• Evan

    Heath Bell for Arod and 50 million? Who hangs up?

    • MannyMachete(Geee)


    • Joe F

      We’d get more value out of Alex than Bell. And it’s not like we have a 3B who can just fill in a .272 AVG with 18 home runs in an injured season.

      • Thunder Road Runner

        Guys, A-Rod is done. Face it. Having him on the team clogs up the DH spot and the constant negativity that surrounds him
        makes it imperative that we move him. In 2 years he will probably be unable to play at all, and we will have to release him anyway. Better to cut ties now, and try to get some youth and speed in the lineup

        • Francesa

          Right. It’s not 2013 that’s in question, it’s 2014-2017. If you can’t trade him now, you won’t even get a sniff later.

          • Austin Aunelowitzky

            If I’m a GM talking to the Yankees I’m asking Cashman to pick up close to 100% of Alex’ contract in 16 and 17. Maybe 50% of 13-15.

    • Need Pitching & Hitting

      Up it to about 70M and they might start to get interested.

  • Mike D

    With Swisher likely gone and A-Rod and Jeter getting old, the Yankees need a big right handed bat in the middle of their order. How about Mike Napoli? Can DH, play some catcher and back up at first base. What would it take to sign him?

    • Thunder Road Runner

      Mike, that could be a realistic possibility…

    • G

      I’d love to do this if we knew Austin Romine was prepared to play at the big league level. Martin won’t accept a part time role with Napoli taking a lot of ABs. If Napoli could be the big bat with Romine as his defensive caddy, I’d love it, but unfortunately it’s just not prudent. I mean maybe if you got both Napoli and Jose Molina we’d be talking, but even then we’re banking on Romine being ready by 2013.

    • G

      I meant 2014 in he last part.

  • Long-Past-His-Day-Rod

    I don’t understand why the Yankees chose Stewart over Cervelli. At all.

    • Captain

      because Cervelli hit .246/.341/.316 at Triple-A this year.

      • Long-Past-His-Day-Rod

        Valid point. His big league career numbers are .271/.339/.353 compared to Stewart’s .217/.281/.302 though. They never gave him a fair shake this year IMO. He brings much more heart and passion to the team than Stewart and I think that’s worth something.

  • hornblower

    Alex will be on the Marlins next year if the Yankees pay his salary. Hope they can pick the Marlin system dry in exchange.

    • DT

      ahaha keep dreaming. If the yanks trade ARod, they are getting no value in return.