mike

    Cano batting 3rd, Tex 4th tonight. Two days too late?

  • http://riveraveblues steve

    I really disagree with Girardi decision to bench Arod.Swisher has seen just as bad.If your gonna bench someone bench the player thats about to leave.I know Swisher is a switch hitter but 1for36 with risp.Dont think Ive ever seen worst postseason player.

    • Rich in NJ

      Same here, but it is what it is, so let’s hope for some luck with BABIP.

    • Need Pitching & Hitting

      ARod hasn’t done anything at all against RHP this series and has been lucky to even make contact against RHP.
      Swisher didn’t make an out against Hammel in game 1. Granderson would be more of an option to be benched than Swisher.

      (Not defending Swisher’s performance, just others have been worse, and everybody can’t sit).

      • Rich in NJ

        A-Rod hit a 2B off of Hammel on Sept. 6. It’s not that long ago.

        • Need Pitching & Hitting

          If you have to go back over a month for 1 AB to make an argument, you have a weak argument.

          ARod vs. RHP this series: 0-12, 9 K’s, whiffed on 18 of 33 swings, 3 groundouts.

          ARod in September (or any time) isn’t really relevant right now. What’s relevant now is he is currently completely useless vs. RHP. I don’t expect that to be permanent, but they can’t afford to sit back and hope it suddenly changes today with no indication that he’s doing any better vs. RHP.

          • Rich in NJ

            So you prefer A-Rod’s slash line v. Hammel?

            .364 .462 .909 1.371

            • Need Pitching & Hitting

              Again, not relevant. That’s not current ARod. 6 of the 8 hits and all of the power came in 2008 or earlier. This year, ARod is 222/416/222 against Hammel. ARod is not nearly the same player this season, much less now.

              fwliw, Swisher vs. Hammel is 375/583/625, including 1-1, 2 BB’s in game 1.

              • Rich in NJ

                Use an stat or timeframe you want. It still results in Granderson and Swisher being as bad or worse than A-Rod, yet only A-Rod sits. That’s just wrong.

                • Need Pitching & Hitting

                  Granderson should absolutely sit.
                  Deserving to sit in order:
                  1) Granderson
                  2) ARod vs. RHP
                  Swisher would probably be next, but they don’t have enough of a bench to sit everybody. Given Swisher’s at least somewhat competive AB’s, and performance against Hammel in game 1, and the lack of better options once Granderson and ARod are out, there is at least some reason to play Swisher.

                  Cano and Ichiro have also been very bad.

                  • Silverback

                    what about me? Can I sit?

  • Robert

    Last nite I saw a happy go lucky loosey Goosey Oriole bench enjoying the moment in that 13th ininng Rally caps,gaterade bottles etc. I saw new leaders being born Weitters,Machado etc.

    What I saw in the Yankee bench was a bunch of overpriced pressue filled players with the exception of a few all trying to become hero’s by hitting HR’s and just striking out.What happened to the TEAM CONCEPT!!!!

  • Marcy

    Assuming the Yanks win tonight w/this schedule does Martin catch every day?

  • split-finger

    I remember when pudge stopped roiding up we all know how that went.