Thoughts following the extra innings win over the Red Sox

Ibanez carries Yankees to extra innings win over Red Sox; Yanks maintain sole possession of first
Update: MLB announces new broadcasting deals with FOX and TBS
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Man, I still can’t believe Raul Ibanez. That guy has been unbelievable this season, all after everyone wanted him released during Spring Training. Remember that? He was so bad during exhibition games that we were wondering how in the world the Yankees could open the season with him as the regular DH against righties. Ibanez has basically become the left-handed version of 2010 Marcus Thames, the platoon bat who unexpectedly became an important part of the offense because all he did was pile up big hits.

1. We all love our prospects and young players, but I think there’s definitely value in veteran experience. We joke all the time about veteran presents but I’m actually being serious right now — veteran presence has value, especially in big late-season games like the ones the Yankees have been playing. The whole “been there, done that” thing. Like Melky Mesa missing third base, that’s a mistake I have a hard time seeing a veteran guy like Ichiro Suzuki or even Brett Gardner making. I don’t know how much tangible value that veteran experience has, it’s probably small, but every little bit counts and it could win ballgames.

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2. We’re all focused on the Yankees obviously, but do you realize that the Rangers blew a 13-game lead in the AL West? They were up a baker’s dozen on the then-third place Athletics on June 30th and were five up as late as September 24th. Now they’re tied. That’s kinda ridiculous, especially since Texas was considered the best team in baseball for most of the season. Their collapse out of first will get all of the attention, but the real story is the Cinderella A’s. That team sure is fun, and I have little interest in seeing the Yankees make a trip out west to Oakland at some point in the postseason. The Athletics aren’t the scariest team in the league, but they’re damn good.

3. I still very much dislike the whole winner-take-all wildcard play-in game, but the new playoff system is more fun than I expected. There were a lot of races that came down to the final week this season, and hell, we still have two division titles on the line in Game 162(s) today. It’s been a while since the Yankees were playing truly meaningful games this late in the season, usually they’re resting regulars and lining up the playoff rotation by now. That said, under the old playoff season we would have come into today with the Orioles, Rangers, and Athletics in what amounts to a three-way tie for the wildcard. Now that would have been really fun.

4. I absolutely want the Yankees to clinch the best record in the league today. Part of it is just a status “hey look at us we had the best record in the AL” thing, but I’d also rather see the Yankees play the winner of the wildcard game in the ALDS than the Tigers, who have already started resting their regulars. How in the world is that fair? Detroit has the seventh best record in the league yet was the first team to clinch a division before the other teams in the AL Central stink. The system is broken in that regard. Taking the best record in the AL, facing the wildcard play-in winner in the ALDS, and potentially having home field advantage in the ALCS is the way I want to go. A win today clinches all of that, and it’s worth way more to me than getting an extra day to game plan for the Tigers.

5. When was the last time the Yankees had such an up-and-down, roller coaster season? Between the RISPFAIL bonanza in April and May, the untouchable rotation in June and July, the collapse month of August, the race of September … I mean sheesh, they’ve gone from one extreme to the other on what feels like a weekly basis. All the injuries only made it even more of a roller coaster. It felt like every time someone got healthy, someone else went down. Big important players too, not just complementary guys. Regardless of what happens today or in the playoffs, it sure was a fun year. More than enough great moments to offset the heartbreak.

Ibanez carries Yankees to extra innings win over Red Sox; Yanks maintain sole possession of first
Update: MLB announces new broadcasting deals with FOX and TBS
  • manimal

    #5 <3

  • DERP

    I actually wanted Chavez to pinch hit for Nunez in the ninth. LOL at me.

  • VT Yankee Fan

    I asked this on the previous thread but didn’t get an answer. Do the Yanks have the tie breaker with Oakland? They split the season series and I don’t know what the next tie breaker would be. Oakland has the better record against AL teams if that is it.

    • Wrecky

      Yes, Yanks hold that tiebreaker.

    • CountryClub

      The national media guys keep saying that if the Yanks and A’s finish tied, the A’s hold the tie breaker.

      The Yanks just need to win tonight. The rest won’t matter.

      • whozat

        it’s record within your division, and the A’s hold it, yes.

    • RetroRob

      If the Yankees lose and the A’s win, then the A’s hold the tie breaker, even though they’ll have the same record. If the Yankees win and the Rangers win, then the Yankees hold the tie breaker, even though they have the same record.

      • RetroRob

        …of course, if the Yankees lose, then the Orioles also have to lose, otherwise that sets off a while chain of different events!

  • JW

    One more thought: how amazing is it that David Phelps, who likely wouldn’t have even began the season on the roster if not for the Pineda injury, started and thrived last night? In Yankeeland, it’s an amazing thing to see a rookie have started such an incredibly important game.

    The fact that he turned in a more than credible performance speaks well to his fortitude. Really, I think he’s shown that all year. Of course it’s certainly debatable just what his ceiling is, talent-wise, but I think that many (and possibly more talented pitchers) have come through and failed to thrive in the same way. No promises, of course, but the Yankees should give him a good, hard chance to compete for a rotation spot going forward. He’s more than earned the opportunity. I look forward to seeing him in some middle inning high-leverage spots out of the pen during the playoffs.

    • I am not the droids you’re looking for…

      I agree and think he will have ample opportunity in the next two seasons. Between injuries to other prospects, Nova’s collapse, retiring veterans, Pineda’s injury, etc he will get a shot.

      • Yankees Win

        Word around the league, from what I’ve read, is that a lot of people (scouts, etc) are pretty favorable to Phelps. I haven’t read any forecasts, but the general consensus is that he is a valuable MLB arm and would be a tremendous addition to a few teams. All that said, the Yanks should certainly factor him into the next season plan or at a minimum, have solid trade value going into the offseason. I’m not thinking he’ll net anything of great value alone, but you package him with someone else, an Austin, Wllliams (don’t want that, but to make a point) as well as a few others, he could bring back something really good.

        I’m also of the mindset and maybe someone else agrees and considering the circumstances with Banuelos surgery, the likelihood we may not see Pineda until late spring, maybe not even until AS break 13, that the Yanks try to work with Hughes this offseason and sign him to an extension. Nothing huge, but maybe give him a 3 year deal for $24mm or something like that? I don’t know, I could be way off on that. Isn’t this his last arb year coming up? He’ll probably make $7m or $8m or there about correct? So against the normal Yankee routine of playing things out, does it make sense to lock him in a little longer before he becomes a free agent? All in all, if he flames out again as a starter (which I 99% believe won’t happen at this point) he would be a seriously servicable arm out of the pen and considering Soriano received $35mm for 3 years, $24m for Hughes and his worst case scenario (bullpen) would be good in comparison, no?

    • Jose M. Vazquez

      I always said he’s got moxie.

    • thenamestsam

      I agree that he definitely deserves a chance, but I’m pretty sure I read this exact post about Ivan Nova almost a year ago to the day. I’m not giving up on Nova, or saying Phelps will have as much of a sophomore slump as he did, it just bears remembering.

  • mick taylor

    girardi is nuts if he does not bat ichiro in the number 2 spot. this should be the lineup tonite.jeter suzuki a rod cano swisher grandy tex ibanez martin. this should be the playoff roster for the 1st round jeter ichiro a rod cano tex s swish grandy ibaanez chavez martin stewart garrdner cc andy kuroda phelps hughes joba lowe rapada boone robertson soriano and nova not eppley nova in case a game goes into extra innings. pitching rotation assuming we win tonite cc kuroda andy , in case we are down 0-2 you want andy in game 3 and andy won’t pitch more than 1 game any way, hughes in a 4th game and cc if there is a 5th game.ichiro should bat in the 2 hole the rest of the way.

    • CS Yankee

      Run-on much?

      • BigDavey88

        That was a sprint.

        *ba dum tsss*

    • Robinson Tilapia

      At some point, this became a series of random names and articles thrown in for the illusion of punctuation.

  • MannyGeee


    Francisco Cer-fcking-Velli! atta way to step in and take the walk that was handed to you (a trait that is actually in demand in games like this) and to hustle hard off 2nd to get home on a seeing eye dribbler. Chris Stewart can duck a sick. Fist pumps for everyone!

    Speaking of fist pumps, Joba’s inning of relief was pretty clutch. outside of his command still being a little shaky, dude has reeeeeally come back strong. if memory serves, he hit 97 on the gun last night and it looked almost effortless (well… as effortless as it can be to cart that big ass body around, I suppose)

    • Jose M. Vazquez

      The future closer.

      • Yankees Win

        Interestingly, I kinda agree with you on that. Another full season of production from Joba, under the wings of Mo again, should be good. I’ve thought this in the past and it would be an interesting development if he does have a legit opportunity to be the closer in the future. All things considered, especially factoring in costs going into 14, it’s definitely something to think about. Remember Mo wasn’t his walk-on-water self early in his career and he too, kinda took the closer job around the same age..

  • DERP

    These ‘thoughts following’ posts are awesome. Great to read in the morning.

  • Eddard reboot v.1.0

    1. Agreed 100%. Clutch hitters gonna clutch hit, matchups be damned. Raul Ibanez is a clutch hitter, kinda reminds me of Hideki. Girardi should throw his binder in the East River.

    2. The As are a scary team. I think maybe even more scary than Texas. The postseason is all about pitching and clutch hitting. Texas’s pitching doesn’t scare me. Darvish, Harrison, Dumpster, Holland. Not scary.

    3. Yeah, it’ll be exciting tonight. #1 seed and two divisions will be settled. I wish they’d make the one game three games and give the 2nd WC no home games in that play in series.

    4. We want #1 seed and we want the Os in the first round. I want to knock out the Os in the ALDS and then the Tigers in the ALCS as revenge for last year. But there’s no other team I’d like to see the Yanks knock out than the Orioles.

    5. It’s been a rollercoaster but you just have to remain steady and realize that this is a long season. It’s not easy but some of us have to do it to keep things sane around here.

    • goterpsgo

      4. We want #1 seed and we want the Os in the first round. I want to knock out the Os in the ALDS and then the Tigers in the ALCS as revenge for last year. But there’s no other team I’d like to see the Yanks knock out than the Orioles.

      I don’t care at all who does it or how, I just want the 0’s GONE!!!!!

      • MannyGeee

        give me the Os over the As any day of the week.

        • TLVP

          But, but, but… Beane’s stuff doesn’t work in the post season!

    • Squints

      I hate the binder but the binder is the reason Ibanez was hitting last night…why would he chuck it.

    • Squints

      I hate the binder but the binder is the reason Ibanez was hitting last night…why would he chuck it.

  • Rocky Road Redemption

    This is only a fun year for me if they make it to the real playoffs. THEN I’ll say it’s fun. Otherwise it’s just madly frustrating, and I’ll remember it primarily for blowing that ten game lead.

    This is a really likeable team, though. If they manage to win it all it would be extremely rewarding, even more so than that 09′ team in my book.

  • Eddard reboot v.1.0

    But on the other hand, the youngsters give us energy. I said Dave Phelps would give us a big game and he did just as he did in previous big games vs Boston and Toronto. Great move, Joe.

    I said Nunez gives us energy and can do more with the bat and his legs than Jones. He gave us an RBI and a double. Great move, Joe.

    I said Cervelli should have been up here all season giving us energy. He gave us a 2 out walk that led to the winning run. Great move, Eddard.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      He pitched well. He settled down. It was two runs in less than six innings. Not that I make a habit of quoting stuart, but I’m not about to throw him or Cervelli a parade.

    • Jim Is Bored

      I didn’t realize Girardi was reading Eddard’s comments for managerial advice.

      • Nice Scheister of Doom

        What do you think the binder is?! It’s RABs comment section on a tablet! Duh!

      • MannyGeee

        Tony Pena: “What do you want to do here, skip?”
        Joe G: “Hold on, let me check the Binder”

        Joe G: “ring ring… Hello Mrs Eddard’s mom. Is Eddard around? I have a homework question for him…”

    • Jim Is Bored

      Also I’m not really sure how taking a walk is considered “giving us energy”. People don’t usually describe Mark Reynolds or Adam Dunn as energy guys, and they walk a shitton.

      • Sweet Dick Willie

        In Eddard World, events verify perceptions.

    • Tom Morea

      By any chance,Eddard, did you say that Teixiera was going to have a great game? Because the bum was zero for 6 and left 9 runners on base. I would like to know why no one on this Board mentioned the great game the stiff had last night?

      • Jim Is Bored

        He’s been back from an injury for two days.

        • Tom Morea

          If he’s not ready to play, the bum should be sitting.

          • gc

            If we want him to be ready for the playoffs, then HE NEEDS TO PLAY. Maybe not batting cleanup, but he needs to play and get some at bats to get his timing where it needs to be.

  • David Brown

    There is a worse scenario than Detroit, which is playing Texas (Either in the 1st Round, or worse, in a 1 game winner take all game). If Detroit does not have a healthy Max Scherzer in this Round they are not a major threat.
    The ideal scenario is Oakland beats Texas, the Yankees beat Boston (Or Tampa beats Baltimore), Baltimore beats Texas, and Texas is gone, and we get the Birds in the 1st Round, and Oakland plays Detroit. The other decent scenario is the Yankees and Texas winning and we will be playing Baltimore or Oakland( With the realization, that we will be missing Texas or Detroit in the next Round (Assuming we get there)).

    • Cris Pengiucci

      There is no ideal scenario, other than the Yankees finding a way to win #28. Every team can beat another team in a 1, 5 or 7 game series.


      Taking the best record in the AL, facing the wildcard play-in winner in the ALDS, and potentially having home field advantage in the ALCS is the way I want to go. A win today clinches all of that, and it’s worth way more to me than getting an extra day to game plan for the Tigers.

      I do agree with this.

  • Bartolo’s Colon

    i think at this point the best offseason trade for the yankees was reddick for bailey.

    please win tonight, do not want any part of wild card play in game or play in game to the wild card play in game

  • Hoss

    I do not see how Tex’s 0/6 with 2 GIDP and 9 LOB can have a lower WPA than Casey Kotchman’s 0/4 (w/ a sacrifice) and 1 GIDP and 6 LOB on 9/29. Is it because the Yanks won and the Indians lost? Seems like Tex had about the worst game at the plate you could have in terms of hitting in the clutch.

    • Eddard reboot v.1.0

      I’d hit Teixera 6th or 7th. It’s only his 2nd game back and you’re hitting him cleanup? Put Ichy back at #2 and Cano at #3 even vs LHP, Alex 4th, Swish 5th, Grandy 6th, Teix 7th. Normally he’d do some rehab games to get back in. He doesn’t get that luxury so move him down in the lineup.

    • Bartolo’s Colon

      on the plus side, it would be difficult for him to have a worse game. i don’t know exactly how wpa works, but i agree, i don’t see how kotchman’s performance is bad. do they account for defense, maybe kotchman had an error

      • Hoss

        No errors for Kotchman. Not sure if they account for defense.

  • jjyank

    What a season this has been. As much stress as it gives me, and all of us, I do love been so emotionally invested in every pitch. The Yankees have basically been in the post season for weeks, it feels like. And it’s really exciting.

    • jjyank


      Typos are what I get for commenting before I’ve had my morning coffee.

  • CountryClub

    Soriano has had a great regular season. But 5 HRs over last 15 appearances is worrisome. As we all know, Mo’s greatness is stamped by what he did in the playoffs. Soriano filled his shoes in the regular season, but will he over the next few weeks?

    • Eddard reboot v.1.0

      Good question. I’m not so much worried about him as I am the middle relief. I was surprised they threw him 2 innings, 40+ pitches. He’ll be unavailable tonight making the bullpen shorter.

      • CountryClub

        If they win tonight, he gets 3 days off. I wouldn’t be shocked to see him give them an inning if needed.

        But they won’t risk it in a agame they’re losing (like last night). They can’t use him tonight and have him unavailable for tomorrow. So if he comes in tonight, it has to be to protect a lead.

        • Jim Is Bored

          They just have to hope the O’s game ends before the 9th inning. Texas and Oakland will already be done.

          If Baltimore loses and Oakland wins, no reason to bring in Soriano.

          • Jim Is Bored

            I’m an idiot.

            Obviously #1 seed will still matter. I think resting Soriano and taking our chances with D-Rob or someone else is preferable in that case though, rather than tiring him out.

            • CountryClub

              You were on the right path though. If TX wins this afternoon and the O’s lose before the Yanks game is over, the result of the Yanks game wont matter.

              • Jim Is Bored

                Thanks for the assist! Knew it was something like that.

    • Jim Is Bored

      Mo blew some of the biggest saves of his career in the playoffs.

      1997, 2001, 2004. He’s not perfect either.

      Of course no one will remember that if Soriano blows a game.

      • CountryClub

        Nobody said he was perfect. But he’s going to the HOF because of what he’s done in the playoffs.

        Anyway, my point was more about it being a bad time of the yr for Soriano to be in a bit of a “slump”.

      • Adam P

        Yeah, but isn’t that because the biggest saves of anyone’s career would BE in the postseason?

        Of course noone is perfect, but Mo is as close as one can get for that stretch of time.

      • MannyGeee

        maybe its a matter of sample size discression, but i feel like Soriano has a clunker every 2 or 3 weeks. Doesnt mean I dont appreciate his body of work this season, just saying I miss MO.

    • Big Members Only (formerly RI$P FTW)

      Yeah, Mo never gave up HR’s and he never shit the bed in the playoffs.

  • Pat D

    Re: Point #4.

    This is the best reason as to why, under this new format of 2 wild cards with a one-game play-in, that the divisional format needs to be scrapped. When you have 5 teams make it, and 2 of them have to essentially play Game 163 to advance to the real playoffs, it shouldn’t be between two teams with 93-94 wins while an 88-89 win team is sitting back and laughing.

    Get rid of the divisions, balance out the schedules as best you can (obviously there has to be interleague games), and we’ll truly see who the 5 best teams in each league are every year.

    • Cris Pengiucci

      Agree completely, but I can’t see that happening. Travel costs and the divsional/regional rivalries would take a hit and the owners wouldn’t stand for that due to potential lost revenue. Personally, I’d love to see it.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    It’s always dumbfounding to me when folks come on here clamoring for guys like Corban Joseph in the middle of this stretch run. Those guys will have their time. To me, this is absolutely when you go with the vets. Ibanez was just amazing yesterday. True Yankee moment indeed.

    Phelps stepped up and definitely looks like he’ll go into next season with more than a fighting chance at a back-end rotation spot.

    The HR off Soriano was unfortunate, but I thought his giving the team that second inning last night, and preventing having to dig deeper into the bullpen, wound up being very valuable. To sort of reply to CountryClub above, maybe this is WWWSW, but I’m not about to lose my trust in him as closer this late in the season.

    Win tonight. I will have you in PIP with the debate. Hoping for two ass-kickings. #donttalkpolitics

    • jjyank

      Agreed about playing the kids. I think some commenters around these parts can get a little too caught up in the idea of youth. Younger doesn’t always mean better. Go with the vets in situations like this.

      • Big Members Only (formerly RI$P FTW)

        Good point. Andruw is amazing.

  • Get Phelps Up

    For all the talk about how the Yankees are so “unclutch” and all that, this is the third time in September that they have mounted a big comeback to maintain first place in one way or another to avoid falling into a 1st place tie, or 2nd place. (A’s 14 inning game, Sunday against the Blue Jays, Last night)

  • Matt DiBari

    I think Detroit in a five game series is just a lousy matchup for us. Just win today and we don’t have to worry.

  • steves

    I think a great by-product of last night’s win was that the Yanks got into the O’s head a bit (Adam Jones was quoted as saying (in reference to the Yanks) that those guys don’t quit). How frustrating it must be for the O’s to never have captured sole possession of first and now they most likely will face sudden death against the A’s or Rangers. Shades of 95 for Buck.

  • Jose M. Vazquez

    For me the best way to go, if it is at all possible, is to have a set lineup, composed of good young players and a sprinkling of two or three veterans. At one time or another we will have to get younger or wind up in the chasm of oblivion.

  • Mike

    I know the LDS goes back to the 2-2-1 format next year, but does the Wild Card team and #3 division team (now confirmed as the Tigers and Giants) also get the first 2 games at home next year as well?

    I would guess not if it went back to 2-2-1

  • mark

    Let’s also discuss how A-Rod has basically become a singles hitter this season.

    • Sweet Dick Willie

      Where have you been? Dalelama and stuart a have been posting about that all season.

  • Darren

    At what point does Buck start getting talked about as a Hall of fame manager? he has drastically turned around the entire culture of four teams. FOUR!!! Totally disproves the concept that managers don’t mean shit.

    I just hope we can win tonight and keep him nipping at someone else’s heels. he’s as tenacious as Van Gundy on Mourning’s ankle.

    • jjyank

      Eh. It doesn’t disprove crap to me. If anything, Pasta Stumbling Sojo’s post a couple of months ago listing Buck’s career run differentials against the team’s actual record disproved that he is some HOF caliber manager.

      • Darren

        You’re saying that the teams’ records theoretically should have been better than the actual records when you look at run differential, and you’re going to give that more weight than the fact that the actual records improved tremedously during Buck’s tenure? That’s ridiculous. That’s like saying Billy Beane is a better player than Pablo Sandoval because theoretically he should be a better player.

        • jjyank

          What? I have no idea how you got that out of my comment.

          • Darren

            Then I have no idea how you can say his success this year, in conjunction with the turn around success he’s had with three other teams doesn’t prove he is very good to great manager. I’m not gonna go dig up some post from Sojo to try and figure out what you meant, especially when you’re wrong.

            • jjyank

              Haha okay, I’m wrong. Players have nothing to do with it ever. Buck just magically made pitchers like Hammel throw baseballs like an ace.

              I’m not saying he’s not a good manager, but man are you overstating things.

            • jjyank

              Additionally, the “I’m not gonna pay attention to facts and numbers, I’m just right because I know I am” is an amusing argument.

              • Jim Is Bored

                I know to stop paying attention to someone when they preface any argument with “I don’t care what anyone says…”

                • Darren

                  Don’t look at me, cause I never said that! And I’m POINTING to the ACTUAL facts and numbers of the the teams record pre-and post Buck.My point is that those actual wins and losses are more important than HYPOTHETICAL numbers, such as the Pythag # of what the record SHOULD have been based on run differential.

                  And Ido I really have to include a disclaimer about the importance of players every time I make an argument about the worth of a manager? I thought it was obvious.

            • gc

              How exactly did he turn around the Texas Rangers?? Johnny Oates was the guy who turned that franchise into winners for the first time (relatively speaking, of course). Buck never managed that team above 3rd place in their division.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      I wish Zo would have stomped his head in like the little bald rat he was and still is. That image right there is the reason why I could live in NYC for the next 50 years and, other than the Boston Red Sox, my second most hated sports team will always be the New York Knicks, but I digress….

      I’ve always liked Buck as a manager, a lot actually. Although things historically turned out fine, I was always sad that the Yankee chapter of his life ended when it did, especially after coming through the MiLB ranks with the organization. We’ve been through the Buck discussion endless times on here but, just like it’s hard to pin losses on a manager exclusively, it’s hard to pin exactly what his role in the improvement of these franchises have been. Clearly, the whole has played better for him than the sum of its parts several times over, but how much is him versus the front office assembling the right group of guys versus some players finally having a lightbulb moment?

      I don’t think he’s a HOF manager. He’s a very good manager, but the number of rings aren’t there.

      • Sweet Dick Willie

        Oh, that’s right, zero isn’t a number.

      • Darren

        On the one hand I agree that reealistically, it’s pretty hard to get in the HOF as a manager without ANY rings. On the other, we talk all the time here about how difficult it is to quantify a manager’s role in a team’s sucess. With Buck, the fact that it happened four (4) times means you have to absolutely give him a ton of credit. It’s not a one time coincedence based on good timing. While it’s always a combination of things, as a firsthand witness to the transformation of the early 90’s Yankees into the dynasty, wouldn’t you agree a lot of the credit goes to Buck? certianly he was a huge breath of fresh air after Stump.I’d probably ranks that change in terms of order of importance as follows:

        1. George’s ban
        2. Stick’s accumen
        3. Jimmy Key signing
        4. Wade Boggs signing
        5. Paul O’Neill trade
        6. Mel Hall departure/Bernie Williams ascension

    • Big Members Only (formerly RI$P FTW)

      No. Screw him. He doesn’t manage for the Yankees right now, so it doesn’t count. You only get credit if your team spends $200 million.

  • Alex

    Hey just remember… Dewayne Wise’s bunt made all of this possible!!!!!!!!!!!!! It turned the season around you know.

    • Alex

      In fact, if I may reply to my own comment, so much has happened this season that it feels like that bunt happened last year!

    • goterpsgo

      If NYY wins the series, does Wise get a ring?

  • Graig not Craig

    I can’t stop thinking about the Red Sox fan, in his faded 2004 World Series t-shirt, watching last night’s game. Who cares if the Sox are 20+ games under 500. These opportunities to set the Yankees back are like the playoffs for Sox fans. They are proud of their team for laying down for the O’s to set this up. Insurance run from Loney (even though they have no idea who he is, he is their new hero). Future hall of fame Sox closer, Bailey, on the mound.

    Boom! Ibanez! Game tied! Freaking band box stadium!

    Stays up until the 12th inning. Cervelli walks. Granderson walks. What the…? Ibanez again? Base hit. Cervelli rounds third heads home, barrel rolls over home. Wait. Did that ball hit Cervelli? Did Cervelli even touch home plate?

    Flashback. Bucky Dent. Bill Buckner. Aaron Boone. My life sucks!

    Oh yeah. He will be watching again tonight.

    • Big Members Only (formerly RI$P FTW)

      But the Sox fans are the obsessed ones, right?
      Remember when everyone here said the Sox tanked the games last week on purpose just to screw the Yanks?

  • DJ4K&Monterowasdinero

    So where do we bat ARod, the singles hitter?

    Progressive thinking is needed here.

    • Tom Morea

      You had better be careful, DJ4K, saying negative things about any Yankee.The fans on this Board are very protective of the Yankee players. The refuse to accept any criticism regarding the Yankees.
      I have been blasted numerous times for simply stating a statement of fact.e.g. the horrendous night Teixiera had living 9 runners on base.

      • Jim Is Bored

        Nope. We get mad when you ONLY say negative things about any Yankees.

        Especially when you don’t listen to reason. Would it have made you happier if Tex had gone 0 for 4 but left 0 on base because no one was on ahead of him? How about the next time you miss work for months because of a sickness/injury, then aren’t on top of your game the 2nd day you’re back, everyone gets to point out how shitty you are?

  • Kramerica Industries

    Did Mike say Marcus Thames???

    I know he loves that image.

  • DC

    Loving these moments with Ibanez. 10 of his 19 HRs have tied the game or given the Yankees the lead.

  • DC

    Loving these moments for Ibanez. 10 of his 19 HRs this year have either tied the game or given the Yankees the lead.

  • your mom

    I love me some “veteran presents”.

  • mustang

    1-What? Does this mean that there is life after 35 in baseball…LOL?

    I been here for long time and I love most of content, but I do take issue on how veterans and prospects are valued. I’m glad to see Mike open up and see the other side.

    3- I love this system! Is it perfect? No. But what system would be people would take issue with anything they come up with. I think MLB did a great job.

    • Nice Scheister of Doom

      IETC. I like the tension coming down to the last day, the only issue I have is a one game WC playoff game. IMO it should be a three game series with a doubleheader and if needed a game three all played at the better seeded WCs home field.

  • Tim McCarver

    All 19 of his homeruns have driven in at least a run.

  • mustang

    “Man, I still can’t believe Raul Ibanez. That guy has been unbelievable this season, all after everyone wanted him released during Spring Training. Remember that?”


    Only the people who were stupid enough to close the door on a guy after 2 weeks of Spring Training.

    • Big Members Only (formerly RI$P FTW)

      Didn’t Mike want to close the door on him 2 weeks ago? Ichiro, too.

  • rek4gehrig

    “…the Tigers, who have already started resting their regulars. How in the world is that fair?”

    This. Plus they have the worst record of all the playoff bound teams.

    • The Real Greg

      I doubt that Cabrera rests today. Leyland is old school. He’s going to have Miggy earn the Triple Crown, which has become lost in all the American League playoff chaos.

  • brian

    Just an awesome season, sad with Rivera going down but still just a 6 month thrill ride…

    lot of guys stepped up, even the guys who didn’t have big years (arod, martin) still were essential…

    if there are still any yankee fans out there who incorrectly believe that Jeter isn’t actually a quality leader/captain… i mean, it might be time to admit you were taking him for granted

    jeter’s never really been my favorite player on the team, but it’s an honor watching him do his thing!

  • Josh

    Can someone explain to me the scenario in which we play the Tigers in the first round? Given we hold the tiebreker with both Texas and Oakland either we a) get the #1 seed or b) tie with Baltimore, lose the playoff and wind up as the wildcard.

    • Sweet Dick Willie

      The only scenario I can come up with, and I’m not even sure if it’s correct, is as follows:

      Oakland and Baltimore win today, and the Yanks lose. Then the Yanks beat the O’s in a 1 game playoff for the division title.

      In that scenario, the Yanks could have the #2 seed and play Detroit, but here’s what I’m not sure of.

      All 3 teams (Yanks, O’s & A’s) would finish w/ identical records (94-68). But if the Yanks win the division by beating the O’s in a 1 game playoff, they finish 95-68, and since that game is considered to be part of the regular season (as opposed to a post season game), do the Yanks get the #1 seed for having the best record, or is Oakland awarded the #1 seed based on tie breakers at the end of the season?

      Anyway, that’s the only way I can figure the Yanks facing the Tigers in the ALDS.

      • Josh

        Don’t know about the extra game counting but the Yanks have one more win than Oakland right now and own the tie breaker (at least I think they do). So a Yanks loss and Oakland win mean they are tied, but Yanks get #1 seed based on tiebreaker.

  • JT

    As much as I’m loving the way the Yanks are playing the last 2 weeks or so, I’m a realist…they’ve been against very weak teams. Here’s hoping they can hit good playoff pitching AND hit with RISP for crying out loud….momentum can be a beautiful thing!