Thoughts following ALCS Game One

Ibanez's blast delays the inevitable, Yankees lose Jeter to injury and Game One to Tigers
ALCS Pitching Preview: Anibal Sanchez
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I don’t really know what the say after last night’s debacle. It was a microcosm of the Yankees’ entire postseason rolled into one game — great starting pitching, blown scoring opportunities, Raul Ibanez putting on a Superman cape, and Joe Girardi making weird moves. And then Derek Jeter suffered a season-ending injury on top of all of it. No, it was not a good night for the Bombers. Not in any way, shape, or form.

1. What in the world are they going to do without Jeter? Okay, either Jayson Nix or Eduardo Nunez plays short (I’d guess Nix since he can actually play defense) while Ichiro Suzuki leads off, but then what? You almost have to bat Nick Swisher second because his at-bats have been slightly less feeble than Curtis Granderson‘s. I guess the other candidate to hit second would be Alex Rodriguez, who at this point might as well be swinging a rolled up newspaper. I don’t have much faith in Brett Gardner being productive after missing so much time and having so few at-bats, but at this point I feel like why not start him? Just try it, the guys who are playing now aren’t getting the job done and the Tigers have a brutal infield defense. Maybe he can beat out some grounders.

2. I can’t believe I’m actually typing this, but right now the only member of the Core Four* left standing is Andy Pettitte. How the hell did that happen? He retired like two years ago. Jorge Posada called it a career last winter, and now Jeter and Mariano Rivera are injured. The changing of the guard, so to speak, has not exactly gone as smoothly as expected, I would say. Seeing Jeter’s season end like that is just cruel and heart-breaking. The guy represents everything that is right in baseball.

* I absolutely hate that term but I’m using it because it’s convenient here. For all the crap the media has given A-Rod for the supposed “24+1” mentality through the years, how the hell is singling out four players any different? It’s the same thing just spun as a positive.

(Al Bello/Getty)

3. I assume Jeter will still be around the team and stuff going forward, but you know who has to step up as the on-field leader in his absence? It’s not A-Rod, it’s Robinson Cano. He’s actually been less productive at the plate than Swisher, Granderson, and A-Rod in the playoffs, going hitless in his last 22 at-bats and 2-for-28 overall. The last time he reached base on something other than an intentional walk was his first inning double in Game Two of the ALDS. That’s a full series ago. Robbie is indisputably the team’s best all-around player and they aren’t going anywhere unless he starts producing. Free agency is looming and if he wants that monster nine-figure contract, well now is time is step up dude.

4. The attendance problems at Yankee Stadium are legit embarrassing and a real problem for the team. There were entire sections of empty seats last night during a playoff game. That should never happen. I fully understand Friday’s mess — the game’s start time did not become official until about 7pm ET on Thursday and people were getting out of work just as the first pitch was thrown — but there was really no explanation for last night. When the Yankees are sending out emails for ticket deals about two hours before the scheduled start time, there’s a problem. This goes beyond pricing people out or losing the atmosphere of the Old Stadium, there’s another disconnect here. Maybe a large portion of bandwagon fans from the late-90s just lost interest. Either way, seeing empty seats for Game One of the ALCS on national television is embarrassing. Even the Rays sell out playoff games for chrissakes.

5. I try not to put my opinion in any poll posts because I don’t want to sway the vote, but I’m all in favor of starting Hiroki Kuroda on short rest in Game Two tonight. Apparently more people would rather see David Phelps than agree with me. That’s cool, no biggie. I basically looked at it as five innings of Kuroda vs. five inning of Phelps, and I’m taking the former every day of the week. Tomorrow’s off-day means everyone in the bullpen will be on high-alert and ready to go as many outs/innings as necessary. The Yankees want Kuroda, Andy Pettitte, and CC Sabathia starting six out of seven potential games in any series, and this move makes it possible in the ALCS.

6. Yesterday I said I wanted Sabathia to start Game Three on short rest, but the Yankees will instead start him in Game Four on normal rest. The most important thing is that he’ll be able to start Game Seven, which he can do in either scenario. He was going to start one of the first four games of the series either way, it was just a question of whether he started on three days’ rest in Game Three or Game Seven. Might as well have him do it in Game Seven since that game is unlikely to be played anyway. This works. Whether the rest of the team cooperates remains to be seen.

Ibanez's blast delays the inevitable, Yankees lose Jeter to injury and Game One to Tigers
ALCS Pitching Preview: Anibal Sanchez
  • Monterowasnotdinero

    Jeter’s first step to his left on his left foot was like a ballerina’s. On his toe. He was hiding a pretty bad injury because he could still hit.

  • Barrel Roll

    I just woke up and had a terrible nightmare…

  • Nate

    The attendance problem isn’t due to the current ticket price in 2012. It’s due to the culture the Yanks created when they moved into the new Stadium. Sky high tix prices, a moat to separate the plebs from the rich, and a cultural attitude that just screamed “we are the 1%”. Not exactly something the average New Yorker (or Yankee fan for that matter) could get behind. The media threw muck at them for it, the image stuck, and now, that’s their “brand”.

    • I am not the droids you’re looking for…

      Hate to say it but I sort of agree.

      Also, the geography of the new stadium physically let the air completely out of the tires. The density of fans in the first several rows surrounding the field is very low. Large seats, more legroom, etc. equals fewer people whether corporate drones and their little kids or ‘real fans.’ The nearest masses of fans – masses which of course make a hell of a lot more noise – are way further from the field. Said another way, at its very noisiest, this place feels about 3/4 as loud as the old stadium. Plus, it doesn’t physically shake (which I suppose is a good thing…) It’s just way less viscerally exciting to be there than it used to, even in a sell out.

      • Mike HC

        I mentioned this to my friends watching the game, and basically, if you sat in that first section and cheered like the old school fans did (standing much of the game, yelling, etc …) you would be looked at like you had three heads. You have to sit quietly and politely or else you will be labeled the crazy, unwashed fan.

    • OldYanksFan

      I agree 100%. We know you can get reasonably priced tickets from StubHub, but that doesn’t overcome the attitude and perception the Yankees have created.

      It’s a common mistake in Business. When things are at their peak, you assume it will go on forever, and actually change policies on this premise.

      I believe there are seats that are over $1,000/game? Many that are over $500? That is insane. You can take a 7 day Cruise to the Bahamas cheaper then getting ONE prime seat for ONE game against KC? All this happening in the heart of this Country’s worst recession?

      The truth is this was all based onassuming Big Business would buy these outrageously priced seats to use as perks for other suits. I think there are some seats that were a HALF A MILLION dollars for the season? What brainiac figured that was a pricing policy that would stand the test of time?


      This was truly meglomania thinking.

      As soon and the Yanks start missing the PS, there will really be a drop off in attendance. So what will the brass do with the expensive seats when the Stadium is less then 3/4 full?

      What do you ‘discount’ a $1,000 seat to?

      I went to games in the 70’s where the Stadium was 1/3rd full, and you could get front row, box seats an hour before the game. It may never get that bad again… but it might.

      It’s funny. We have all witnessed an entire Country going from the Clinton every-one-is-doing-great years to a near depression, in less then a decade. But the Yankees didn’t think it could happen to them?

      Here’s one simply solution.
      Make the new deal with StubHub (or whomever) that they have up to 1 hour before the game to sell tickets, at which time the Yanks get to sell them at the door. Have a ‘Stand by’ pricing policy for these tickets. Maybe a price range from $15 – $100 on a first come first serve policy.

      Then you will have thousands of people on line outside the stadium who will get a deal and fill those seats. And those people waiting on line will be TRUE FANS,

      Fuck the Suits!

      • http://www, GT Yankee

        Gosh-I know that we are all armchair GM and Manager wannabee’s, but sometimes some really great ideas pop up. A lot of inventors of products had no fame or notoriety prior to breakthrough products. Then the product hits the market and people are like, why didn’t I think of that? I believe you are so spot on. I’m originally from New York (now live in Cali). I used to live in the Upper East Side and would sometimes go down to see a show. At that point “TKTS” an orange colored booth in the middle of Times Square area would sell 1/2 price Broadway tickets that failed to go at the ask price. This is merely akin to that. Simple, but so smart! As much as I love the Yankees, if someone offered me 1K or tickets to a game I’d take the 1K, buy my 1 Year MLB Subscription [No YES here :-( ] and new TV to watch it on. And I’d watch most of the games.

    • Mike HC

      Nailed it. I agree 100%.

    • Jamey

      My friend’s boss has I think 6 seats somewhere in that area surrounding home plate. Prior to being sold them he wasn’t even a baseball fan. He only goes to games when he has clients in town that he wants to impress, he refuses to let anyone use the tickets no matter what. So it’s a guarantee at least every night 6 of those seats will be empty. So I consider that section of the stadium to be a monument to excess, & a much deserved black eye for the Steinbrenners.

    • Massparking

      What Nate said. I was a Sunday plan holder. They moved me. Priced me out. They were unresponsive. I heard that moron Randy Levine on the radio spinning it all.
      A year later I walked away. Then came the emails and phone calls. Now the empty seats.
      I was there for Reggie’s 3 HRs, I was there for Chambliss, Well’s perfecto, the Aaron Boone game, and a few post-season tough loses (’04) so if they’ve lost me, they have a problem.
      The ONLY game I attended this year was CC vs the O’s the other night. My resentment and dislike of the new Stadium (hate that the upper deck is not overhung, like the “old” one, and OMG the ads!, sickening) are deepseated. Now I’ll tell you how I really feel . . .

      • WHIPunk

        Agreed, you can smell the corporate greed in the air when you go to the stadium, shame on you Mike for thinking this has something to do with the “90’s bandwagon fans”. That kind of thinking is probably what the big whigs exec’s are thinking.

        I don’t know how much money you make big Mike, but us regular people are hurting out here. If you don’t make a sizeable amount of money, then the long recession we are in should make you more aware of the problem.

        I’d hate to say it but the Mets are king when it comes to pricing, I went to a game (my mother forced me to go with the family) for $20 that INCLUDED a hamburger/soda/fries. We were even below the upper deck, sure the Mets suck, but that’s not the idea, the idea is the Yankees really messed up big time and this is what they get, its truly sickening.

        Half-heartingly I’m glad to see the empty seats, maybe that will be the punch in the face they deserve. Though on second thought, this is the stubborn front office that gave A-Rod that ridiculous deal, so I doubt it.

        Would like to add in one more thing, my Uncle is a priest in a very poor area in Queens. He called up both the Yankees & Mets for free tickets for kids that could not possibly afford to go to a game, even in the bleachers. Most of these kids live in small apartments with 12 of their relatives.

        Guess who said no and guess who said yes? You’re guess is probably right, the Yankees said no and hung up, the Mets provided them with two games worth of tickets for 10 kids.

        • WHIPunk

          On second thought Mike, maybe you should visit one of those apartments with 12 people crammed in and sleeping on the floor with water bugs the size of your middle finger.

          Then come back and write the same paragraph that you wrote in this thread. If people have the money and refuse to go as you say, I really can’t f’in blame the. The Yankees destroyed the good will with the regular fans who were moat’d and kept away from the rich fan seats akin to South Africa.

          The people who had season tickets that were pushed out of their seats? F it, I don’t blame them either if they would rather watch on TV.

          The jaded middle-class people who see this all going on from far away and would rather watch on TV? You know what? I don’t blame them either, it’s great going to a Yankee game, but this is not Old Yankee Stadium.

          This is a stadium which segregates and has fooled itself on thinking that corporate suites rule all. Well guess what? The fans are FINALLY sticking the middle finger right back at them.

  • Effthisnoise

    Granderson, he has thrived in the 2 hole
    A Rod
    Gardner, he cant be any worse at tbe plate than swish and those 2 plays in the field cost the game.

    Jeter will give the speech of his life to these guys before the game, maybe this final back against the wall wii give them a battle cry and wake them the eff up

  • Willball

    But girardi moves have nothing to do with this loss. In fact it’s the last concern I have. The fact of the matter is our old and young star players are choking in worst fashion. Swisher needs to sit. I can’t stomach watching him swing and miss and make a stupid face afterwards. And regarding attendance, the Yankees ownership needs to realize they did price out the hard core fans and the stadium needs to be more of a stadium and less of an amusement park. It’s also missing that acoustic feel when fans are going crazy because of the open vastness the sound doesn’t echoe back onto field. Some tweaks need to be done but it will not and we maybe seeing a change in attendance for long time. Economy also needs a boost and hopefully this next election we will see real needed change.

    • Evan3457

      Sorry, but they can’t tear down the Stadium and rebuild it more vertical and less horizontal.

      • OldYanksFan

        Not the whole stadium, but just the top deck. Make it steeper, which will bring the seats closer to the field and help the accoustics. This wouldn’t be hard, but like the Old Stadium, would somewhat limit visibility to the outfield corners. Maybe an accoustics experts could design someing ABOVE the upper deck but below the ceiling/roof to help echo the sound?

  • Willballs

    But girardi moves have nothing to do with this loss. In fact it’s the last concern I have. The fact of the matter is our old and young star players are choking in worst fashion. Swisher needs to sit. I can’t stomach watching him swing and miss and make a stupid face afterwards. And regarding attendance, the Yankees ownership needs to realize they did price out the hard core fans and the stadium needs to be more of a stadium and less of an amusement park. It’s also missing that acoustic feel when fans are going crazy because of the open vastness the sound doesn’t echoe back onto field. Economy also needs a boost and hopefully this next election we will see real needed change.

    • http://twitter/TheRealJeromeS Jerome S.

      I agree about Girardi. I’m certain that there are some things he could have done better, but when it comes down to it, the team just isn’t coming through. There isn’t much a manager can do in that situation.

      • Barrel Roll

        Exactly. His bullpen moves did not cost them the game. Their God awful situational hitting and B.R. Swisher (Barrel Roll) dive/not dive act cost them big time.

        • Bob Buttons

          Neither of you guys were watching the game were you.

          The TV commentators noted that he lost the ball in the glare.

          • Barrel Roll

            Bull shit he did. And it was a line drive. You ever play night ball?

            • Bob Buttons

              Ever played on the field at Yankees Stadium? Unless you did you can’t disprove that theory.

      • Chilango

        Bringing in Phelps to face Miggy and Fielder was just ridiculous. Drob was dealing. And when you come back from 4-0 you get it done now, you don’t think about saving an arm because the next day starter (Kuroda) is on 3 days rest. So yeah the guys choked but Girardi did make a pretty piss poor decision to bring in Phelps

        • http://www, GT Yankee

          I have said time and time again-I even sent a question to the mailbag here. I think Phelps could be and will be an excellent pitcher for the Yankees going forward. As long as it is STARTING. He almost always seems to have trouble in the first inning and than settles down. I really would like his first inning pitched ERA versus other innings. I can’t believe JG and FO haven’t picked up on this. Any chance someone here can indulge me and get his first inning pitched (not necessarily only 1st inning) stats?

          • Kosmo

            in Phelps 11 starts he´s given up 10 1st inning ER with a 8.18 ERA.

    • toad

      I don’t know about his moves, but I’m tired of reading apologies for Girardi. He’s the manager for Pete’s sake. If all he can do is shrug hi sshoulders and not even acknowledge the problem, what’s he getting paid for?

      What’s Long getting paid for, for that matter?

      Someone is going to pop up and ask me what I think he should do. Why does that matter? I could make some suggestions, but I’m not the manager. I don’t have umpteen years experience in baseball one way or another. So, no, a single strikeout is not his fault, but this gigantic slump is.

      Take Cano. He hit .313 this year. He’s hitting .071 in the postseason. Don’t give me any sample size nonsense. With that much deviation from his season-long performance a sample of 28 is plenty to tell you something is wrong. You’re talking about an event with a probability of 1/4 of 1%.

      The first thing Girardi needs to do is the old standby – admit there’s a problem.

      • Cliff

        That’s absolutely wrong. Where do you come up with 1/4 of 1%? It’s just good pitching and random variation. If this was the regular season we would just say it’s a nasty little slump and that’s all it is. It happens.

        • OldYanksFan

          Good pitching?
          The O’s REALLY had good pitching? (6th of 14 in ERA)
          And even so, while great pitching can beat us, Robbie is a GREAT hitter (or could be with a lobotomy).
          GOOD pitching shouldn’t slow us down at all.
          We were 1st in ALL OF MLB is OPS, SLG and HRs, and 2nd in OBP (by .001 to St. Louis) and RS (by 4 runs), and 3rd in BB.
          The oppositision’s pitching hasn’t been that good.
          We are just MAKING it look good.

        • THE Experience

          If you assume that .313 is the true measure of cano’s ability, then yes the odds of him producing an .071 batting average in 28 PA IS minimal.

        • toad

          Why is it “absolutely wrong?” Do you understand the calculation I did?

          The point is that when you get to situations that unlikely,it’s not random variation. That’s the problem.

          Five for twenty-eight would be random variation. 2/28 isn’t. It’s evidence that Cano is doing something wrong. Is that something mental, physical, mechanical, tactical? I don’t know. But I do know something is going on and it’s Girardi and Ling’s job to figure it out.

        • David

          That line of thinking is so far removed from reality that it makes my head spin. I can’t stand this “SSS” nonsense with regards to the playoffs. It’s a coincidence that Cano, Granderson, Swisher and Arod are a combined 10-93 (.107)? It’s the postseason- the pressure is up and the heart of our order is choking, big time. These guys aren’t robots – and if that sounds cliche, it’s only because we keep hearing the same BS from this sabr crowd that has been educated far beyond their intelligence.

      • JoeG

        I completely agree. Swisher, Cano, Granderson & A-Rod have not made any adjustments. Why in the hell haven’t they changed their approach?

    • OldYanksFan

      True. It is almost NEVER 1 guy or 1 play that loses a game. Even with Buckners error, the Sox could have Won the series dozens of different ways. Even though Swisher missed that play, if could have just as easily been an off-the-end-of-the-bat bloop that was uncatchable. Then who do you blame? Phelps? Girardi? Cashman?

      The game was lost in the first inning.
      And again in the second inning.
      And after 2 innings, Fister had 47 pitches.
      So what did our boys do the next 3 innings?
      What scoreless inning started with 2nd and 3rd, no outs?

      This entire PS offensively (even though we squeaked by the O’s) has been one massive TEAM failure. People who blame ARod or Swisher need Anger Management.

      It takes 25 guys to Win. We have 5 guys who didn’t even show up.

  • Jose M. Vazquez

    Enough of this making average to mediocre pitchers look like aces. It seems like we are back to when my 95 year old mother thought that she could shut out these guys for two innings. Get Swisher and Arod out of there. Put Gardner in even if he bunts every turn. Put Chavez at third and Nunez at short.

    • Andrew

      These pitchers with sub 500 records are looking like Koufax and Drysdale. It’s not like any of them are throwing great heat. Change-ups and cutters. A triple AAA pitcher with a 90 mph fastball could strike A-Rod out. Swisher comes up small. Cano is a mystery, he has to get on track. I agree with Gardner in the starting lineup, he’s got heart. They have to score early. This Delvin Young is a decent player and he’s killing us.

      • MB

        It’s true, Gardner has a 4.3 WAH (Wins Above Heart) score.

  • dkidd

    poor girardi

    he looks like he’s going to throw up

  • Eddard

    1. Bat Nix or Nunie 2nd. Swisher, Granderson and ARod shouldn’t even be playing.

    2. It’s a shame what happened to Mo and especially Jeter. Derek was playing his heart out, Andy was pitching his heart out and guys like Swisher care more about acrobats and getting Jayson Werth contracts. That’s not what the Yankees are all about.

    3. Ha! The leadership role will be filled by Cano just like the middle of the order presence will be filled by Nick Swisher, it ain’t happening.

    4. People just don’t care. And can anyone blame them with how this team hits in the clutch? It’s not the late 90s dynasty. Maybe if people don’t go to the games it will encourage the F.O. to get rid of clowns like Swisher and Granderson and go with young kids like what led to our dynasty in the 90s.

    5. You have to now. Phelps had been awful when called upon. The season is on the line tonight. If they don’t win they lose in 5 because Verlander ain’t losing in Game 3. CC can win Game 4 then your hope is it’s 2-2 and you’ve got Andy, Kuroda and CC to get to the WS.

    6. Yep. The important game the Yanks MUST WIN is tonight. If it’s 0-2 with Verlander pitching Game 3 vs Hughes it’s over. Dont even bother flying to Detroit. If you can win tonight and CC wins Game 4 you’ve got a 3 game series with Andy, Kuroda and CC to save your season.

    • Cliff

      Yeah, let’s bench three of our best players for a couple of scrubs because of a handful of bad games. Makes sense… if you want to LOSE

      • Chilango

        Granderson, ARod and Swisher are our best players? You’re joking right?

    • Sweet Dick Willie

      Phelps had been awful when called upon.

      Wait, what??

      I thought he was Big Game Phelps?

      Only in Eddard World.

      • toad

        Phelps didn’t shine last night, but he didn’t do as badly as it looks. If Swisher makes the play in right there are two out and he likely gets out of the inning.

  • JackC

    I think we should get used to seeing Lowe against Mr. Triple Crown. His numbers against Lowe are surprisingly bad.

  • Steve S.

    I have season tix, can’t go to todays game (went last night) and just sold my seasts on Stubhub for roughly HALF OF FACE VALUE. Why so little? Because 12 other people in my section were selling them for under face value, and I didn’t want to get stuck with not selling them.

    When the Yanks were a hot ticket, 5-10 years ago, you couldn’t get an ALCS ticket for less than double face. Now, weekend ALCS games are selling for BELOW face value FOR THE ALCS.

    I’m done buying season tickets. This makes zero sense. The Yanks always push the idea you want to deal with all those midweek regular season games that you can’t use so you have your seat for October. Or you sell your extras (and Mets/BoSox) seats at a big mark up. Now, the Sox are rebuilding, the Mets are 2 years away from competing and you can’t give away your Yankee playoff seats. New York has become Atlanta as a baseball town, with fans saying ‘wake me up when you get to the World Series’ with their sports dollars.

    I’m done. I’m not an idiot and I don’t have 16K annually to burn like this.

    • Eddard

      Good for you, sir. Maybe if enough people like you follow suit it will encourage the F.O. to get rid of some of the clowns like Swisher and Granderson. These guys never hit in the postseason and I don’t blame the fans for staying home when these guys are continually trotted out there to fail. Go with young kids and turn it into a dynasty again like the late 90s.

      • dalelama

        But they have no one in their farm system that is within 2 to 3 of being ready. Also I would keep Granderson and let Swisher go. Grandy did have 43 dingers this year. I would put him in left and Gardner in center and try to resign Ichiro for right.

        • OldYanksFan

          Please do NOT look at HRs. Wanna measure offense? Look at wOBA, OPS+ and WC+. How does Grandy measure there? You can even throw WAR in there:

          Granderson: .346 wOBA, 116 WC+, 2.3 WAR, 116 OPS+
          N. Swisher:: .363 wOBA, 128 WC+, 3.9 WAR, 126 OPS+

          I’m not saying Swish is better then Grandy (but he was this year), just sayin’ DON’T talk about HRs (and don’t talk about RBI. This isn’t 1980).

          • David

            I have trouble taking a stat that weighs RBOE above a single, like wOBA, seriously.

    • Steve S.

      Ive been wondering why this team hasn’t captured the NY sports fan the way previous teams did. There’s loads of good guys on this team that are easy to root for.

      Are they tired of the A-Rod endless soap opera? Is it that people are just disgusted watching a bunch of millionaire players that can’t make the tiniest adjustment to their swing with men on base? Is it all the winning, year after year, where it becomes meaningless? Maybe all of the above. I know that I was so disgusted after the 3rd time the Yanks loaded the bases and failed to score that I wanted to walk out of the ballpark right there, and I think it was the 6th inning. Teams that give you intelligent ABs and pass the baton are fun to watch. Teams like this that fail to even make contact with RISP have worn me out. You don’t need Ichiro and Ibanez to be superman in the 9th with a few ground balls to the right side earlier, and as we saw last night those heroics weren’t enough.

  • DZ

    Ichiro – Lf
    Nunez – ss
    Cano – 2b
    Teix – 1b
    Ibanez – lf
    Martin – C
    Gardner – cf
    Arod – 3b
    Swish – Rf

    Only reason I like Nunez more than nix to start is that i’m not worried about the defense at this point, we need to get something going offensively and he gives us the best shot to do that.

  • Jorge

    I agree that it’s embarrassing to have empty seats, but the ticket prices are too much for most fans. The Yankees need to come to grips with the fact that not everyone can afford those prices.

  • DC

    IMO, attendance has a lot to do with the performance of the Feeble Four (Swisher, Granderson, Cano, Arod). If those four are producing, you see more asses in the seats.

    • Jose M. Vazquez

      I like that “the Feeble four”. Very good.

      • oldmanalex currently benchwarming

        the COUR FOUR vs the FEEBLE FOUR. who wins? i’ll take a limping jeter/mo/retired PO/ and ace pettitte. over the 4 clowns. I guess swish would be their ace..

  • Mick taylor

    Mike, you are crazy batting swisher 2nd? Yeah if you wanna lose the game
    E he just cost us this last game he shouldn’t even be on the team rightnow. He is a disaster. Jim leliand can’t wait to see the choke king play.Prediction cannot win as long as heplays.

    • Chad Gaudin the Friendly Ghost

      This is what happens when you type with your fists.

  • bob baillargeon


    • Bob Buttons

      I’d take the stupid annoying grin than Miguel Cabrera swearing in the dugout and doing his best Carlos Zambrano impression any day.

      Optimism is the one thing we need at the moment.

      • David

        Funny you’d make that comparison considering the last great Yankee RF.

        I’d take O’Neill and his temper over Swisher’s tired schtick any day.

  • Eddard

    People always ask would you rather have an aging team with a small window like the Phillies and Yanks or a young upstart like Baltimore or Tampa? I want a combo like the late 90s dynasty. The core 4 was just coming into its own. How many players do we have like that on the team now? I thought Cashman was going to make the farm system better after George gave up control. It isn’t any better.

    • OldYanksFan

      Cano, Gritner, DRob, Phelps and Nunez. No… they are not close to the ‘Jive Five’ (remember Bernie?), but they ain’t bad for a team that has had the worst picks for 15 years.

      If you want great picks like KC, TB and the O’s, it’s simple!
      Just finish in last place, or next to last place for an ENTIRE DECADE.

      Would that make you happier?

  • Andy Pettitte’s Fibula

    The cost is what’s keeping the fans away. I went to game 5 on Friday with my son and it cost $240 for 2 seats from stubhub section 130, $45 to park, another $30-40 gas and tolls coming from NJ and $70-80 for a minimal amount of food and drinks. After the game, It took 90 minutes just to get out of the garage and over the GWB. That’s over $400 to go to the game and in reality, is it really that much of a better experience than watching it on my 60+ inch high def TV in the comfort of my own home?

    • Chad Gaudin the Friendly Ghost

      Wow, I was typing that as you were. Totally true.

    • Nate

      This. While I’m glad the Yanks stayed in the Bronx, the parking/traffic situation is the worst I’ve encountered at any ballpark. The extortion prices are insult to injury. I was willing to endure all that for the old Yankee Stadium, because the allure of history was so strong there. The new Stadium, for all its bells and whistles, reeks of corporate greed and the “Disney-fication” of the Yankees’ historic allure.

      • Andy Pettitte’s Fibula

        That’s as big a problem as the cost. I left 3:00 for a 5:00 game (50 miles) and didn’t get home till about 11 after sitting in traffic in the Bronx for 90 minutes. The infrastructure to move 50,000 people in and out of that area just isn’t there.

    • babnik

      Prices are too much – any family could use that kind of money for other things than sports.

      • Andy Pettitte’s Fibula

        I’m always amazed at people who sink thousands into season tickets. Most sports are far more enjoyable to watch on TV.

  • Chad Gaudin the Friendly Ghost

    The problem with the attendance is the perception that it is too expensive to attend. My brother in law is going to game 6, and said he only paid like $120. I thought the tickets were going to be a lot more expensive, so it never even occurred to me to look. Now, I can’t go for other reasons, but if the Yankees would solve the perception problem, they may get people to start showing up again.

    I guess, after typing that, the perception is true. When I think about it, if I go, have a couple beers, some food, and maybe by a souvenir for my son I won’t leave without dropping $400 or more. That’s a lot for a night out.

  • Jon

    The ticket prices are too high but can be offset with massive discounts on stubhub including 80% off for last night. The “bandwagon” fan is still stuck paying full price for gas, tolls, parking, food and drink. Not a cheap night out. Am I a bandwagon fan because I do not want to pay $40 to park and $10 for a beer? To blame this on bandwagon fans is ridiculous. How come they can’t fill the new stadium which has thousands of fewer seats than the previous one? Grow a pair and take on management about this issue.

    • Mike HC

      I think it is partly the Yanks fault for turning people off to going to the game. I know I have been turned off.

      But I think most of the blame goes to the same thing that is happening across all sports. People enjoy watching games on their couch and 50 inch plus tv instead of battling the cold, traffic, and overpriced parking/concessions.

  • Darren

    People. People. The only thing you can do right now is to believe. So why not do it? the tigers are no powerhouse and we have a good team. We

    We WILL do this.

    • captain kiwi

      i haven’t seen any ledge jumpers yet, but if i did, i would direct them to this post. i still say yanks in 6.

      • Barrel Roll

        Tigers in 5

  • Athenian

    This is the first time as a Yankee fan I am honestly distraught. Losing Jeter is worse than losing Mo, IMO. Without Jeter, this teams path to the WS just became extremely hard. Even if they win tonight, odds are very high they go into game 4 down 2-1, pinning their hopes on CC again (must win) and then finger crossing they can win game 5, before having to go toe to toe with Verlander for game 7.

    Unfortunately, this season has been defined by one 10 game winning streak and a 20-7 month of June. The remainder of the season has really been what we have seen in the playoffs, high priced players, who have lost several steps that are unable to adjust. It is unfortunate but we are seeing exactly what these players are/were for their careers.

    It is not one player – even though single players receive the bulk of the attention – that is the problem, but the entire make up of the team. They are old, slow, mediocre, and not built to win championships. It is just sad that after years of success, the formula that was used has been disregarded for over paying free agents (rarely works out) trading for flops or mirages, and signing free agents who should really just retire.

    • Deep Thoughts

      So all the other times you whined and screamed like a two-year-old, you were being dishonest?

    • hogsmog

      “It is just sad that after years of success, the formula that was used has been disregarded for over paying free agents (rarely works out) trading for flops or mirages, and signing free agents who should really just retire.”

      Oh, so like how they overpaid for Irabu, traded for a mirage like Knoblauch, and signed Strawberry, Raines, and Chili Davis when they really should have just retired, and then became a world-series winning dynasty team?

      It’s easy to be a critic when things don’t work out. Come on, the 2012 Yankees are one of the top four teams in baseball this year, and you’re complaining?

  • Nate

    BTW, it now costs $20 just to drive to Manhattan from where I’m at in NJ. $8 on the Turnpike, $12 for the bridge. Absurd.

    • Nate

      Just in tolls, that is.

  • Matt :: Sec110

    I was at the game last night, and those empty sections made me sick. That being said, by about the 5th inning they were filled, so I’m not sure what the explanation for that is.

  • your mom

    My thoughts following ALCS game one:

    1)Arod, Cano and Swisher suck in the postseason.

    2)Ibanez is God.

    • your mom

      3)Delmon Young can choke on a phat one.

  • PBFog

    You people are writing more about attendance and tickets, how about the goddamn game?

  • Joe Kotulak

    When you watch Jackson’s approach especially with that triple, it really just shows the Yankees don’t have enough of those type of hitters. I mean for all the support Granderson gets, he can only dream to have an bat like Jackson where he gets a pitch down and away and hits it down the left field line. And check this out with Granderson, when he struck out on a breaking ball down and in last night with the bases loaded that defined who he was all year on pitches down and in as for the season he hit a microscopically low .077 on pitches down and in. You want to talk about a gaping hole to get a hitter out with. As long as pitchers pitch there, then people might as well pretend Granderson’s not even in the lineup.

  • Mike HC

    Nice article … not much more to say than that really … I did find it interesting how much this team was getting booed. Considering it was game 1 of the ALCS, the fans that showed up are really frustrated with this team. Maybe expectations are out of control. Not saying I am above it, I am just as frustrated.

    • mitch

      the expectations are that the yankees win the WS every year which is obviously out of control. However, i really don’t think the boos would be raining down so hard if 5/9ths of the team wasn’t producing so far below their capabilities. It would be much easier to take if cabrera and fielder were simply out-mashing the yankees “all-stars”

      • Mike HC

        I like to consider myself a pretty level headed fan, and I would be lying if I claimed I didn’t want to choke out Granderson, Swisher, Cano, and ARod at various points throughout the game.

    • Barrel Roll

      Is it too much to expect major leaguers to actually drive in a run or two, particularly with less than 2 out and men on 3rd? Or a RF to actually run after a pop up or catch a line drive?

      If that is too much to expect, call me unreasonable!

  • Deep Thoughts

    You pansies should watch all of Girardi’s presser, but especially the part between 3:15 and 3:57.

  • Andy Pettitte’s Fibula

    Mike hit the nail on the head by calling out Cano.

    He’s by far the most complete hitter on the team and with Swisher and Grandeson in the tank, Arod a shell of his former self and Jeter injured, the Yankees can’t survive a disappearing act from Cano if they expect to get by the Tigers.

    • Deep Thoughts

      He hit a screamer ticketed for center field with 2 RBIs if Fister hadn’t gotten hit. Sometimes good pitching and bad luck makes you look silly.

      We all know Robbie and his streaks. Same with everyone else to a lesser extent. Unfortunately, there is nothing to do but ride it out and hope he gets hot.

  • paul a

    Just maybe Dereks injury could be a blessing in disguise, just maybe it will wake up the living dead(yankee hitters). Also if I ever see David Phelps in a post season game again it will be too soon.I’D rather see Garcia throw an inning.

  • Matt :: Sec110

    [Nick]Cafardo [Boston Globe] believes that the Dodgers would be willing to take on Alex Rodriguez as the Yankees would gladly eat some of his contract. The Dodgers also appear unlikely to re-sign Shane Victorino and will save some money by doing that.

    Thoughts? I was saying LA before his terrible Postseason. Wonder how much of the $114 left on his contract the Yanks would have to ‘eat’? Similarly, at what point is it worth it?

    Also, you’d then need a replacement at 3rd.

    • stuart a

      no chance but if true yanks should do it in a second…

  • Andruw’s Smile

    ARods gonna hit second, isn’t he? I can’t fathom putting Swisher or Granderson there. Maybe Martins gonna hit second? Sheesh, what a way to lose a game.

  • B3nBoy

    My lineup for today:

    that said Cano better start hitting or the Yanks go nowhere, NOWHERE.

  • 27 rings

    Why is everyone worried about Verlander? Everybody we face has been Verlander in the post season. We’ve beaten him many times before. We just need to hit…no matter who is pitching.

    • Mike HC

      That is what I’m saying … we only get about 0-1 runs on every other starter we faced anyway. Verlander can’t go 9 innings with negative 1 earned runs, can he?

    • Bartolo’s Colon

      this is a good point, the yanks have been completely dominated by every pos starting pitcher the last 6 games. maybe it will take an actual ace to get them started.

  • The Moral Majority is Neither

    Maybe the Giants would trade Pence for Granderson?

    Both have a year left. Granderson will make $15M and Pence is in his last arb year ($10M+ this year). Pence struggled in SF, they need offense and Pence would replace Swisher in RF with Gardner taking CF and Ichiro! returning to play LF.


    • http://www, GT Yankee

      I said it in a post yesterday about Jeter’s injury. The Phillies are older and perhaps in a win now mode. Buy trading Pence and Victorino they have huge OF needs, especially CF. Perhaps Granderson for Domonic Brown? Brown may never hit a major league level, but he’s 6’5″, left handed and only 24 or 25. Much as the Tigers took at chance when they acquired A-Jax from us you have to be willing to roll the dice sometimes. Getting some value for Grandy now is better than a supplemental pick IMO. The K’s and average will continue to drop. Get something while there’s still time.

      • http://www, GT Yankee

        Meant to say the K’s will continue (to be high) and the average will drop,


    I went to bed mad and woke up depressed. I don’t even care that we lost. I just want Jeter back.

  • Bobby P

    I don’t know if it’s attendance or just the lack of feeling and sond but something crucial is missing in this stadium. I have been a diehard Yankees fan my entire life but I can’t get behind these teams because the silence in the stadium just creeps me out. I got hooked on the Yanks in part because I loved the place they played. They are not going to get kids of this generation who go to these games and come out less than impressed. SOMETHING needs to be done

  • stuart a

    newsflash old guys get hurt a lot more then young guys. being shocked that a over 40 Mo and a 38 year old Jeter are hurt is foolish…

    this team is old…they need to bite the bullet and make significant changes…take a small step back to move forward..

    gone; swisher, jones, granderson, ichiro, lowe, pettitte, kuroda, eppley, stewart, for sure… try to move cano for assets if he does not sign a yankee friendly contract extension….

    they may have a OF next year that includes gardner, granderson, and dreck but who cares…..granderson will be on the books 1 more year…

    they need to change their whole mentatlity on the overpaid veterant thing else this is mid 60’s yankees or worse…

    they need to take the safety net off romine, and others…….

    russel martin i sing for 3 years $7 mill per andything more he wants sy adios… the guy hits low 200’s plays hard etc. but he should be hitting 8th or 9th on a good team not 6th.


  • stuart a

    ibanez should not be resigned also… he is 40, on a miracle run. he still hit under 250 and at 40+ people do not get batter they get worse and hurt….

    great guy, incredible clutch play all year not just playoffs but get real…

  • stuart a

    on the arod front they need to start the season with him.. no more reputation batting order and if he is horrid they need to evalaute options for him..

    they cannot be held hostage to his contract…

    he is not breaking the homer record, he is a steroid shell, he did not take steroids for only 3 years, your eyes do not lie…

  • Kingslayer

    “more people would rather see David Phelps than agree with me”…Wow!! What fools would want a scared rookie in a critical game 2? I knew the game was over last night as soon as I saw Phelps in the game.

    • stuart a

      phelps has been pretty good this year. i thought at the time and still do i would have used soriano 2 innings and then robertson 2 innings and then you are out of luck.. girarid typical for him was managing todays game last night and only pithing those guys 1 inning worried about kuroda today.

      yanks may win todays game by 10 runs or loss by 10 so worrying about today last night does not make sense, it does during the regular season but not the postseason..

      another mistake but if they could hit, all these mistakes would be minimized…

      hey who want to give cano that juicy extension now?? told you he was overrated.. he is there best player but that is not saying much…..he is the best 2b but again not saying much…he is not a superstar not even close…superstars carry teams wehn it matters and scare the other team, cano scares no 1.. cabrera, posey, braun, longoria, they are superstars…..

      cano is a standard yankee in love with the homer, pull conscious, good player.. the guy got 94 rbi’s , granderson had more rbi’s then him this year………………

  • Marcy

    Look, if Mo going down was a kick in the gut Jeter going down – I have no words for-
    Having said that, someone has to step up and lead this team. When CC was asked which player injury was the worst for the team he said Alex; Cashman said Mo.While I understand what Cash was saying I think it was important to listen to how the players felt about it. There are a lot of players that might be feeling a bit uncomfortable about what the team has done to/with Alex. Robbie Cano looks up to ARod, Ibanez looks up to ARod, and Tex is really tight with him too. It’s time for Joe to put Alex back on the field; Chavez has done NOTHING – ARod may only have 2 hits but Chavez has 0.
    I believe – and hope that they haven’t taken the fight out of ARod – that look back to the dugout where he mouths Chavy or Chavez just looked bad.
    Because I don’t believe Girardi actually made all these “gut decisions” w/o Cashman I think Cashman has to meet w/the team and then meet w/Alex & Robbie and let them know they’re the guys and the team only goes as far as they take them. I even wonder if Chavez had a problem “taking Alex’s place” – it’s just been too awkward.

    2 other things – I know they say Swish is a “fan favorite” – well, not this fan. He’s not a good enough fielder (does anyone doubt Ichiro makes those plays?) and he can’t hit. All the times Cashman said for some players if they’re in enough postseason games they’ll eventually get comfortable and hit…not Swisher, it’s 4 years.

    As far as the stadium, I stopped going to any games because of the fans. We had tickets in section 110 – 2nd row in the new stadium because it was affordable and I guess that was the problem – it just was no longer enjoyable to sit surrounded by drunk, vulgar jerks and I can’t afford to sit in the seats where the fans are…easier to be around.

    • stuart a

      yo utalk about arod like he is a impressionable sensitive 17 year old.

      the guy is a 37 year old man…who happens to have made or will make over $500 mill. in his career.

      he needs to grow up.. his feelings to be honest i do not give a crap about his feelings and his will to win etc.

      great players need no help in motivating them ever… michael jorday would try to beat you in ping pong, guys like that are competitive on everything, arod is a jooke.. he is soft as dairy queen ice cream, stop protecting this clown………

      • DF

        Once again, go tell A-Rod he’s soft and a pansy and whatever else you think about him. To his face. When there’s no security or cameras around.

        Good luck with that.

        /hates internet tough guys

        • stuart a

          wow.i said i could beat him up!!!what are you talking about.

          #’s do not lie. look at his #’s in the playoffs and now in general.. the guy hits an extra base hit of any kind every new moon.

          arod is a joke, the players in the league know it, your just the last person to take the poster down from your room.

          the truth hurts arod should accept the truth he is a joke, and try to change it….

          sorry to burts your bubble….

      • Marcy

        You know, I get what you’re saying but we’ve watched Alex for a long time now – the good and the bad…and there’s been a lot of bad, I know. I’m not the biggest ARod fan – I’ve not been the biggest ARod fan since he came to NY though that 07 (regular)season and 09 postseason did a lot to sort of mellow my feelings. Having said that, he’s the longest tenured Yankee on the field and he has been waiting for the time he could be “the guy”, the leader. It’s hard to say any pro-athlete is weak-minded but he is so image conscious and the 1 thing we do see with athletes – how may times do we hear Clyde Frazier say a player has lost his confidence after missing a couple of shots – ARod is not MJ, he’s a different kind of guy but he deserves a chance to step up and lead — who else is going to do it? Andy & CC will take care of the pitchers — someone needs to do it on the other side & for once forget about the $$ he makes and the contract – he deserves a shot. I actually think Kobe may have been right about the locker room, etc.

    • DF

      This is a good point. I’d never take my 3 little nephews, gigantic baseball fans all, owners of a story book about Babe Ruth they demand to have read to them every night before bed, to a Yankees game unless I was pretty sure I could sit in a calmer section. I used to sit in the left field, no-alcohol-allowed “family” bleachers in YS2, and even that was no place for a kid. Hell, I learned some new words I’d never heard before.

      The solution IMO is to seriously curb the amount of alcohol they sell to people, but that would also seriously curb the amount of money they make each game. I’m not optimistic

  • Little CANOlli

    Why not go Nunie at short? It’s the risky move, but it good payoff big(remember how well he filled in when Jeet went down last year?)

    Nunie, SS
    Cano, 2B
    Teixeira, 1b
    Ibanez, DH
    A-Rod, 3b
    Martin, C
    Swisher, RF
    Granderson, CF

  • Little CANOlli

    Why not go Nunie at short? It’s the risky move, but it could payoff big(remember how well he filled in when Jeet went down last year?)

    Nunie, SS
    Cano, 2B
    Teixeira, 1b
    Ibanez, DH
    A-Rod, 3b
    Martin, C
    Swisher, RF
    Granderson, CF

  • OMG! Bagels!

    The upper tiers and bleachers are where the real fans sit. I’ve never been to a game and sat either place that was not full of intense (sometimes insane) true Yankee fans. They gambled on putting the seats around the infield beyond the reach of most regular attendees. But I have spoken to guys who have said if you wait until game day on a Tuesday you can sit behind the Yankee dugout for practically nothing.

    They (Yankee FO) don’t get it. Everyone is in the upper decks. The people who care about the team are there. Maybe they should just invite everyone down or something. Something has to be done. Crazy to not sell out a post season Yankee game.

    • Bartolo’s Colon

      sections in the 400s in left field were completely empty.

  • Muccini

    Bat Swisher second, maybe for whatever team he’s on next year. The lights last night must have been shinning off his stupid hillbilly smile. BENCH HIM

    A decent outfielder would have caught both of those last night. Swisher is horrible but the only one who gets benched or pinch hit for is A-Rod.

    • stuart a

      again poor arod. everyone is picking on him..

      pooor poor arod, the emotional toll on him is unfair..

      if the yankees had a better roster and some decent options swisher would and should sit,swisher sucks and so does arod. therefore they both suck…

      if gardner had the surgery immediately instead of dragging things out for 3 months the yanks would have better options…another big mistake this seson the mishandling of gardners 15 day injury………….

    • Muccini

      They should break swishers foot. He catches that ball, jeters in the lineup this very day.

      • Captain

        Jeter gets a hit the inning before, he’s still in the lineup. Stop being a fucking idiot

  • Bartolo’s Colon

    i went to the last three home games and the attendence was piss poor, specifically for the last two games. pretty sad that the team with the largest fan base on planet earth can not sell out a meaningful game. i really have no idea how this is possible, i just don’t get it. price can not be a factor, tickets on stubhub or outside the stadium are not expensive, particularly in the 400’s

    i was lucky enough to see two heartbreaking extra inning losses in 2 days at home.

    start gardner and bench swisher.

    • Bartolo’s Colon

      sorry two losses in three days

  • babnik

    Cano, Granderson, Rodriguez, Swisher and Chavez are a combined 10 for 104 (.096) with 37 strikeouts in the 2012 post season

  • Chilango

    Fuck it. Chavez for ARod, Gardner for Swisher, Ibañez for Granderson and let Kuroda hit.

  • captain kiwi

    i never put much thought into the cost of going to a yankees game, but it makes sense. we don’t have much in the way of tolls and all that in georgia (though parking is a bitch, and atlanta is just a plain shitty city to be in). average cost for a game here (gas, tickets, concessions, parking, etc) is about $100 per.

    that being said, i absolutely would be pouring money into an alcs game, or any postseason game for that matter.

  • babnik

    It’d be great if when swisher comes in to ask for 100 million dollars cashman just plays a montage of his playoffs and then laughs at him.

  • mustang

    This team has to and will stand up and I have nothing to back that up with but faith. I know that sounds stupid to the more logical bunch, but if you look at it logically with all the injuries etc. this team shouldn’t have even made the playoffs.

    Its gut check time boys so lets see what they are made of others teams have don’t it with a lot less.

  • RetroRob
  • mustang

    I’m a 20 game plan holder who sells most of my seats and I use the return cash for away games and playoffs. This worked great at first, but each year I find it harder and harder to sell my tickets so I’m not surprised with the attendance issues.


    1-No real good restaurants or family places in the surrounding area outside of stadium. They did not upgrade this on bit from the old place.

    2- Food and prices. Unless you pay top dollar to access to one of dinning clubs your stuck with the overpriced street corner food. At Citifield most tickets give you access to the Acela Club, which puts the stadium to shame.

    Bottom-line: The experience doesn’t match up with the prices. Given a choice I rather see the Yankees play at Citifield then the Stadium because I get more for my money.

    • RetroRob

      I gave up my plan in 2010 because I can’t attend more than six or eight games during the season, but I had to buy into plans with more tickets. No problem in the past, because at the minimum I used to be able to sell at face value to friends, and others at a premium on the open market. Now I couldn’t even cover face value. I was selling them at below face value because the prices had gone up and plenty of other people were doing exactly what I was doing, causing a glut of tickets.

      The Yankees basically created this problem because they saw their tickets being sold at twice face value so they were driving up their prices to get a bigger share, yet having a feeding frenzy for tickets is a good thing. Creates demand. The opposite is now happening, and it’s going to get worse next year. Every year, a certain percentage of the partial plan buyers drop out, and seeing how easy it is to get postseason tickets will further that problem. That was one of the reason to buy into plans. Get access to the hard-to-get postseason tickets. Guess what? They’re not that hard to get anymore because the system is now feeding on it.

      The good news is this will force a reaction from the Yankees at some point, although my guess is they’re in denial. They still sold $3.5m tickets, more than any other team in the AL, but what they’re not quite grasping yet is the dynamic at play. It’s going to hit them hard next year on season sales.

      Just my very uninformed guess, but the supply-and-demand question is now working against the Yankees because of their pricing of their plans, and you’re seeing it reflected now in the empty postseason seats. These tickets were all sold throught he plans in years past. Now people are trying to dump them to cover the prices of their season plans, and they can’t.

      • mustang

        I still manage to sell most of my games to co-workers for face, but it’s been harder to do of late. Like I said the whole experience just doesn’t match what other teams offer.

        Money tight in a time where Wal-Mart and Best Buy are starting to match internet prices the Yankees need to start either 1- giving more for the money or 2- lowering prices or both.

      • mustang

        Can you only imagine if the product of the field was bad? That’s why I don’t believe the whole “budget” talk everything Yankee runs on that field product being successful when its not they will lose BIG money so they will never shortchange it.