Yankee Stadium in good shape following Hurricane Sandy

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Frankenstorm Open Thread Day III

Via Andrew Marchand: Team president Randy Levine confirmed that Yankee Stadium is in good shape after Hurricane Sandy passed through the area earlier this week. A few windows broke during the storm, but Levine says there was no flooding damage and the park didn’t lose power at any point. CitiField reportedly spent a few hours underwater.

What Went Right: Ivan Nova's strikeouts
Frankenstorm Open Thread Day III
  • bulasteve

    The Mets have spent the last decade under water.

  • pat

    Unfortunately it won’t rid stank of defeat and despair from Shiti.

  • http://www.BallparkEGuides.com Kurt Smith

    This doesn’t sound that important in the grand scheme of things, and it isn’t, but I think had the Stadium been damaged it wouldn’t have helped people’s spirits much. I’m actually glad to hear this.

  • aluis

    Seriously who gives a rats ass?!! 2million people in NJ without power including yours truly. The stadium could have burned to the ground for all I care.

    • cr1

      Because you have no power for a few days you’re happy to see things (that are not your own) burn down?

      Ok, now we know. Heart of gold.

      • aluis

        No jerk-off just putting things into perspective.
        BTW I have a generator connected to house.

  • sevrox

    You mean the Elite Seat Moat area didn’t fill up?

  • http://www.ballparksavvy.com Jake

    I’m glad to hear the damage to Yankee Stadium was minor – hopefully all victims are on the road to recovery!